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Strong complained about fan support earlier this year. Even if you are really good (like this year), enjoy those half empty stadiums when the likes of Wake, Duke, UNC, NC State come rolling into town in a few years. Here is a hint Charlie, you are at a basketball school. Heck, you are in a basketball state. The Bear was smart enough to realize that and get out of there. You will too one day.

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Wow...when did our UT Men's BB team get replaced by a middle school girl's BB team? I was going to say high school but they score more than this.

I will be very interested to see how we respond to this. It will show me alot about this team and our coach. I have my fingers crossed he can coach them through this. The university and the fan base has been through enough. We need some success to feel a little better about things.

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in response to pcshowtime:

look at my above post about recruiting and this is gundy's rebuilding year in 2009 9-4, 2010 11-2, 2011 12-1

What kind of rebuilding has Strong done at Louisville? I dont want to pull up the numbers but I think his predecessor left an absolute mess.

As far as recruiting goes, it is early December. These rankings mean absolutely squat!!

My reply to your earlier post dealt with the fact that you said that he is not a good coach because he lost to Syracuse and UConn this year. I think that is just a poor way to judge whether someone is going to do a good job here. It is not a convincing argument.

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That is the truth. not being racist it's just the way it is. and you think we have trouble now. we will be on probation for life are right! Franklin is the only black guy who can coach in this league. It is obvious all other blacks don't have the mental capacity to do it.

Will you please listen to yourself.

It would be very easy to call you all kinds of names but in reality, I feel sorry for you and others who think the same way. It really is kind of pathetic. Its a shame to think you actually are a supporter of the same University as I support.

Written on ESPN report says Charlie Strong is top candidate for Tennessee head football coach:

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Ohio St On probation hires urban myer. Florida hires muschamp (at the time he was a name)

We are going to hire a man who lost to syracuse 26-45 then follow up the next week with a loss to uconn.

He is going to huddle up and try to play power football against bama a florida good luck. Please vols fans wake up we are not bama or LSU we can not line up and out muscle these teams. You want to beat them you do like texas AM or Auburn with cam newton.

How can you hire this guy over gundy. Gundy was one freaking game out of the national championship game last year. Gundy has 8 yrs head coaching experience. The big 12 while it is not the SEC is a heck of a lot better than the big east.
It is obvious to me UT is not ready to play big boy football again.
Please say no charlie strong.

If you use this logic, why would anyone want Saban. He lost to Louisiana Monroe his first year at Alabama and got killed by Utah in the Sugar Bowl. I hate to break the news to you, even the greatest coaches lose games once in a while. I am not saying Strong is a great coach, I am just saying to stop judging his coaching abilities based on the ONLY 2 losses he had this year. With your logic, I would be a great hire because I have NEVER lost a game as a coach.

And another thing, Gundy went 7-5 this year, including giving up 59 points to Arizona. Oh yeah, he is a MUCH better coach than Strong!

Here ended the lesson.

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I have a feeling the Strong deal has been done for a few days. They do not want to overshadow Fulmer's induction so it will be announced later this week. If that indeed does happen, I will be thrilled. He has been one of my top choices all along and I think he is a long-term solution that will re-energize the fan base and make a splash with recruits.

However, if Strong stays at Louisville, we are f***ed!!

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hmmmm...well, when does the coaching search start. Dave Hart is certainly smiling about this result. He can now start to put the Women's program in their proper place...back in Alumni Gym. This is not my desire but definitely his! Many changes are coming, both on the sidelines and in the stands!

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Finally!!....I have been saying this for years.

First, I want to say that I am a casual follower of the women's game. I cheer for the Lady Vols but rarely go out of my way to see a game. I can barely stomach watching any other women's game other than a LV game. Why is that. Too many missed layups!!! I know the women's game has progressed (thanks Pat) but it is still difficult to watch at times, even at the highest level. While sound fundamentally, women have a much harder time around the basket because of a lack of jumping abaility. There is no separation from the defense. When I talk to people who do not like the women's game, this is usually the first thing they say. If you dont believe me, count the number of missed layups in a random women's game this year and then count the number of missed layups in a men's game. The difference will be shocking. Lowering the goal will make it easier for the offense to score from up close, even without the separation. In addition, some of those missed layups will now turn into dunks!

I understand those of you who dont want to change the game. I also understand the arguments addressed in this article. However, I do not think these issues are difficult to overcome. Today, most goals in people's driveways are portable and the height can be adjusted. I am sure most gyms can change to goals with similar capabilities. In return, you get more excitement, higher shooting %, more dunking, better free-throw shooting. Overall, a better game. Would Griner still have a huge advantage...sure. But she has one now! nothing changes there.

We are spoiled because of the success of the LV program. However, by far the majority of college women's games are played in empty gyms. I bet some of these girls played in front of more people in HS than they do in college. Things need to change. I think this is a great start.

