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So BJ Coleman may catch on, Nick Stephens is a cowboy and Tajh Boyd is on the cover of preseason magazines. Glad for them, but sad to think. Here's three guys that could have helped, and we managed to screw our selves out of the talents of all three! I believe its getting fixed though.

Butch Jones understands excellence and he's a good manager. I am very impressed with how purposeful and organized these guys are. They are good - very professional. Brick by brick.

10 days to another season starts!!!!

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We play 3 of the top 5, and 5 of the top 10. That means that we play alot of teams that a) have superior athletes, and b) know how to execute with few mistakes. A + B = WINS. I want to see us compete. I want to see resilience. I want to see a staff that really never really gets scared, spazzes out or loses their team. If we have stable leadership, solid command structure, a decent plan and operational consistency, I will not be too disappointed by a middling record. Undermanned will shortly fix itself.

I expect the adversity, but I'd like to see them grow and get tougher from it. The last few years, we just folded. If Butch can keep the environment cool, and keep his team's spirit alive, luck may break their way at some point and maybe we sneak in a few moments of greatness. They are gonna lose games, but if they respond like winners, then they are winners.

It's been awhile since we've been helmed by a man that knows hows to build things. I like Butch, and I like the way he has a plan, his staff is a pretty tight operation, and the man is steady onward, no drama, no ups and downs, just the same businesslike demeanor every day. The last two were pretty catastrophic as leaders. One tried to take shortcuts and had no respect for the place or it's long-term health, the other lacked direction and skill. Our performance has been awful, but even worse, the culture of Tennessee football is several years away now from having the right foundation and temperament.

My ramblings aside, what I want to see this year is clear evidence that we have REAL sturdy, steady-handed leadership. I am not sure what won/loss record I expect. I think it has more to do with their valiance in battle.

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He's definitely smarmy and I never warmed to him, but he's talented. From a maturity standpoint, he held it together pretty well for much of last year - better than he would have done a year or so earlier. At times he shows a lot of heart. He dealt with alot of disappointment before he cratered, but he did crater - and that's tough to accept from a QB.

That Dooley regime was awful. The more you learn, the more you realize that we weren't very close. If my coach put me in a position where I had to score +38 just to have a SHOT at winning, and then turned around and benched me for being "too impatient," I'd cry foul. "Talk to me about patience when I can win games with a workman-like 25 points on the board." It wasn't fair, and the inconsistency/irony should have been apparent to a man of the Bar.

Bray may have fatal flaws, but he may also have been a victim of awful timing. Say we had him instead of Crompton in '08. We may have had some issues here and there, but it probably would have worked out more satisfying than most of what we've seen since..

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Political correctness versus appropriate respect for soldiers...two completely different issues.

If you want to disagree with our military institutions, that is your prerogative, but for God's sake, respect the men and women that serve.

Personally, I think smug analogies that trivialize a soldiers' reality do not belong in an article of this sort. I guess in your "anything goes" America, this sort of respect is not important. If that's who you want to be, you go for it.

The objection with regard to Adams is that, like a bratty child, he often uses devices to get attention. He is a D-level journalist at best, who uses "stir-the-pot" tactics to rouse a response. It is a poor substitute for substance.

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Political correctness versus appropriate respect for soldiers...two completely different issues.

If you want to disagree with our military institutions, that is your prerogative, but for God's sake, respect the men and women that serve.

Personally, I think smug analogies that trivialize a soldiers' reality do not belong in an article of this sort. I guess in your "anything goes" America, this sort of respect is not important. If that's who you want to be, you go for it.

The objection with regard to Adams is that, like a bratty child, he often uses devices to get attention. He is a D-level journalist at best, who uses "stir-the-pot" tactics to rouse a response. It is a poor substitute for substance.

you know...sry sly stone -- I replied to the wrong post!! will try this again!

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Perhaps it's a step in changing the culture with UT Football.

Political correctness versus appropriate respect for soldiers...two completely different issues.

If you want to disagree with our military institutions, that is your prerogative, but for God's sake, respect the men and women that serve.

Personally, I think smug analogies that trivialize a soldiers' reality do not belong in an article of this sort. I guess in your "anything goes" America, this sort of respect is not important. If that's who you want to be, you go for it.

The objection with regard to Adams is that, like a bratty child, he often uses devices to get attention. He is a D-level journalist at best, who uses "stir-the-pot" tactics to rouse a response. It is a poor substitute for substance.

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in responce to fohn adams:

"But the idea that UT even needs a recruiting surge to overtake Vanderbilt must be alarming to its fans, especially after a 41-18 loss to the Commodores in November."

