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Written on John Adams: Butch Jones hasn't had enough time to change UT's losing ways:

"Maybe he can restore the damaged psyche of a program that has become accustomed to losing." The only thing in this article I seriously disagree with. This program has NOT become accustomed to losing. If we had, Dooley would still be our coach. Tennessee has never and will never be accustomed to losing.

Written on Could 'smokey' gray uniforms be coming for Tennessee men's basketball?:

"A young man, what does he see? What do these guys see every day. Tennessee is on TV numerous amounts of time, as much as anyone in the country. What do they see?”

They should see a lot of ORANGE, with whatever else.

Written on Vols new alternative football uniform adds a 'smokey' shade of gray:

I've been a UT grad for forty years. I never knew that a color other than orange and white was one of our official colors until just now.

However, I'm not complaining. Orange and white presents problems when designing uniforms, signs, leaflets, etc, and we need something to make white stand out against orange, and vice versa. At times we have used black, but it becomes too visually busy when we do that. black is the lack of color or light. Gray, therefore, is a tint of black, i.e. - a toned down black. So it makes sense as an accent for our main two colors.

What I can't make out from these depictions is whether the gray we have is a neutral gray or a warm tone gray or a cool tone gray. That will make a crucial difference in how it looks with orange.

There is too much gray in these unis for me, but I don't mind them too much. I might even like them once I put my own eyes on them. But I do not want to see them in traditional games with Alabama, Florida, etc. I would not mind seeing them against out of conference teams once a year or so. But I would like to see more designs with some gray but not this much. We are not the Big Gray.

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in response to DawgDayAfternoon:

The Heat sign LeBron James and that's supposed to make Spoelstra a great coach? I guess it works the same way for Butchie Boy, with Vol fans. Butchie inherits teams that Brian Kelly built, turns in a mediocre 50-27 record in those two bush leagues, and now he's a great coach. As for this charade being a motivational tool, one need only remember that Vol fans are also given to believing in the power of ceramic dogs too. It's 4-8 or 5-7 for the Vols this year. Enjoy the band and learn to accept it.

What has your coach won?

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As long as I've lived here, and it's been a long time, nothing even remotely has happened at Vandy as this very sad news. Squeaky clean program. Then comes Jimmy and the rest is history. All I'm saying is in all the history of Vanderbilt football, nothing like this has ever hit the news. Then comes Jimmy. Sometimes success comes with a price. This is about as bad as it gets.

Vandy fans have always stuck their noses in the air when talk of their football impotence came up. This is the price they said they never wanted to pay to have a winning football team. But it's the price all programs pay when they hire a self centered punk for a football coach. We know all about it. We hired one who stayed one year, recruited some criminals, and then moved on. Be careful for what you wish, Candy. You just might get it. Not so stuck up anymore, eh?

Written on David Climer: Vols could shake things up with freshman QB:

in response to bUTch_please:

Coach Jones doesn't select his QB based on the shake 'em up factor. He makes QB decisions on which player behind the center gives his team the best chance of winning. Leadership, effectiveness and protecting the possession. Not "let's see what happens with this un!"


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LMFAO......There have been a dozen or so media guys who have already made the same statement about how devastating a loss to WKU would be. When the fools on the Enrichment program beat you to this story by three months, you know your a bad writer. Better luck next time John.

Adams thinks it's his MO to recycle old news with his spin and call it a day. And what a stupid premise for a column. As Dear Abby (or was it John Prine?) said: Stop wishing for bad luck and knockin on wood, John!

Written on Mike Strange: Enjoy the newness while it lasts:

"Enjoy the newness while it lasts. It doesn’t last long in the SEC."

Nor for sportswriters, Strange.

Written on Vanderbilt identifies four football players dismissed from team:

Hey Vandy - you wanted a good football team? This comes with it. How high is your nose in the air now?

Written on Report: Steve Forbes named assistant coach at Wichita State:

Report: Steve Forbes named assistant coach at Wichita State

That's quite a comedown from one of the nation's leading businessmen and business writers. Doesn't Steve write Forbes magazine?

Written on Jordan McRae 'happy with the choice' to return, using summer to improve :

Problem is, the NBA is strictly an offense minded league. So, while UT needs desperately for him to work on his defense, his desire to play in the league biases him to want to work on his offense.

If he is a consistent scorer AND plays terrific defense, our team will be much improved. If he remains a mediocre defensive player, he'll just give back to the competition in defense what he takes from them in offense.