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Before all of you with short attention spans get even more riled up to fire Dooley or Sunseri, I recall a very good UT team going to the Swamp and getting 62 points put on them (while scoring 37 points). Despite all of the calls from idiot fans (like me), Fulmer did not fire the DC and it turned out to be a pretty good decision in my opinion. Guys, we cant afford to turn this staff over again. It would literally devastate this program. We are at such a disadvantage in terms of rebuilding because we have so few Div I talent in the state. All of the other top schools in SEC can recruit their states and field championship teams...not Tennessee. We have to go all over the country to recruit. That makes it more difficult to re-build in difficult times. We need to keep supporting the program and keep building for the future. The staff needs to put the full court press on to keep the 3 studs on campus for another year. The offensive line should be great next year. If we have the skill players to match, I think we can compete for a championship next year. We could have won that game Saturday but we also could have gotten blown off the field. We need to keep fighting and recruiting. If we do both well, good times are coming!!

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I am not "proud" of how we fought today. I want results...period. However, I do not believe any change to our coaching staff is a good idea or will solve anything. This program needs stability above all else unless you convince me that a high-profile TN man is going to come in and resurrect the program. Last time I checked, none of those people really exist. We just turned over most of our staff last year. Now our defense is starting from scratch. Do you all really want to start over AGAIN? Look at our most successful run in football here in the last 50 years. What did we have...stability at all 3 major coaching positions (HC, DC, OC). How many of you yahoos were calling for Chavis' job when UF put up 62 on us in 1995? I am sure I was. However, I bet none of you were saying that in 1998.

Whether you think Dooley is the right man for this job or not, you all have to realize that firing him now would be insane and lead to further chaos and uncertainty. Remember guys, Dooley isnt trying to re-build a Big East team. We play in the best football conference in the history of college football. This is going to take time.

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The sad thing about Pearl is that his most exciting teams won with that press defense. He got away from that and it went down hill.

Yeah...he got away from it in '09 because he didn't have the personnel to run it. How did it work out for him that year? Elite 8 appearance and a basket from the final 4. Things certainly went downhill in '10 but it had nothing to do with a trapping D.

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Tatum continues to baffle me. That shot Tatum hit running across the lane in OT was big time. Where was that when he went in for that tentative dunk attempt that got blocked? Where was that when he was throwing the ball away with inexplicable passing angles?

Golden and Tatum came through big in OT, but in regulation that was some STANKY guard play particularly in the first half.

Give these guys credit. Golden is not a point guard. He is not quick enough and is a suspect ball handler. We have no back-up so when Golden gets a rest, the ball-handling gets even worse. Tatum is a poor ball handler. However, the coaching staf has done a great job of using Maymon to relieve the pressure because he is a great ball handler for a man his size. He can bring the ball up uncontested because no big man in their right mind will try to guard him 50 feet from the basket. I also like the back-court screen to provide Golden some space. Well coached. However, I do think our downfall this season will come at the hands of very good guards. The good thing is that our guards are playing better D so it forces the other team to work hardder on offense. Makes our offense more effective. I just love the progress they are making. If we win Saturday and at least one tournament game, they NCAA committee needs to look at our record since Stokes joined the team to determine our fate. That should count huge because we are obviously a much better team with him.

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Your statement that Dooley is a great coach puts you at the top of list of the small percentage of UT's fanbase which you describe..fact..Dooley is on what is known as the hot seat and his success or lack of it will determine is he is retained for the following season..fact is.. it's going to be beating the odds if UT get a win over a quality opponent ..if UT wins 7 or 8 Dooley most likely would be returned..this is hardly the time to say Dooley is a great coach..on the other hand Martin appears to be a great hire and his recruiting Stokes may lead to UT being a very good team next year.

Firing Fulmer was not the problem. Not having a plan in place for his replacement was the problem. We were spoiled with both the Majors and Fulmer hires. They were no-brainer hires that required nothing more than a phone call (or several phone calls re: Fulmer). Since we had no one waiting in the wings, we were forced to lump ourselves into the same pool as all of the other schools looking for a coach. UT is not an easy place to coach. Our recruiting base is done coast to coast because we do not have enough in-state talent to compete in the SEC. The SEC itself is more difficult to win than 3 of the NFL divisions. It is not for the weak of heart. Unfortunately, the hiring responsibilities were placed in the hands of someone ill-equipped to handle the job (don't feel too bad MH, also blew his hire of Bill Battle so you are not alone). I will say that in hindsight, knowing what I know now, we would be better off if Fulmer would have stayed. There is one caveat to that though. If we had kept Fulmer, none of us would have the experience of the last 4 years to realize that we would have been better off with Fulmer. We would all still be upset, even if we had won 9 games a year the past 4 years. We would be calling for his head, not praising him. This is why those guys make the money they do. They deserve it putting up with idiot fans like us.

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Does anyone think there is a chance Dooley could get fired during the bye week if we are 2-3 with a few blow-out losses? I don't want it to happen but just asking.

