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if Tennessee gives a tinker's damn about its reputation, it can't hire Pearl back. That being said, he was the best men's basketball in Tennessee history.

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Mike Hamilton, in my opinion made some real stupid mistakes out of obvious inexperience. He was looking at things as a business not as an Athletic Director. Compared to other schools who have great coaches they normally stick with their coach through ups and downs. No school can expect to stay on top forever name one that has. Fulmer should have been given another chance to right the wrongs that caught up with him. Now you see the results. I hope, and it's looking like we have a good one the current coach can get us back but he hasn't played a game yet. We'll see. At least the AD today at UT is a Sportsman first.

hammy made stupid mistakes because he was stupid. inexperience had nothing to do with it.

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my take on this article is that adams doesn't think fulmer gave him the respect he thinks he so obviously deserves.

Written on John Adams: Phillip Fulmer needs to look in a mirror before assessing blame:

I don't know whether fulmer could have ever gotten it turned around, but playing him off against the greatest disaster in college a.d. ranks in history? the only 'achievement' mike Hamilton ever managed in his tenure was getting himself paid a seven figure severance package for torching the once mighty vol program.

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"help with recruiting" yeah. sure. I hope nobody tells bama, texas, socal, lsu, florida, georgia, oklahoma, michigan, and osu, to name a few, about the disadvantage they're gonna suffer while the vols go the boise state route.

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The uniforms are going to change over the next 5 to 10 years across the board in NCAA football. Every team, every conference.

End of Story

yeah, and the field at neyland is gonna be painted orange. we got to keep up with the boise states of the football world.

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if adidas thought they could peddle leasure suits to the UTAD, they'd slap a T on it.

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i'll say this. what i've seen coming out of knoxville these last few years sure as hell doesn't resemble in the least what i once took for granted. maybe this strange uniform is a good idea. the last three teams sure weren't worthy of the orange and white. if and when the vols field a team that is, then let's go back to the uniform we used to love.

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yeah, sure. let's finish the job hammy and orange pants started. burn every tradition the vols were once known for. bama will keep looking like bama (and playing like it), ditto lsu, florida, and georgia. the vols will field a collection of emitt kellys.

can't you guys see that all adidas is interested in is selling uniforms?

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for every article I've seen on the aggies or their program in general, it seems there have been half a dozen on manziel. they might not realize it yet in college station, but seeing the back of johnny football will the best thing to happen to them since joining the conference.

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this is the best feeling i've had about recruiting since weasel boy blew in (and out) for his hi and bye show.

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one thing about ole johnny. never had my hopes dashed because all that was ever expected was a higher level of mediocrity. phil was like a breath of fresh air (at least until he got satisfied).

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was he any relation to rex dockery, former lineman for the vols in the early 60's,and later head coach at texas tech and memphis state? (killed in a plane crash in the early 80's) from bradley county.

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those of us who pointed out that dooley had exactly zero credentials for the job were damned as 'haters' and fair weather vols by people who wouldn't know a real coach if he bit them in the you know where. it turned out pretty much as we predicted (for the first time in Tennessee history, three back to back losing seasons). adams, you are entirely too easy on him. don't worry about his feelings. the loot he hauled away on the way out is more than enough to salve that.

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petrino is a brilliant offensive coach, but a crummy recruiter. his success has come at schools where talent is fairly plentiful (auburn as an assistant, louisville, and arkansas). he got the most out of what he had at arkansas, but the fact he didn't have more of it, and that the future was starting to look iffy can be laid to his spotty recruiting.

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fwiw: petrino went 5-7 his first year with the hogs (week 2, the hogs beat Louisiana-Monroe by one point). petrino is a helluva coach, but if they pose a threat to the vols this year, the vols are in worse shape than I thought.

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there is not one benefit of the proposed adams rule that could not be realized under the present framework if both sides keep their word. oops. perhaps that's a little too idealistic.

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I gotta admit. I feel a heckuva lot more comfortable about this coach than I ever did about his predecessor (maybe its because his surname 'Jones' didn't get him the job). My optimism isn't just because Sunseri is no longer around. Its because Mike Hamilton is history. Whatever that golden parachute works out to be, you could double it and it would still be a bargain for getting rid of that stiff.

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playing a bottom feeder like Oregon State, Iowa State, or Virginia only proves that you know how to choose your stiffs.

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Well Austin Peay may not be a Bama or Georgia but its still Tennessee and its still a Saturday night in Neyland. I would love to see them schedule some better games but I still love my Vols and will be there in 5 weeks! At least we (should) will get the Butch Jones era started with a win!

economic realities and cable t.v. being what they are, I suspect you're gonna have a lot of room to spread out in neyland.

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I hate to break this to you Strange, but if you think any coach is going to ask his AD to schedule 12 teams that have a chance to beat him, you have lost your mind.

fair enough. but if the powers that be at the U.T.A.D. think i'd pay Alabama or Georgia type prices to see Austin Peay or South Alabama, they've lost their minds.

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amazing! article about the sec, and the vols don't even get mentioned. thanks again, hammy.

