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Written on UT AD Dave Hart on Vols at Media Day: “Our guys did great down there”:

Good thing there were no gaffs at Media Days. Those things hurt. I caught a cobia last spring and being gouged by the gaff really made him mad.
I hope that there weren't any gaffes, either.

Written on Ole Miss walk-on lineman killed in car wreck:

Very sad news. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and teammates.

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Charging students for tickets is short-sighted. Athletics are a great way to keep alumni involved with the university. If UT alumni don't care about UT athletics, then they have no reason to visit the campus after graduating, and are not likely to ever donate to UT academics.

Written on David Climer: Perception of Vanderbilt changes quickly:

Interesting link on the College of Education rankings. It shouldn't be surprising that Vandy/Peabody is highly ranked, considering that they have nearly unlimited resources.
A question, though-- how on earth would a TEACHER pay back a student loan if tuition is over $40,000/yr? (Note to Vandy grads-- teachers don't earn a lot compared to other people with Masters degrees.)
UT's CEHHS is a much better value-- $10,280/yr, and ranked 51st by US News.
I sure wouldn't want a Vandy/Peabody grad to teach economics to my kids.

Written on UT hopes Butch Jones will boost student attendance, but Vols fighting nationwide ticket trend:

in response to Witch_Doctors:

Witch Doctor now remember how it ended last time now also..after a few more of your weak comebacks and me continually looking foolish and slithered away..kinda like now....."truth squad?" Witch Doctor guess you still have your Nancy Drew decoder know to pass secret messages? lol
Bones enver lie

Keep the faith, WD.
The so-called "truth squad" is tiresome.
Beers never lie. Okay, sometimes they stretch the truth. Nevertheless,

Written on UT hopes Butch Jones will boost student attendance, but Vols fighting nationwide ticket trend:

I doubt the hip hop being blared in section U is appreciated by ANYBODY. If the students like it played loud in their sections, fine, but turn it down a bit elsewhere.

Written on UT hopes Butch Jones will boost student attendance, but Vols fighting nationwide ticket trend:

Something this article neglected to mention: The student sections haven't been full on a consistent basis since Hamilton decided they should pay for their seats.
Giving students free tickets has two benefits. First, it fills up the stadium, greatly enhancing the home-field advantage. Second, and more importantly, it builds goodwill with the next generation of DONORS. It worked for me, and it worked for a lot of other UT alums. Additionally, more college students at the games makes the experience more fun for alumni who are in attendance.
In the short term, it does slightly reduce ticket revenue, but that shortfall would be somewhat made up by increased concessions.
I know the commonly cited AD argument that "students everywhere pay for their tickets now", but according to this article, students everywhere are resisting going to the games now.
Make the change back to how it was for many decades. Students on limited budgets shouldn't have to pay to go to UT football games. In the long run, UT will come out WAAAAYYY ahead by doing so.

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p.s. I wonder how ole Stoops thinks the Big 12 (that doesn't even have 12 teams) thinks his conference stacks up to the SEC?

That conference has only had one BCS championship that I can remember (could be wrong), and it that was Texas (who wouldn't even be a state if it weren't for a bunch of Volunteers!)

Stoops rep is that he consistently looses games he shouldn't. He earned that rep, the media didn't give it to him!

Stoops won a national championship at Oklahoma in 2000.

Written on Kentucky S Lowery injured in Georgia car wreck:

Prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery to Ashely Lowery.

Written on Texas A&M's stadium to exceed Neyland:

Why would 7T be in Neyland for the UK game two seasons ago? That game was played at Commonwealth.

Written on UPDATED: Martin grants Yemi Makanjuola release from Tennessee to transfer:

Best of luck to you Yemi. Thank you for your efforts here at UT-- I especially enjoyed watching your energy on defense.

Written on Tennessee RB Marlin Lane out for 'disciplinary reasons':

Well, I hate to see him throw away his future like this. It would be nice if he could be dedicated to being the best player that he can be, and show that he cares about his team.
If the rumors are correct about the reason for the discipline, then it IS a "family medical issue"-- his family needs to be involved in helping him get back on track, whether that is as a Vol player or not.