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I have a hard time believing we will see a guard that fills it up that that guy last night. He hit shots from everywhere. We would have run them out of the gym last night if someone could have guarded him. I thought Flounder outcoached CM last night. We should have double-teamed him off the screen and forced him to give up the ball. if the other guys on the team beat us, so be it. I do agree with the players that there were no excuses. They are college kids who are in great shape. They dont get tired becasuse they rode around on a plane. They actually probably got some rest. I am glad they aren't using that as an excuse.

I wish Oakland the best. I don't think they are as good as last year but I hope they make the tournament.

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It's good to see that the dark cloud over the football team has drifted back to our basketball program. It seems to have split between the Men's and Women's programs. It looks like it is not even taking a full year for the Men's Athletic department to suck the life out of 3+ decades of good work by the Women's basketball program.

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Dooley is a disciple of Saban. My question is would Saban have EVER pulled out a stupid orange dog as a way of instilling a proper attitude into players. That was really the first red flag to me. Dooley must have realized there were issues with attitudes on the team to try that stunt. How about kicking them in the rear ends or to the curb if they don't have a winning attitude. I have been a supporter of CDD but I certainly have my concerns now. I don't want to make the same mistake we did in '08 and get rid of a coach without having a clue of who to hire in his place. However, there is one scenario I would approve to see happen. Get our AD to hop on a plane to Durham NC and ask David Cutcliffe if he would steer the program through these next 5 years. If he agrees, I would have him back-channel a call into to Chavis and get him to come back home as well. The losers in the AD are gone so he should not have a problem coming back. Pay him double what he is currently making. Once that is complete, we immediately begin searching for our next long-term head coach. Dooley is a good character guy so move him immediately to Asst. AD with the intention of promoting him to AD once Hart retires. Everybody wins!!

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Every coach has had unimpressive losses. An uninspired Nick Saban coached Alabama team was kicked off the field by Utah in the 2008 Sugar Bowl. Coach DD effectively has one recriting class under his belt. He's trying to change the culture and build from the bottom up. There will be ups and downs (transitions are never easy). Its hard to compare the situation at UT with other programs given the Kiffin year. I for one am willing to give DD a chance for at least 2 more years. And on some level, DD is right "sometimes you get what you want but you normally get what you earn". TN fired Chief Chavis - a loyal TN coach - who delivered year after year. Hopefully, he gets his second BCS ring. Thank you Mike Hamilton. And in hindsight was Phil that bad or was there a bad hire with Clawson as OC? - in hind sight it looks like we got what we earned. Whether DD is the man or not its a program more than a year or two away from competing on the level was taken for granted under Phil.

Saban was whipped....IN THE SUGAR BOWL!!!!! He also was whipped by a damn good football team! Are you going to equate that to losing to Kentucky? If I were you, I would pick a different analogy to make your point.

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Dooley is a disciple of Saban. My question is would Saban have EVER pulled out a stupid orange dog as a way of instilling a proper attitude into players. That was really the first red flag to me. Dooley must have realized there were issues with attitudes on the team to try that stunt. How about kicking them in the rear ends or to the curb if they don't have a winning attitude. I have been a supporter of CDD but I certainly have my concerns now. I don't want to make the same mistake we did in '08 and get rid of a coach without having a clue of who to hire in his place. However, there is one scenario I would approve to see happen. Get our AD to hop on a plane to Durham NC and ask David Cutcliffe if he would steer the program through these next 5 years. If he agrees, I would have him back-channel a call into to Chavis and get him to come back home as well. The losers in the AD are gone so he should not have a problem coming back. Pay him double what he is currently making. Once that is complete, we immediately begin searching for our next long-term head coach. Dooley is a good character guy so move him immediately to Asst. AD with the intention of promoting him to AD once Hart retires. Everybody wins!!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I am sure that is something the coaching staff has never thought about. Come on. I think they know what they are doing and how to practice players. These are 18-22 yr old kids. I never buy the "getting worn out" argument. If you are good shape, you should not get worn out at that age. I think the pressure of the moment gets to kids at this level more than simply being tired. This is why Pat has always schedules like she does. Give them plenty of opportunity to expose them to high pressure moments.

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Ratings are no indication of how the team will perform. Here are the best examples:

Chris Lofton, Dane Bradshaw - 3 Star
Ramar Smith, Duke Crews - 5 Star

Here ended the lesson

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These type of games are extremely difficult to use to judge how we will play this year. I totally expect this tream to struggle early until CM can mold them into the team he wants them to be. I was disappointed in the effort on D. I expected more intensity and hustle. I know LMU is an experienced team so that may have had something to do with it.

