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Never thought I'd see the day when the Johnny Rebs, opps I mean Ole Miss, would have a better athletic department than us. Another reminder that everybody on the payroll over there oughta be run off TONIGHT! Starting with Jimmy Cheek.

You are so right, should have happened long ago! No one with former ties to Fla or Honey Boo, Boo university aka Ala. should be at Tennessee.

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Let's hear it from the Pearl lovers. Good thing Jalen didn't attend the infamous BBQ.

The wonderful world of Bruce Pearl missed this one bad. Way to go Bruce, another Pearl mistake.

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Did you enjoy the Sugar Bowl (Louisville) as much as I did? Couldn't have happened to a better group of people. Talk about a beat down!

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There isn't a banner or a rafter BIG enough to show how much I BACK PAT and appreciate what she has done for The Lady Vols, UT, and women's sports.
Look up humble, integrity and character in the dictionary and there will be a picture of PAT.

Well, Well said how right your comments are!

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These guys really deserve this, they put in the time and worked really hard to be a VOL. Thanks Coach Jones.

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Who cares about academics? Winning is the only thing important.


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Hmmm I wonder if he'd come back.

I hope the school is not crazy enough to have him back,some of the worst basketball ever!

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Boy, was that a bright comment!

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Wish him well..he earned his stripes in the NFL. Glad to see a 72 year old man still have this kind of respect instead of everyone looking for a young coach. Had only UT respected Fulmer and Chavis in the same manner you wouldn't be calling Kiffin bad names.

Had Fulmer respected his job and not gotten lazy we wouldn't be in this situation now! Also the chief took his defense to LSU, did you see what happened against Ala. and Clemson.

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May the peace of Christ be with the family. Thanks for being a VOL!

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Bama does not have a single coach with ties to the program. Has no bearing, you can either coach and develop players or you cannot. Roll Tide

Roll on down to the laundromat and use your soap that you named your team after, roll Fighting Irish! Make sure you use it on your neck!

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Dooley did a great job of keeping former Vols away. How did that work out?

What did Dooley have to do with Fulmer and keeping former VOLS away? Former players didn't have anything to do with Fulmer running the program into the dirt, he got lazy and that's the bottom line!

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I wish Fulmer could get a job coaching in Hawaii , as far away as possible .

He needs to get away from UT and stay away. He is responsable for this whole mess and needs to leave. I haven't heard of any school and I mean any, wanting to hire him. He had his chance and did not take care of business as he should have. The school needs to send Cheeks and Hart with Fulmer. Get some people who has the schools best interest at heart.

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glad he is gone

Hope he shows better leadership in the NFL than he did at UT. If he doesn't he won't be there long. He really needs to grow up. Great arm and no brains. I honestly don't think he is ready for the NFL. Hope he doesn't try the pouting act, that want fly with the coaches for very long. Good luck to you, Tyler.

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Hers the deal ALL the coaches lie to the NCAA. The problem with Bruce is he got caught. The real issue is the NCAA lets schools lie and never follow up. With Bruce they set him up so they could get rid of him. Nothing new here its how the NCAA operates. Rest assure if they had the same info on coach K or coach Williams, they would have NEVER asked the questions they had the answers to.

Who is they? Why would the NCAA want to set Bruce up to get rid of him?

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Yea, I like Martin, but I feel like keeping Bruce and getting death penalty is better than firing Bruce and getting Martin. Sorry Martin, but Bruce was THAT good.

How could you ever think the death penalty is better than firing Bruce and hiring Martin? That would set the program back five years or more plus the loss of revenue. All Pearl had to do was tell the truth, he might have gotten a slap on the wrist and that is about all. He thought lying was better. The school had no choice.

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Good to see justice served to the school with the dirtiest players and most obnoxious fans in the country. If not for Gator football, imagine all the extra prisons the state of Florida would need.

Louisville played with class and poise in the face of thugs and bullies.

MusChoke was partially right. He said UF was outcoached and outplayed. He failed to mention they were outclassed too. Chomp this.

Congrats to CCS and the Cardinals on a great victory.

I saw several helmet to helmet hits that was not called, I am surprised that Fla, didn't have more penalties than they did. Could it be that they were over rated or they didn't want to be there?

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If you lived here for so long, then how come you don't know the name of the school is the University of Memphis, and not Memphis State? You have a bush league brain

It will always be Memphis State!

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Sal was to Dooley what D. Clawson was to Fulmer. If Dooley had the Chief as his DC, we'd be watching UT play in a bowl game right now.

You must not have seen the ending in the LSU and Clemson game last night? Same old chief and his crazy prevent defense, he can always find a way to lose a game. He did it at UT and still is doing it at LSU. Miles is just as bad, three passing plays when they had the chance to end the game. If I remember they had second and three and passed the ball twice, who called those plays? Remember the Alabama game, they both found a way to lose.

