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8-4 because of an inexperienced o-line. 10-2 the next year.

This year our O line should be good...worry about our pass defense with frosh corners in 2013

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Yes, it is wayyyyy to early to even be talking about statues.....but I do think we are definitely headed in the right direction....and recruiting also is a witness to this.

Your first statement is oh so true. Everything else, well, the Vol nation is living that everyday until game day. We'll see.

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Good for him, and maybe a little good publicity for TN, maybe. I'll take anything positive I can get!

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I hope he can help the cowgirlz, I mean boys.
Dallas needs a QB like Luck or even a Kapernick, who can do it all.

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this cannot hurt! Good hire, as of right now.

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When you sell your soul and hire recruiting pick-me-ups and STILL LOSE...on the next Geraldo

Beautiful post! So we lose an "in" there. Not the end of times.

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Seal 9821 is right. BTW, not Cutcliffe, please.

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The Vols have NEVER lost eight games in a season. Dooley has shown he can't beat Kentucky, get someone who can NOW! This record is all that's left to play for this year. We lose eight & that only leaves Ohio State & you know they'll never lose near that many with Urbie. (Undefeated in first year with a team on probation. Who dat guy that did that at Auburn? Oh yeah, the Midget. Terry may take the UT job, maybe)

Nooooo...not Terry

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Go get George Quarles from Maryville HS! He can build a dynasty at UT

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Everyone comments about the CB's speed but we absolutely are out of position and even on short routes we let the receivers run's pathetic.

You are not wrong either...all part of the large picture, to be trite.

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CPF is not the answer. It is going to take us years to reload with the athletes we need to compete in the SEC. Whoever our new coach is to be, if Dooley "gets gone", it will need to be someone that can recruit quality in their first class and into the future. There has 2 be depth in every position, 3 deep if possible.

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Fact; I saw my first game at Neyland in September of 1967.....this is the worst Vol secondary that I have seen.

Mine was October 1962, and you are spot on re: the secondary. They lack the necessary SEC speed that has become the bar for US college football

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I would believe a little more if the defense could tackle.


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1 game at a time, ladies and gents. Jeeeeeeez
That said, this is a defining game. Bring it all, leave it on the field. Thats all we can ask.

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Go VOLS...I fear we are gonna need a new coach, and soon. I hope he can prove me wrong!
Go beat Ga, then talk to me.

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These next four games are gonna be hell on "died in the wool" Vol fans.

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I think you guys just want Dooley fired. He's doing fine.


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C'mon not lose this game. Come play for 60 minutes, at the least.
Always a Vol fan, stuck in Ohio

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No way on Tressel...he could not recruit or coach in the sec.
The voters who gave As and Bs are gator trolls.

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No matter... Vols still travel to Athens to play the Dawgs between the hedges. It ends there for UT.
just sayin'

Just zip it til we get to that game, ok?

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I agree with bivolar. Screw the Gators. The Vol Nation wants Validation...or should we be saying Volidation?!

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We won. Next game, the gators here.
Stooley dinks, you are a troll.
We deserve a C, not a C-.

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DD was right, and I saw blatant mistakes. These 3 games before Florida are good opps to make corrections. When the game scores came out the next day i.e. A,B,C, KNS was too lib with the A's. Go Vols, work hard, and play only one game at a time.

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Let's not go getting all cocky. Focus on Ga that game, and stay healthy.
Also, you guts were somewhat liberal with the A's.

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This fan wants a winning season, a bowl win, and some consistency.

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Class act!
Come back to UT

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agreed. the most painful memory about kiffen is the idiotic way a few vol fans reacted when he left. kiffen can coach--too bad he can't be depended upon.

I am sick that Kiffen did not stick around to build the dynasty he could have built here. I think his mother, or his wife's, dislike of KnoxPatch was the true driving factor (say what you want). This isn't Tampa, or LA by any stretch. Still, he can coach, recruit, and surround himself with good staff.
Can't hang the KY debacle on him! It's all on the current crew now, as it was that day last November.

