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"Never been suspected"? You didn't know much about him before he got to KY did you? Two words for you. Worldwide Wes. I guess those two vacated Final Fours mean he wasn't "suspected". Please. Only difference between Pearl and Cal is that Cal is better at covering things up. 90% of the nation's fans agree with me too. That's why KY gets so little respect nationally for that tainted title. Everybody knows how it was gotten. And now the NCAA is too toothless to do anything about it.

To be fair, those final fours were about player actions, not his. Now, to me it strains credulity to say that Calipari wasn't at least intentionally turning a blind eye those situations, so its fair I think to say he was suspected in the eye of public opinion.

Now... things like Rose's brother riding on the plane with the team. News flash. They were giving benefits to his agent. Yes, his agent is his brother. Which is still unallowable.

All this being said, if you are going to criticize UK for having him around, you certainly can't advocate rehiring Pearl and still have any ground to stand on.

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sigh. The fire Martin talk is hilarious. He is yet to finish worse than fourth in the SEC and had extenuating circumstances in his first two years.

This is his third year and I'm guessing they make the NCAA tourney easily. Even if they have a year about like last year, is that really cause for termination?

What happened to actually letting coaches have four years? If I were Bruce Pearl, I wouldn't want anything to do with Tennessee. Not because of any grudge he might hold or fear of poor perception... I wouldn't come because the fan base wants to answer anything short of historic success with termination.

Devoe was fired. Houston was fired. Oneil was fired. Green was fired. Peterson was fired. Pearl was fired.

In that list you have three of the four most successful coaches that UT has ever had.

Battle was fired. Majors was fired. Fulmer was fired. Kiffin left after one year. Dooley was fired. So its been since 1970 since you've had a football coach end on good terms.

They're already calling for the athletic director's head and you even have a vocal contingent that wants to fire the chancellor over sports (not even close to his primary focus).

So yeah. No wonder they haven't been able to land the big fish they hoped for. I'm hoping Jones and Martin can be successful, but even if they perform admirably I'm guessing there is a good chance they're fired in a few years.

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What an assinine article. It ignores the highly ranked recruiting classes the year before Fulmer was fired (the year they PLAYED THE NATIONAL CHAMPION IN THE SEC CHAMPIONSHIP) and the year he was fired.

There was nothing wrong with the talent before they had two coaching changes in two years.

What a hack job.

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Does that more or less wrap up the recruiting class?

A little disappointing not to get any "program changers", but I'm hesitant to judge until I see them on the court since basketball is a sport where team fit and a shooting coach can make a world of difference.

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You are delusional, man. The fan base was "desperately calling for an [oc] change when Cut left--they were sick of the three-yards and cloud of dust." Perhaps you missed about 15 years of UT football. Cutcliffe was the best OC we've had in 30 years--and his strength is //throwing the football.// He alone turned Ainge into a productive QB. Nobody wanted him to leave--that's a crazy-stupid idea.

Fulmer tries to blame everyone but the obvious culprit--himself! He got stale, the staff got stale, the recruiting fell off. He made a TERRIBLE decision to promote Sanders--that was an absolute disaster and started the program's slide. Clawsen was another terrible hire.

Fulmer's comments about Hamilton are total BS as well. Of course he hates Hamilton because the guy sacked him--and he should have been sacked, make no mistake. Hamilton was a good AD. Pearl was a brilliant hire--and Kiffin would have been a brilliant hire, too; we simply got very unlucky when Carroll suddenly decided to flee Southern Cal and when Southern Cal decided to hire Kiffin, which was their mistake. UT was in a long slide when Fulmer got sacked--his best years were far behind him--and his comments blaming everyone else are tacky and incorrect.

They were calling for a change in philosophy. And yeah, there were two groups. The ones that thought Cut throwing as much as he did was the reason for all evils, and the group that wanted an "innovative" offense.

The Clawsen hire was clearly to satisfy that second group that was loudly calling for a new direction. I don't know how you can realistically call it a bad hire when he was only given a year to implement an entirely new system... and he has been successful everywhere he has been.

