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Hey Sneaky, do you have one of your 20,000 season tickets? Maybe you did not read the article but our comma is in a different place than your rusty anchor's 35,000 - try 102,000. We will be back, real soon, so enjoy yourself...and, get a tetanus shot, those rusty metals will cause problems.

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Whatever credibility you may have had was lost when you showed your naiveté with your franklin comment. I am sorry but you are seriously discredited - not sure recovery is possible.

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UT gets the Lion's share of the educational dollar from the Leglistature in Tennessee for sure. So wave your "flag".

Bruce Pearl was kicked out of coaching for cheating and lying while representing UT. I know that makes you proud. All he recruited was thugs and that has been well exposed.

Memphis has accomplished more in men's basketball than UT has, that is not even disputable. Nationally, Memphis gets respect. Why should we play a school who trash talks the like as UT?

Peyton Manning lost to Memphis, when favored by 42 points. I was there, it was a great night in Memphis! Memphis only plays UT in football for the payday. Finacially, the need to play UT is not what it once was. Our football schedule is still far better with the Big East members staying. There is no comparison in the budgets of the two programs. It will never be on equal ground.

UT is not "being nice" to Memphis throwing us a bone. Your AD is begging Memphis to continue to play the series to add some creditibly to your schedule and help with recruiting Memphis players. Pastner is smart to tell you guys to take a hike. Calipari wanted to end the series too and he managed to get rid of Ole Miss and Arkansas for the same reason.

As a fan, I would like to see the game continue every year, in Nashville splitting the tickets evenly between both schools with referees from another conference. I think Hamilton regected that offer when Calipari proposed it.

UConn and Cincinnati are still in the Big East and Louisville has agreed to a long-term deal play Memphis as well. Top to bottom, the Big East is still a better basketball league than the SEC. The SEC v. Big East challenge will decide that.

Tom Bowen, Memphis AD is new. I am sure our football coach will have a major stake in future dealings with scheduling. Playing the Vols has long lost its luster for Memphis. UT has done everything in its power over the years to keep Memphis out of the SEC. Face it, you just don't matter to us anymore.

Easy Michael...if you take your basketball and go home, we will take our football (and $) and go to our beautiful home in eastern Tennessee. Then, you will be relegated to staying in western Tennessee, never to see Tennessee’s beautiful side of the state again in football or basketball (or our beautiful east Tennessee $). Like I said, easy Michael - and you had better speak to Tom Bowen before you make another post.

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The main reason is when uk is trying to hire you and UT is not talking to you, at all, nor planning to talk to you for their vacancy - - - don't use "this" when referring to UT (even if endearingly as a dump) – this is not your UT – never has been, never will be…

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Sorry, but I am not thinking Petrino at Tennessee for any reason whatsoever...

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I can't believe readers actually thought Adams was recommending those two coaches-- or Gruden for that matter. He was making fun of us a obsessed idiots.

Hey cgbtn, I did not quite get your last sentence but I do not believe I am part of your "us". I thought Mr. Adams was using his Bully Pulpit to give a "shout out" for two of his friends for the potential opening...

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During the Zook years, I never "hoped" for a UF loss, but I do recall each loss being viewed as sort of a consolation prize. Particularly, the Mississippi State game in 2004, where UF lost to an average MSU team, and Zook got fired mid-season before the bus even arrived back to Gainesville. I do recall wanting to win that game, but consoling myself afterward knowing that Jeremy Foley was about to bring the hammer down.

Having said that, keep Dooley, he needs more time!

Side note, Zook never lost more than 5 games in a season and actually had some huge wins while at UF, including knocking off a #1 ranked Saban coached LSU team in Baton Rouge. He also beat a very good FSU team in Tallahassee in his last game as UF coach. I also recall him beating a very good UT team in Knoxville.

Moral of the story, Zook was whacked in 2.5 seasons, with a far better resume' than what we've seen so far from Dooley.

But keep Dooley, please.

What you do not get Deltacharlie3 (I cannot believe there are two more of you out there - seems like a someone would have "fixed" things long before you came along) is that, while at times it may be frustrating, it is always great to be a Tennessee Vol! But, how could you? You have NO tradition beyond the last twenty years; you are proud of your Charlie Pell's, Ron Zook's, Urban Meyer's, as well as Steve Spurrier's - all extremely classy people, right? - and you live in a swamp. Please do not try to help us with anything. I would rather be an 0-12 Vol than any kind of gator. Crawl back to your swamp and do not return until you have six NC's...