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Good luck young man. Cobb did that, too, and he's playing on Sunday. Just hope you can cobble together a team there. They are a BB school first and foremost.
BTW, congrats on your HS stats. Nice job.

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We'll be there, as usual. I am with the Vols through thick and thin. DD will right the ship.

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Please win this game and do not look ahead to GA.
Time for our future players to step up and begin to mesh.
Vols 35, Buffalo 17

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TX A&M will provide good scrimmage material for a long time as SEC bottom dwellers. AKA lizards, who stand the entire game, their "Corp" should really get over themselves. What slocum says is just so much fluff.
Sad day for the SEC...we could have drawn a better school.

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This will be a pivotal game for the winner, as well as the loser. For once, in recent memory, the two seem well matched on most fronts. As for crippled coon, look what Spurrier has done in SC! Everyone's whipping post for years, w/out the HS talent. Talent means a whole lot, but do not discount superior conditioning and coaching. I believe DD is our coach, and it'll be Vols by 7.

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Maybe I'm missing something, but how can MS be 2-0, 0-1?
BTW, LSU by 10

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Vols look good. Need to protect the ball better in ground game. Plenty of weapons, if Bray and company can stay healthy. I don't think Bearcats touched him once. Still, I have not seen this Muschamp coached team play.
D looks stronger this year.

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Seriously...I'd love to see some SEC business in Texas.
Afterall, "It's a business decision".
The longhorn network is scared they will lose revenue if A&M leaves, but are more terrified of an SEC school on Texas soil. They can't hang with the SEC talent and they know it. Just like FSU and Miami.
All you hear around here is go cowpatties and hook em horns. It can make a grown man vomit. I get so sick of "the real UT" claims. I say take A&M for the west, but, my choice for the east would be Memphis or Louisville or even Central Florida.

I know what you mean...lived it for 24 years. I was at the Cotton Bowl surrounded by lizards, Aggie fans, and loved it when we kicked their butts all over the field.
As a matter of fact, I was at every CB the Vols played in while I lived there...VOL fans truly love Big D.
I regards to your SEC east favorites, I had not considered Central Fl. I like it.
Stay cool in Texas.

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Seriously, the old Big 12 is done. Bring on the aggies. Long live the SEC. Go get Clemson or UNC next for the SEC.

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Oh boy...Aggie jokes! I'm ready for it.
How do you extract a one armed Aggie from a tree? Wave to him or her.
A group of aggies decided to go to Houston for the weekend. Outside of college station, Texas, they saw a sign that said Houston left, so they turned around and went back to the dorm.

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early predict:

UT 41
Montana Grizzly Bears 16

Hilarious...but it will be TN 41, MGBs 21

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Don't forget Toad Suck Fairy...on truTv, of course

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Yea, let's go back to be awful in basketball. Pearl is the best coach we've ever had. He has learned a lesson. Hamilton would be totally stupid to sack him.

You gotta give up on VolDoll...after all, they are simply stuffed idiots anyway. Dolls, that is.

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Oakland has a good coach, too. They handled the Vols well. Hate to say it, but I smell a one and done...hope I'm wrong.

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Lets just hope and pray it's the last chapter of the Bruce Pearl era.

Really tired of waking up and hearing about his lying, cheating, non coaching arse!

Too many bloody mary's today?
Are you nuts?

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Fuzzy....please get a (oh heck, never mind)
Can this young man be coached up? If so, bring him on.

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I can't stand Albert Haynesworth, but it sure is good to know that the TEXANS still think they're cowboys living in the 19th century and that shooting someone of a different color still passes for law. Do us a favor VOL TEXAS and change teams... we don't need your racist, bubba bile here in this forum, spit it in your spittoon

You brought in the race card...VOL in tx was just speaking the truth. I lived in tx, had a carry permit, and would have shot anyone who did this to me. Red, yellow, black or white.