Written on John Adams: Despite runner-up finish, softball remains UT's best title opportunity:

Adams, you write this column as if people disagree with you about recruiting both Tennessee and elsewhere nationally. We don't.

Written on Point guard Antonio Barton commits to Tennessee:

in response to EarthBoundMisfit:

As UT us not on Memphis' schedule next season...Josh could have cared less where Antonio played.

Really? You think so? A talented guy from his program is now playing for UT when he could just as easily be playing for Memphis doesn't bother Josh? Not to mention the rabid Memphis fan? Think again, misfit.

Do you think Memphis kids who grow up rooting for the Tigers don't notice that Barton - a three year Tiger - (not to mention a certain 5-star Memphian recruit) are now playing for the Volunteers? Do you think Pastner doesn't care about that, given all his caterwauling (get it? Tigers=cats=caterwauling?) about playing the Vols vs recruiting opportunities for UT in Memphis?

Doesn't matter where the kid is originally from anymore. He is a three-year Memphis player that talented young Memphis kids have identified with for three years and are now seeing him giving up his remaining year of eligibility he could have given to the Tigers to play for The University of Tennessee.

Could have cared less? You better believe he cares a lot. You say you are earth bound? I'd say more like space cadet.

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It would not appear that the young man needs to cheat in as much as he graduated in 3 years? How long did it take you?

Bada bing. Bada boom.

Written on Tyler Bray's father says NFL draft was 'brutal':

"I know I’m his parent, but I don’t see how 11 quarterbacks get picked, and the best quarterback physically is not picked,’’ Jeff Bray said.

Maybe, just maybe, throwing beer bottles off of a balcony at parked and moving cars had something to do with it, Pops. Being the best physically (if he really is) isn't enough when you are an immature, arrogant little juvenile deliquent. Who would want to put his NFL franchise's future in the hands of a spoiled brat like your son?

Written on Mike Strange: Bray became the NFL draft's real "Mr. Irrelevant":

This might just be the kick in the teeth he needs to finally grow up and accept responsibility for his actions.

Written on Jarnell Stokes staying for junior season at Tennessee:

in response to Pompey:

.....and now the sage is set for Cuonzo Martins final exam...!

Precisely so. It will be an interesting year with Stokes and Maymon up front, McRae and the abundance of wing players, and hopefully improved guard play and a consistent Trae. If we get that consistent pg play, we will have a very good season, if not, Martin will be on the hot seat.

Written on The addition of Darius Thompson means someone is going or someone isn't coming on Vols' roster:

I have heard that CCM does not recruit players who have publicly committed to other schools. I like that. Shows integrity. So it strikes me that he isn't the kind of guy who would go back on any of his commitments to any of his players or recruits, including Landry. Therefore, I think it highly likely that one of his current recruits or his current players have told him that they aren't going to play for UT next year. My guess is that it isn't Landry. My other guess is that it will come from the wing types, of which there are many and playing time will be scarce next year for those who rode the bench this year. Best guess: Chievous.

Written on Mike Strange: Tennessee has resources but no Final Fours:

The reason is that we have always lacked a solid recruiting base. Even when we have teams like Ernie and Bernie (NY players), we are missing other, important pieces. With today's team, we are only lacking a point guard, etc. The competition is fierce in Atlanta, the Carolinas, Virginia, Memphis and Nashville, and E Tenn doesn't produce many good players. Martin has been doing a good job of recruiting in Tennessee so far, so there is hope.

Written on Offseason could be time to evaluate Cuonzo Martin's contract:

I would raise him to reflect that he is in the upper half of SEC coaches, but I would not extend him or increase his buyout leverage. We have been burned too many times with buyouts. So far, he has been a very good - but not great - coach. Assuming he doesn't have defections in players, he will have a team next year with which he can show us just what he has as a coach. We can talk extension after next season if it is warranted.

Written on Govols247: Thompson picks Tennessee:

Remember, folks, that although this is a very good pick-up, he will still be a freshman next year. I assume he will get some pt, but it will likely be as back up.learning curve. You cannot expect him to be a championship quality -or even above average quality - pg as a freshman.

Written on Govols247: Thompson picks Tennessee:

in response to bobe4544:

May be an AH but a darn good coach.

What has he accomplished?

Written on Time was needed for Vols to build chemistry without Jeronne Maymon:

I believe with Maymon playing we would have made the dance, and not on the bubble. After all, we were only one quality win away, and surely he would have made the diff in one of those losses. But we wouldn't have gone far in the big tourney, because our point guard play is so inconsistent.

