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Written on Butch Jones' friends from hometown of Saugatuck purchase newspaper ad wishing Vols well:

What a great story of a hometown supporting one of their own! Nice touch Saugatuck, Michigan! Go Butch and Go Vols!

Written on Holly Warlick receives Maggie Dixon award for rookie coaches:

So proud of the season the ladies had and very proud of Coach Warlick. Outstanding job. The Lady Vols are in great hands!

Written on Louisville stops Lady Vols' run to Final Four, 86-78:

I really hurt for Spani and Williams....two great Vols who gave their all! Class acts for sure.

Written on Marlon Walls says hospital visit with Katelyn Norman changed his life :

God Bless you Marlon Walls and Katelyn Norman. This is what it's all about.

Written on Madison Shipman delivers game-winning single for Lady Vols in softball:

Great weekend....proud of the girls! Keep it going and Go Vols!

Written on UT signee Robert Hubbs says Vols will 'do some damage' in NCAA tournament:

Wish I was close enough to go cheer for Hubbs in the tournament! Good luck to him. Love his attitude....and so glad he chose the Orange!

Written on Offer from Lady Vols 'a big honor' for Riverdale's Alexa Middleton:

Really hope she commits to Tennessee. Tons of talent...we need to keep her instate!

Written on Seniors Taber Spani, Kamiko Williams have formed unlikeliest of friendships:

What a great story. Spani has always been a favorite of mine. And I have never understood why Williams does not play more. In this story I learned alot about both players. Let's clinch the SEC outright tonight...and hope that both girls make great memories tonight!

Written on Jay Graham leaving Vols for Florida State:

Just sick. I know it is business but man...Jay you are a Vol. I am sure it is money....could we not pay him more. This is just horrible news.

Written on Henderson imperfect poster boy for upstart Rebels:

I thought it ended weird too....where was the rest of the article?

Written on In welcome letter, Butch Jones says parents of UT players can call anytime:

9willbesofine is an idiot troll. What an embarrassment. I am so proud of our new coaching staff!

Written on Vols loosen up, pick up first SEC victory :

Very impressed with our freshman and sophomores! Go Vols!

Written on As Tennessee resets coaching search, Cincinnati's Butch Jones appears to be target :

If he is offered and if he says yes....then he must really want to be here. Finally someone would have turned down several programs to come to UT...not use us for an extension and pay raise. I think we have our man and I am ready to bring him on board...not bash him.

Written on John Adams: Vols might have found a 'yes' man :

in response to wildmed:

The drama of Tennessee's coaching search has dragged on WAY TOO long! If BJ is down with UT, I say give the guy a chance and I'll bet we end up with a better recruiting class than Dooley had (28th in the country) and I'll bet, even with a meat grinder of a schedule next year, we'll have a better record than this year's 5-7. I'm ready to back a winner and Jones may be that guy!

Agreed. This guy could be our Brian Kelly. It is obvious we aren't getting the rock star I really like what I am reading am hearing about Butch Jones.

Written on As Tennessee resets coaching search, Cincinnati's Butch Jones appears to be target :

I wonder if the Notre Dame fans went crazy when Kelley was hired there 3 years look at them. His players love him and his passion. I hope this deal gets done and soon.

Written on As Tennessee resets coaching search, Cincinnati's Butch Jones appears to be target :

With his coaching under Brian Kelly, a 50-27 record and just being named Big East coach of the year for the 2nd time....and that is over Charlie Strong...I say let's get it done. Don't understand the tirades on here.

Written on John Adams: Vols might have found a 'yes' man :

in response to tnvol4ever:

Seen interviews with Strong. Seen interviews with Jones. Watched Louisville games. Watched Cinn. games. Much rather have Jones as coach.

I'm with you tnvol4ever. I really liked Strong but the more I see and read about Jones the more I like him.

Written on John Adams: Vols might have found a 'yes' man :

The same people that are freaking out would have freaked out 3 years ago is Brian Kelley had been hired. Wow.

Written on John Adams: Vols might have found a 'yes' man :

Butch Jones is 50-27 in wins. Kiffin and Dooley had losing records. Jones can't help it if he followed Kelly. I am impressed with what I have seen and hope we get him. I don't get all the Dooms Day people on here...but I should get used to it.

Written on John Adams: Vols might have found a 'yes' man :

Don't understand all of the negatives on here. Butch Jones is a good young coach...and a Brian Kelly clone. Worked under him for 6 years. Jones teams have won the Big East the last 2 years...and tonight he was named CBS's Big East Coach of the year over....yes...Charlie Strong. Hope this gets done.

Written on Is Tennessee's coaching search nearing the finish line, or does Dave Hart still plan more talks? :

Strong and Gundy would both be huge upgrades...I would be happy with either. Go Vols!

Written on Who should Tennessee go after as its next coach?:

in response to springcreekvol:

Bobby Petrino deserves a second shot. He wins everywhere he goes.

Do you mean a 4th shot? Louisville, left Atlanta much the same way as Kiffin did UT....and then there is Arkansas. No thanks to Petrino!

