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Written on Mark Wiedmer: Phillip Fulmer takes responsibility, likes UT Vols coach Butch Jones:

Not that I read Venomous John Adams anymore, where is he? It's ironic this article comes to us via the Times Free Press! We would all be better off if KNS sent Adams back to his beloved Roll Tide and hire a team of writers capable of covering UT athletics in a more positive way.

Written on Butch Jones hints at UT uniform tweaks, but says changes will ‘respect tradition’:

Nike/Oregon have created this monster, and the recruits love the flashy unis. Follow some of our targets on Twitter and you will see pics of what other schools are considering. Thus, we must maintain our firm policy of flexibility! Wasn't it Eric Berry who lobbied Hamilton for the black jersies? if we have to change some things to attract the best players, let's give CBJ the flexibility to do so. I believe him when he says he will respect tradition, he hasn't lied to us yet!

Written on Govols247: Tennessee adds kicker as walk-on :

in response to BIVOLAR_BEARE:

Yeah, I get most of my info from GV247 & Rivals..Volquest has a good blog, but I forget to research them or Volnation.

You might give a try. It's new and informative, plus it's FREE!!!

Written on Tennessee coach search better than any roller coaster:

in response to collegegrovebilly:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I agree completely and have posted several times previously that our biggest problem is a rodent infestation, moles, from BAMA & Florida, send Hart and Cheeck packing, bring back orange-blooded Fulmer as AD/HC, heck he is still on our payroll so it's a win-win. Contract should be heavy incentive laden to ensure results are achieved and forget the on-going soap opera playing in NYC.

Written on New York City could be nexus of Tennessee's coaching search for next few days :

Mr Hart how did your interviews in NYC go today?
Bring home a winner!

Written on New York City could be nexus of Tennessee's coaching search for next few days :

in response to collegegrovebilly:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Agree, why else did Hart, contrary to his statement, bring Sal to town with a one-sided contract except to make him HC. All part of the BAMA moles' five year plan

Written on Vols' coaching search begins as Jim Chaney fills in:

KNS thanks for clearing things up, I failed to understand that Derek Dooley fired Derek Dooley. Does this mean he resigned and the buyout is no longer in play?

Written on Halftime: Vanderbilt 13, Tennessee 10 :

in response to zippertom1:

Not to worry. It's halftime, the staff will once again make the necessary adjustments!!!

Now, that will be a first! Do you have something caught in your Zipper??

Written on Tennessee, Vanderbilt preparing for kickoff before sellout crowd :

in response to titletownz:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

You also have more felons! See the correlation?

Written on John Adams: If not Jon Gruden, how about Bobby Petrino or Tommy Tuberville? :

Quick! Someone check Adams' travel schedule, I think he just returned from CO with a case of weed!!!

Written on Missouri beats Vols in 4 overtimes, 51-48:

in response to lafollette37766:

Look for it Sunday. It is gonna happen.

What makes you so confident? Will it be all three or might it be four?

Written on Missouri beats Vols in 4 overtimes, 51-48:

in response to jhayes0926#638474:

I would expect a news conference Monday to announce 2 resignations/terminations. Need I say who (or whom)?

I am looking for three!

Written on Vols tied with Missouri 28-28 heading to overtime :

in response to DaufuskieIslandVol:

Rumor has it that Dooley will be fired after this game. Hope its true.

Heard same rumor two weeks ago, but hasn't happened yet!

Written on Third: Vols 28, Missouri 21 :

Same song and dance, this staff is either unable or unwilling to make halftime adjustments while the other team always does.

Written on First quarter: Tennessee 7, Missouri 7 :

in response to volfast40time:

got to say that dooley did a solid job preping the defense for this game

But Mizzou hasn't lit it up offensively this year have they? Also read where Al Wilson and Leonard Little are in the house today. Maybe they delivered some pre-game incentives. Wish we could hire Wilson he would be a major addition to the staff, IMHO.

Written on 5 Big Things against Missouri :

Aren't there really only three BIG things?
1 Play solid defense
2 Score lots of points
3 Avoid injuries

Written on Missouri QB James Franklin trying to rejuvenate season vs. struggling Tennessee :

Unless Sunseri oversleeps due to the early start and misses the game, Franklin is likely to have a big day.

Written on Final score: Tennessee survives with a 55-48 win over Troy :

in response to JDX47:

Ever heard of Randall Cobb....point made

Yep, and Patrick Willis, Michael Oher, to just name a few.

Written on Final score: Tennessee survives with a 55-48 win over Troy :

Here is the KNS poll for this week: who do you prefer as DC"Third and Chavis" or "First and Sunseri"?

Written on Final score: Tennessee survives with a 55-48 win over Troy :

in response to suggest_removal_4_all_troll_posts:

No, that's exactly what they're expecting us to do!

No, we seem to think at UT that Tennessee does not produce SEC talent and prefer to spend thousands to recruit elsewhere while letting the in state talent go to other SEC schools and allow them to take their frustration out on us when we play!

Written on Halftime: Vols 31, Troy 30 :

in response to volfaninbuckeyeland:

If the powers that be do NOT take some sort of action, then I recommend they immediately petition the Sun Belt Conf for admission effective ASAP.