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Any fan pulling against the Vols is not a Vol - never has been, never will be. The writer of this article had better be thankful that he has an easier life, by comparison, than that of a SEC football coach. I mean, come on, all he has to do is write polarizing articles to sell ink and paper, trying all the while to resurrect the industry to save his job – right? ...much easier, by comparison, than winning in the SEC to save your job.

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If you want Dooley fired but you liked Kiffy, your vote does not count.

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waaaaaa, what's wrong Sal, hit a nerve?

Wait, you can't be Sal. Usually when someone uses the word "dis" they are young and immature. Am I right?

I posted what I posted because 1. It’s my right and 2. Our defense is not playing up to par (I don’t care about the switch from the 4 – 3 to the 3 – 4). You don’t give up as many points as we have the last two games and honestly think we are onto something good here….

You don't know me or anything about me, so don't question my loyalty to the Vols. I'm certain it's much more than yours. I probably went to my first game before you were even following college football.

And before you retort, no, I don’t know you. And I don’t want to!

You’re dismissed for being irrelevant.

Yes, you hit a nerve - fans like you always hit a nerve with me. Whenever someone unveils the "it's my right" defense, it says it all. Yes, you have a right to make your non-Vol For Life posts, just as I have a right to call you on them. I would rather be an irrelevant Vol For Life than being, say, you. By the way, my first game was in 1974, with my Dad, when I was 10 years old. He was in the Air Force, so we could not get back to Knoxville as often as he/we would like; but, whether we at the games or trying to listen to John Ward call the games on radio, we were Vols For Life then, as we are now. I did question your loyalty, or lack thereof, because you exercised your "right" and showed that your true colors do not include orange.

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The way his Dad's defense is playing, he would stand much less chance of getting injured if he played on their offense.

You read an article like this one and your first reaction is to dis our defense. You are not in the VOL FOR LIFE program - never have been, never will be!

I can appreciate what both Dad and son are dealing with before this game.


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OK, I'm done! This game could have and should have been won. Dooley doesn't seem to be able to teach his players what it takes to win a close game. They always fall apart just when it looks like they can finally win. These kids have the talent to win. They had the effort to win. They just couldn't muster the effort it takes to do it when they had too. At this rate we will have another losing season and while I think Coach Dooley has done a good job, Winning is the ultimate way a coach is graded and he is failing with a capital F in that area.

...and don't come back - we will be fine without you owensboroformervol...

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The 2001 game wasn't played in November. It was played December 1st. I'm not surprised you didn't know that. After all, you're a ut fan. Keep up the solid work.

(And you wonder why we laugh)

Who is we? You should change your user name to "sensitiveone" and troll elsewhere...

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Wow. I underestimated the high acceptance for failure from our fan base! Throw an ounce of life into an otherwise lame duck program and suddenly...optimism reigns! Close calls are enough to satisfy a formerly proud - and winning - program., you should disassociate yourself from the program, not follow it at all or, above all, post anything on any websites ever again ...please do all of this.

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Good work, if you can get it...

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Walt, who was the rational pick to win the SEC four years after you (?) were on The Hill, or to win the Sugar Bowl over Miami 35-7?

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Loosen the rope around your waist Jethro, it is squeezing out your troll thoughts...

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What would you know about smart money, or smart anything for that matter?

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While were replacing Stokley, can we replace Dooley?

Your user id fits you...

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"You can't expect the Vols to beat SEC East favorites Georgia and South Carolina on the road. You can't expect them to beat Alabama anywhere."

This is where I disagree. I remember a few years ago when we scared the bejesus out of Alabama in a game we lost on a missed field goal. That one had all the Bammer boys & girls sweating a Crimson Tide. Yeah, I know, it wasn't on the road.

Still, if Coach Dooley is right and it IS a new day in Knocksville...then anything is possible. Coach Lombardi said it best: "Whether you think you can or you think you can' are correct."

It was a blocked FG (not missed) and it was on the road (in Tuscaloosa)...

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Get the best players that want to play on The Hill; and, if it is a toss up between two players of similar talent in a position of need, sign the kid from Tennessee!

Written on Michigan State long snapper says he's going to be a Vol:

At times, fact is stranger than fiction...

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Reread the article Jethro - if you can read - and you might catch that the series is "streaky" with Alabama enjoying the spoils right now. We can ask Adams to add pictures to his stories, so that you can better understand them. The first could have in it pictures of Bryant and General Neyland. Can you guess the story line? Let's just say that it would discuss the fact that the then cub never beat the General. Enjoy your turn as we did ours...and, as we will again.