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Phillip Fulmer being inducted into the COLLEGE FOOTBALL HALL OF FAME.

Chick-fl-a is better, now maybe he will go AWAY!

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Sad. A guy who used to be the sports editor for KNS is reduced to a 'columnist' who leads the brigades to dump Fulmer and Dooley, and who now is further reduced to writing a column criticizing the fans who criticize him. How much longer before he becomes a 'blogger'? Merry Christmas, John.

John Adams didn't need to help Fulmer or Dooley get fired, they did enough on their own. Fulmer got lazy and Dooley should have never been hired to begin with. Happy New Year everyone!

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Merry Christmas to everyone

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Hunter will be a good pickup in the 4th or 5th round.

He want get rich if he is drafted that low. If he drops passes in the NFL like he did at UT he want be there long. He reminded me of Jamal Lewis this year. I don't think he is ready for the NFL.

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Way to Goooooooo David...! We UT fans are proud of your accomplishments

Great job David, we VOL fans are very proud of you. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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No doubt Petrino is using WKU to bolster his resume' and clean up his name. I give him two years tops before he leaves for greener pastures. Who's to say he wouldn't have used UT in a similar capacity. I think UT's decision to hire Jones was much better than hiring Tuberville or Petrino, and in time may prove to be the best hire since Majors or Fulmer.

I agree with you fully, I think we got the best part of this whole thing. I didn't want either Patrino or Tuberville.

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"Even a dog finds a bone sometimes" Why a comment like this after a really good win. You aren't happy when they lose and winning doesn't help you any either. People like you shouldn't even be around UT sports.

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who cares...

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Will help reduce our overall "buyout" money. Sunseri will be a difficult one to place.

Who in their right mind would hire Sunseri? All a coach would have to do is watch our tapes from this year. Worst defense that I have ever seen.

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Have you ever been on a football field, other than walking across one to go to your car, after a high school game?

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Should send him a bill for his airline tickets and meals and what expenses he and his family had while they were in Knoxville. He had no intentions of comming to Tennessee, he just got a free trip from Tennesse.

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Majors got what he deserved. Fulmer had lost control of the program and the program was floundering. Sanders had no clue how to run an offense. Sounds like you need to get a life!

Which school do YOU pull for??

I can tell that you know nothing about Tennessee sports. The poster is right about Majors, Fulmer, Sanders and Chavis. I had a first hand look at the program being run into the dirt. All of them stayed longer than they should have. Chavis defense got LSU beat by Alabama this year.

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Alright, all together now: Who in Vol land never turned down a job offer? (Show of hands)

Now, what part of no do we not understand?

This should be a non issue. Tee Martin may be a fine man. He was a one year quarterback who happened to be along on our year of glory. He has worked at the college level (prior to USC) at two losing programs, in minor rolls. He is reportedly a good recruiter, but he did not recruit KY to victory (except over us). This is not a negative hit on Martin. He just seems another "name" we clamor for, and want to throw a hissy fit if we do not get him. We offered; he said no; end of story.

We have done without hin for all of these years, I really think coach Jones can get along without him now. I feel confident the coach can find someone else that just might do better than Martin. I really don't know why anyone would want to work for kiffin.

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What does Butchy mean? Its a joke like why does the chicken cross the road. Now do you get it? I think Coach Jones is secure enough in his own skin to handle anything that come across this board. Unlike you ASH. I'm sure he knows how to recruit better than me or you. And you dont post JUNK? Well I think you do.
Take a deep breath ASH it will do you good.

Sounds to me like you are not very secure with the hire. Maybe you need to take a deep breath. "Butchy" doesn't sound like a joke to me. Have a nice day.

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I really like butch jones I hope this works. Tuberville wanted this job.Jimmy Hyams said on the radio on fri in birmingham AL jox radio. said that Tubbervile told Tennessee "I have a winning record against nick saban and I can beat him again" here is the link.
Tommy tubbs stats
Undefeated season, won the sec west 5 out of the ten years he coached. I do not believe there is no big bama hart conspiracy but he has sec experience and he wanted the job. I hope there was a good reason he did not get offered the job.

He would never fit in at UT, he doesn't have the fire in him that coach Jones seems to have. Never liked him, his slapping the grad student coach didn't help him much. Hiring him would be like taking Fulmer back and everyone knows that would never work. I am going to back coach Jones until he proves me wrong. If he gets the right people around him, I think he will do well.

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Yes he is an impressive talker. But can he walk the walk. I think all the salesmanship is a little much. The SEC is a totally different ball game. And as one poster stated your tell a team that drubed you about winning conference championships. The MAC and the Big East are just not the SEC.

NOW, first off lets see if he can recruit the hot beds like the state of Florida, Texas and California. I hope Butchy understands that because of the geographical boundary of the state of Tennessee you have to recruit nationaly.


