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And who forced you to read the article?

No one

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everything Bruce said was positive to both Martin an UT so what is your problem

I didn't say it was negative. .I just don't care what his opinion is
.he works for the opponent. .so what is your problem?

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I really don't care for BP opinion. .he doesn't work for Tn anymore at his own doing..he now works for the opponent

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Here's what I do know....6 straight NCAA trips before Martin....1 with him....two losses to Texas A&M and a Vanderbilt team with 7 scholarship players...nice talking with you Wait...I'll have fries and a medium coke with that...extra ketchup packets please

How about API rating 1000 1st time in UT BB hx UNDER Martin.. Not Pearl

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Scoring 54 points a game will make any defense look better. Just ask Oregon.

Truth be told, the defense had a lot of true contributors out for the scrimmage, especially the DL. Secondly, in a real game, when your offense has the ball the defense recovers. It was a sick joke to be the most efficient ever in tempo against a defense that never came off the field. but Coach Jones will make the most of it.

Lastly, although only true Freshmen, 16 new defensive players will show up in June. As much as Malone and Hurd added to the offense, surely 1 or 2 freshmen will step up. Think how bad our D would have been last year without Sutton. Coach Jones knows how to at least get them on the field enough to help.

Don't forget AJ did not play nor did Saulsberry

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JA has this right. We will be better at QB this year. The offense, which bordered on woeful last year, has more talent at receiver, the bigger RB they need, and two years under the Jones system. The big question is how the OL will perform. Frankly, I expect less, but not the big drop off some predict. We will get better as the year goes on. Looking forward to watching them all Saturday. PLUS..and let's not lose sight of this, we have some very fine talent arriving this summer. Its not all blue skies yet, but I do see some breaks in the clouds.

I so agree! GBO!

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Utah State is no cupcake. If Butch loses to Utah State, can't beat Vanderbilt again, and his team takes 4 games off in the middle of the season it will be interesting to see who our coach is at this time next year.

Butch Jones

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I don't understand your point. A person would be crazy not to to listen to an offer that could possibly better their current position, no matter what profession you are in. I also don't understand the fickle Tennessee basketball fans. Current players, former UT basketball players, Coach Martin's peers, other colleges all seem to support Cuonzo Martin...why can't many of you critics realize that we have a great coach?

Allan Houston is very supportive of Cuonzo as well as Bernard King; I trust their judgment more than any of these posters.. any how GBO!

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And you sir don't know what you are talking about. Here are some facts for you.

* With the mess Bruce Pearl left, no established coach would take the job.
* People were talking about the down year Pearl would have had if he had coached another year.
* Coaching changes usually suffer in recruiting because it takes time to build relationships with HS kids and coaches.
* Coach Martin is a 20+ wins a year coach which is better than all but 2 coaches in the SEC these past 3 years.
* Coach Martin has improved each year and finally made the tournament and made noise and a name for himself in this tournament.
* Coach Martin was on the hot seat this year so recruiting was difficult and suffered.
* Recruiting should be better going forward.
* His players are finally playing his style so their play should be improved next year, regardless of what Stokes does.

With all of that said I think we need to give Coach Martin a chance to see how good he can be and frankly I'd like to keep him.

But a part of me thinks Coach Martin should go somewhere else where he will be appreciated. And if you think we will get a big name coach, I doubt it. Coaches heard about our toxic fan base and fans like you. They'll take jobs like UCLA or Marquette before TN.

So be careful what you wish for, you just might get it and you'll have to endure several more years of mediocrity.

Excellent post plus some boosters refusing CCM to use their planes to recruit.. GBO!

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Coach Zo is only one of four basketball coaches at Tennessee to EVER make the NCAA tournament!! He IS a keeper that should be given more time, face it BRUCE is gone get over it and support OUR Coach!!

As someone said "put up or shutup"!! GO VOLS!!

Yep because no other ( ethical)coach would come here.. I heard on TSR today that Jordan was a head case until Martin got here..I would like to know what the boosters' business are that refused to let CCM use their planes..I want to make sure I never use their businesses. Mediocre does not make the sweet 16..If Martin goes.. expect a much less than mediocre seasons to follow.

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In the interest of full disclosure some fans actually do have a say in who comes and goes. They're called high dollar boosters.

And some of those high dollar boosters are also aiding and abetting the removal of CCM. They have asked they take their planes out of rotation to use for recruiting by CCM. I wish we could fire them( the boosters). I stand behind the team so GBO!

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College basketball coaching is all about having your team playing its best at the right time of year...which is tournament time. Coach Martin is more than proving he can coach...Tennessee is playing their best at the right time of season. The college basketball season is such a long team can "play their best" all the time, there are going to be peaks and valleys. Thank goodness Tennessee is playing at their peak right now. Great job Coach Martin and the team!!!

I heard on Sports animal a couple of boosters refused to allow CCM to use their planes for recruiting.. even now as we are in the sweet 16.. I guess it proves that some ( not all) rich people are jerks.. any how GBO skin the Wolverines...