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Either you are Jennings, or someone too emotionally close to be objective about this situation. Dave Hart is no longer at FSU for reasons totally unrelated to anything you write. He had already told internal FSU persons about leaving before any part of the academic situation surfaced; and, everything else you have written is either incorrect or innuendo. The only thing you have written that is true is that he was restricted by Title IX and had to do certain things. Dave Hart is a businessman; and, he is a good one. As such, he makes decisions concerning the athletic department first from a financial view, then from a personnel view, and never from within a vacuum. Therefore, I will assume, differently than you, that he would understand that Pat Summitt was good for UT in all ways and that Jennings was bad for UT in just as many. Personally, I believe that if Summitt was still there, Jennings would still be there; but, with Summitt’s retirement, Hart saw the opportunity to rid himself, and the University of Jennings. Now, I will join Mr. Hart on the Jennings subject and put all other posts by you in the category of “unintelligible” and “not worthy of response”.

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Okay Whitworth, keep on your pants. What did Mr. Hart do at FSU that would suggest he has a "playbook", or is "sorry". I do not know any of the players in this but history nor the tea leaves seem to agree with you. What The University of Tennessee needs right now is for this to go away quietly, including Jennings. We will soon see how much she "loves" her university.

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I cannot wait for all the UT "fans", aka trolls, to enlighten us on Nelson and Ward. You know, those who loved Fulmer and, now, Dooley even more; those with the "sky-is-falling" mentality - you know, that cheery bunch. Before they weigh in on this, I will say that I am proud that these two “voices” are related to Tennessee! Maybe John Ward will be invited back next year as a Legend of the Game.

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Tennessee needs this. We have no hope Dooley on the hill. Come home Peyton

Tennessee will be fine, with or without this. We would, however, be much better off without followers (notice I did not write fans) like you. You probably are a troll but, if not, you are a miserable lot; and, I wish you would forever refrain from sharing your ignorant drivel.

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I agree with both Volman2010's assessment of you and yours of him - 'nough said...

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Your post says more about you than it does about Mr. Adams. BTW, don't try take back your computer...for any reason. It didn't work for George at the bookstore and it won't work for you at Wal-mart; it's been flagged...

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"Shurburrt said the Vols' inability to sell early playing time to the few offensive line prospects they targeted for 2012 may have played a part in them coming away with nothing — even though it shouldn't have been"

If UT's recruiters, including Doolfus, wasn't out selling the idea that recruits could realistically compete for a starting position in the spring on an offensive line that was by far and away the absolute WORST in the SEC - then this is reason #412 to make a H.C. change at the end of this year.

You would make a good gamecock fan...just saying!

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Can't lose what you don't have...

Written on DeAnthony Arnett transfer saga could end with all losing, if Tennessee remains heartless:

You can bet there is more to this Saginaw News beat writer’s story than meets the eye - full disclosure, I am all Vol! What is he? Why would an unbiased writer in Michigan write about Tennessee being heartless? I am sure it is because of his deep, heartfelt feelings for Mr. Arnett and not any feelings for either Michigan or Michigan State. I suggest we wait for, as Paul Harvey used to say, “The Rest of the Story”.

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I hope the Third Saturday in October again becomes consistent; and, I hope that we petition the SEC to wear Orange and Crimson in the games.

Written on Former Greeneville standout Antwaine Wiggins a tough matchup for Vols:

Four years ago he wasn't good enough to make the team; now he would be a starter...

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I saw a UT fan in Lexington this morning!!

I stopped at a gas/convinience store near Kentucky's campus and looked up and he was there. I couldn't believe my eyes. He drove a beat up mini-van, had long greasy hair, numerous tatoos, huge beer gut with a faded out ORANGE "Volls Rule" t-shirt that exposed his bottom crack and fat belly. My wife gasped when we saw his purchase of a carton of generic cigaretts, toilet paper, a big giant gulp soda and a dozen doughnuts. Then he walked out of the store spit on the sidewalk and flicked his cigg butt on the ground.

This Kentucky fan thinks you Tennessee fans need to take a long hard look at that UT fan base, it is unbelievable.

I stopped after reading the first sentence. Why are you surprised? What's the big deal? What other school's football fan would you expect to see in Lexington? :)

Written on Vandy chasing bowl eligibility at Wake:

The conference was going to admit to a mistake either way after the Gordon interception; I am glad they said that "Tennessee should have gone on offense" rather than "the official should not have blown they play dead" - just saying...