What does "Butchy" mean? I just bet he knows where he has to recruit, probably better than you. I really wonder about people who post this kind of junk.

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Xactly. This must be from the same delusional group that keeps calling for Peyton to come home.

Same group that wanted Fulmer back.

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This is one of the most stupid statments that I have ever read. How do you possibly know what leaps he is prepared for. Sounds to me like he is well prepared for it. He looks like someone with alot of fire in him which Fulmer in his last years lost and Dooley never had. I am going to back coach Jones until he proves me wrong, I certainly wish him well.

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You know, the fan base got Fulmer fired. If we pull together, maybe we could get rid of this parasite for once and for all. I can't think of a more despicable human being.

When are you people going to admit that Fulmer got himself fired. Should have happened before it did. He got lazy and his recruiting had gotten terrible, he also didn't want to hire someone that would over shadow him. Why don't we give coach Jones a chance and quit writing all of this garbage. I dare say 90% of the posters on here wouldn't know where to start to coach a football team. Alot have never been on a football field. Just maybe we have a coach that really does care and really wants to be here.

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i can't wait to boo him and hart when they are announced at the next basketball game. i know, i know. all of you hollier than thou fans will say that makes me a bad fan. when in fact most of you that will say that won't be at the next basketball game because they aren't playing well. that makes you a bad fan. i pay thousands a year to that place and while it is nothing compared to the big donors, it is a big chunk of my yearly income. so the way i see it i'm entitled to voice my anger on the hire. boo.


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I would rather have Fulmer back and I thought I would never say that.


I wouldn't ever say that because I don't and would never want him back for any reason. I wouldn't have ever paid him six million when he left, what a waste of money.

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The next move after hiring Butch Jones would be to immediately fire Dave Hart.

You are right on the call for Hart to be gone, should have never been hired to begin with. Cut the ties with anyone who came out of the state of Alabama. Make sure Sal is in the car with him when he leaves. Do you think we could send Cheeks with him and just clean the place up?

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What makes you think Fulmer would be a great AD he has no experience at all doing that. However, he has a lot of experience as a coach it would be more logical to say hire Fulmer as the HC instead of saying hire him as the AD.

Why would you want to hire Fulmer for any thing at UT. We have already been down that road and we all know how that turned out. Do you really want to watch run right, run left and throw it over the middle and punt. By the way he must look at the film and also we must work harder. I heard that line until I got sick of hearing it. Send him out into the sunset with his 6 mil that the school should have never paid.

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I don't understand all of these folks who hate Fulmer! He loved UT and gave 25+ years to the school in one form or another.He loves UT and you won't find that type of loyalty with anyone else no matter how much money you throw at them or what promises you make to them. Yet when he has 2 or 3 seasons that were not the best and people are screaming for him to go. Well what goes around comes around. That is why we are the laughing stock of the NCAA. We need a coach who loves this school as much as you say you do! We need Fulmer back!

Not in a million years, should have taken care of his job when he had it. Got lazy, recruiting was terrible and when Cut left he really didn't know what to do. I agree with the earlier poster why has no one hired him in all of these years?

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It is refreshing to see a coach be loyal to the school and players. BUT WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN TO TENNESSEE. Is this a compitant coaching search being done by the UT administration?

I was wondering the same thing, I don't trust Dave Hart and I don't think Jimmy Cheeks has a clue. With all of the things UT has to offer it is hard to beleive they can't find a good coach. We should be looking to replace Hart and Cheeks along with Dooley.

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Its funny to me that we would consider a known liar in Petrino. Any man who lies to his wife is expected to tell the truth to his boss, the players, players parents, the fans and the NCAA. That makes a lot of sense to me.

I don't care if we recruit the taliban for players, but lets at least not hire a cheat thief and liar as the face of our program.

There are alternatives.

Petrino is like buying a used car that you know has been wrecked, trouble stay clear.

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Bring Fulmer back. It is the most logical and intelligent choice.

That ship has already sailed, I hope it stays at sea.

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Congrats to coach Fulmer for a job well done. By the way, Fulmer DID NOT put Tennessee football on the proverbial map. That honor goes to Bob Neyland!

well said and true

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We should have never got rid of him. The recruiting was still good we just didn't get the results. Now look where we are getting 3 star recruits left and right. Wrong move VOL nation.


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If I am not mistaken Butch Davis was fired at N.C. If you check back further I think he was in trouble before he came to N.C. I couldn't believe it when they hired him.

I checked on Butch Davis again and the article said he was clean before he got to UNC. You can look up the article at did butch davis get fired at unc.

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Wasn't Davis caught up in some NCAA rules violations at UNC??

If I am not mistaken Butch Davis was fired at N.C. If you check back further I think he was in trouble before he came to N.C. I couldn't believe it when they hired him.