Written on Butch Jones likes Vols' focus after break:

in response to VolGrad:

It appears that Rivals has us at 5th, not 4th, despite Farrell's tweet.

Still-- really good start to this recruiting class.
That Georgia troll hasn't been crowing about any recruiting advantage lately, I've noticed.
I thought Coach Jones was a good hire when they announced it-- I'm even more optimistic now than I was then.

Written on Baylor not the only ones 'stunned' by upset:

in response to John_10065:

It was a badly called game. The refs should have gotten it under control early in the contest and put a stop to it. U of L decided their only hope was to turn it into a fight club style of game and the refs let them do it. Their coach even indicated that was what they wanted to do.

I've seen pick up games on city park courts that were less physical. I was wondering if they shouldn't have issued MMA grappling gloves for the game.

I've seen the Baylor team play like that on several occasions in the past few years. They always got away with it. They weren't ready to play against a team that decided to play their style of "physical" game.

Written on Longtime Alabama AD Mal Moore passes away:

RIP Mr. Moore.
As a Vol fan, I'm not happy about the successful turnaround you helped engineer for UA athletics overall, but I respect your accomplishments.

Written on Robert Morris stuns Kentucky in NIT, 59-57:

in response to TheEffect:

"Enjoy Kentucky's misery while you can, because it won't last long. The 2013-2014 Revenge Tour starts in November....and it's going to be a bloodbath".

The most accurate quote I heard all day.

Y'all better schedule a home/home with Robert Morris, then.

Written on Robert Morris stuns Kentucky in NIT, 59-57:

Nelson Munce: "Ha ha"

Written on Tim Spencer interviews for Vols' running back job:

in response to budd#207344:

You publish these lies under a number of names. But no matter what name you use the result is the same. BS. Once again I will ask you to name one player in the last 20 years that was refused admittance to UT and signed with another SEC team. Now I can name you a player that was denied by Florida and signed by UT, Omari Phillips. So name one or STFU

Facts are inconvenient in the context of rants.

Written on Vols get chance to back motto and 'Make a Statement' against Florida :

in response to kman29:

conference record of last 5 teams Tennessee has played....31-39. Not exactly flexing their muscles against the greatest quality of teams in a horrible conference this year.

If those teams had beaten the Vols, the conference record of the last 5 teams would have been 36-34. However, Tennessee beat them all.
Now the conference record of the last 6 teams Tennessee has played is 53-43.
No, wait, make that 53-44-- the Gators suffered ANOTHER loss to the Vols.
Nelson Munce: "Ha ha."

Written on Ole Miss football coach Hugh Freeze asked for emails, and did they ever come:

Props to Ole Miss for examining all of those.

Written on Vols find recipe for victory on the road, 58-46 :

in response to hikerdude:

Good to win another on the road. Two things bothered me about the game. First, we do not handle the press well. That seems to me to be a coaching problem. Second, we let the shot clock expire twice on our end of the court. One was near the end of the game when we were milking the clck but the other was caused by failure to pay attention.

I agree that shot clock violations are awful, but in the Commode Odors' house, the shot clocks are not located in the usual locations like they would be in an arena with a normal layout. The TV commentators mentioned that a couple of times yesterday.

Written on John Adams: Don't hang your hat on recruiting decisions, they are tough on fans :

in response to Rumblefish:

One of the worst fluff pieces I've ever read.

The Cliff's Notes version of the column:

Players who milk the attention using the "baseball caps game" are obnoxious. Especially if they don't choose Tennessee in the end.

Written on Updated odds for all of Tennessee's football targets:

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Come on Von Bell! You know you are a vol!

Can't spell "Vonn Bell" without V-O-L

Written on Vols lose to Ole Miss, 92-74 in SEC opener:

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I miss Coach Pearl. This coach is so boring. He probably puts the players to sleep. Just a couple years ago there was so much excitement during basketball season, then Pearl was fired, this coach came in and basketball is back to what it was when Green and Houston were coaching. Sad.

