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Written on Reports: UT has sights set on Charlie Strong; decision could come as early as Wednesday :

in response to CasuallyAvid:

Strong is exactly who we need. His defense and recruiting leadership + our existing offensive staff will bring immediate success. I know everyone wanted a splashy name like Gruden, but to be honest I'd rather have someone like Strong who loves the SEC, knows how to recruit, and has a little bit of a chip on his shoulder and wants to prove himself on a bigger stage. The Grudens of the world are just chasing the next biggest paycheck...Strong will build long term success and will be loyal for years to come. Home run hire!! Go Vols!!!

Right on, Brother!!!

Written on ESPN report says Charlie Strong is top candidate for Tennessee head football coach:

Strong is the man. He is a winner who knows what it takes to win in the SEC. Go get him!

Written on New York City could be nexus of Tennessee's coaching search for next few days :

Charlie Strong is the best choice. He won 10 games and the Big East Championship and won the last game against a 9 win team on the road Thursday night with a quarterback who had a broken wrist and bad ankle. Urban Meyer had a great defense at UF as long as Strong was his DC.
We should have hired the young Brian Kelley instead of Kiffen. He was a proven winner and so is Charlie Strong.

Written on Streak goes cold: Alabama's second-half surge keys 62-50 win :

You make 3's you win. You don't make 3's they collapse with 7 footers in the middle and you don't score at all. We didn't make shots. Next game we will and the ending will be reversed.

Written on Mike Strange: At least for this week, 'it's a good Christmas to be a Vol' :

in response to born2ride:

All I want for Christmas are new coaches.

Get REAL!! Look at Nick Saban's 1st year. 5 straight losses and finished with a 50/50 season.

Written on Cuonzo Martin needed a ‘kitchen sink' to sign Jarnell Stokes:

in response to eb502us#225637:

Great signing but should we waste a year of eligibility with him having no practice time and this team being so bad.

Hard to believe we'd sniff an NCAA bid even if he lived up to his hype.

Then again with Martin being under the gun, I doubt he'd let him sit.

Are you kidding? This kid will go NBA in a couple of years. We need to give him all the PT we can this year and next.

Written on Tennessee upset by Austin Peay, 74-70 :

in response to born2ride:

Good grief!

Austin Peay was 1-9 coming into the game. They just lost be 31 points to Memphis.

It is time we cut our losses and get rid of Martin and Dooley. They were both terrible hires by Mike Hamilton. They longer we wait the more our programs fall into oblivion.

Dooley was the first UT coach in 3 decades to lose to Kentucky. Martin is losing at home to inferior teams and bringing in recruits not good enough to play in the SEC.

This is what happens when you go cheap and hire bargain bin coaches. Please stop making excuses for Dooley and Martin or waiting until next year for improvement - which will never come.

Hart needs to hire big name coaches who have experience winning and who can turn around UT basketball and football. We have hit rock bottom with Martin and Dooley.

Go Big Orange!

You are half right. Martin went from worst to first in 3 years on his previous job. Dooley went from bad to worse in 3 years. Still no excuse to for losing to a team whose chant is "Let's go pee!"

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