Life is Consequences of actions. Tennessee fans believed Adams when he wrote if we just fire another coach, Gruden will come. First time Fulmer, this time, we fired Dooley on your advice John. You said Vols would get Gruden & all the FIVE Stars recruits. What Tennessee fans got; is another restart for our program. Adams stoked the flames of “CHANGE” in 07 & 08. His irrational Vol faithful followed his bull & fired Fulmer WAY BACK IN THE GOOD OLE DAYS. This Time, Dooley had a good recruiting class committed to go to WORK at Tennessee. He had camps & try outs ALL Spring & summer personal try outs to see which kids he wanted. He and his coaches worked them didn’t read about them in a newspaper but in live try outs! Dooley had a Solid 2013 class committed! Now all them Gone! Success in life requires Work! You just don’t wake up with a BMW in your drive way! Although,… I think half my nation think & votes that way! Vols could have won eight games this year. But FANatic’s say, No excuses! At least the irrational Adam groupies do. But because of coaching “Change” we lost our four Best players to the Pro’s. Vols didn’t have them to lose, We’re Not Alabama. And never will be,..Sal needed TWO years to install the Bama (Sabin’s) 3-4 defense. Our kids need the two years & this year’s early commitments to fill the holes & to learn to execute it. Success requires Work, execution & athletic ability! Vols should have given Dooley his 4-years. We would be $9,000,000 better off & further ahead in Our execution of The BAMA defense & our Chaney’s #2 SEC offense. Not starting ALL over again. SEC football isn’t a computer game Kids! We’re not just punching a magic button & You Win! Soooo, Vol fans punched the MAGIC button again &&&& we fired Dooley &&&,…NOW of all things for Adam’s to Write?,..Vols are below Vandy in recruiting. “How Could This Be??? John Never Said, This Could Ever BE!” “no consequences for actions” But in reality SEC Parents don’t let their four & Five star recruits sign with a University’s that fires its coach every 3-Years. Where’s Gruden John? You promised Gruden John. Vols got the Change you wanted John, Where’s Gruden, John,… I want KNS to run another of its (coach)firing polls But this time?: The feasibility of Firing, Adams? It’s time for another “CHANGE.” But maybe not? I vote let’s see.

PS:And Yes John it's is Alaming You're not One?,..a Tennessee Fan.

I've been on this site since it's inception. I've seen ignorance and brilliance, love and hate...but I've never seen something as stupid as this: "we fired Dooley on your advice John."

C'mon, man.

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Something stinks! Rob Patrick's comment about 2 players leaving from a 90+ player Florida football team being remotely comparable to 4 players transferring from a 16 player volleyball team is an absolute joke. Also, UT almost never grants releases - why did these 4 players get releases?

Kelsey Robinson is probably the best all-around player to ever play at UT. All 4 players transferring played a ton, so playing time is not the issue. Texas just won the national championship, and Nebraska is typically a Final Four team. These programs wouldn't want any part of players who are troublemakers.

There have been other transfers (1 or 2 per year) which have been chalked up to playing time or personality issues. There's also been a revolving door of assistant coaches.

The real question is how was this handled by AD Dave Hart. There's little doubt that Joan Cronan would have been all over it. With Dave Hart's general attitude towards women's athletics, was this something UT hoped to just sweep under the rug? Is Rob Patrick being asked the tough questions that need to be answered?

Something definitely stinks...

You seem to really be in the know, and I agree that his comment about the FL players doesn't even "pass the straight face test." It is a terribly flawed analogy, and reaks of arrogance and defiance.

I've also yet to be impressed by Hart's management of the organization, or of instances. Lord Farquad kind of guy it seems.

But...Patrick was around for years, and apparently there have been conflicts and rifts between players and coaches for a long-time. Wasn't that on Joan Cronan's watch? Has he ever been held accountable, reviewed, warned...anything?

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Here is a BIG part of the problem on the hill: For years, our athletic department had true Tennessee pride. It was not a soundbite or a marketing ploy - it was a culture that was sincere in its belief that "The Hill" was a special place, and that it transcended the ups and downs of any sport, any crisis any scandal.

In an increasingly free agent-minded, me-me-me, distraction prone, short attention span world, we had something that can be called a "unifying principle." Pride in being Tennessee was REAL, not a manufactured sentiment cooked up in a marketing department to drive sales/recruiting/whatever.

When Hammie decided to throw out Phil and brought in Kiffie, who denigrated the UT brand and put USC pics up everywhere, we in many ways lost our soul.

Football is the head and the heart of the athletic, and perhaps the institutional culture. I remember as Phillip was fired, and even more, as I saw what we replaced him with, I was sad. Not because of the football coaching aspects of it, but because I knew that having the Fulmer/Majors regime going all the way back to 1976, that "the platform" of our athletics was old-school. I mourned the passing of that culture, because I knew that we'd never get it back.

This is not a "pro-Fulmer" declaration. It is a pro-UT old school culture declaration. The Bean Counter Hammie thought he was clever and tried to bring brash, aggressive, TV friendly faces in, but failed to properly valuate our culture as UT's most important asset. Football had some bad trend lines, no doubt. Even then, Hammie should have exhausted all options to do a refurb as opposed to a rebuild. Because once that culture is gone, it's gone.

We had this old-school familial atmosphere with people who really FEEL the place, which buys you these sort of things:

- that pride and belief is felt by recruits - they're not just seeing a facility and hearing a pitch - they are feeling the love of the institution that oozes from the people. It is tough to fake that, or sell it with words -- but when people feel it, they know it. They are also seeing a place that rehires and takes care of its own, maintains its own on a coaching staff or as a GA, etc.

- it creates a situation where, even if there are tensions and territorial issues between coaches, sports, etc., it is generally true that they are united under the same flag - and I don't mean the same organization, I mean the same spirit.

- it buys you a situation where, if a coach is a yeller, or this or that, it is in the context of a community and sense of place - which may make it more bearable.