Written on Letter: Another South Carolina fan praises UT for response to Marcus Lattimore's injury:

I really appreciate the time that several of the South Carolina fans have taken to express their feelings about our Vol team. I too was overcome with emotion at what I witnessed on the football field that Saturday. First and foremost at the severe injury to Mr. Lattimore. And second at my Vol team for showing such tremendous respect. I don't remember ever witnessing a scene like that. Mr. Lattimore is a classy guy, the Vol team displayed such class and lastly thanks to the USC fans for classy letters!

Written on Court Adjourned: Pat Summitt steps down after illustrious career :

I just can't imagine Pat not being head coach. But I love that she is still involved. She is the face of women's sports and is the icon at UT. I love and respect her so much. What a class act. Go Pat and Go Vols!

Written on A runaway ending for Lady Vols, 80-51 :

Great win for the Lady Vols....beating Ga soundly makes it even sweeter.

Written on Letter from DeAnthony Arnett following his release:

Godspeed to DeAnthony and his family. Best wishes where ever he ends up.

Written on Pat Summitt says 'I've got a game plan':

Coach is such an inspiration. She never ceases to amaze me.

Written on With hands of Stone: Center's grip on situation key focus for Vols:

Great article. Love Stones attitude. Just wants to be on the field no matter where they put him....awesome!

Written on Tee Martin's time at UT still is 'special':

Tee will always be special to UT....great person. Hope he will be back at UT in some capacity in the future.

Written on Cuonzo Martin gets ringing endorsement from Gene Keady:

The more I read...the more I like Coach Martin. Welcome to UT!

Written on Tennessee names Cuonzo Martin coach :

Welcome to Big Orange Country Coach Martin!

Written on Richmond coach Chris Mooney added to UT's search list:

in response to ztopia:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Sorry...but you are on the wrong board here. No one cares here...Vols Baby.

Written on Hello, November: Vols beat Memphis, 50-14:

A much needed win. Bray looked great. Let's beat an SEC team next week. Go Vols!

Written on Fulmer says Minnesota 'has great potential':

Good luck Coach. Now Go Vols!

Written on Dooley to put Vols through 'mock game' :

in response to rockytopatl:

Rucker has already Tweeted that he's skipping this little exhibition. Good for him. From a writer's standpoint, if you aren't allowed to cover the real scrimmages, why show up for the dog and pony show?

Just silly of Rucker then. Good for Dooley to care about our traditions after the last staff we had here. This is important to fans and proud we have a coach wanting to embrace this.

Written on Adams: Kevin Cooper no fan of the Kiffin way :

I really like Cooper. I think most agree with his take....Kiffin was going to play his guys that he brought in. Cooper's remarks make me feel very good about the atmosphere that Dooley is creating.

Written on Fullback Cooper knows UT role :

What a powerful runner he was at Chattanooga Baylor....and a great student as well. Smart. Would love to have more just like him. Never gets in trouble, does what he is supposed to. Let's go Coop!

Written on Catholic's Kerbyson commits to Vols:

in response to VolnotHAMILTONfan:

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Looks like you can't read. It said he was offered by Florida, Alabama, USC and on and on! Read the full article next time before you make yourself look dumb. I am very proud to have this kid! Looks tremendous and love the Tennessee kids!

Written on UT transfers on roster: QB Raulston, TE Slusher:

Welcome to Big Orange Country men. Good luck and to the Vandy fan.....well I won't pick on a Vandy fan. It must be so hard to be one...that is punishment enough.

Written on King, Walls thankful to be back after suspensions:

Welcome back. Let's hope these young men have learned from their actions....we all deserve a second chance. As for the KY and Vandy fans....just sour grapes. Can't beat come on our site and try to knock us. Hilarious!

Written on Report: Former Vol Erik Ainge in rehab center:

Good luck Erik. Sorry to hear about this but glad he is getting so help.

Written on Coleman likes to hear 'Rocky Top' :

Welcome to Big Orange Country. Awesome choice in that Rocky Top! But really no choice when it comes to UT football or Ky football....we have tradition and he recognized that!

Written on How did Tennessee coach Derek Dooley do at SEC Media Days?:

I was so impressed with Coach Dooley. If he can coach half as well as he represents our school we will be in great shape. Finally after last years debacle....a man with integrity!

Written on Poll: How did Tennessee coach Derek Dooley do at SEC Media Days?:

Sad that people voted that he did poorly and he has not even spoke yet....come on people!

Written on Lamaison denied release from scholarship, has no plans to return to UT:

Coach Dooley...I am behind you as our coach 100%. But please let this kid go. He will never see the field at UT. Let's give him a chance elsewhere. It's the right thing to do....good luck Nick.

Written on Wiedmer: Kiffin comes through where NCAA needs to, for recruit’s sake:

Kiffin had to do it....he would be ripped if he had not. Only does what is good for him...nothing special here.

Written on Southern Cal DE Malik Jackson to transfer to Vols:

Just great news! Welcome Mr. Jackson...just love the irony of it all.

Written on Worley says he made Dooley's day :

Welcome to Big Orange Country young man....and awesome pick up Coach Dooley!

Written on Negedu gets waiver to play for New Mexico:

I am happy for E. He will always be a Vol to me....but I wish health, happiness and alot of success at New Mexico!