And yeah, any criticism Fulmer has of Hamilton needs to be taken with a grain of salt, as he surely isn't objective on that front. But you know what? His criticisms pretty closely mirror what the entire fan base was saying. If Hamilton was such a great AD, why did we fire him?

If I were a coach I wouldn't want to work at UT today. The fan base is fickle even with proven winners, and the answer to all problems seems to be firing people at this point.

I mean, there is a very vocal group wanting to fire the chancellor of the university over football. Hate to break it to you, but ultimately Cheek's job should have very little to do with athletics, as that is not the primary mission of the university.

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I get such an education reading these comments. I just learned that Fulmer couldn't recruit. You need to inform Rivals of this, because they seem to be under the impression that he was recruiting top classes. In 2007 (the year before he was fired) he recruited the no. 3 ranked class, with 5 5-star recruits and 11 4-star recruits. That class had a much higher average star rating than Butch Jones' current #1 ranked class. In 2005 he had the #4 ranked class, with 1 5-star and 16 4-star recruits, again with a higher star rating than the current #1 ranked class.

Come on people, I'm not a big Fulmer supporter, but you've got to come up with something better than he couldn't recruit. We may never again have recruiting classes ranked as high as the ones Fulmer recruited. Fulmer had difficulty handling the players once they got here, but he did bring in top players from all over the country.

The discussion has lost all realism. There are people that cite the SEC championship game against LSU as a reason he should have been fired...

The program undeniably wasn't the dominant force it was in the 90s, but we were hardly cellar dwellers.

Hopefully Jones can get things turned around, but UT has gotten what it arguably deserved for firing the second most successful coach it has ever had. Keep in mind the SEC will probably never again have an era like the late nineties where it was just UT and UF. You can have a top 20 program and not even be in the top half of the SEC now.

Point being, you could probably justify firing Fulmer if you had something better lined up. Fact is, they didn't and are now paying the price for a poor decision.

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Will you guys quit writing about this has been. Move on and write about current issues. Fulmer is old news and we seen and read way to much from this mad x employee.

Fulmer will cease to be relevant to the program when they have multiple successful seasons in a row. Until they do that, the current doldrums are directly traceable to either Fulmer's performance or firing depending on which side of the issue you sit on.

Fact of the matter is that the last time Tennessee was a solid program was when Fulmer was here. All the things that have held Tennessee back since then would not have occurred without that initial coaching change.

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"But don't put all the blame for Tennessee's slide on his successors", Fulmer said.

Really Phil? Throw everyone under the bus and not take any of the heat. By your own admission you became complacent. You let the inmates run the asylum. (Kelly Washington ring a bell?) Sure some of the blame goes to Hamilton. But the downfall started under your watch, Phil. Urban Meyer owned you just like Spurrier did. When Coach Cut left, who was it that hired Dave Clawson? (the ClawFense...ahhhhhh) Man up Fulmer and shoulder some of the blame. Of course, we know its easier to throw others under the bus!

Kelly Washington? You mean the guy that only stayed two years (only played the first), and had over 1000 yards receiving six years before Fulmer got fired?

Urban Meyer has owned everyone, everywhere he has been. If your list of qualifications for a coach includes out coaching Spurrier or Meyer at Florida, then your list of qualified candidates doesn't exist.

I would also remind you that the fan base was desperately calling for change when Cut left. They were sick of the "three yards and a cloud of dust" philosophy. Dave Clawsen had success before he came to UT, and he has had success since he left. Perhaps when he was hired it should have been expected there would be a transition period while shifting offenses. Or maybe we could look at Crompton who routinely missed WIDE OPEN receivers running 15 yard routes against UCLA which represents the only time I've ever thought a quarterback single handedly lost a game. Tajh Boyd has worked out pretty well for Clemson... think he could have been more effective than Crompton and Nick Stephens?

Fulmer has routinely acknowledged the things he feels he should have done better over the second half of his tenure. Acknowledging administrative turmoil is hardly throwing anyone under the bus. Fact of the matter is, roster attrition from coaching change and repeated poor hiring decisions are more to blame for where the program is than Fulmer ever was.