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I lived in NYC for 4.5 years, that city is such a dump. I would hope the SEC stayed away from there. No college football fans there anyway.

I agree. And the ones who are still think Notre Dame and the Big Ten are the end-all, be-all of college football.

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some things ought to be left alone. i don't like the idea of orange turf (ala boise state) either.

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"losing is a disease...,as contagious as syphilis".

dooley could have used that half-pint psychologist.

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don't screw with the uniforms!

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i can think of a former u.t.a.d. whose skills might have qualified him for this position, but i wouldn't bet on it. come to think of it, i can think of a former football h.c. and a former baseball h.c. who on a good day might have been able to handle the booths on either side of his.

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i'd love to see the university of tennessee do better in the director's cup standings, but i'd be a helluva lot more impressed if it did better in the u.s. news & world report standings.

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That's one of the stupidest posts I've read in a long time. That's like getting a non-conference, away game against the loser of the BCS championship game (with the playoff) and saying they're no big deal because they lost. Or saying the same thing about the loser of the NCAA basketball tournament championship game. Silly.

any team that's frightened of a team that managed to squeeze out one run in eighteen innings ought to switch to badminton racquets. my point was that if the dogs had spent less time goofing off and more time tending to business (as the bruins obviously did), likely they wouldn't have been embarrassed the way they were.

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if the cws is any indication, the dogs are not that big a deal. 'cept they've got that collection of stupid looking white hats they were modeling on espn before ucla handed them their butts in the first game.

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The people above AD level who have said they wish to make UTK a 'top 25' university must bear ultimate responsibility. They have been like Elvis impersonators who thought they really were Elvis.

Hopefully, things are starting to get better now. They need to keep in mind that they can't hope to have a top academic teaching and reseach program at UTK if they can't even produce a quality footall team. The former is more challenging than the latter. Good luck to them and GBO!

"they" must bear responsibility for exactly what? wanting to make u.t. a university tennesseans could be proud of? the only way to have a "top academic and teaching program" is to field a good football team? i presume your degree wasn't in logic.

Written on Tennessee football takes another hit in NCAA academic rate, could face serious penalties without improvement:

sobering reminder that Dooley's incompetence wasn't limited to on the field results. thanks again, hammy.

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apparently, ms. rizzotti got some of her class from her old coach as well.

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“What struck me about them is the standard they held their players to as people and competitors,” she said. “Different players go to UConn than Tennessee."

In the past, I have heard statements similar to this. But, what is someone really saying when they say "different players go to UConn than Tennessee"? Both are successful women's programs, so what is being indirectly said here?

another variation on the frayed big ten theme (the sec is a collection of third rate schools). foster is still ticked at the way pat consistently handed him his butt.

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i'm not impressed by adam's theory of how the vols could improve their standing in the sec, but i've sure as hell got a fool-proof idea of how the news-sentinel could improve its standing as a serious publication.

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I got to see what Blair could do with a team from up close. He is a magnificent coach and stamped all over with class. He was forced out from the job here in Arkansas by the most incompetent athletic administrator I've ever seen whose name is not Mike Hamilton. He took a team with no tradition and no super stars to the final four. Once he was gone, the program in Fayetteville returned to its former coma.

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following adam's logic, the only way the vols win is if the rest of the conference comes down to our level. why not go all the way and hope the level of play of all of college football also falls off? i mean, what's the point of winning a conference championship thats not worth having?

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damn! what a downer. adams prescription for success is not that the vols ascend to the rarified atmosphere where the top sec teams dwell, but that through retirement and bad recruiting, they fall back to our level. in other words, the conference championship, if and when the vols win it again, may or may not get them into a bcs type bowl. to hell with it, if he's right.

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I gotta agree. hitting has always been their Achilles heel. was in monica's day, was this year. I wasn't shocked that the land thieves won, but I was at the way Raven and Lauren wilted at the plate.

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having watched the sooners the last couple of years, i'd say 'amen' to what weekly said about them. frankly, it wouldn't have surprised me had o.u. run ruled the lady vols in both games. they did that to a lot of good teams this year. what I was hoping for was what I got, a lady vol team that showed up and fought like hell. i'm very proud of them.

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the dropped popup. my first thought was omg, I hope this is not another bill buckner boot. it was.

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regardless of how the next year turns out, i'd say the reasons for optimism took one hell of an upturn the day hammy turned in his keys.

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would to god that the name of mike hamilton never again be mentioned in connection with tennessee athletics other than to explain the toxic waste site it became during his tenure.

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How long do UT fans have to wait for the Vols to be relevant in football, basketball, or baseball again!

give it time. the worm will definitely turn!

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mizzou/lady vols. three out of four, two shutouts.

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not only a great player, that is one great picture (look at her face).

Written on Open-and-shut-case for Gibson as SEC Player of the Year:

well deserved. her middle name could be 'consistent'.

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What maroon booked a 5 pm flight? Send the UT jet next time.

"maroon"? now we've got an aggie doing the travel arrangements?

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in case anybody is counting, the lady vols have dropped three of the last four to so-so teams. i'm hoping its a wake up call and jars them out of any complacency, but it could be an omen.