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Pearl's players making Martin look good. Maybe he takes another job off of this so we can get a coach who can recruit and try to salvage what will no doubt be a losing season next year given the crop of 1 stars he's got behind Stokes, Maymon and McRae. Remember, this is the man who said Wes Washpun was a better prospect than Kevin Ware. Kevin Ware's national championship ring would beg to differ.

Martins fault when they were losing; Bruce's players when winning; Sorry; Bruce does not get any credit except NCAA sanctions.. So Move to AUburn and marry Bruce

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Fire Martin NOW.Do what Usc did to Kiffin.Don't allow him to board the plane.

Rather you wouldn't

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Congrats to CCM and Vols! The Dancing Machines!GBO!

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There are varying degrees and types of criticism that a coach or a team can receive. Some of it can be valid and constructive, and some definitely isn't. At several points this season, anyone invested in the games - and with an eye on next year's roster - had to wonder where this was all headed. I was one such person. That doesn't mean I would sign any insulting petitions or desire losing for a solitary second.

Now, at least, there is hope. As for that segment of the public Stokes is concerned about - the group that might start ranting about coach Martin's birth certificate if we lose tomorrow - I hope they do not have the authority or platform to derail the momentum we've just gained. The reality is, Marquette or someone else could swoop in, grab our coach and really set us back. The available options out there for us simply aren't that enticing.

Let us now avenge ourselves upon the Mercer Bears and confiscate their glass slippers. Indianapolis awaits!

Love the post especially the last sentence! GBO!

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As I said to fannotsheep, there is a clear and reasonable distinction to be made between, on the one hand, those who have occasionally been disappointed with and even critical of the team's play--that is a fan's right--but only because they want the team to play the best they are capable of, and those on the other for whom nothing will suffice but to get Martin out of town as quickly as possible, no matter how well the team plays. You are CERTAINLY NOT in that latter category.

So again, it is not a sign of disrespect, IMHO, to express opinons that may sometimes be critical as long as one is still pulling for them when all is said and done. Why indeed should any UT fan NOT pull for them? From all we have seen and read so far, they are not only more-than-decent players, they are also sincere guys with high character, as is their coach.

And they will still be all those things NEXT year, even if the team has less overall talent. And even if THAT is so, that doesn't mean they can't still have a decent season. The SEC isn't all of a sudden going to turn into an overall dominant conference, so if they just make normal improvement and continue to bear down on defense and limit unforced errors, they could very well be right where they are now.

There is just no accounting for people who claim to be fans and yet openly disrespect the coach and even the players in sometimes insultingly personal terms, just because they don't like the team's style of play or the personality of the coach. As you suggest, even WINNING won't satisfy that negative crowd.

I like your post and agree. If we are Vol fans we support our Vols not matter the coach.. I heard about a some "so called" Vol fans who are planning to root for Auburn when the play the Vols @TBA..made a comment re: they need to move to Auburn.. I was attacked by them saying that I should not attack Bruce and they were sure I lied ( where was the attack on Bruce when I pointed out if you can't support the Vols then move to Auburn) but I did reply I have lied; but never to the NCCA.. sheesh. I informed them the POINT was support the Vols not matter who the coach is.. I love my Vols and I get tired of hearing BBB; fire Martin ... it does not look good to our recruits.. any how GBO!

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Vols, go embarrass the committee by making a strong run in the tournament.
Go Big Orange!

I agree!

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Heres why-Pearl was FIRED for lieing and cheating. How hard is that to understand.

Lying is the correct spelling

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You are free to make choices but not free from the consequences of your choices.. CBJ will get it right,, I would not want to face him.

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Must be nice to be holier than thou!!! Typical college behavior. They will get punished. Probably a few games suspension and have to meet expectations of CBJ. That's the way it should be. A second infraction should be treated much more seriously. Dismissal! [And I went to college too btw]

Yes they will be punished...and I agree w/ how you think CBJ will handle this... I wouldn't want to cross him.

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Thanks for doing this Evan.. How are we doing , recruitingwise, for new OL and DL 2014 and 2015?

Written on Lane Kiffin to join Alabama as offensive coordinator:

I believe I have seen everything when I see an elephant fly...

Written on Report: Lane Kiffin to interview for Alabama offensive coordinator position:

and any of his escapdes@ Bama that got us dinged at Tn will go unnoticed by the NCAA

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The Vols will crank up another installment of the Vol-lympics in 2013, which turns the offseason strength program into yet another intrasquad competition.

Maybe I just missed it, but I don't remember ever seeing anything about how the Vol-lympics came out last year.

I didn't either

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He is very clear. Where have you been? I was going to explain it to you but you would not get it. This example should have made it " so easy even a caveman can get it"

Apparently you and he are the same..

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What, exactly,does your post mean? I'm sure you have a point, I just can't figure out what you're trying to say.

I don't think he had one

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You are preaching to the choir, johndavid. The Heisman has never, and will never again mean anything to me, or probably any Vol fan. You are right about Carl Pickens, he was an incredible athlete who probably could have played any of the skill positions.