When Fulmer got fired he was one year removed from the SEC championship game and SEC coach of the year. UT was ABSOLUTELY NO WORSE THAN MIDDLE OF THE PACK at the point when he got fired. Now they have the dubious distinction, along with Kentucky, of recruiting well with a new coach expected to have a losing season...

You can argue all you want over if Fulmer SHOULD have been fired at the time. What you can't argue about is that hindsight shows that it has damaged the program.

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Wonder where Tennessee would rank if every team had a facility the size of TBA to leave empty like UT does...

The fan support is absolutely awful except at the headline games. This ranking really just reflects the massive proportions of the arena.

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Let's get an article about CJ now. I want to hear what he thinks about landing with the Pacers. You know he'll play since Hill can be frustrating at times and Augustine was just horrible in the playoffs.

Would also like to hear how Scotty is responding to the disappointment with the Miami summer league team. If you can't get minutes with a summer league team, I think that more or less puts the kabosh on an NBA career. I think three years out from college is also the last time Lofton got a serious look from the NBA (Celtics training camp?)

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I would love to see a check in article where they cover a lot of former Vols. Maybe call up Wheezy, Lofton, Hopson (would love to hear what his plans are after the Miami summer team stopped using him), CJ (would hope we all know what he is up to but would love to hear about him playing on a team with a guy who's teeth he knocked out), CJ Black, Isaiah Victor, Jajuan Smith, Childress, Tyler Smith.

I'm sure some of these guys have had some really interesting overseas careers.

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Somethings working for the Heat. I guess it's this "obsession" with That said I agree about Scottie's consistency.

Mike Miller is a 6'8" shooing guard that might be amnestied. Scotty Hopson is a 6'7" shooting guard with superior athleticism....

Big Heat fan, and I think Hopson could really thrive in Miami as a catch and shooter and back door cutter off James/Wade drives. Hopson has the length to really supplement the Heat's positionless philosophy.

His minutes got cut back pretty significantly in game three where he only had 6 points and three turnovers. Had one really nice alley oop assist.

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There is no indication to me that McRae has the size, ball handling, or defense to play in the NBA. I don't see him getting drafted in my opinion.

6'5" with long arms is more than enough to play SG in the NBA. Agreed that his ball handling is a huge question mark for now, but with length and quickness give him the tools to be a very good defender. Very few prospects enter the NBA and are immediately defensive stoppers.

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Its a little tough to tell at this point. He regularly scored 20 points last year, but he often did it inefficiently while playing from behind.

A lot of the time you make more of an impact by scoring 13-15 ppg efficiently while playing on a good team.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

On the off chance you are actually being pseudo serious.....

compare his play from the first half of last year to the second half. He improved.

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Stokes has never struck me as the type to be in trouble or even sitting around a lot. Still, I'll take your point that playing in that tournament beats either of those things. But is it the BEST use of his admittedly limited out-of-season time? IMHO, a disciplined, conscientious program designed to perfect his post game and maybe get some range on his jumper. I'm not sure how much opportunity he is getting to do any of that.

Take it from someone who has lived in Gibbs within the last five years. Players can and do get involved in trouble without ever leaving the dorm. Saw some football players hoisting hard liquor up to the fourth floor using rope and a laundry basket.

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I wasn't quite making that accusation. Nothing I have ever heard about Donovan would suggest to me that he would try to sabotage a kid's career. I had other reasons for preferring that Jarnell get in some concentrated work on a few key skills rather than worrying about balancing travel and summer school, with practices geared toward putting together quick-and-dirty game plans against opponents nobody knows.

Not that there is not value in that, but I'm afraid all this international play is the "big-boy" equivalent of AAU traveling teams, which I relate to the decline of fundamental skills in basketball generally. They also subtly erode the sense of the "specialness" of college ball. It's hard to get up for 75-100 games a year, especially if you are also trying to go to school and have a life, so after awhile no game seems special. Maybe this is all just the ravings of a loony old man.