We are now trying to run, or manage, or be clever about marketing all of these sports, but we pulled out the collective heartbeat and stomped it to death. The sports are stand-alones now, and our athletic department is just another corporation.

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I have to say even at 32 yrs old, im still young when it comes to the Tenn/Bama rivalry. By no means do i not understand tradition and hope this steps on no ones toes, but I grew up in the heat of the Tenn/Fl hatred years and to be honest i wouldn't mind not playing Bama every year. It doesnt help our program to face that kinda team every year. Like i said, to all the vintage fans that LOVE that rivalry please keep in mind that when i was a teen we beat Bama 7 yrs in a row and split with em up until Saban's arrival, so for me i just don't think Tenn/Bama is what it used to be. I'm thinking only of Tenn's growth and if we gotta take a loss to them every year that could potentially knock us out of contention of just getting to the SEC championship (which we would probably have to face them there anyways lol), why continue a every year meeting. Under the current structure we would be forced to meet them twice in every 4 year gap anyways. I don't see Saban leaving anytime soon. 5 mil a year and he's a god in tuscaloosa. If this was the 90's for the Vols i wouldn't even be making this speech. And sure this sounds like I'm scared for my team to play Bama, but if we are all honest with ourselves, for the last 6 years, every 3rd sat in Oct, whether we say it out loud or not..... we've thinking "bleep, i wish we didnt have to play this game". I felt that way about Florida as well for several years but we are in the east with em and can't do anything about it. I swear im VFL. Im sitting in my office surrounded by orange of all types...... Im just thinking we are at a crossroads and scheduling someone every year that everyone in tenn has to pray for a miracle to win is not in the best interest of growing the program.

When you are a little older, you will look at it in terms of decades, or eras. Translation: I am old as dirt.

If you look at the Wallace Wade era for Bama, with the 1926 Rose Bowl as perhaps the seminal point for Southern Football's dominance:

...and then Neyland taking the mantle, with Gene McEver's Kickoff return as the starting point for the Neyland era: Oct. 20, 1928: Gene McEver returned the game's opening kickoff 98 yards for a touchdown to help Tennessee beat heavily favored Alabama 15-13 at Denny Field in Tuscaloosa, Ala. The game rekindled the Alabama-Tennessee series, and the Vols and their third-year coach, Robert Neyland, launched themselves into the upper tier of Southern college football powerhouses. That win was also part of a 33-game stretch in which Tennessee didn't lose a game from 1926-30.

Of course we know that Neyland went on to be perhaps the greatest defensive mind the game ever knew, and his legacy includes one home loss over 21 years, 17 straight shutouts, an unscored-upon season and having never lost to Bear Bryant...

Anyhow, fast forward through Bear's emergence, our decline after Neyland, our resurgence under Dickey culminating in the 1967 Bama game and then, the 1982 win as the end of the Bear Bryant era, the 1985 game where we lost Tony Robinson in a close match, opening the door for another Dickey to finish that masterpiece known as "The Sugar Vols," the 1995 win as perhaps Peyton's most iconic moment (conducting the band in a victory rendition of "Rocky Top"...boy dude, it would be alot of tradition kicked to the curb!

As Keith Jackson put it: "...Neyland Stadium, where you could look up the river on the third Saturday in October and see the leaves changing and the Tennessee Walker [horse] going by with the bluetick hound barking at him. And afterward, you could sit on the porch of that old hotel on the riverbank, eat salted cornbread and watch the moon come up. And if Tennessee won, that moon was always orange. But if Alabama won, why, you'd swear it was almost red."

I can't feel it now, but we will be back up again at some point -- I think we have to respect the tradition of this game, though. Bama is a strong rival - they've had Wallace Wade, Bear Bryant and now the Nick Saban era - but lets not shrink away from the challenge. Let's take our lumps until the pedulum swings, whenever it may be. SOmeday, we'll be back, and it will feel really good!

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Written on Derek Dooley finds words for Twitter :

T-Rex and friends discuss the hiring of Coach Butch Jones.!/photo.php?v=341359455971808&set=vb.148798631881473&type=2&theater

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Pat Summitt is up there with Coach Neyland on the all time Tennessee Mount Rushmore. While football will always be the focal point of sports in general, this woman is a homegrown, dominated and was a trailblazer, was a mentor to scores of youngsters and was always, always, always a fantastic representative and advocate for all things Tennessee. How can any other story even come close?

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I have a vision..that Tajh Boyd and Lane Kiffin pass each other in an airport tonight. As they pass each other, Tajh looks up, makes eye contact, and mouths the word "Thanks, Coach."

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If on Broncos would he drive Peyton crazy?

Peyton would do what our last regime failed to do: coach him into the best he could possibly be, THAT is a scary proposition!

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If you doubted it, this UT highlight reel will cease all debate:

Written on Vanderbilt gives coach James Franklin new contract:

Always sell high, young man. Ask Jeff Tedford what I'm talking about.

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These guys are good ball players. They would do well inside of a good system with good discipline. This whole team gets worse as the year goes on -- for three years straight. Let's see you guys keep your head in the game when that happens. I think Bray is a punk, but he was also asked to put up 40+ ppg for his team to have a shot at winning. That is plain stupid. You are telling a guy that you need him to be loose and sling it around like a riverboat gambler, then you slam him when he throws a careless pick. THe coaching staff wa talking out of both sides of their mouth. Not exactly leadership.