I don't think we can compete against Arkansas State, LA Monroe, LA Lafayette, and Troy, unless Sunseri is gone.

Written on Halftime: Vols 31, Troy 30 :

How much longer can we delay pulling the trigger? Four SEC teams will be looking for HC, Hart is positioning us to be last in line behind Auburn, KY, ARK!

Written on Halftime: Tennessee 28, South Carolina 14 :

Since Sad Sal is a Hart hire and the highest paid asst coach. Hart's wages should be garnished to cover the buy out

Written on John Adams: Vols playing at a level that could get their coaches fired :

in response to VolzsFan:

On one hand, everyone needs to learn that the truth is the truth and not positive or negative spin determined by your perspective.

No team in America would beat Georgia, Florida, Miss State, South Carolina and Alabama. Those teams will beat up on each other a bit but no Oregon, USC, Notre Dame, Kansas State, etc. would beat any of them really much less all of them. Why is UT held to a higher standard? Because your expectations where sent unrealistically through the roof by the great Hall of Famer.

Hamilton with the help of a few money guys caused this situation.

The state of Tenn does not have high school athletes to compete with anyone in D1. Where are they going to go and get the players that Georgia, SC, Bama, LSU and Florida want? Are they going into their state and bringing them to UT? No. Only one person could and did do that and he is a new Hall of Famer.

Many of you need to accept the new reality at UT. It is the same old pre 1992 reality. It is okay. West Point, Harvard among others had to accept their fate and UT will have to understand they are and will be a mediocre second tier SEC program. Now all the know nothing internet tough guys will scream THIS IS UT BABY! blah blah blah. They do not understand that to beat these teams you have to go and get some difference makers that the big boys want. Until then enjoy the tailgates.

Final Truth:
Bray is a fraud. He is the main reason they are in the shape they are in when it comes to competing. He is nowhere near the top half of SEC QBs. His numbers vs. the SEC prove that very clearly.

P.S. There is not a certain win left on the schedule. Not one. Including Troy and UK. Missouri and Vandy will be favored most likely. USC will squash this bunch. But hoops is one the way and you all can whine about UT not being ranked in the top 10 IN THE SEC in recruiting at that point.


How soon you forget guys like Al Wilson, Chad Clifton, Trey Teague, John Fisher, Ramon Foster and several others from TN who played for the Vols and bled Orange. There are many others from TN who have gone to KY, GA, Auburn, Southern Cal, Ole Miss, and BAMA. Who came up with the idea TN doesn't produce D1 and NFL talent?

Written on Alabama-Tennessee Report Card :

in response to volfast40time:

I think a D is a bit generous for the overall grade for this game...anyone else wondering what petrino is doing right now?

He's in a side ditch with another mistress! We don't need him to run the program, I don't want him to run the program.

Written on Vols hold players-only meeting, say 'things are going to change' :

Great to see Lathers and Johnson taking a leadership role!!!

Written on John Adams: Scoreboard not the only measuring stick for Derek Dooley against Alabama :

My head is spinning! Is this the same John Adams who tried to single-handedly drive Phil Fulmer out of town?

I'm convinced the Athletic Department has a rodent problem. We are infested with BAMA moles! Starting with Hart and ending with Sad Sal. I'm afraid the deck is stacked against us this week. And Saban probably already has his faxed copy of the UT play book!

Written on Report card: Glimpses of strong play, but no consistency :

in response to TKO:

Petrino was seen at the library earlier this afternoon.

Yep, I heard there was a new book on the shelves "Harley Repairs for Dummies"

Written on Report card: Glimpses of strong play, but no consistency :

in response to John_10065:

Relevant according to what? That guy is a douchbag. I'd rather go 6-7 forever than have a piece of garbage like that on the sidelines in orange and white.


I agree with your perspective 200%. Petrino might be an offensive genius, but he is scum and the last thing we need leading Our Vols and football program!

As for the report card, I saw lots of consistency, unfortunately it was all bad. I'm sure Saban is licking his chops in anticipation of going against Sad Sal's D. I'm just thankful we don't have the Memphis Kittens on our schedule or we would really be embarrassed.

Written on 1st Quarter: Mississippi State 10, Tennessee 7 :

The announcers said Dooley is not taking pain pills. I wish I had them as this is getting more painful with every second!

Written on Five big things against Mississippi State:

If the Vols beat the Bullies with CDD in the press box he has to stay there for the rest of the season, cause you don't mess with success!

Written on Derek Dooley at practice in a golf cart:

Coach, it is great to see you at practice already, be careful and don't aggrevate the healing process, but you might pull out the 1 wood and drive a winning attitude into the Vols!

Written on What's your feeling about the Vols after the Georgia game?:

Since the Athletic Dept is hurting for cash, the coaches all feel safe, therefore I suggest firing Chaney, bring back Fulmer as OC, then we can start to "work like heck" and resurrect the charts!

Written on Poll: What's your feeling about the Vols after the Georgia game?:

I've been a Dooley supporter since Day1. I bought into the story that our roster was thin & inexperienced, but now that story is stale. Besides loosing the game , one of the most disappointing things was the halftime adjustments. We made none and UGA capitalized, and then on the 2-point conversion we failed to have enough defenders on the field. Didn't we learn to count to eleven two years ago! Or do have to learn that again since Wilcox is gone?

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