Stokes is actually starting. Looks like he just about has the lowest mpg on the team, but it sounds like he is just playing long enough to put the other team away.

Only one of the starters has played significantly more minutes, and judging from the number of threes he has shot, my guess would be that Donovan is keeping the point guard out longer to manage the lead.

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I am beginning to see McRae as a 1st rounder. He's such a great kid. I wouldn't have said that when he first got here. He made me nervous to watch him. Now he probably makes the other teams nervous to watch him.

He either needs to be a solid all around package or establish himself as a superlative scorer. I actually think he has an opportunity to do both, which probably makes him a lottery pick.

He has very long arms, which can make him an effective defender, and he has great range and off the dribble shooting ability.

The two question marks if I were a NBA scout (nba teams are thankful I'm not) are if he has enough foot speed to stay in front of NBA 2s and if he can improve his ball handling. Its too easy to imagine any number of athletic NBA guards driving past him or Dwyane Wade picking his pocket and heading to the opposite end of the court.

Either way, mcrae is becoming the player I thought Tatum might before some of his injuries. I remember seeing Tatum dunk during his freshman season. He must have jumped from the elbow and the rim was even with his shoulder when he flushed it.

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No, of course it's a good learning experience for Jarnell. I do hope he learns something from his teammates. I have never been one to disparage Donovan as a coach. I'm just saying that the only way to perfect a new fundamental skill--and Jarnell could stand to improve in SEVERAL of them--is to drill, drill, drill. It's boring; it's not fun; nobody wants to watch you do it, BUT there just IS no other way to do it. Jarnell is talented and strong enough that he will make an impression against any opponent. With a bit more of an assassin's attitude and analogous skills, he could DOMINATE anybody.

Fair enough. It sounded like you have been dismissing the potential benefits of being on the team, essentially implying that he was doing his Volunteer teammates a disservice by participating in this.
But yeah, if you just prefer training with an expert or something, then i can see that.

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As I said on the other Stokes thread, I would prefer that he had been either here or at a big man camp to really tighten up his skills before getting into the grind of preparing for the season with the team. However, since he IS there, I want him to do as well as possible and gain as much as he can from it. I just don't want him to get hurt or use up too much energy, physical and mental/emotional, before getting into the meat of the schedule.

Like I said in the earlier article, he is practicing against his teammates from Syracuse, Louisville, and Virginia. The coach of the team is Billy Donovan. Even if the actual games aren't always competitive (let's be real, the Rocky Top League isn't the zenith of fundamental basketball), he is in organized practices against other quality big men and being coached by a top flight collegiate teacher at a point where teams aren't allowed to have organized practices.

Ignoring the fact that they'll probably play a couple competitive games after the group round robin, do you deny that all that adds up to what could be a good learning experience?

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I agree, and did read the article. We are talking about a anchor in our post next year. The only way you get better is to play better competition. He gets no better over seas. Needs to be putting in work learning some hooks and mid range and such. Better footwork and ball skills. He gets eatin alive against next level. They got China next, big comp there...

13 lol, made my day ladies

He is practicing against forwards from Syracus, Louisville, and Virginia. His coach is Billy Donovan.

That is a perfectly fine way to hone your game at a time when, as far as i know, college teams are not allowed to have organized practices.

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Agreed. However, there's alot of polishing that needs to be done with Stokes. He's a raw talent with a massive upside, but he's still got tons of work to do if he's going to be an NBA talent. Big man's camp would be nice, but he needs some better ball handling skills to play in today's game.

What if seven of those nine shots were 15 foot jumpers? What if he's practicing his post moves against his similarly talented teammates? These teams usually have very well respected coaches.

Point being, these teams are in many ways player camps. Even if the games themselves aren't always competitive, the practices can be invaluable.

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Well since most of the tickets have been sold, I guess now is the appropriate time to tell everyone he's probably not going to be there. On a related note I think Michael Jordan is now scheduled to appear. Let's sell those remaining 400 tickets. Also, expect a cancellation from Jordan tomorrow morning.