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Hey guys, who inherited what really does not matter, It's what you do with what you inherit.
I don't like Kiffin, buy he inherited a mess at Southern Cal and look what he has done with his mess. They can't go to a bowl and we should not go to a bowl even with a win over Kentucky.

Agreed - you, your family members, and your friends will not be allowed to go to the bowl game when we beat Kentucky - that's the only "we" for whom you are allowed to speak...

Written on Vols' offensive line 'looked different' against Vanderbilt :

So far, we have lost every game we were supposed to lose, won every game we were supposed win - and, we won last night when we were not supposed to win; we are supposed to win next week against Kentucky! The naysayers, most of whom did not like Fulmer and also do not like Dooley, cannot be happy, so we should stop trying to please them. We need to get behind Dooley and the Vols against the 'cats and in the bowl game; Dooley will have another Top 10 recruiting class and next year will be better; and, we will contend for the East in 2013!

Written on Justin Worley to start at quarterback against South Carolina :

It's great - to be - a Tennessee Vol! Eat More Chickin!

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Yes, any football fan, Tennessee or otherwise, knew that this would happen; and, that we, more than likely, would be 3-4 right now. Only those overly optimistic or supremely pessimistic fans thought something different. The true tests will be this year's record and our next recruiting class. If we finish 6-6, go to a bowl, do not lose any current commits, and finish strong with some of the recruits on our board, our record will improve next year; and, as being 3-4 right now, everything on the list is more probable than not. All this leads to our next recruiting class improving, too. It took a long time to get where we are and the fix will take longer than two years; but, as CDD says, we are Tennessee...and, it's great - to be - a Tennessee Vol!

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Hey Merlot, you're drinking too much. I agree that there is no room for error this year, but we will make a bowl. I also believe Dooley gets 4 or 5 years, save something that no one could foresee, because he fits/matches our program's great reputation. By then, all will be right on The Hill! BTW, we make a bowl game this year because of the Buffalo/UNC trade; and, for those of you who are embarrassed by that, in a few short years from now no one will remember the “trade”, but they will remember that we went to a bowl.

Written on Nehlen: West Virginia has 'a shot' at SEC:

I am for adding Tulane, Louisville, or Georgia Tech - for obvious reasons...or, as a last resort, either Memphis or Southern Miss...but seriously, Clemson and Virginia Tech are the most logical choices for #14. The debate will resurrect when it comes time for #'s 15 and 16.

Written on John Adams: Vols should savor first Saturday of October :

To all the "0-4 v 4-0 in October" folks, it is impossible: we play 5 games in October...

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Welcome to the Dooley era of UT football.... The new Dooley motto "Be scared to play ACC schools and later we will be paying fans to come to Neyland."

You remind me of the old saying, "if you think an education is expensive, try ignorance." Pack up and keep moving - you haven't yet found the right stop.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

How many arrests in the last 3-4 years @ the school who does not cheat?

Written on Derek Dooley starts Year Two:

Go to the "Here, at Neyland Stadium" label on the below link -

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

How about you and I count our fav SEC school's FB National Championships? Okay, here we go: 1, 2 (you are done - I get to keep going), 3, 4, 5, 6...Come back when you get four more - I do not expect that to ever happen.

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Kimbrow ran a 4.4-second 40-yard dash. Height is only 5-foot-9. Weight is only 165-pounds. Small running backs are becoming the norm, but this is small.

Besides Tennessee, he is interested in Miami (Fla.), Oregon, Auburn, Alabama, Memphis, Arkansas, Ole Miss and Mississippi State.

Scout reports a 4.24/40yard dash from this weekend's combine...that's Warrick Dunn speed. He was small, too, but I'll take my chances with someone that fast. He will be a Vol when it is said and done.

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There were not three coaching changes, only two: Fulmer to Kiffin, and Kiffin to Dooley.

The article said, "And, by the way, when you're on your third head coach in three seasons, the big picture tends to skitter out of focus." A true statement...

Written on Tom Mattingly: Fans swarmed plane after 'Bama win in 1967 :

This is another great article about Tennessee’s winning history and rich tradition. I always enjoy these but especially at a time when Vol fans are caught-up in negativity concerning Pearl, Martin, Hamilton, etc. While the “chicken-little’s” are intently vocal and focused on the less-than-stellar things, these articles offer a good reminder of brighter days; and that there are brighter days ahead because of our history and tradition - keep up the good work!