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I don't know what "Francis" refers to. I have 2 degrees from UT and love the university and the athletic program. I do believe that the athletic department should be contributing to the university. It's important. I also believe that the dismantling of the football program four years ago was a knee-jerk reaction done by a mercenary athletic director taking direction from , mostly, one man. We all know the athletic department is really under the direction of one man, Jim Haslam. Pilot is on the back of the jumbotron. Glocker is now the Haslam Business Building. If he has the money to go buy his own NFL team, he's got the money to fix the mess that began four years ago without taking resources from the campus.

First of all, you are an idiot. Here are 3 reasons that you are an idiot.

1. Any male in my demographic that can't hang with a "Stripes" reference is an idiot. Were you actually not a male in the early 80's? Next thing, you'll ask "who is this Flounder? Who is Judge Smails?" Let's make this deal: I won't call you Francis and don't you dare call me Francis. You must call me "Psycho." If you call me Francis, I...forget idiot.

2. The way football makes money for the University's academics is not by contributing a measly scholarship. It is by winning and having that Power T splashed all over the media, everywhere. When that happens, all the wallets open up - much more than the amount of that scholarship money.

3. For a guy with two degrees, you obviously didn't make any money, because you have that chip-on-the-shoulder hatred of guys that did.

Believe it or not, some people that have resources are actually good at what they do and good people. The Haslams are the greatest benefactors to the University, and to the entire area of East Tennessee. They give large sums to build schools, hospitals, business, towns, etc, but they also have the sophistication and restraint to resist calling every shot. Big Jim has been that sort of donor, and the boys have been as well.

When the Haslam family does put its hands on something, they generally take full responsibility for building ethics and excellence into it. And they work hard. They are not the type to chomp on their cigars and bully everyone with their money.

Why do guys like you have to hate on anyone that has done well? Especially people that spread that money around? I know the answer: because you are an idiot. And don't call me Francis. Its Psycho.

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Boy, what a ride for these seniors. Bullet train to Hell. From defending SEC East Champ and New Year's Day Bowl winner to....this. Think of the legacy that Bartholomew represents. Think of the lesson in opportunity and disappointment they've learned. Go Seniors. Go Vols.

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Please allow me to correct you. Fulmer was fired AFTER Tennessee lost to Wyoming, not before. And if the team quit, that was Fulmers fault as well. And the reason Tennessee's offense went "stagnate" was because Fulmer kept Randy Sanders as O/C about five years longer than he should have.

Ping....Fulmer was fired b4 WY.

Written on Ex-WNBA, Lady Vol player Holdsclaw in jail on assault charge:

It is sad, and the lifestyle thing should be left alone. Its been around as long as people have, no big whoop.

The charges are disturbing. This sort of rage ain't no joke and its a good thing that she's not in for murder right now.

Some people have a dark side that never lets them rest. She's clearly been troubled for years, but has always been proud of her Vol family. 'Mique is in trouble. Sometimes, you just have to wish the best for someone.

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As with many other delights of following the Big Orange the past few years, the joy of loathing the perennially under-matched opposition during Vandy week has, alas, faded. Like Cafego and Thompson, I dear sir, refuse to relinquish that pleasure. There seems to be fewer of us around. Though the mighty of the two teams has fallen, its not so far into the abyss to produce a loss. We will be victorious not only morally but on the scoreboard. We will win, because they cannot.

"the joy of loathing the perennially under-matched opposition..." Your prosaic musings gots me-a-thinkin' yer one of them Vandy Fugitive Poets.

Amazingly, I can read your post in character as either Howard Cosell or Foghorn Leghorn, and it works either way.

I'm done being frustrated and disappointed by this team. I just want them to win out and these guys to get a dignified exit. They cared deeply enough and worked hard enough, but just couldn't click.

We started seeing wide-open acreage on the defense in Q3 of Florida...and its still not fixed. When you see the other guys making plays in such open space, it is hard to process. I still don't understand it.

In terms of maturity this team has handled themselves well. It is a shame they couldn't pull out a strong win. I think they earned a taste, and they never really got one. Missouri sure was a sour note. Its the resounding thud of Tennessee's rump hitting bottom. Today we are hardluck SEC Cellar Dwellers.

Pull for your team the rest of the way. I think these kids would love to get a bowl game, and I'd love to watch them win one.

We have an incredible history, an adoring fan base and a great southern football experience. A little success and Big Orange Country will quickly get its mojo back. Go Vols.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Hmmm. Nice guy or not so nice guy? SEC coaching aristocracy or spoiled, self-entitled mama's boy? It doesn't really matter. More jerks and brats have been sucessful in this profession.

What DOES matter is getting it done. I've certainly wanted him to succeed and I do think he's learned some things. Elements of this team are really enjoyable and fun to watch, but all in all the team is woeful. We just can't get it together, we make the same mistakes and poor decisions again and again. We never learn. I can't understand the 12 men on the field thing. What other team has the 12 men problem repeatedly for 3 years without being able to get a handle on it? I can't name one.

Vanderbilt is actually a better football team than Tennessee. I am not saying they beat us - just saying that they execute and we don't.

So...moving past that we are not very good, who is REALISTICALLY available I am sorry Gruden lovers - if this was a realistic option, it would have already happened.