That's some bitter whine. Sour grapes?

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Darn. I really wanted Lofton and Durant to duel again. Durant is the most skilled athlete i have ever seen play in person, but that 35 foot three that Lofton hit over Durant's extended hand was incredible.

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Its a joke that they are continuing to dedicate so much prime space in the middle of a space limited campus to the athletic department. Professors still need more office space, parking is a problem, they need more resident halls and new classrooms.

But instead they put more football fields in. Sigh.

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Atlanta is such a no brainer... no way they'll actually make a choice that makes sense.

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Look at the Big Three Mens Sports (basketball,football and baseball). UT has been horrible for the last few years. In the last 4 years Vandy finsihed 4th in the World Series, won the Mens SEC basketball Tourney, gone to two Bowls and just broke the all time SEC single season win total in baseball while ranked number 2 in the Nation.
In those same 4 years UT has won no Bowls, missed the SEC baseball Tourney every year, and been nothing but a second rate NIT team. Vandy had a number 4 ranked finish in the Nation while the last time UT finished in the Top 5 in those mens sports was 1998 under Fulmer. Vandy also just put three players in the Top 32 picks of the NBA, something UT has never done. In the Big Three mens sports Vandy has crushed UT in total wins for three straight years and finished second only to Florida two years ago. I know UT fans will talk about the old days while forgetting they fired away the old winners and now are the bottom of the SEC. There is new top dog in the state and its Vandy. We will see ya in the World Series in a few weeks.. GO DORES!!

Nothing but a second rate NIT team? I believe it was three calendar years ago that UT made the elite eight.

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I'm not a baseball fan at all, so i'm asking out of honest curiosity.

When Serrano was hired it was touted as a sure thing. This was a major turning point for the program! So what happened? It seems like more of the same they had under Raleigh. Small crowds, small win totals....

What is the consensus here? Is the program building in the right direction and just not over the hump for it to translate into wins? What is the trajectory going forwards? Does it look like in the next three years things are going to take off, or do all signs point to more of the same?

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If UT is choosing not to comment, that would seem to lend credence to the idea that the reports thus far have been accurate.

If Trae Golden is choosing not to comment, that would also seem to lend credence to the current reports.

UT couldn't comment on it, and Trae couldn't defend himself without compounding the issue with misinformation. Silence all around.

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cntrl c then cntrl v. Stupidest thing you could possibly do. Basically just hoping your instructor doesn't notice your "voice" is
less that of a 20 year old basketball player and more that of a 50 year historian who has dedicated his life to studying the history of Italian cuisine in Northern Africa.

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No insider here, but I just don't understand the grade part. It would seem that would have been known about last week when Landry was being told to find a different place to play

Fail a couple finals and marginal grades become untenable quickly. Not even speculating if this is the case, but you wouldn't know this was coming ahead of time.

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My first reaction to this is wondering why you would want a guy that maybe develops into a four star or maybe turns out to be a three star with limited growth potential this early.

I mean, if a five star is walking through the door then you sign him irrespective of if its early. But do you even know what guys you're in the mix for yet?

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Last year for Golden really reminded you alot of Tyler Smith's last year. Lack of development, regression in some areas, and general lack of intensity on the court made you think something else might be up.

I was really hoping the guy would come back and be the player he's shown flashes of, and I hope there isn't anything more important than college basketball amiss in his life.

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Agreed, Maymon was UT's best all around player before that injury. We'll see, but I'm kind of hoping we get the toughest bracket..GBO!

Yeah. Would love to see them play a couple of games against some recognizable competition. They generally play quite a few quality teams from lower tier conferences, but that isn't how you change perception.

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in response to WaltGoVoIs:

No incompetence by Ms. Mason has been demonstrated. Just the opposite.


UT '81

It seems that several people she was responsible to disagree with you.

I understand your perspective on prudent POLICY as I've had to make several decisions on employment termination. I don't disagree that this situation could have been handled much more effectively, but that still doesn't mean the administration is actually guilty of anything other than at least some level of negligence.