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Poole cannot cut effectively at the line so he is not able to hide the OL deficiencies. Toney seemed to have the ability to find a crease at the line and get positive yardage. I think we ran the ball with Simms at QB because he can probably get us into better situations by reading defenses and changing plays at the line. Bray does not seem to be anywhere near there yet and Worley is a freshman. It looked to me that MTSU was trying to take away the running game and force Worley to beat them. Sometimes, you have to take what the defenses give you. If Bray continues to mature into the QB role, I think you will see the running game improve greatly next year. GBO

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Get a life folks. It is a exhibition game!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)


Don't bother with Walt. He must have stopped being a VOL fan after the 0-6 start in '88 because he always conveniently forgets going 34-6-2 (81%) immediately afterwards. For Walt, facts are a strange and mysterious wonder which he has not grasped yet.

Here ended the lesson

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Majors actually only won one SEC title outright. He lost to Florida in '85 but the Gators got put on probation which handed the title to Tennessee. In either '89 or '90, there was a 3 way tie in the SEC, and Tennessee won the coin flip.

Majors also never had to compete in a SEC championship game, and Lord knows if he had, and it was against Alabama, we'd have lost it. LOL

Majors left the program in the shape it was in largely in part to the recruiting and coaching of Phil Fulmer. But, since Majors was the head coach the credit should go to him. However, the '98 National Championship team did not have even one player associated with Majors. The entire squad was recruited, coached and developed by Fulmer and his staff.

I see you're one of those who want to compare each coach's last 4 years. It's easy to see through you wanting to be sure it included Fulmer's only two losing seasons. Nice try, but that won't fly. I do believe the landscape of the SEC was a whole lot better Fulmer's last 4 years than in Major's last 4 years.

Why not compare overall records rather than try cherry picking certain years to fit an agenda?

I used the last four years of both coaches to give a more accurate and fair comparison. This shows the direction the programs were headed before they were fired. This is entire point of my argument. I totally concede that Fulmer had the better overall coaching career as HC. There is no doubt about that but do you honestly think Fulmer would have been fired if he had Majors' record his last 4 years? The answer is absolutely not and you know it!! How do you think coaches are measured, for their successes a decade earlier? College FB coaching is a brutal business and current success does not guarantee future employment. I am sorry you think my comparison fits my agenda but the facts speak for themselves. I see you did not challenge any of the facts I gave. You only challenged the motive. Well, my motive is that I am sick and tired of Majors getting slammed every day on these boards by Fulmer supporters. I gave Fulmer all kinds of props in my post but you still choose to slam Majors and belittle his accomplishments. He was not perfect on or off the field but he was a very good coach and did much more good than bad for UT.

As for some of the points you made, I do agree that Fulmer was a big part of Majors success. He was the OC and a big-time recruiter no doubt. The same could be said for Cutcliffe while he was on Fulmer's staff wouldn't you say? No HC does it alone.

I also agree that the SEC was tougher in Fulmer's last four years than Majors last four years. However, you can also say that Majors had it tougher in his earlier years than Fulmer.

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Why can't the Tennessee fan base unite?

When Johnny Majors was the coach at UT, he was my coach. I pulled for him and the team, lived and died with every loss. I questioned some of his decisions, but still wanted him to win. I believed, in 1992, that our program could go to higher places. I thought the time was right for new blood. I never had anything but respect for Johnny Majors and what he did for Tennessee.

Coach Fulmer came in and he was our coach. I supported him just as much as I did CJM. Coach Fulmer took our programs to heights not seen in half a century. However, by 2008, I believed we needed new blood. I have and will always love and respect what Coach Fulmer did for Tennessee.

I supported Lane Kiffin during his drive-by stint in Knoxville. Not because I agreed with him being a jerk, but because he was our coach. I wasn't bitter that he left for USC, that was home for him. The timing sucked, but...what can you do?

I support Coach Dooley. He is our coach. I haven't agreed with everything he has done and I think some changes are probably in order for his staff. How about we get the entire UT family pulling in the same direction for once? We have been divided since November of 1992.

All of this petty bitterness and negativity does NOTHING to help the football program at UT. How about we try and support Dooley instead of trying to knock him down?

If there comes a day in the next 12-24 months where it is apparent that we need new blood, then let's support whoever they hire. Since we know Dooley is here for next year (and likely 2013) no matter about we all try to support him?

Sorry for the long post, but those without A.D.D. will be able to handle it fine.

Go Vols!

rb...I agree we have been divided since Nov 1992. Like the current Fulmer fans, I was bitter about the Majors firing for a year or two. However, I got over it and pulled 100% for Fulmer and the program. I never wanted to see the program fall on hard times just so PF would fail. I actually have UGA buddies upset they beat UF on Saturday because they wanted Richt fired at the end of the season. I can't imagine being upset over beating UF or Ala. Like an old girlfriend, I wish we could all remember good times with our previous coaches. I still get fired up thinking about beating Bama in '82, the Sugar Bowl in '85 and ND in '79 and '91. I also get excited about beating Bama and OSU in '95, the SECCG in '97 and '98, UF in '98 and '01, of course the NC in '99, beating Miami on the road, the 6 OT game at Bama. I thoroughly enjoyed beating UGA in '09. There are plenty of great games to remember that we do not always have to focus on the negative. I am not giving up on CDD. I think he is a quality guy with an extremely difficult job to do. He deserves our support while he is here and I will give it to him. GBO!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I am not going to compare their acheivements as players. They played different positions in different eras. I think Majors' accomplishments as a player for UT takes a back seat to very few. Fulmer was also great player. However, this has nothing to do with coaching.

