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SPOT ON... The year after the national championship '99 was the most under coached I had ever seen, until the 2001 SEC Championship game. Saban and a third-string QB and back-up, back-up running back beat us badly and we were completely loaded. The slide continued...

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Obviously not the whole story. Bad headline. Untrained media eye only absorbs the obvious. Butch will go with QB who has best grasp of entire offense (T.Bray would have struggled in this decision-centric attack), can move the sticks with the fewest mental errors. Wo uld be shocked if it is anyone other than J. Worley. Above-average arm, average feet, outstanding brain.Awful decision by CDD to blow redshirt year and throw him to the wolves vs. SC, AL, AR. ju st because staff despised M. Simms (and family); another bad decision to not start him vs. KY in Lexington (T.Bray was zoned-out all week-but he was Chaney's guy); yet another horrible decision to not start Worley in 2nd half vs. Vandy last fall. How many Gatorade national players-of-the-year have ever signed with Vols? P. Manning! Worley won't blow you away with his athleticism (neither did Peyton); His passes sometimes wobble (so did Peyton's); but he wins the brain game every snap and gives the Vols a chance to move the sticks, keep the ball and, maybe most importantly, keep our defense off the field. GO VOLS!

This reads like it comes from the inside... I would agree that if Worley isn't named soon it would be surprising. I don't know anything about Peterman's head but do know that Worley was a top student and has strong leadership qualities.

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One thing about Ferguson... He won A LOT in high school.

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Very insightful article. Non-event stories are rarely covered anymore. Subtleties overlooked.

As for the clowns who continue to criticize everything written by JA, why don't you guys get together and write nirvana blogs.

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It is important to note that North ran a lot in high school. He has good moves with the ball. He is also NOT built like your typical true freshman. He is 6'4" but also physically stronger and bigger than you would think someone so young would be. He is not rail thin. I see them throwing out to him in the flat and letting him beat corners to the edge or run over them. He will stretch the field.

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He strikes me as a very smart young man. I have always been impressed with him in his interviews. I think he will really help the team this year.

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Please take a look at this guy. He looks like a football coach! He talks like a football coach. If he were your dad and he told you to clean up your room and you didn't do it, I see this guy offering more than a little constructive criticism.

We have talent. Going back to a 4-3 helps that talent. Couch and McCullers are going to cause problems in the middle and I think Smith has a breakout year on the edge. Our defense is going to be surprisingly good.

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Congratulations to the young man who wrote this article! I am very proud that a current student put forth a work of this length and depth. Kudos to you! Your future is bright.

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If John Adams had written this, wow would folks have gone CRAZY!

Former Vol Charles Davis had some nice, positive points about Tennessee on the radio yesterday. He talked about their offensive line and about a defense that is much better than given credit for. His theory is that Tennessee will surprise people this year and that Butch and staff will really have to work hard to continue the momentum into 2014 when so many graduate.

I would agree.

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Throughout these posts I see too much of the following...

1. Witch Doctor. Don't get me wrong I think your shtick is fun and often agree with you but you're popping up far too often (less is more).

2. Pearl stories from KNS. This was a great event - focus on the charity not the former coach. In the past two years we've all been served a dozen too many Pearl stories. Kiffin stories are a close second for over coverage.

3. Pearl apologists. Look, the guy was a great coach and was unbelievably charismatic. But multiple posts limit his transgressions to just bbq. There was a lot more than that. There was the big lie to the NCAA, the cover up, the infraction in Virginia, and more than anything there was his hubris. That's what did him in. I wish him well but he's Saturday's paper. Coach Martin is our guy. We all need to support him.

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Hey BiVol they may not make it at the next level but they seem to take care of business when comes to playing UThug.

Will loses his mind on the sidelines because there isn't much of a mind to lose.

And are you kidding me with the "thug" comment? Don't sell your Gators short in this department.

Move along to your own sites. Enjoy the humidity, pastel colored strip malls and mosquitoes.

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Why in the world is this AP article picked up and run in the Knoxville sports section? Please move on. Let Lane enjoy South Central come what may.

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It has to be grades. It is unfortunate because I too hoped Golden was about to have final, more consistent year. Who will play the point? This is definitely a blow.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

This is the best post in a sea of ignorant, ridiculous posts. I can not believe that "fans" would write what they write about a 21 year old. The kid comes across the country to play for a coach who bolts before he arrives. He is coached by a guy who didn't work out. He leaves one year early because most of his wide receiver corps is gone and yet another coach is coming. I'm pretty sure I would have done the same thing. I can also assure you I was extremely immature as a college student at the University of Tennessee.

All of this anger geared toward a kid is disgusting. I thank this poster for posting one of the few smart and kind thoughts.

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I am completely shocked about Bray. I did not see that one at all. I thought the Steelers were going to take him in the third round. The Steelers really surprised me in the second round too by not taking Eddie Lacy. It's a crazy game on Sundays. Don't count out Bray. His arm strength and size will help him...eventually.

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CP is pure electricity! A steal!

