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Written on In wake of Manziel saga, UT rewrites autograph policy:

What if someone sells a restaurant receipt that they signed? Stupid. The NCAA and college football has been destroyed by the TV money. Fortunately, the O'Bannon case should go in the players' favors and finally let them get paid and allow them have representation at every level like everyone else in America. The days of profiting off mainly, poor uneducated kids are hopefully over.

Written on John Adams: Phillip Fulmer needs to look in a mirror before assessing blame:

Fulmer got shafted. Mike Hamilton destroyed UT football into the smoldering pile it is now. John Adams has always been a flaming tard with a bone to pick with Fulmer. Not sure why. All Fulmer did was make KNS money and somewhat relevant.

Written on Five key questions as Tennessee Vols crank up:

Somebody please tell me that I don't have to watch Justin Coleman get burned all season long again. Ugh.

Written on UT hopes Butch Jones will boost student attendance, but Vols fighting nationwide ticket trend:

Agree with "total BS excuse" assessments. Make tickets 'free,' ditch that stupid online distribution and make people pick them up at the UC, give the students the old seats back (the good ones), and win some damn football games. Problem solved.

Written on Tennessee, Alabama in good form for rematch:

Does KNS have editors any more? These articles blather on and convey no real effing info. How about putting the game time and channel in every article that appears BEFORE the game? Should be in the first sentence.

Written on New UT football facility to be named Anderson Training Center:

As if we needed any more proof the Mike Hamilton is the dumbest mother effer to ever set foot on UT's campus.

Written on John Adams: Losing Jay Graham is more than just losing a running backs coach:

KNS sports reporters/columnists are a bunch of white, male reporters and have been since at least 1994. And it's hinting that the University of TN is somehow racist b/c a black coach left for a higher paying job? WHAT A EFFING JOKE.

Written on John Adams: CAK QB Charlie High still thinking big despite recruiting rejections :

Tennessee really F'd up by not hiring John Adams as the new coach AND AD. He's apparently great at calling plays, hiring/firing coaches and now recruiting.

Written on Mike Strange: Steve Stripling hopes to bring stability to ever-changing defensive line coaching position :

Tennessee football is seriously on life support. It's just painful to be a fan.

Written on Tyler Bray, Justin Hunter, Cordarrelle Patterson, Darrington Sentimore to NFL draft:

Wish the wideouts were coming back. Bray will likely be holding clipboards most of his career.

Written on Poll: What position is the most critical for the Vols to focus on in recruiting?:

Trolls are out on this string. Sad little things, they are.

Written on Report: Tyler Bray to enter the NFL draft :

Bray never won a big game. He even single-handedly lost some. And he lost to Vandy and UK in embarrassing fashion. Don't think he has the brains or athleticism to make it in the NFL. Guess we'll see.

Written on Tennessee WR Justin Hunter bound for NFL draft, while Ja'Wuan James says he'll be back :

Rather have the returning lineman. Hunter didn't really hit his potential, but who could with Bray launching scuds every SEC game?

Written on New UT coach Butch Jones in Knoxville:

1) This shouldn't have been Hart's decision. It's not his university and there should have been more people with input if there were not; 2) Jimmy Cheek let Hart run things this way and interviewed Strong. Huge mistakes; 3) The Vols needed a "Name" to go with the coach-- and not just a coach-- so that the fan base could get excited after being throttled for 3 years. So Hart hires the one guy Dooley destroyed in a game. I'd rather have had Chaney has HC than this guy.

Written on Reports: Arkansas has made an offer to Jon Gruden:

in response to VolzsFan:

The fact that you think anyone would make UT relevant in 5 years makes you one of the fantasy land expectations fans. Tenn was not relevant in the vast majority of it's history pre Phil. Why on earth would anyone think they will be relevant for decades at a school with leadership issues, money problems, expectation problems, NCAA problems and most importantly an in state talent problem?

You all wanted this change. I told everyone the stupidity of it all. You got it now embrace it. It is what you wanted. Enjoy another 5-7 or 4-8. That is your future regardless of who they hire or what you want it to be.