Anyhow, our program needs an electro-magnetic force of nature...and who can we really get that fits that bill?

I think that getting the right coach is timing and luck. All of these programs that hit the skids tend to cycle through coaches until they get it right, sometimes spending more than a decade in the wilderness.

LSU was that way for 20 years, Bama did their time, look at ND and USC - both have done twenty year stints in exile.

I almost think that you keep Dooley, deal with it and grab a proven winner when the opportunity presents itself. If we sign another version of Dooley, or a series of Woody Widenhoffer guys, we just have to pay buyouts and give those guys 3-4 years each. Hell, maybe we'll even get a Petrino or Mike Price along the way.

Probably wrong in my comments. Lord its anemic - we may need change ust to get some spirit and optimism back.

I do like our teams' heart and resilience - seeing them quit last year was one of the saddest things, and I do think the kids have their hearts in the right place and have kept their minds together.

Written on As Derek Dooley's future grows more shaky, team still has goal of bowl eligibility :

THe decisions at the end of regulation defies logic. He basically gambled on his "D." What would possibly cause a man in a desperate situation gamble on this "D?"

Written on Missouri beats Vols in 4 overtimes, 51-48:

What time is the press conference?

Written on Vols tied with Missouri 28-28 heading to overtime :

second season. Same as first.

Written on Third: Vols 28, Missouri 21 :

And there's the TD. That decision is a fireable offense.

Written on Third: Vols 28, Missouri 21 :

Can someone explain to him that if you can't stop anyone, and you have a legit shot at being last to score, then the odds do not favor you in OT? This team has given up so many big down and distance situations in the redzone. What about our recent history would lead Dooley to that decision?

Written on Third: Vols 28, Missouri 21 :

That is it. He is an idiot. Your defense can't stop ANYTHING and you are going to put them back out there in an OT? Unreal.

Written on Tennessee's Cordarrelle Patterson says 'instinct' helps him makes plays :

I also wish everyone would lighten up on Tyler. He's a good QB. Though he frustrates me at times, he's grown light years with regard to resilience, not staying in a funk/pouting. He'll slip into it here and there, then he apologizes, and most of all...seems to come back with his head screwed on. Give the kid a break - he's got a beautiful arm and genuinely seems to have the respect of his teammates. Also I believe he is learning to have more of a winner's demeanor.

Written on Tennessee's Cordarrelle Patterson says 'instinct' helps him makes plays :

He is very creative with the ball. He sees angles that normal guys just don't see and has an incredible sense of anticipation and timing. This makes him fun to watch, and he tries stuff and sees opportunities that most guys wouldn't even conceive of. His reversal of field is nuts to watch and the way he tries to milk every bit out of a run is a blast.

Written on John Adams: So which team are you pulling for Saturday? :

As for this article, I rarely feel compelled to jump on Adams - but his repeated tendency to lead the lynch mob makes me want to place the focus on HIS professional acumen.

In the absence of astute observations, interesting opinions, or a command of common English prose, he tries to play the provocateur - often in a most unimaginative and bland fashion. Yawn. Boring. Even his sarcasm lacks bite.

Now though, as I watch him again believe that he's providing any measure of journalistic value, simply by driving a coach's coffin nails, we need to hold John Adams up and look at HIS contributions to Tennessee football.

This article is a device. In the absence of having anything useful, interesting or informed to report on, Adams tries to incite people and be "naughty." It is like a kid acting out to get attention. A cheap gimmick.

John Adams is a middle of the road journalist, trying to stir the pot...but lacking the stick to stir with. Just like with Fulmer, he jumps on the "run 'em out of town" bandwagon -- I guess to show the power of the pen.

Anyhow, Adams should be quiet. His own professional mediocrity is on par with that of Dooley. His love of "piling on" reminds me of the hyenas in Lion King. Nothing to add, just a parasite.

I agree that the Dooley era is a flop - not based on wins and losses, but the team's lack of fundamentals. Three years is long enough to work through 12 men on the field, awful false start penalties and a ridiculous number of big plays. All that said, I sure would like to have a better journalist covering it. John Adams is the Derek Dooley of sports writers.

Written on John Adams: So which team are you pulling for Saturday? :

in response to fearthehound:

I posted my previous post before I saw this one. All aforementioned respect is now lost.

I don't know if that quote is true. Sometimes, it is a risk management in the risk of change is worse. I am all for fixing, and do belive the leadership is not up to par. However, I am willing to tolerate it until someone can show a defined and clearly superior solution. Once we get another coach, we have to stick with them for a few years. I'd just assume not screw around with another experiment. Proven winner or keep the loser we know.

Written on John Adams: So which team are you pulling for Saturday? :

Even if I tried to pull against UT, I couldn't. I'd catch myself rootin' for 'em. Too much of a habit, I guess.

Being disappointed is okay, but hating your own team is stupid. They're your team, through good and bad. If we have to rebuild, so be it, but support them through the year.

These kids are disappointed and bewildered and don't deserve all of the negative garbage. They are fighting to keep their head in it and finish with dignity. Last year they quit down the stretch and you are dumb if you don't believe that the fans quitting on them has something to do with it.