Majors won or shared 3 SEC Titles in his last 7 years ('85,'89,'90). Not 2 as you mentioned above.

His '77 team (his first season) was not the worst:
The 1906 Team went 1-5-1
The 1909 Team went 1-6-2
The 1924 Team went 3-5
Many other teams only won 4 games in a season.
1977 was certainly a bad season but he inherited a mess of a program.
The 1988 team did lose 6 in a row....then went 25-3-1 over the next 2+ seasons with 2 SEC Championships.

Winning % can be deceiving. SImply look at the first of their careers aginst the last few years. The last 4 full years for each coach:

Majors: 74%
Fulmer: 56%

Herein lies the main point of any argument about Majors vs Fulmer. How did Majors leave the program vs what he inherited compared to Fulmer. You could not find more opposite situations.

I do agree that Fulmer does get the big prize with the National Championship in 1998. For that, he does deserve the respect and fame as one of the best UT coaches of all time. He did get us to the next level...he just could not keep us there.

Here ended the lesson!

IMO...they are both great players and coaches. They both deserved better from their University.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

In '08, I was not confident that Fulmer could bring us back to the level we were in the '90s. I thought a change needed to be made. However, I was extremely surprised when it became clear there was no plan to hire a new coach. Our Athletic Dept and the powers that be should have had a strong plan in place before getting rid of Fulmer. When Majors was fired in '92, it was as much to prevent Fulmer from going elsewhere than it was because Majors had let the program go down the tubes. Whether you agree with it or not, at least they had a plan. After what we saw from our former AD over the past 3 years, it is now painfully obvious that MH was not capable of handling the responsibilities he was given. Our current problems are not due to Fulmer, Kiffin or Dooley. They are due to Mike Hamilton. He may be a good person but that doesn't mean he should have been running the UT Athletics Department. The man was in over his head and we are all left with the mess. Therefore, I would agree that firing Fulmer was a mistake, but only because there was no clear plan for a replacement. I cannot defend Fulmer based on the on-field performance of the team over his last few years.

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in response to MemphisHog:

"We're young" is an excuse that may hold water for one year, but a coach (ala Houston Nutt) shouldn't be able to use it year after year. By using that excuse you are either:

(a) blaming someone else (the former coach) for your current problems; or,

(b) blaming yourself for your own recruiting failures.

Either way, it doesn't reflect well on your program. Dooley had a legitimate excuse last year by saying the Vols were young. This year it sounds a little stale. Beware if you start hearing that same excuse again next year.

Here is a the beginning of the games when they show the offensive and defensive starters for each team. Then, count the number of Freshmen and Sophomores on our team vs the team we are playing. This may actually give you an idea of how young we are. Here is another hint. Watch the stats they give during the game and they will show you how many of our Freshmen have played this year. Just in case you can't figure it out, we aren't playing these guys at the end of games to get them experience. We are counting on them to produce immediately. BTW, 3 of our top 4 tacklers against LSU were Freshmen. That means we had 18-19yr old boys trying to play against 22yr old men. Can you be any more ignorant?

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in response to jomo11:

Dooley is now 26-32 as a head coach in almost 5 years. . . . After almost 60 games....... " you are what your record is" . . . .I'm sure Dooley will simply turn it around and all of sudden become a coach that starts winning at an .800 plus clip. . . . Dooley will never be more than a .500 or worse coach

Yeah jomo, I bet all of those Va tech had wished they had fired Frank Beamer after a 24-40-1 record after 6 seasons. Boy, what a mistake it was to keep that loser around! BTW, he is 174-55 since then. Leave the football stuff to the adult professionals. You continue to watch the QB on every play and act like you know what is going on.

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in response to mjq22:

All I read on these messages boards is how great Nick Saban has done at Alabama and how we need to hire someone like him. But using your logic he shoulda never got the job at Alabama. For that matter he shoulda got canned at Michigan State. Here are a few facts. Nick Saban's first four years @ Michigan State 6-5-1 6-6 7-5 6-6. Mack Brown's first 3 years @ Tulane 1-10 4-7 6-6 then first 2 years @ North Carolina 1-10 and 1-10. Gene Chizick @ Iowa St 3-9 and 2-10. Shoulda fired all those bums and wrote them off as horrible coaches they'll never make it in this business. Whatever happened to supporting a coach and going thru some growing pains with them and watching them grow into a great coach. According to most of the post I'm reading "the fire Dooley crowd" ya'll woulda fired Saban, Mac Brown and Gene Chizik in a heartbeat. Of course they have only won 4 of the last 8 National titles between them. Everyone relax take a deep breath and give the man at least 4 years. After 4 years if we haven't shown significant improvement then you will have a legitamite gripe. Until then you sound like ignorant whiners who need to get a life.