Open the window in your mom's basement and get a little fresh air. It might help your thought process.

Written on David Climer: Tennessee Vols' dream of Jon Gruden is just that:

Gruden will not be at TN. Even writing about it is stupid.

Written on NCAA hits Vols football with additional penalties; tied to Willie Mack Garza:


F hamilton and kiffin. whatever ahole paid hamilton to leave should be shot on the 50 yd line at the next homecoming game.

Written on David Climer: Tennessee Vols' dream of Jon Gruden is just that:

Adams and Climer are truly embarrassing themselves.

Written on Report card :

Dooley gets a C every week. A C is average. That mofo ain't anywhere close to average.

Written on John Adams: No doubt now; time for a change at Tennessee :

UT sports are a complete disaster thanks to Hamilton. I'd love to see him drawn and quartered. The new AD is a complete tard too or he would have pulled the trigger on Dooley already. Even the mayor is razzing UT. Wtf is going on in Knoxville?

Written on As Derek Dooley's future grows more shaky, team still has goal of bowl eligibility :

Still waiting for the headline "Dooley Fired." Wtf is Hart waiting for? Dumb#@$ses rule Rocky Top. Been that way since Joe Johnson and Dickey left.

Written on John Adams: Vols playing at a level that could get their coaches fired :

in response to TheStupidPolice:

You people in Tennessee keep pounding on the local high school coaches for not turning out any talent. If that is the problem with UT then work to get that changed. Tennessee is a state of almost 6 million people with 4 major metropolitan areas and there are no players. What a lame excuse. Check out America's greatest football coach out in Manhatten, Kansas and then whine about talent. There is not a single player on his team who UT would have even wanted in high school. Probably not one that Oklahoma would have taken. COACHES MATTER!!!!

Dude, stfu. Your handle says it all: pig from stupid city.

Written on John Adams: Vols playing at a level that could get their coaches fired :

in response to whatthe84:

I know the popular opinion on this weekend was not positive. I saw a different game I guess. I saw a defense that was spot on at the begining of the game. I saw a Tyler Bray who had fire in his eyes during the first series. With this week we begin South Carolina week and another giant foe no doubt looms in Columbia. The Orange men and I say men will take the field at Williams Brice as an underdog of about 6 points I predict. Tyler Bray will rise to the occasion and charcoal the yard birds with his sharp sword he carries strapped to his long side. Our defense is much to stout for the SC offense that is mistake prone. Steve Spurrier aka the Ole Ball Coach will be out of his league when CDD strolls onto the field without his crutches and inspires the Volunteer nation with his gritty toughness. The team will rally around CDD and pull off a win for the ages. A win that might bring home a goal post to K-town. Ole Rocky top will prevale and the rest of the season will be all Dubs with a momentum into next year that will be climaxed with the crystal ball being hoisted at the BCS National Championship. Go Big Orange, keep chopping the wood CDD and believe in each other and the mighty Volunteer nation!!!!! Wait till next year, we have a couple of red shirt freshman who will dominate the D line. Next year the trifecta will be complete: SEC East, SEC Championship, and the BCS National Championship!!!!!!! FACT!

where do I buy whatever your smoking?

Written on Mark Wiedmer: Is Tennessee’s fan base unrealistic about Vols?:

I thought Sunseri should have been fired at halftime. Dooley in the 4th qtr. Not sure anyone can argue that this coaching staff should stay. I'm 36 and been watching the vols or listening to them on the radio since I can remember. I was a student from 94-98. I've never seen a bigger bunch of quitters and losers wearing the Orange, including Dooley. The 2005 team was close, though.

Written on South Carolina fan arrested for mooning LSU fans during Saturday's game:

in response to EllstinLimehouse:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

hysterical, dude. hahahaha

Written on Report Card: Tennessee-Georgia :

The team fought hard, but man. Bray chokes in real games. The kickers always choke. Not sure how much leash is left to give on this crew.