Assuming no one goes NBA, and barring major injury, next year's team should be loaded with experience and talent. But its ultimate accomplishments will depend on the improvement of the point guard position. We should make the dance easily, but if point guard play doesn't improve a lot, we won't go far.

As for Martin, he has two campaigns with mixed results under his belt. Being his first year, the first campaign was positive. Losing Maymon spoiled his second season, no doubt. You had top like how both teams jelled late and made a run, but on the flip side, I am very disappointed in the no-shows in all of the league and NIT tourneys his teams have played in. I don't understand how the momentum they built going into the league tourneys simply ended like that, and I don't understand how they could then turn in terrible performances in NIT games on their own home court. It's a mystery that hopefully will be figured out for the best next season.

Written on Robert Morris stuns Kentucky in NIT, 59-57:

"How Sweet It Is!"

Say it like Jackie Gleason and you Blue Meanies will get the point.

Written on Vols lose to Alabama, will play the waiting game for NCAA tournament:

in response to AHOUSE:

Yes, they were out coached on offense and defense, couldn't handle the screens, shoot fowls or lay ups.
Hopefully a better game is coming soon.

This was not a hunting tournament.

Written on CPA's Jalen Lindsey has high regard for Cuonzo Martin, Vols:

in response to VolAtUGA11:

And I guess I should pre-empt your next question: Ron Mercer played for UK, where he helped win a NC. He was then a lotto pick by guess-who, his old CBB coach and new Celtics HC, GM, Prez, Grand Poobah Rick "Don't Bother Me While I'm Under The Table" Pitino. I hope I don't have to explain Pitino's nickname.

There's no place for your kind of smugness on this or any other site, know-it-all.

Written on Jordan McRae trying to stay focused amid SEC player of the year, NBA rumblings :

He's too thin for the NBA yet. They would push him around unmercifully. Besides, he's just starting to 'get it' on the court. Needs more time to establish his game and show that it is real, not just a flash in the pan.

Written on Just McRae can't save the day for UT against Georgia, 78-68:

As we have observed this year, the Volunteers go as Trae Golden goes. But he is an enigma, maddeningly inconsistent. And we don't have another point guard, so we must put him out there and hope. If he and CCM don't solve this puzzle of his frustrating inconsistency, next year will be like this year.

Written on Nerlens Noel earns 4th straight SEC rookie honor:

in response to TheEffect:

Wash, rinse, repeat. Kentucky basketball dominates!

Yes, through the years, Kentucky basketball has had to be cleaned repeatedly. Rinsing? Well, we hosed them pretty good the other day.

Written on Vols blow out Kentucky, 88-58:

Beating Kentucky is always. always, always a great thing. But beating their brains out is priceless.

Written on John Adams: The next recruiting class for Butch Jones is crucial, and the clock is ticking :

I disagree with JA's premise - that Jones only has three years max to put UT in the thick of the SEC race. Given how Fulmer flipped, how Lane left, and how Dooley dithered, we are about as low as an SEC program not named Kentucky can get. I don't think we have bottom of the barrel talent here. I think it is middle of the pack talent. The problem was Dooley couldn't coach them to middle of the pack seasons.

With his recruiting efforts, Jones stopped the downward spiral, averted disaster and steadied the ship, at least for the moment. There is no reason yet to believe we will have a losing season in 13. If Jones shows steady progress for three years, even if he isn't yet contending for the brass ring, he will survive and get the chance he needs to really build a program. He doesn't have to hit recruiting home runs with his first real class. Such thinking is unrealistic.

Given the abundance of legacy talent and Tennessee talent, Jones will have a chance to bring in a terrific class, but even if he doesn't do it quite this year, if he keeps making steady progress, we will be OK.

The most important thing we need in the short run is stability. If recruits and their families think Butch's tenure here is fragile, he will not be able to hit recruiting home runs. Period. What he must do in the short term is to put a better team on the field this season than Dooley's was last season. If he can't manage that this season then we should STILL stay behind him for at least another year or two. Like it or not, that is the time that may be required to turn something like this around, and we MUST give any coach who tries and works hard a reasonable chance, otherwise, the next time we have an opening the name coaches you want to come will be even less inclined to come.