Fact is that many of these guys came here to be "coached up" and perhaps earn a living playing ball. Can you imagine the disappointment of watching your own stock drop due to coaching ineptitude? Tough draw and I respect any young guy that can keep his focus through something like that.

You can want a coaching change and all, but pull for your team, guys. Being a VOL transcends the ups and downs -- don't turn against your own.

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Next time the offense, and especially Bray, seem discouraged, give them a little love. GOing into each game knowing you have to score +40 does not lend itself to patience, maturity and good decision making. Ironically, this adversity is probably making him a better QB.

I saw Jeff Bray outside Neyland before the Bama game. He was worried, hoping his boy would get some mojo going. I've really been proud of Tyler the last two weeks -- he's shown a poise and resilience he didn't show earlier in his career.

Boy, CP is special. Boy, the D is hard to watch.

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I liked Phil. I ask you a simple question though and I'll bet I don't get an answer. Why hasn't anyone hired Phil and please don't tell me he's not been interested in coaching. Waiting for your answer VolzsFan.

Phil and Tennessee had a unique situation. There is no doubt that Phil finished what Majors started, and Dickey's role was huge, too.

Majors had built a juggernaut, those late Andy Kelly and Heath Shuler teams were loaded, and competed at a high level. Physicality, speed and execution. We had everything. If you watch the Miracle at South Bend, both sides of the ball and both teams are all future pro's.

Phil picked up where Johnny left off, landed a guy named Manning, and between Peyton, Al WIlson, Cutcliff, Chief...the place was overflowing with leadership from both coaches and players.

Phil knew how to run things, and how to stir that pot. He knew how to let coordinators do their jobs and support them, he knew how to cultivate team leadership and leverage that. He was a GREAT diplomat for the school and the program, politically sharp, good with fundraisers, tight with Dickey and the administration, etc. Phil could woo recruits with the best of them, and he always had a Rodney Garner or Trooper to go out on the road. He did an awful lot right.

Here's the last point: He also had a culture there that was all Tennessee. He may have stuck with Sanders too long, but I loved the loyalty, and the commitment to developing a young man. We could tell any recruit "look at this staff, they all bleed orange. We take care of our own here."

It is tough to keep that sort of thing trending upward forever, and we definitely dropped from a top ten to a perennial second ten team. i think that some ups and downs were inevitable, but also think that the system we had in place was capable of adjusting and rising again.

The Clawfense was garbage - Phil believed in SEC football. Hamilton pushed a sexier offense against Phil's wishes, and it blew up on him.

So...why hasn't anyone hired Phil? I suspect it is because his success happened inside of a unique and homegrown system, and he presided over a phase in the evolution of that system. I think that recreating that elsewhere would be very difficult, and maybe it is assumed that his success is merely a product of that system.

Personally, I think Phillip Fulmer is a winner, and he would have done great if someone had taken a chance on him. Maybe the reason no one hired him is that, im this day and age, everyone is looking for a cult of personality style hero as opposed to a guy that can build a culture and an organization.

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Have you ever played "team" sports?

I have and one thing that would always affect me was how coach played favorites.

How would you feel if you were a Junior or Senior on a team, and coach decides to play a freshman or sophomore, and while he plays he commits several penalties?

How would you feel if this coach favorite continues to put you in bad position and the coach doesn't do anything and you being the leader/elder class man take all the blame for the "team" playing poorly?

Call up Bray after the season and ask him how he felt all those times Richardson false started and cost the team yardage on short yardage situation in those close signature games.

You can support the team and still be a fan, but that doesn't mean you are blind and can't see that your team is playing horrible.

What did you get on the reading comprehension portion of your SAT, moron?

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Agreed. The fan attitude toward the team can be disappointing. The team is not big money, big media, Dave Hart, Jon Gruden or any of that - its the boys who came to play ball at UT, whose dreams now lay in shambles.

In the way I think, if they are still trying to get a shard of respect out of the wreckage of this season, I'll support them. These guys came so close to having a signature win, but now it is in the books...nada. They have to live with that...maybe they can squeak into a bowl and get to play a decent opponent.

The MOST disappointing element last year was watching the players not care. I think that this team, while still extremely lacking and admittedly infuriating, does care. It hurts these guys and I hurt for them.

We've definitely got some ball players and some good fellars on this team.

Let's just keep pulling for our team.

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Pleased that our team was emotionally right today on the road with alot at stake. Our "D" is just mistake prone as heck. Giving up those late down, long yardage plays is hard to recover from. Bray may press sometimes, but a QB that has to score 40+ points to win is gonna HAVE TO press a little. Durn though - if Bray tucks that ball and takes a sack, I think we win the thing.

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I am very sorry to see our leadership revert back to bad habits from last year. The wins and losses are not the issue, but the spirit, temperament and execution of the team...and the entitlement mentality of its leader.

Coach has had these guys for 3 years, and they are still fundamentally a mess. Frankly, I thought he had turned a corner and learned some new tricks as a result of last year's unraveling. There are direct, pull no punches talks that you have in the locker room, and then there is the image you projet to the press and the fanbase. The "ugly" should be kept in the family - not aired out in a press conference. Leaders set the tone and absorb the pain -- and an angry frustrated Coach that is blaming others...gets the bed that he made.