Run for the hills folks, mjq22 just dropped some logic on your collective heads. My guess is I will be the only one to comment on this, unless it is another positive one. Folks, better times are ahead. Everything goes in cycles. Could you ever imagine UF losing 4 games in a row just a few seasons after winning a NC. Think about that night in Baton Rouge in 2005 when we came from behind and beat LSU. Do you think their fans thought they were going to win a NC with Miles as HC a few years later? They actually started a Fire Les Miles website the next day. Anyone can see that Dooley is binging knives to gunfights every week. He is trying all he can to make up for the deficiencies on the field. He goes for it on 4th down, he runs fake punts and tries onside kicks. Short of sneaking 14 guys on the field, he is doing all he can. Oops, wait a second. He tried that too!! He needs 4-5 recruiting classes to build up the team. If he can't get it done after that, then we can discuss whether we need a change.

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This fanbase cheers for a guy with a horrific record at UT and was an even worse person (Majors), they pulled for a total piece of human debris (Kiffin) and they cursed the guy that took them to a complete new level of success and did it with class, no NCAA issues and loyalty. Thank you Hall of Famer Coach Fulmer. As each day passes it just proves what an unbelievable job you did.

To the rest, enjoy the change you wanted.

Horrific record at UT? I just wrote a long comment about Majors and what he did for the University but what is the point. You Majors haters don't want to hear the truth. All I will say is that I liked both Majors and Fulmer. I respect Majors for building this program up from the ashes to a national contender and I respect Fulmer for getting us to the next level. I wish he could have kept us there but the program slipped back down below where it was when he took over. Let's hope Dooley can build the program back to respectability. We certainly have a long way to go.

Written on Fear the Pants flash mob at the South Carolina game:

I am embarrassed for all you guys who trash this. What losers you really show yourselves to be! I thought that was great. Majors seemed to enjoy doing it. The kids seem to be having a great time. Oh...the horror!! These kids need to take lessons from the miserable people that get on here every day and spew hatred. No fun is allowed unless we win every game. These kids show much more character, heart and love for the program and the University than you pathetic wimps sitting in your underwear in your momma's basements typing this garbage.

Written on Offensive ineptitude: Drives stall close to end zone; Gamecocks capitalize:

I love the "we should have won the game" comments regarding the USC game. Spurrier realized after the pick at the end zone that the game was over if they made no more mistakes. If we had scored to go ahead, I guarantee you we would have seen a different USC team the rest of the way. Spurrier did this in 2008 after Berry picked them off and gave us some life. He went conservative knowing the only way he was going to lose the game was to give it to us. He is a smart coach.

I thought the announcers nailed it last night regarding this team. There is no offensive leadership anywhere on the team. Poole is supposedly one of those "quiet" leaders. That is code speak for not a leader. As bad of a loss Hunter was, losing Bray was the killer.

I have not heard much about the defense tonight but kudos to them for another inspired effort. It must be frustrating going out there every week thinking you have to play perfect just to have a chance.

Unfortunately, the black cloud remains over the program. Let's hope the BB team can overachieve this year and give us something to cheer about.

Last thought...if someone knows where Mr. Hammilton is today, please go up and kick him in the shin for me. The majority of this phooey is his fault!!!

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The secondary is bad beyond belief. The D-line showed some fight but the secondary has not shown any ability to cover anyone.

The secondary was supposed to be a strength this year yet I can't recall one time during the game that any defender was even close to a LSU receiver when the ball arrived. We are so bad that it's inconceivable. The corners are slow and show no skill whatsoever.

I hate to pick on a particular player but LSU constantly picked on Teague. I don't think I saw a DB have a worse first half in my life. I assume this is why we went back to a base defense in the second half, instead of 8 in the box. That was a mistake. I prefer the first half scheme. We need to put 9 in the box this weekend. The only thing going for us is Saban will not run it up if they get a comfortable lead. Keep it respectable by focusing on the run. If they kill us throwing the ball, so be it.

Written on Derek Dooley OK with 'spirited' chatter :

Hey all you dummies wanting to fire the coach, we could not get a big name guy 2 years ago. What makes you think one will take this job now? Let's check out some of the other recent coaching changes in the SEC:

Alabama - Shula could not coach but he could recruit. Saban walked into a ton of talent in a talent-rich state.
LSU - Miles has been there a few years but who did he replace...Saban. Another situation where the cupboard was stocked full. He wins a NC and their fans still hate him. Talk about tough expectations.
Florida - Zook could not coach but could recruit. Meyer walks into a ton of talent in a talent-rcih state. Hmm...that sounds familiar. Jury is out on Muschamp.
UGA - Donnen could not coach but he could recruit. Richt walked into a ton of talent in a talent rich state. Do you see a pattern forming here?

Now let's look at Tennessee...