In retrospect, we should have fired Dooley after his 11 team collapsed on him at Arkansas and Kentucky at the end of that season. At the time, I argued against firing him, wanting him to have another year for stability sake. But when I heard that High Schools coaches were dissing him for dissing them and the talented kids, that sealed it for me. (This important fact about his recruiting should have been made public long before the end of his third year. Hello, KNS?)

If this fan base unites and expresses optimism in the future, Butch could pull it off. If our fan base keeps sniping at him because he isn't Fulmer or isn't Gruden, then we will fail him. Give him every chance to succeed, and let him succeed or fail on his own performance, not on our failure to support him as much as we can.

Written on Top 25 class is possible for Butch Jones with a strong finish:

in response to voloffaith:

Doesn't Levenberry announce tonight?

It's seven hours drive time from his home town to Knoxville. It's twelve to Tallahassee. Big difference if you want your friends and relatives to see you play home games a lot. One is driveable on a weekend. The other is not.

Written on Time slipping for Quinton Chievius, D'Montre Edwards :

I wouldn't worry about Chievous yet. Although a red-shirt, he is still a freshman and has some time to get it right as he learns more. I can't judge latent basketball talent, but I think its foolish to give up on him so early in his career, as some on this site have done. As for Edwards, his entree was always supposed to be offense. He only has this year and next to contribute. Apparently, it isn't easy to give Martin what he wants on defense, so Edwards stay here will be fruitless unless he works real hard between now and next season. It's up to him to have the light go on sometime, or else.......

As for recruiting them, hey, we've been down this road so many times.......Martin had nothing to sell to his first class, and needed some experience on the wing for his second class. He has never had the upper hand in recruiting, so he has to take some chances and hope they work out. And all of this is because the last coach was an absolute idiot and left this program in a shambles. After what he did here, he doesn't deserve another chance at our school. Period.

Written on Kenny Hall won't be suspended following arrest:

in response to bUTch_please:

It's 5 in the morning. There are...what... a couple dozen cars on Alcoa Hwy? Driving 70 with a suspended license when driving 55 makes you invisible. Already talked to the judge one time and ignored the opportunity to square that up.

Dense. No other word for it. Dense.

Wasn't this guy talking about mental toughness in a printed interview the other day? I stopped being a fan of his in his junior year when I saw he just wasn't gonna improve his game and would just waste his athletic talent. I'm afraid your diagnosis of him may, sad to say it, just be true.

Written on Cuonzo Martin: Turnovers a sore spot for Vols:

in response to jandjhome#228397:

Face it folks, we have very little tallent and a weak coach.

Disagree. We have some talent, we just don't have experienced talent. And we don't have a good, dependable, talented point guard. Same thing as last year. As for the coach, you don't have enough information to come to your conclusion. He's in his second year. Wait until he's not depending on Pearl's recruits, who are now the upperclassmen on his team, before you come to your conclusions about him.

Written on Seem familiar? Trae Golden went through, worked his way out of, similar struggles last season :

in response to SteelerNation:

Something doesn't smell right here. Golden seems disconnected from his team and coach. Also watch his team mates body language toward him. You heard it here first... Trea will not be with this team next year.

Go Ravens!!

Written on John Adams: Tough times ahead for UT football :

in response to volthrunthru#658770:

I wish this Fall was going to be different. Jones will do no better than Dooley on-field: beat Austin Peays & get racked up by Oregons, Floridas, Bamas & SC's. I am ill at ease from what I have seen. Here's why:

a. A widely respected friend-a friend among Cincinnati powerful says people there were stunned when Jones left. Jones had assured townies, school & players how much he wanted stay, a few weeks before bolting.

b. Here, Jones proclaims he will have the best coaching staff in the USA. He hires his from Cincinnati, without talking to several available widely respected, nationally known coaches/coordinators.

c. He claims he has wanted to coach here all his life. Strange for a Michigan guy---especially one who wanted to stay in Cincinnati.

d. He says UT can win the SEC with Tennessee H.S. players, which East, West, &---to a lesser degree--- Middle Tennessee fans, want to hear. Within two days Phillip Fulmer, who could have said nothing, says Jones has never recruited nationally, but must, he is to succeed here.
When he left, Jones made sure to take one of UC's committed recruits---a 2-star lineman. Maybe from UC or Central Mich., a 2-stars is national recruiting. Not in the SEC. SEC Coaches doing that when leaving, are not very well thought of.
e. Trust is apparently not bedrock in cultures that he comes from.