Sadly, he seems disconnected from his own role in keeping the wheels on. So we really have to pay that much for someone, even when they have abdicated the fundamental tenets of leadership? I am tired of watching a spoiled child pout and blame others when he doesn't get his way.

I am generally very supportive and have hoped that Coach would learn, and was prepared to be patient with that. In terms of best practices and lessons learned, where is the growth and improvement? I'm not feeling it.

If Coach is toast, my enduring memory of him will be year one running onto the field at LSU , enjoying the mirage of a success he never achieved...and failing to own that his downfall was due to a fundamental management breakdown.

I hope that on both sides of the ball, a leader is slicing through the funk and raising a holy ruckus about the great opportunity before this team tomorrow. Would love to beat the Birds. Would love to see the close-ups of Spurrier's disappointed face, and a terse handshake at the end.

As usual, I'll watch, I'll cheer and I'll want our guys to get a taste of success out of this season. They are young guys, on a long journey in a rickety vessel -- it'd be nice to see them get one day to feel good about it.

Go Vols. Beat the Chickens.

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Coach says (Quoted): We can't just stick our heads in our tails and go home.

Quick note: I think the expression is "we can't tuck our tail between our legs" as opposed to "stick our heads in our tails."

What needs to happen is that the guys pull their heads out of their tails. It is possible, because there is some talent and we've seen flashes. Bray is probably over-thinking the game (and I don't blame him - he showed up as a natural-born killer, and we've tried to turn him into something he's not. A good coach would let Bray be Bray, and just take away a little bit of the risk/down-side). Also, his brooding, woe is me attitude reminds me of someone, and that someone is supposed to be setting the tone. I despise a sadsack mentality.

I'm not attacking or being ugly -- I hope the guys get a win this week, because I don't want these seniors to leave without a signature win. They've had a rough time of it, at least give them, as Nacho Libre would say, a taste of the glory.

Now, it is year 3 for this regime, and pro or con, stay or go, I hope that Derek will own this state of affairs, and not see it as a hard luck circumstance. While he has no hand in te cupboard being bare, the lack of execution is all on him. The type of breakdowns we have shouldn't be happening. It is not that we are losing these games...its that we get very spotty performance from our ball players. If we lplayed well, were consistent and prepared and appeared to be a team schooled in the maxims, I would say that Tennesse should deal with the losses and play a few more hands with Dooley.

It is hard to believe in that, though because we really should be getting more out of the talent we have.

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Afer a day to, it is disappointing. The timing of the various failures is uncanny, and catastrophic. The "D" is tough to watch. Rivera's botched kickoff was but one of the daggers (see: Devrin Young fumble). Did you see Devrin drop to a knee and put his head in his hand? Sorry to see it - I like both those guys as players.

Still, this team can be fun to watch, and I hope they don't quit. I want them to keep plugging. I want to see Hunter have a big game -- you can tell he is so frustrated. to watch. Bray makes some great throws and I like him in the no-huddle rhythm. He still chooses to sling it downfield, turning his nose up to a first-down on the underneath patterns or screens. I have definitely enjoyed the run blocking over the last few weeks. The operative phrase with our offense is "When it's clicking."

Regarding Defense, I don't even know what to say. I have to believe it is scheme or communication. Or both. I do not think our players are that bad - I think there is something else there. Sentimore is a bright spot, and there are others. AJ Johson is the man. A few years ago, I bought tickets from a guy in Georgia who had watched AJ's high school career. He told me "this is the next Al Wilson or Leonard Little." He's certainly not in that league yet, but if he stays four years, it wouldn't be out of the question. That he is even, at this point, considered to be on that trajectory is pretty strong.

Anyhow, forgetting Dooley, Sunseri, empty seats, Debby Jennings and all of that crud, I hope the team can play through and get some satisfaction. I want these guys to just play ball and not give a $@#^& what anyone says or thinks. Get focused and maybe a little nasty and see if they can play a few complete games.

Everyone wanted to roll into the next two games with a little more success under their belts. That said, they have gone toe-to-toe with everyone, and they do have some weaponry. I'll probably stick around to watch.

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I did not know UT was paying Asst Directors commission.??? Did I miss something??? Title IX states universities must provide equal opportunity for men and women. Can't compare Womens basketball with football. Why would some of you even attempt to do that??? It makes no difference if the sport makes money or not the pay should be the same for equal responsibilities. If UT paid Jenny what she is actually worth we could NOT afford her. She has been by Pat's side for all those championships and kept the girls on the court - -in short she is a miracle worker. If UT is paying coaches on commission they should pay CDD about $5 per game.

I am not even saying that she is not a highly competent and admirable professional - or perhaps superior in performance to her male counterpart. I am just saying that when we measure roles and functions in our departemnt, they are all assessed in terms of their relative value as a percentage of revenue. WHy is that not a valid point here?

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For 20 years I sold more KIA's to more customers than the guy selling Mercedes...but he still made more. That's called Mercedes discrimination.

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in response to vollynn:

You guys need to get your facts straight. At the time J Moshak first pursued this, she was the assistant AD for women's athletics and oversaw the training for EVERY female athlete at UT. By the way, that number is higher than the number of men who play football at UT. She was responsible for supervising every trainer for every sport of every female athlete. She had more direct reports than her football counterpart and was responsible for the sports medicine treatment of every single female athlete who wore Tennessee orange.