Tenured coach leaves the cupboard bare. No strong talent in the state. After everyone turns us down, we pick a wild-card coach who then gets his dream job dropped in his lap after one year. He turns into a dirtbag and leaves the program high and dry while getting our players to leave. Again, no name coaches want the job so had to pick a young guy with a good pedigree (both family and work under previous coaches). Manages to salvage first recruiting class and has a good second recruiting class. Is now having to play most of these young guys in the toughest conference in the nation becaue there are few upperclassmen available. Due to the luck of the draw, have to play #1 and #2 back to back. Oh I forgot, you lose your best 2 players (including one of the best young QBs in the nation) the week before these 2 games.

The one thing these message boards prove is that most sports fans are idiots and have no idea what they are talking about. Everyone stick to their day jobs. Here ended the lesson!

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I say bring in Majors as a special consultant in special teams. We have not been proficient since he left campus. Everyone gives lip service to the kicking game but he truly believes it makes the difference between wins and loses.

Written on Vols report card: Oct. 2:

in response to gvegasvol:

I admit that I know very little about the Vols and their program, but I an having a lot of trouble understand why a program such as this would ever allow a coach like this Fullmer guy to step on the sidelines. Just reading the posts from this article he never had decent special teams and lost to every mid-major team the Vols played. Amazing!!! Did this guy ever have a winning season or did any of the players he recruited ever get drafted? Sounds like UT dropped the ball for ever hiring someone like him. Just curious, could you or someone else fill me in on his record while coaching the Vols? I imagine he never won more than 1 or 2 games a way his record could even be close to .500!

There is no doubt Fulmer had the mojo at UT for 8 years. Unfortunately, he left the program worse that he received it. That is the problem I have with the man. The conference caught up to him and he could not adjust. Majors had them on the brink of a Championship when he left. Fulmer left them on the brink of collapse when he left. I am not hating on PF. I cheered for the man. The facts are the facts!

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Is there any way Dooley can rerach out to Johnny Majors to come in and "consult" on Special Teams aka George Cafego? That man knows special teams!! I think it would be a great move.

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You people can say what you want about Pearl playing a full court style, but heck guys we havent seen up and down bball since Lofton, The Smith's and Howell graduated! The last 2 yrs have been slow and plodding!

Slow and plodding and a bucket from the final 4. Yeah, I hated that!!

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Awards for what amounts to pick-up games? Man, there is absolutely NOTHING going on right now!!!

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"I know it has been tough for him not playing as much as he'd like, and I remember how that is,'' Chism said. "You feel like you're just getting in a groove,and they take you out.

There you have it. Just like everyone else was saying. Now you have proof from a former player. Pearl screwed the teams up with his substitutions; especially when he put baby pearl in. No wonder we had a scout team comprised of 4 stars.

Tony Jones was responsible for the UT substitutions during games.

For all you Pearl haters out there....would you be happy if CM had the same record after 6 years as BP? My guess is you would give body parts for it. Do you even begin to realize how stupid you sound when you attack the coach who was more successful than any other coach in school history? You are exactly the types of fans who are never satisfied and cause these coaches to break the rules and win at all costs. How about looking in the mirror when you decide to point your fingers at someone to blame.

Written on Bruce Pearl on Mike Hamilton's resignation:

He may be the only guy in the room on Saturday who will not be out to save his own hide. I can certainly see him falling on the sword for the University and the fans. Many of you aholes can call him names all you want but he has never shown anything but love for the fans. I think he will have our backs on Saturday. I doubt anyone else in the room will. Wow...what I would give to be a fly on the wall. Will we ever know what really happens in this meeting?

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It must be challenging to crank out UT articles everyday. It is certainly increasingly difficult to read them. Tennessee is one of dozens of schools with a hopeful fanbase awaiting for all the stars to perfectly align. Yet it rarely or never happens, and we continue to digest these trivial articles. Does it really matter how the infractions committee rules? Tennessee will continue to fall a swing, a yard, a shot, or field goal away from championships most of the time, and will continue to be a prideful but wannabe fanbase in the most competitive sports environment ever-a good program always, a great program only in fans dreams year after year and decade after decade. The infractions committee judgements will have little bearing on a traditionally middle tier program in the grand scheme of things.

Middle tier....I stack the history and tradition of our overall sports programs up against most schools in the NCAA. I would say we are in the top 15 among overall sports programs. Like any other program, our sports teams experience up and down periods. UT is no different. Maybe you can tell us who you support and we can compare overall Athletic department achievement. Your overall program may be better but I wager that they too have experienced the same cyclic periods. No teams stay on top forever.

Written on Advisor: Scotty Hopson 'believes he’s a solid first-round guy':

I think he should show confidence in his abilities. That is a good thing. I hope it works out for him. I think the potential is there. All it takes is ONE club to also believe he has potential. If he gets bad news after this workout, I expect him to be back in school. I don't know if Coach Martin and SH will gel next year or not. Let's hope it does and he is rewarded for it.