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in response to eVOLved:

Yessir! As an incorrigible azzhole, I know that once you piss a few people off, the truth doesn't matter. All anybody wants to do is dick you over one way or the other. There is no way a new basketball coach should be able to say a trainer isn't doing her job right because the players aren't getting "quicker." Source: I've been a major debag at work and pizzed many people off, so I know this game.

She likely has a case. Do they really have less female athletes than male athletes? Does the Lady Vols S&C coach put in less hours than the Vols S&C coach?

Even if the two jobs have the same hours and people they are responsible for, that does not mean the two positions have equal value.

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in response to UTvols33:

Your example is two different locations, like UA trainers may make more than UT trainers. If a male waiter working at Red Lobster makes more per hour (base pay, no tips) with the same experience and aptitude as a female waitress at Red Lobster, then there could be an arguement for sexual discrimination. It has nothing to do with supply and demand, it's not accross the entire job market, it's the situation at a specific location, UT.. I don't understand your point of view. There are women trainers that work in men's sports.

And those women's trainers working in men's sports should be equally compensated with the men working in men's sports once taking qualifications into account. Additionally, if gender is being used as a consideration to not hire women in the men's athletic department or vice versa, then that is discrimination as well.

My analogy wasn't perfect obviously. Let's pretend the two restaurants share a building and are owned by the same company. An employee hired to wait tables in the nice restaurant will still be paid more than one hired to wait tables on the less fancy side. That does not make it discrimination.

I am saying that if you assumed the women complaining were men, would you say they were being treated unfairly? IMO they are not. They are working in a job that has a naturally lower pay scale (feel free to correct me if that is untrue across the market) and are being paid accordingly. It has nothing to do with gender aside from the people they are working with.

Written on Parallel lines in two lawsuits against Tennessee:

in response to UTvols33:

If 4 different women call foul, then more than likely there is some validity to it. I can't believe some of the comments on here. There must be a lot of old men on here with 50's mindsets.

If 4 different women believe that the difference in their pay is based on their gender, but it is really based on the position they are filling...

I don't know all the specifics, truth be told. But I do believe the pay scale claims are bogus. Any gender discrimination claims based on behavior in the workplace may have more weight.

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in response to volnsc:

My thoughts exactly. Now I don't have a clue what is really going on here, but on the surface I think UT may lose their butts on this. This lady had superior reviews for years and suddenly, without any bad reviews by her superiors, she is fired. And they intend to support this with "an undated, unsigned, and unadressed letter from Warlick." Who at this level writes such letters? Just saying this episode might not pass the sniff test.

Could it be either a print out of an email, a word document attached to an email, or even a letter she typed out and had someone deliver?

And I would point out that the women's coaches ARE her superiors in any way that matters. I can give my employees positive periodic reviews all I want. If my GM sees them performing below expectations, they will be gone.

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in response to UTvols33:

Just because more people watch men's athletics than women's doesn't mean that men should make more for doing the same job.

But it isn't the same job. Do you make more money waiting tables at Red Lobster or the local romantic hot spot?

Supply and demand. Higher demand curve assuming equal supply will dictate higher prices. I would be shocked if you look around the country and the men's trainers don't make more than the women's.

This has nothing to do with the trainers being a man or a woman. It has to do with the demand for their respective positions.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

So even if their feelings are justifiably hurt, what exactly is their case?

Jennings seems to have a stronger case than the others if only because we don't know all the details of hers.

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in response to WetumpkaThumpa:

Just another example of the mess that the UTK Administration has been for the last twenty years. Moshak even being allowed on campus is a joke, much less her signing her book there! Somebody other than a lawyer show some leadership at UTK for God's sake!

And how are you to justify banning her from publicly owned property? Agreed that the book signing on campus while all this is going on looks a little weird.

These cases won't amount to anything other than copious legal fees. Men's program has more definable worth than the women's program. The same holds true across most if not all of the country. This means the market will dictate a higher wage for the more in demand men's employees.