Jerry Green won a lot of games (20+ every year), and took the Vols to the NCAA tourney each year he was here.
He recruited Ron Slay, Marcus Haislip, and Vincent Yarbrough.
He took Tennessee to their first Sweet 16.
He wasn't a fan-friendly coach, but he did well in his job.

Written on Tyler Bray, Justin Hunter, Cordarrelle Patterson, Darrington Sentimore to NFL draft:

Best of luck to all of them in the next level.
I'm a bit surprised by Sentimore's decision-- he has shown potential as a college player but I haven't yet thought "He will be a big-time pro."

Written on UT, Memphis in talks to continue men's basketball series :

"Playing the Vols has long lost its luster for Memphis."

Tell that to the fans who pack FedEx Forum when Memphis plays the Vols.
Enjoy your series against Oral Roberts.

Written on UT, Memphis in talks to continue men's basketball series :

in response to ssukonic#254241:

Your article says the game is "today." News flash.....the game is tomorrow night (Friday).

To the readers who count (i.e.-- the paying subscribers) the reference to the game "today" in this article will be correct.

Written on Mike Strange: UT-Memphis rivalry is worth saving :

If they cancel the series, Tennessee can still play basketball games in Memphis. Just schedule a game against Arkansas, Ole Miss, or Miss St there.
I'm sure the FedEx Forum management would be happy to work something out with the Vols.

Written on Mike Strange: Vols dominate for only one half, but that's enough :

Are the women's teams at Presbyterian College called the Lady Blue Hose?

Written on John Adams: Comparative shopping: Petrino, Tuberville, Jones :

in response to VolFanInTheBoro:

This is the same coaching staff that beat little Jimmy Franklin's Vanderbilt Commodores in the Liberty Bowl. Franklin was and is still playing with Bobby Johnson's recruits. Go back and watch that Cinn game vs a SEC team. Laughable

VolFanInTheBoro-- well done. Trash talk from a Vandy Commode-Odor fan is pretty funny.

Written on John Adams: Comparative shopping: Petrino, Tuberville, Jones :

in response to SevenT:

You will certainly find out soon enough big talker. I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see Petrino's team upset Tennessee early next season.

You Betcha

It does take a serious effort this far into December to get a nomination for "Most Idiotic Post this Year". Kudos, sevent. You got it.

Written on Tennessee snaps scoring slump, beats No. 23 Wichita State, 69-60 :

in response to rockypop:

I can tell you that having played at Cincinnati during the 60's, when the Missouri Valley Conference was the best basketball conference in the country, beating Wichita State is a big deal.

In spite of the fact that the MVC has lost some of its past glory, it's still one of the best BB conferences in college basketball. This win was as quality a win as UT will have all year.

CCM kind of downplayed WS as not being the high quality opponent that he would have liked to schedule, but he knows how good these guys are, and what their history is. It's all good - for UT and WS.

Did you play on the early '60's teams with Larry Shingleton? He was my BB coach in middle school. Great coach, and still was an amazing shooter.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)


Written on John Adams: Reality reigns in UT hire :

Adams' columns usually irritate me, but this one is a dose of reality for the morons that think Gruden would have come here if Hart had tried harder.
Gruden makes $5M/yr for putting in part time hours over the course of a 17-week season. He's not going to leave that gravy train to coach CFB. He turned down ND a few years ago. He turned down Arkansas this year. Both Arkansas and ND have been relevant a LOT more than Tennessee has recently.
Butch Jones is a good coach. I'm glad he's here.

Written on Butch Jones promises 'best staff in the country' :

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I hope Sal Sunseri enjoyed his year in Knoxville.

Very hospitable of you.

Written on Vols' search for Dooley replacement continues:

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I think we ought to go interim coach for as long as it takes to prove to the rest of the nation that we're actually serious about rebuilding this program. We fired two NC winning coaches in the past 20 years.