You guys just chose to believe Cheek who demonstrated in his recorded responses to this eeoc case last year that he didn't even understand the basic structure of his own women's athletic department. And, Cheek and Hart have both demonstrated how absolutely truthful they are.

Yes, Moshak is known for working closely with the basketball program, but even that argument goes out the window when the guy who was training the men's bb program (14 athletes) was still making more money during most of Moshaks tenure at UT. And FYI, women's basketball pays for itself at UT before the money bs is tossed out again. Now she has a reduced title and is only supposedly directly responsible for the women's bb team, but that wasn't the case until the consolidation.

So, for 20+ years of her career at UT she had MORE responsibility and saw more athletes by far than the football trainer but made significantly less. That's called gender discrimination.

And to the guy who said she isn't qualified for treating male athletes, she has more years of experience, more professional certifications, and more degrees than a majority of the football trainers in the SEC including ours. Just look it up before you spout off your biased bs. That's like saying you'd rather have a male nurse over a female doctor just because he's a guy.

All you have to do is google this stuff to know how full of it UTs response to this complaint was. It should be no surprise that these professionals had no choice but to pursue the case.

Lynn - I actually am interested in facts, and would welcome an education on this, no sarcasm intended. I see that you measure her job by the number of reports and athletes treated. That is one way to measure. I would REALLY turn around my perception of this situation if you could tell me her salary as a percentage of revenue, versus her male counterpart's salary as a percentage of revenue. If her salary as a percentage of overall revenue is lower than that of her male counterpart, I will lean toward believing that there was discriminatory behavior. Do you have that data?

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I am all for equality. That means pay equal to revenue/value-added. This sort of suit is actually anti-woman - playing the victim card when theings aren't slanted in a special fashion for you. Calling the basic rules of the world and commerce "unfair" and "discriminatory" is nonsense. If someone was hating, that's one thing. Beyond that though, this is how it works - for men, women, every species, every race, anytime and everywhere. If my sport generates more than yours, than there is more pie to go around. It may seem unfair, but at least its objective. When we start slanting the table for everyone's "special reason"...that's when things become unfair and...discriminatory. Maybe Hart is a jerk, maybe not, but I suspect that he is just asking these people to exist in the real world, as opposed to the safe nest they've been coddled in.

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I'll tell you one way to measure this: this team is fun to watch. Last year's team, no fun to watch. We are getting beaten like dogs on "D" and there are certainly brights spots and low points on "O." But there is no debating that this team is fun to watch, and may yet have some surprises up their sleeve. I live in NC, and know many folks that have no horse in the race when UT plays - and they think that while we are not back on top, the Vols certainly can put up a good fight and are fun to watch. Whenever I say stuff like this, some poster will call me a "Doolaid Drinker" or say I don't understand the game. This is a good bunch of kids that is keeping a great attitude. We do have a ways to go, and Dooley may or may not be a keeper, but right now, its worth just watching to see what happens, and if we can pull a rabbit (or a gamecock) out of the hat. For the last three years, I've watched this team fold and pout when they faced adversity. Personally, I enjoyed watching our team get up off the canvas on Saturday, and swing for the fences. That intestinal fortitude didn't cure the other sins, but when a team finds its heart and soul, results sometimes follow. So let's watch and see what this 2012 edition of the VOLS can pull off.

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The coaching is earnest and dedicated, but has some glaring holes, that are hard to explain (false starts, blown assignments on "D"). I do think they are slowly learning (maybe too slowly for many folks). I do like this group of boys. i think they want it and are grounded and sober in their approach. As you type at your keyboard, please remember a group f boys that is really scrapping, flaws and all. Let's root for them guys. 50 years ago, yo would have been ten rows back, feeling their determination and disappointment. Don't look at it only through your 25 inch monitor - connect with the heart of this team/ Warts and all, they're in this thing. If you don't appreciate that, you're are missing a silver lining that is fun to root for.

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Defenses have to give up something to stop a team. Florida played a 2 deep and left their front outnumbered because they knew they could beat UT and keep the running game under control. They stopped the long pass, etc.
Georgia tried to take away the deep ball which they basically did, took away the slants which they basically did. When you do that you have to give up something and that was they where outnumbered up the middle.
To say UT has some vertical running game tells us that you have no idea what you are looking at. The SEC teams have figured out what to do to stop UT. They would rather let these below avg. RBs get some yards because they are not home run threats then let them throw deep.

Still 6-6 at best. Enjoy the change!!!

I have no idea what I'm looking at? Okay - whatever you say. Maybe I understand incremental improvement and the utter and total downhill dive that can happen if this team loses its spirit -- which is one thing the DO have intact. We have failed in past to even recognize what is given in terms of the defense, so recognizing a weakness and attacking it is a positive development. Is it enough to keep the coach? Is it enough to build on? I don't know that, probably not because of the failure to instill fundamentals and discipline is in year 3. I do know that we have a better mentality on this team than in past years and we should protect it. The trend is positive, although slow and still lacking. Even then, when something is moving in a positive direction, have a solution before you break it. Idiots who have never had to own or build anything complex trash things, without knowing how to provide a better solution, and therefore end up diminishing any progress or positives. This is the horse we have to ride for the year, so shut up and encourage them and the vetting will come after the season is over. I am not a "Doolaid Drinker." I am a practical man.