With practice anyone can learn a pass route or how to block.

He is electric. He will be a great returner and when he gets the ball in his hands he will know what to do with it. That written, running routes in the NFL is extremely complicated. Routes change and/or are broken off based on coverage packages. It's difficult. I do think he will struggle for awhile.

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This is good news for Marlin and for Vol fans. Before "Advent of Alden" I thought he was our top RB. Our backfield is going to be really important this year. We will not be throwing it like we have in the past.

And BTW, how about the incredible job of recruiting Butch Jones is doing? I know he hasn't coached a game yet, but he's selling a program that has been difficult to sell recently.

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What a disappointing string of posts. We're really blaming a kid from the other side of the country who signs with a coach he never plays for. Then spends three years in purgatory with a coach who couldn't save the program? Sorry, he's not the guy to blame.

Bray goes either second or third round to the Pittsburgh Steelers. And write it down, he not only plays, he eventually starts. He had the strongest arm to ever wear orange and that helps on Sundays.

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One of the more unappreciated players we have ever had. He comes across the country to go to college. The guy who recruits him bolts. He plays during one of the real low points in school history. He gets too much blame for our losses.

He has a great arm and good height. He will make it. He will start.

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You wont see much grind it out with this offense, its not what it does. Very fast snaps, no huddle with very little check offs. This offense gets off the field in a hurry, either by scoring or punting, but slow ball control keeping the defense off the field it is not. Gonna take 3 or 4 recruiting classes to really work like its supposed to.

Disagree. The talent is upfront. The staff knows it. They also know that the passing game is...well, a challenge.

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Hill is big - over 220, smart (3.6 GPA) and runs hard. We desperately need a good running back behind that offensive line, which I have to believe will play better than yesterday. Grind it out. Keep the defense off the field and help our QBs develop. Hill is the story this spring. How big a story we won't know until Oregon.

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Let's look ahead not backward. Next year is going to be tough but I am getting more and more excited about Sept 14th against Oregon. We will go into that game 2-0. They have lost their coach and the NCAA scandal that will roll out like a bad onion will definitely hang over them. This will be our first big game, first big showcase on national television. If we can hang in there it will do a world of good for the season and the program.

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Such mixed feelings. It was the last SEC team but is was Florida that took a whooping.

No mixed emotions... The better team, the better coach, the better everything won. AND, Florida lost. This SEC devotion I see on this site is out of hand. I actually root against the SEC. We compete more against Florida in games and students and recruits than Michigan. Wonderful day for Tennessee with Florida getting blown out.

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This is absolutely huge. Truly. Tennessee is at its best when we run the ball. This kid can do just that. Very, very, very exciting!

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Coach Martin is a great ambassador for the school. He has an incredible personal story and he is committed to doing things the right way. You can't ask for more than that. The university needs to do everything it can to ensure he is happy, comfortable and in Knoxville for a long time.

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I agree with commentators. We're IN!

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The key to this year's quarterback play stands seven yards behind whoever it is. We have to have a running back step up. I fear Neal isn't elusive enough and Lane is a step slow.

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Wow, how the bloggers have fallen. This article is spot on and well-written. Losing Graham is huge on so many levels. You can play Adams for telling the truth all you want but you're embarrassing in doing so.

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Biggest win in Coach Martin's career. A must win, on the road, very solid opponent. I can not commend Coach Martin and his staff enough. Our guys wanted it more.

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I wish him well. Oh, no wait I can't. He's gone to Dallas. I loathe them. Nothing pleases me more than seeing their owner just after a defeat.

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There is absolutely no disease in the world that is more cruel than this one. It is absolutely tragic.

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Musburger made me laugh which made me recheck the Mayan calendar.

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I no longer buy in to this "root for the conference" garbage. The SEC is established. It's the best on the field in the country. When our beloved Vols get back into the mix they will never have any worry about not getting a shot on the national stage. BUT...because the SEC is by far the worst conference off the field - lowest graduation rate and by far the most scandals, cheating and NCAA infractions, I now pull against it.

All of which is to write, GO NOTRE DAME.

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Auction off seats, hardwood, et?

Yes! Great idea! They would definitely sell. I'd buy.

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"Do you believe Butch Jones is the right choice to be UT's coach?"

I don't even care what I believe. What a ridiculous charade of an article and fan babble.

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NO!!!!! Smarmy radar off the charts. Berating a female reporter and running out on his alma mater. NO!!!!!

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I couldn't believe how good Brown looked last night. He ran fast and hard, had great moves but what I was amazed by was his vision. How does a guy who played so little at the college level have the ability to see the holes and the next level that well?

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Hunter is the first wide receiver taken WHY? Go do some homework on the rest of the nation's wide receivers in college football. You don't drop the balls he dropped and go as first WR in the draft.

Remains first on ESPN's board

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I don't see hunter or Patterson as first round picks this year. Patterson is the most exciting player I have seen in a long time but only when he has the ball. He continues to run the wrong routes. Hunter still needs work and many times is afraid to put his body on the line to make some catches.