1) This week we learned that his mentor, Kelly, at N.D. , whom Jones followed at Central Mich., then Cincinnati---as Kelly got better jobs---does the same kind of you-gotta-cut-the-cards when he talks.

Having proclaimed love for N.D., Kelly then interviews at Philly. Then we learn Notre Dame football under Kelly has covered up lies by his premier player---lies designed to get support from those who bestow post-season honors.

2) Also Jones told John Adams, for this article, a story which embarrasses the President of the University of Cincinnati, but makes Jones look prescient.
My take-away:
a. Jones tells everybody what they want to hear.
b. Jones tells things to make himself look good that make others look bad.
c. Phillip Fulmer, in the meeting w/Jones, could not have missed discussing how mentally NOT tough & undisciplined Vols were w/Kiffen or Dooley.

Jones needs backing of Fulmer and former Vol players; so he hires a popular says what Fulmer wants to hear...says everywhere in Tennessee what they want to hear...tells recruits and parents what THEY want to hear. Jones does so to position himself. Jones is no reincarnation of The General; he is a masterful politician.

This guy gets multiple million$, plus his mid-major staff raises of 50%, his own contract makes him richer than the town he came from, regardless.

No wonder he tells everybody what they want to hear; Cheek, the Pres & Hart certainly told him what HE wanted to hear.

That will work until Oregon takes the field. Maybe Jones will have figured out by then what Oregon wants to hear.

1st Paragraph: So what? It will be his first year. No one but you will expect more in his first season.
a) Stunned? After he interviewed with Colorado?
b) Who exactly didn't he talk to?
c) You're right, it is strange. But, so what? I took him to mean that he has always wanted to coach a traditional power in a terrific conference, whether it be UT or UM.
d) Much ado about nothing. Jones can't be as manipulative as you suggest and not be smart enough to know he will have to recruit outside of Tennessee.
e.1) Jones isn't responsible for anything that Kelly does. Irrelevant information.
e.2) Maybe. But I remember Fulmer constantly telling us what he thought we wanted to hear. Don't confuse deliberate, purposeful optimism with malice. BTW, Fulmer would know all about NOT mentally tough players, wouldn't he? And don't ALL head coach/recruiters tell recruits what they want to hear?

Your last comment re: the Oregon game, is a cheap shot.

You are apparently one of the leaders of the Legion of the Miserable. We can each look at Jones and hope. Or we can each give up hope now. Despite folks like you, I'll do the former until, just like Dooley, it becomes obvious that a change must be made. At this time, there is no point in sniping at Jones.

Written on Vols loosen up, pick up first SEC victory :

Way to go, Volunteers! I realize State isn't a ranked team, but I would commend Martin's recruits for the good play we're starting to see from his sophomores and especially the freshmen.

Written on New SEC coaches play catch-up in recruiting:

in response to collegegrovebilly:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

The worst coach in our history was Bill Battle. He got here with the shelves absolutely stocked with NC calibre players, and after a few years ran the whole program into the mud.

Written on Butch Jones selling UT tradition and new staff to recruits :

in response to Rumblefish:

Unfortunately, Butch is gonna HAVE to win with 2* and 3* recruits before more 4*/5* kids start seriously considering Tennessee again. He's stuck btwn a rock and a hard place with regards to recruiting.

Just like Dooley was when he got here.

Written on UT freshman Armani Moore working to increase role :

in response to 1vavolfan:

Not a good analogy. Tobias Harris was also supposed to be a Junior and he is in the NBA, Maymon would be playing if not for an injury. Pearl would have had more recruits to go with McBee, Golden, and Hall and he wouldn't have had the 3 star players that Martin has brought in. Pearl wouldn't even scout kids like Moore, Chievous, and Edwards, and Washpun. Next year UT's recruiting class is 39th nationally and 8th in the SEC, that is with Hubbs so you can see how the rest of the class is projected. UT is looking at a long spell of mediocrity under Martin.

Analogy? I was making a point, not an analogy. My point is that our program was declining rapidly in Pearl's last couple of years, including his recruiting. Martin has had to coach Pearl's last classes and recruit against that perception and against the shame, embarrasment, and NCAA sanctions that Pearl brought to the program. With that perspective, Martin has done well, bringing Richardson, Stokes, and Reese into the fold, and Hubbs for next season. His recruits who have not panned out well yet are only freshmen now or sophomores, like Yemi, with good potential. Martin has had both a coaching and a recruiting handicap for his one and a half years on the job, and that handicap is called Bruce Pearl.