Maybe that is why the Heisman is cursed? Seems like the "winners" since then either get injured or not do anything..

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The penalty on Pig was borderline at best. 80% of the time it would not have been called.

I saw a push off not a block in the back

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I hope whoever is stupid enough to send death threats realizes they can be committed to a state facility because they are at risk to harm others..

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This season we were beat by the ones supposed to beat us except Vandy, We Beat SC whom we were not suposed to beat and is ranked.. injuries plagued the team.. but the OL did not live up to expectations.. Tiny better rethink entering the draft...

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Epic puke! Epic puke! Vols fail, Vols fail! This team is worse than last year's. I did not think it was possible for any team to be worse than that team, but this one is. They do absolutely nothing even half way well - except fail.

How can you say that? Taking Ga. to OT; Beating SC ( top 10 team).. To me that is improvement.. The lack of depth; injuries and playing this grueling schedule plus players making boneheaded mistakes/penalties..

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I think it showed recruits they will likely get to start... I can't help but wonder if the outcome would have been different if Worley played tonite.. ( yes I know about ifs and frogs ) I never did see him run backwards to lose 16 yds. this yr..

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Could someone clear up something for me. Is this Robinette related to my old basketball coach Pat Robinette who also played B Ball at UT? Also hope we don't allow him to be a one night Heisman candidate

His grandson He was Asst Principal when I was @ Doyle

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We need out of the SEC!! Hello Conference USA

Want some cheese w/ that whine? We have beat who we are supposed to and had an upset to boot. The lack of depth; speed and talent are taking its toll on this grueling schedule. Either support the team or go find another one. It takes time. GBO!

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Fans like you are the ones who should move on! The Vol Family does not need or want members such as you! That is Low!

I happen to be a contributor and like all true Tennessee Fans have never had anything but respect for every young man that has ever ran through the T !

Worley has worked his tail off for Tennessee and deserves the respect for his work and dedication to our program!

Worley is a Vol For Life and this is one fan that loves all the players that give their all every day for Tennessee!

Wonder if you ever sweated through 2 a days at any level?

Excellent post! The idiot guy alleges he works for UT....

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Agree. Dobbs was named starter today. So much for the theory that Jones will keep his secret as to the starter so Misou will have to prepare for 2 Qb's.Shows how many of us don't know as much as we think we do.Please let Coach Jones run this show.

Idiot may hate Worley and that is an idiot post he made.Many of us wish Worley the best for no other reason than he gave his all.It is not his fault that he is not another Peyton Manning.

Good post. Worley deserves our thoughts and prayers for his recovery. I am w/ you to trust Coach Jones. The idiot is a good example w/ what is wrong w/ our society

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Worley needs to transfer and move on. Fans hate him-time to leave. Of course the fans are going to Dobbs after Sats game as well so I guess its back to Peterman.

you are an idiot!

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A weak and clueless president, a feckless disloyal chancellor and a totally inept athletic director all contributed to Tennessee losing the best basketball coach it ever had.

Don't forget Pearl himself.. He chose to lie to the NCAA.

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Ditto all the above. HUGE props to Mike! Kicking is such a "mental" part of the game. Making a critical field goal or punt is right up there with making a free throw on the road with the game on the line. Or imagine a PGA pro trying to make a tournament-clinching putt with the gallery yelling and screaming at him to miss it--with people flying at him to boot! It continues to amaze me how relatively little attention most teams give to all aspects of the kicking game, given its unmatched potential to turn a game either way.

I tell ya; if we had Butch w/o ever having Dooley.. the results would be.... AMAZING!

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I heard a VFL on the radio talk show after the South Carolina win saying Dufus would tell Palardy "go out and try not to F --- it up".
What a joke for a coach to treat a nice kid in this manner.

That was an effective way to motivate a player ( not!) Maybe the players should have told Dooley the same;)

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Interesting the Trolls called Butch Jones Dooley Part II.. Shows how little they really know about football. GBO!

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Don't forget Mizzou lost their QB Franklin for the season yesterday... If we keep getting better as we have each week, we can win four more games!

No timetable on the return of Franklin

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nobody can fault Pig for doing what he did. I applaud his effort. let's beat south Carolina! end of comments!!!


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Pig Howard gave his all for Tennessee today and in giving his all the ball slipped out of his hand and the game slipped away from the Vols.

Justin Worley looked like a SEC quarterback today. And Rajion Neal stepped up big with Marlin Lane out.

Losing is never fun, but this is a positive loss that we can build on. Alabama will be tough in two weeks, but I think South Carolina is a winnable game as is Auburn if we play the way we did this afternoon.


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The Vols did not give up! I think Worley showed some confidence today..

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Not the biggest fan of get the same result on a timing route if the receiver comes out of his break early instead of being physical enough to challenge the DB for space.

or someone missing a block and Worley has to throw quicker than he intended

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You sound truly defeated. Must be sad. I agree it doesn't look good, but when you give up before you start you rall are a loser. Go Big Orqange. ALL VOL .... ALL THe TIME

Amen..that is why they play the game!GBO!