If the wage discrimination suit goes anywhere, it will be because of an incredibly loose interpretation of title nine. It would basically rewrite the wage scale for all of college athletics if this went through.

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Golden, Mcrae, Stokes, Maymon, and... Richardson?

Hubbs and Thompson look like they MIGHT contribute next year, but expecting freshmen to contribute too much can be iffy. It seems to be fair to say that Hubbs will make them forget about Mcbee on offense, but his defense will probably be problematic.

This can be a really good team, but Golden really needs to get his shot consistent. He'll be getting alot of inside-out passes when Stokes and Maymon draw the double team.

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They got a steal.

I think they gave up four draft picks for that one. That's pretty steep. That being said, he'll be a star. I hear an analyst say the other day "This guy moves like Percy Harvin in Terrell Owen's body. He's a solid third round pick." WHAT?!?!? That description is of an all time great.

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Bray was a loser here. Look how he played in clutch time against florida, MSU, Mizzoud, SCar and GA. He was pretty to watch but couldn't close the deal. Gruden pointed this out to him- "peaks and valleys." Bray and those receivers made it fun to watch but the only close one they won was Troy for goodness sakes.

Bray may have left because he didn't want to run a read option offense but I seriously doubt Butch wanted him around. As Butch says the QB leads the team, like it or not, and Bray is definitely no leader.

Maybe they didn't win close games because they had the worst defense in the history of the SEC. Their defense was even worse than their offense was good...

Yeah. let's put it all on Bray.

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If the speculation about an improved defense doesn't pan out, this year could make last look like good times. With most every skill position player from UT's second most prolific offense gone....

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Not to mention, Martin's first team finished with the same record as Pearl's last.

Pearl's best two returning players for his last year were Harris and Hopson. Martin's were Tatum and arguably Kenny Hall. No comparison.

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actually I have seen him - a bunch. He's a low major player at best. The way CCM's statement reads it was suggested that Yemi go somewhere else. Fine. Replace him with someone better if you're gonna run him off. CCM didn't. Thus nothing changes. Including improvement in the downward spiral CCM has this program on.

Do illuminate us as to the "downward spiral" that he has them on? Golden, Hubbs, McRae, Stokes, and Maimon (know I butchered the spelling, not even gonna embarrass myself by trying to get close). That's a pretty good starting lineup.

This idea that they should have continued Pearl's success when they lost 80% of the scoring from Pearl's last year and didn't have a legit chance to recruit during the transition year..... its ridiculous.

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Thompson is a 3-star. ESPN, Rivals, and 247 rated him 3-stars; Scout unrated.

i know for a fact they said on the radio he was a four star according to someone, but I'm guessing it was a little known site that has little weight. Regardless, he took visits to Virginia and Vandy too, so UT was hardly the only school looking at him.

They were also in the mix for Austin Nichols. It didn't mean much when you listed guys that Buzz "almost" got because he never did, but Martin has already gotten a pair of five stars.

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if it wasn't for our debt issues. CCM would be fired after next year but he wont be.UT is bankrupt and we're stuck with 1 and done NIT for the next 6 years.

Leaving the program in the hands of an intolerable coach would hurt UT more financially than the buyout.

Martin has in no way proven to be intolerable though. They lost... was it 80% of their scoring from Pearl's last year during the coaching transition. Combine that loss of talent with the fact that Martin had no time to recruit better talent than what he was pursuing at Missouri directional....

So basically his first year here there should have been zero expectations but they overachieved.

His second year, your sophomore class, which you normally expect to start recruiting, is full of guys that were never expected to play at this level and your best returning player goes down to injury. They still performed reasonably well.

Point being that Martin was dealt a poor hand. In two recruiting classes you can hold him accountable for, Martin has picked up two five star prospects and a four star in Thompson. Assuming you correctly evaluated a couple guys as effective role players, that is VERY good recruiting.

Basically the only thing I see that you can really criticize him about (aside from roster management which seems to be working itself out) is that Golden seemed to regress some this year.