Written on USC fires basketball coach Kevin O'Neill:

in response to billwall:

He was good enough to beat us. This is how bad we are now. Pat tried fervently to talk Kevin into staying at UT before he left.

He beat us - and by a big score - when PEARL was the coach. It was his last or second to last year, if I recall correctly. So, that's not where we are now, that's where we were then under PEARL when Pearl was in the process of disintegrating before our eyes.

Written on UT freshman Armani Moore working to increase role :

in response to westknoxrepub:

Martin has a recruiting philosophy that shuns talented highly touted players in favor of players in high demand amongst low major division I basketball programs.

Yeah, like Richardson, for example. Martin's first recruits are in their sophomore years. Pearl's recruits are juniors and seniors this year. How well are Hall, McBee, Golden, and McRae doing? As juniors and seniors, shouldn't they be expected to carry the leadership roles and be the best, most experienced players? Martin's recruits haven't had enough time to be judged yet. But Pearls have.

Written on Jordan McRae's play up, but Vols are down :

in response to mborokyvol:

Offense is about getting open looks and hitting the shots. The Vols are getting wide open looks. The challenge will be to ignore the wide open 3pt-shot and drive it or dish it inside. This slump isn't all on CCM. The offense is creating open shots. The team has to rededicate themselves to playing defense- the kind of D we all know they are capable of!

Bingo. They have played poor defense these last two games. Can't have that, cause we simply don't have the offensive firepower to make up for it. Losing by 18 at home against an unranked team makes we start to wonder about the coaching. But I'm still on the train, haven't seen enough yet to get real worried.

Written on Vols lose to Ole Miss, 92-74 in SEC opener:

Beat by nearly 20 at home? And by Ole Miss? Pitiful. Hard to defend Martin with this kind of performance. How can they be that bad? This coach needs to talk to the fan base and tell us what the hall is going on.

Written on John Adams: Vols could come out ahead by redshirting Maymon :

Once again JA simply states the obvious. He is getting paid for writing the same analysis one can read on this board. Manning-berry above is correct.

Written on Second-half outburst raises possibilities for low-scoring Vols :

in response to flatrock:

please stop the bring-back-BP garbage...He was a moral midget who recruited more Brushy Mountain-types than NBA-types. Last year, Cuonzo turned in one of the best coaching jobs in Big Orange history...This year, he is playing without his best scorer, passer, rebounder- who, BTW, wasted away while BP's son took his minutes...Cuonzo has more class in his little finger than BP has in his entire body...Go Vols!

Right on, flatrock, right on.

Written on Second-half outburst raises possibilities for low-scoring Vols :

in response to thevoice:

Yeah, and so did many other players. However that doesn't mean he has to play them all.

McBee got 21 minutes, McRae got 31 off the bench. What else from the guards available to Martin do you want? Do you want Moore to get more than he got? Chievous? Those two freshmen were the choices.

Lopez is a walk-on pg, not a shooting guard. As it was he got 14 minutes. Neither Reese nor Edwards was available. So, who should have gotten more of McBee's minutes?

I'll agree with you this far -It might be time to abandon Golden as the starting PG and use either Richardson or McRae there. Ideally, if Richardson is up to pg, I'd like to see him at 1, McRae at two, Reese at three, and Hall and Stokes at 4 and 5. But that still means McBee would out of necessity get significant time at 2 guard, depending upon injuries, etc.

You can criticize McBee's play all you want. I agree he is not the player I want to see out there. But you can't criticize Martin for playing the only hand he has been dealt. Martin faces two big problems right now: Maymon is out and he has no real point guard. McBee is a minor problem in comparison.

Written on Second-half outburst raises possibilities for low-scoring Vols :

in response to GerryOP:

Look jerk, McBee is not an "absolute idiot." He's a 4-year Vol bball player. Don't trash the kids ... idiot. And take the letters f..a..n out of your screen name. Fans don't trash the kids ... fool.

You got a problem with McBee's playing time, go see Coach 'Zo. I'm sure he can straighten out your "misunderstanding" ... dork.

What a GREAT post.

Written on Second-half outburst raises possibilities for low-scoring Vols :

in response to sly_stone99#434111:

McBee was completely out of his league against Memphis. CCM has to recruit better guards that have quickness, offensive skill sets and athleticism. That Memphis team was far more athletic than UT. Joe Jackson and Geron Johnson were the difference.

CCM did NOT recruit McBee. He came with the job Martin took courtesy of CBP.