I can think of only one other program that fired a winning coach that had a NC in his pocket. That was Tubby Smith at UK. That's who we are people, the SEC football version of UK. Win championships or be fired. Who the heck would want to come here and be on the chopping block the moment they didn't compete for the SEC East crown or the SEC crown?

We're a bunch of spoiled brats who think we are entitled to 10 wins seasons every year. We deserve to reside in the cellar for a decade. Maybe after then when we finally get a decent up and coming coach, we might appreciate him.

Auburn fired Chizik.

Written on Charlie Strong spurns UT offer for new deal at Louisville:

Tennessee still won't have a hard time getting a better coach than Dooley was.

Written on Struggling Kentucky falls out of the Top 25:

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Billy Gillispie is back in Lexington.

Unfortunately, Billy Gillispie had a winning record against Tennessee.

Written on New York City could be nexus of Tennessee's coaching search for next few days :

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Jimbo. Word will leak out tomorrow and the announcement will be Monday.

I heard Gruden.
However, I can't claim to have spoken to anyone with any clout.

Written on Monte Kiffin resigning after USC's dismal defensive showing:

I've been saying he is the weak link on that staff ever since Dexter McCluster ran for about 5000 yards against Tennessee.
A competent DC would have said to Eric Berry, "Hey, stick to that McCluster guy like glue. Let's put a stop to this nonsense."

Written on After week of quiet, UT coaching search should start to rev up soon :

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yea , we should keep a bunch of these assistant coaches on staff .

I think Jay Graham and Sam Pittman would both be excellent choices for keeping, and I wouldn't be upset at all if Chaney was retained as well.
I put the blame for the Chattanooga area recruiting blunders on the HC and the recruiting coordinator (Darin Hinshaw).
I would be very surprised if Hinshaw was retained by the next HC.

Written on David Climer: After first SEC win, Vols must find coach:

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Dave Shula?

Written on Poll: Who was Tennessee's MVP this season?:

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I think it should be every fan who could and did go to every game during this painful season.

We were gluttons for punishment.
It sure was nice to see the Vols win yesterday, though.

Written on David Climer: After first SEC win, Vols must find coach:

How many instances are there where a program hired an established coach and started winning big quickly afterward?
I can think of bama/saban, bama/Bryant, TX/Brown and Arkansas/Petrino. um was a gamble for uf even though he was successful in the mid-majors. I'm sure there are other examples, but how many are in situations like Tennessee's, in which the in-state recruiting isn't great?

Written on UT's offseason off to troubled start with Downs' arrest:

I'm hoping there won't be a rash of incidents like this before Tennessee gets a new coach who can make a statement about discipline off the field.

Written on In an ironic twist, Lane Kiffin may even have SEC fans pulling for him on Saturday:

in response to MarbleCitySon:

Even if USC wins, I don't think it will save Lame's job. Besides that......I would rather USC win and have the other conferences on the outside looking in as two sec teams decide who the NC will be. If my Vols can't be on top,then at least our conference can.

I think a win over ND would save kiffin's job. The trogans may have faltered from their ridiculously lofty preseason ranking this year, but they are in the midst of brutal scholarship reductions (10/yr) over the next three years. The AD understands that. kiffin ought to fire his dad, though-- the guy doesn't understand how to stop a spread offense, even with all 5* defenders.

Written on In an ironic twist, Lane Kiffin may even have SEC fans pulling for him on Saturday:

in response to gobigorange5090:

It's "couldn't care less."

Sorry-- the internet has changed our language forever. Spelling is no longer important, nor is there any requirement that cliched phrases be written in a way that makes sense.
The only time to point out poor message board grammar/spelling is when one poster is insulting another poster's intelligence.
My favorite example, of course, is "your an idiot". Best internet insult ever...

Written on Brendan Quinn: Kentucky's struggling offense vs. UT's struggling defense a matchup to watch :

I'm taking my daughter to the game, but if she says she wants to leave after 1 quarter, it won't break my heart.