Bray could possibly go late in the first round but his maturity level will get him stuck on the practice squad.

All 3 need another year in the weight room and training to learn how to win. None have part of winning big games. They need to announce the next coaching staff before players decide on going to the nfl. This gives them their best chance.

Are you kidding? Hunter is the first wide receiver taken. Why you may ask based on how many drops he had this year and his ability to hand his head early. BUT... He is tall and fast and he explodes out of his cuts. The guy can literally get open with one step.

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He will be a very good pro. He is the best pure passer we've had in a long time. He has a strong arm and throws the deep ball well. That written, another year of college would serve him well - raise his stock and get him high in the first round...possibly first.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Are you kidding me? Every college program has questionable titles. In the case of Tennessee they should have received at least 3 titles during Neyland's run that they didn't. I truly believe they won 6 - maybe just not the 6 posted in the stadium. BTW, visit Notre Dame, Pitt, Minnesota, Alabama, LSU on and on...

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Top 20? Top 10. Most beautiful stadium in the country. Brand new facilities. Devoted fan base. It's in the best conference in college football but not in the DEEP SOUTH - as in Darwin's waiting room. 6 National Championships. Alma mater of the NFL's top quarterback and running back. Devoted fans. It's a great job. Don't undersell KNS.

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What's up with the stool softner set? Seriously. I recognize the Rolling Stones are the featured band on Monday Night football, but c'mon man! Are you looking for someone to play shuffleboard with?

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Dooley hasn't done anything in 3 years, nothing but destroy a program and yes it would be ridiculous to give him another year. But America is the real dimwit for voting for a guy who has done nothing in 4 years, so he makes excuses and blames his predecessors and smears his opponents. Their are a lot of similarities between these two losers!

Keep your politics OFF THIS SITE!!!!! Shame on you.

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This might be the biggest hire Tennessee has had since... Maybe ever. Hart has to get this right. I'm encouraged that he will not go with a third-party search committee. He will make the decision and make it internally.

Head coach of a major college football team takes a rare set of skills. I do believe that Dooley is very smart, knows the game and can recruit. But he has not been able to keep his coaches, makes tragic game day decisions and simply doesn't have "it." I don't how else to write it. For some reason Saban has "it." Somehow Saban gets kids a generation and a half younger than his, from a completely different part of the country than where he is from (Ohio Valley), a group of kids he has nothing in common with, to come down to Alabama and play for him. He then teaches and motivates these 18 - 21 year olds to incredible success.

Those skills are worth millions and millions of dollars. We have to find that person. My short, short wish list...

1. Al Golden (young, talented, great recruiter - hungry to get away from the NCAA onslaught looming over Miami.)

2. Bob Stoops (angst between Stoops & A.D. He brings his brother to shore up the worst coached defense Tennessee has ever had.)

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Does anyone know why Wilcox left? That was a lateral move at best. That's a huge question that has had massive implications on this season. Truly. Does anyone know?

Written on Derek Dooley quotes Bruce Hornsby over criticisms of defense:

I'm still baffled how a guy with Sunseri's coaching experience, both college and pro, can put out a product that is this inept. Look at where he was and who he coached under. It's unreal.

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I remember Mark Herbert, the Kentucky TV reporter, chasing after Billy Gillespie when he was fired. Not a great day for Herbert, who ended up apologizing for it. This is the same kind of deal.

The KNS knows there's a growing sentiment to fire Dooley, so they're jumping on the bandwagon to sell more of whatever it is they sell. I can't argue with Adams' facts, but I can argue with his presentation, which concludes with UT fans wanting Missouri to win.

Nowhere in here does he refer to what Dooley inherited or what he has had to endure. Sure, he has created many of his own problems, but none of those are going to be solved by some sportswriter making a case for a coaching change.

Many will say Adams speaks the truth. But, I say Adams speaks the direction the wind is blowing.

Spot On! I'd penalize Mr. Adams 15 yards for piling on - or, clubbing a baby seal.

Here is the big question. Why did so many assistant coaches leave last year? And more specifically, leave for lateral positions. Is it because A) They wanted away from the Head Coach, the university, et al. Or B) They believed their current employer - Dooley - was going to be fired and therefore needed job security. And why did they believe this? Because UT's athletic director has shown the mildest of support for his head football coach since he arrived in Knoxville.

I think B. And if you think B then you have to wonder what would have been had the AD better supported the head coach. Many of those coaches stay. Dooley doesn't have had to scramble, practically assembling a brand new staff in a very short period of time. In that rush he hires Sunseri - clearly the wrong guy. Had Wilcox remained I see the Vols with a loss to Alabama and probably Florida. And lots of talk of a turnaround.

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Hey Baldy, playing qb at UT is a priveledge. He act as though it's his sound like a wimp. If this board is to strong for you then I suggest you go to a lady vol board. Im sick of losing, especially the way we lose. your retort.

I want 'em to win every bit as badly as you do. And yes, playing QB at UT is a privilege. They've scored enough points in every game to win. Snort at why their losing - defense, kicking and lack of depth!