Written on Former Florida State coach says Dave Hart was bully to women :

This is such a non-story. KNS has become pure trash. Closing account and done reading it. 1988-2012. Rip

Written on John Adams: UT recruits deserve higher grade in August than February :

in response to DeltaCharlie3:

And you're happy about that? 3 points, against NC State?? That's pathetic.

Oh how the mighty have fallen. I recall a UT program who would have opened as a 17-point favorite against a medicore team from an inferior conference.

Instead, we now see bozo's calling a 3-point spread against NCS as "positive."

Shaking my head.

And then the mighty Vol team favored by 17 would have won by 7 and screwed everyone who bet on it. Just take your "recall" and sit quietly under the bridge, please. The rest of us will enjoy the build-up to the season.

Written on UT practice facility's layout enhances its appeal :

It doesn't even make sense.

Written on UT practice facility's layout enhances its appeal :

This article is not written in proper English.

Written on No charges against Vol QB Tyler Bray, roommate in beer-bottle, golf-ball tossing incident :

reminds me of that other qb mooning a trainer. typical college stuff, move along.

Written on For better or worse, Vols under the radar at Media Days :

KNS has the most uncreative writing staff in the history of the universe.

Written on UT vs. Florida: First time not on CBS since 1995 :

NO VERNE!!!!!!! Mofo can't even remember his own name let alone the players. And F*K you negative people. It's July and we're undefeated with a decent looking team for a change. Get a life.

Written on No APR penalties for UT men, women:

Normally, that along with some arrests probably means talent on the football team is getting better.

Written on Manning looks good in Broncos' first OTA workout:

Hope Peyton wins them all. I and hope the Colts never win another game. What a classless and clueless football organization.

Written on Bud Ford files breach of contract claim against UT :

in response to Bubba_Knows:

The Big Orange Screw!!!!!!!!!!

Yup. Got it several times as a student.

Written on Phillip Fulmer elected to College Football Hall of Fame:

Congrats to Coach Fulmer!

Mike Hamilton won't ever sniff any such accolades.

Written on David Climer: Big Ten's Jim Delany needs to get over SEC obsession:

Delaney sounds like a teenager. I'm a bit shocked they let him run anything.

Written on Sal Sunseri on UT defense: They have given me everything they have:

Act like a pro and kick somebody's a-- while you're at it, please. I'd like to see somebody sack the GD quarterback this year. Seems like we haven't had a pass rusher in a while.

Written on Bidding begins for 4-time MVP Peyton's next place:

The Colts are dead to me. Hope he comes down to Miami.

Written on Source: Derrick Ansley added to UT staff:

That is a good, fair article about the state of the program. I would expect the KNS to take some notes on how to write something that was NOT a pile of shiz like Adams has been cranking out.

Written on Signing Day at Tennessee: Who's in:

here's a list of recruits who have not announced.

Written on Signing Day at Tennessee: Who's in:

As others have asked, who knows if we have a shot at anyone who has not yet signed? Please advise. Over.

Written on Signing Day at Tennessee: Who's in:

Class looks great. Added depth where it's needed. It would be great to poach a LB or two. Go Vols!

Written on Signing Day at Tennessee: Who's in:

in response to rtrchatt:

Worry about your own mediocre fb team and I promise you CS is cutting no one. He is back counting a few and there are one/two academic
issues that will not sign.

Do not worry Kirven will RS, and that is
Alabama, skippy, number one in the nation in national championships, bowl wins, 32 ten win seasons, 22 SEC Titles. Roll Tide, 48-38-7, and 6 ina row coming 10/12

you and your other teabagging, tree-killing hillbilly fans would be an embarrassment to your school and state if that type of behavior didn't reflect what the general population of that backwater is like.

Written on Tennessee's 2012 class uniquely offensive-line free :

Ramble: talk to me about the recruits after they sign. of course KNS doesn't write anything substantive about recruiting since it made its deal with GVX. The Tennessean doesn't even have a reporter covering UT any more. Pathetic. The lack of media competition for KNS has made it lazy, monopolistic and fairly uninformative.