Written on Chicago-area guard Quinton Chievous picks Tennessee:

Already mentioned some good examples of teams that had great runs this year without 4-5 star talent (VCU and Butler). How about a school like Mich State? I don't see them getting high profile recruits but they make the final 4 about every 2-3 years. It has been proven time and again you don't have to have high profile recruits to be successful in NCAA basketball. In 2010, we became a better team once our "best" player Tyler Smith was kicked off the team. Now why was that? College basketball is more about developing a team mentality and confidence in a winning system. Why did the Pearl teams over-achieve in the first few years? They bought into the style of play. I have no idea if these guys are going to be players or not. You detractors don't know either. The only thing you go by is the # of stars. Guess what, they are no more accurate than the Pro scouts are and those guys dissect those players. Only time will tell. My wish is for more positive talk about these kids(and they are only kids). They have chosen to wear the Orange at a time of great turmoil. Cut them some slack. They may make us proud!!


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I'm generally not one that believes in conspiracy theories, but I do believe Slive played a big role in Pearl being fired. I've heard that he met with Hamilton at the SEC Basketball Tournament, and Slive described two scenarios that would play out after the June NCAA hearing: one with Pearl remaining as our Head Basketball coach, and one with Pearl fired. With Slive's insight into the NCAA Infractions Committee, Hamilton and Cheek made their decision.

I heard the same thing about this meeting at the SEC tournament. I also heard his feelings toward Pearl stems from his involvement as a lawyer for Illinois during the taping scandal when Pearl was at Iowa. I haven't done any real research on this to see if Slive was involved. However, if it is true, it adds fuel to the fire that Slive was out to get Pearl by suspending him.

I, for one, will be paying close attention to actions by Slive in the future with regards to handing down coaching suspensions. Something tells me this will be the only suspension we will ever see from Mr. Slive, regardless of the infraction.

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Good for the UT coach - glad to see some good competition:

"All-star tour giving future Cats jump-start on college foes. UK recruits in action saturday.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. β€” The Jordan Brand Classic All-American game Saturday could almost be mistaken for a Kentucky Wildcats intrasquad game.

Four Kentucky signees β€” guard Marquis Teague and forwards Michael Gilchrist, Anthony Davis and Kyle Wiltjer β€” are among the 22 players divided among East and West rosters.

It's a class that has been rated No. 1 by ESPN, which has all four players in the Jordan Brand Classic ranked among the top 18. Davis is ranked first, Gilchrist third, Teague seventh and Wiltjer is 18th.

Davis is the one who has rocketed up the recruiting charts and the growth chart. A year ago, he was 6-foot-3. Now he's 2 inches shy of being a 7-footer.

"That's what makes (Davis) so good," East assistant coach Don Showalter said. "He has guard skills at that height and he has great hands."

Sounds like the Cats are going to be the hands down favorite to win it all next year. I look forward to seeing how Coach Cal is able to bring them together as a team. He has had some issues with that over the past 2 years. I think it has been 2 years in a row now where you should have at least made the Championship game with the talent you have but have failed to get there. If he can't do it with this talent, he may never get it done at UK.

BTW, all of those highly recruited players never have scared the Big Orange. I have seen many highly ranked teams roll out of K-Town with an "L". Now beating you in Lexington is a different matter but I will always take a split against Big Blue.

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Dear Orange_A_Holic,

Since I am perceived as being completely negative when posting here, let me rectify that mistake by stating my unqualified and unabashed support for Mike Hamilton as our Athletic Director.

It was Mike Hamilton who spearheaded the fundraising and renovation efforts, to our athletic physical plant, that have made us the envy of the SEC.

It was Mike Hamilton who got rid of the old freeloaders that dragged our progam down for too long.People who sat on their hands in Sections S and T of Neyland for years. Blue haired couples who enjoyed free parking passes and would walk to the Student Center and split one hotdog and a Coke. People who would bring a five dollar bill and a copy of The Ten Commandments to Knoxville and would'nt break any of them.

I support Mike Hamilton. How's that for positive.

Go Vols...I'll just hangup and listen.

This tells me all I need to know about you. It is funny how someone as "intelligent" as you cannot see that the leader of the program MUST take the fall for his poor choices and leadership during the downward spiral of the 3 top sports for which he is responsible. Fundraising and facility improvements are not the challenging aspects of his position. He gets credit for this but I think the University has done a fine job of raising money through the Athletic Dept. for many years. MH gets no credit for that. Spending the money to improve facilities is not a challenge as much as it is a perk. The challenge is building multiple programs to compete for championships on a regular basis while staying within the NCAA rules. In this area, he is failing miserably. He may now have the BB and FB coach to get the job done but his past poor decisions should cost him his job. If so, your new AD could go in front of the NCAA and REALLY state that all of the persons responsible for the infractions are gone. As long as Hamilton remains, that defense will sound hollow to the NCAA. I do not think this University can truly get a fresh start until MH leaves. I think that would go a long way toward healing the wounds of many fans.