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I take it you are probably around 60 years old or older?....I am not trying to offend you, but it does seem to be the older generation that does not approve of any uniform changes.... I personally think it is great and I'm sure many of the younger players,recruits and would-be prospects do as well!!! I say way to go Gig Orange!!! I love it!!!

Did you say CHANGE? That's an Obama term that is a scourge on this nation. I don't mean to offend you but being a part of the younger generation I would say you voted for what history will judge the WORST president EVER to bow before a muslim king who abuses women.

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Once Kiffin loses another 5 games not only will Kiffin be on the hot seat but Hayden also.

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It sounds like this young man is a class act. Good luck to you and I hope you light it up at TTU. I, for one, will keep up with your progress.

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Question is: Could Bryant deal with all the attitudes, tattoos, character issues, drug and alcohol issues and alumni issues the coaches today must face? I think not. Bryant would struggle in today's society.

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Hey Wet Humper I don't keep up with sissy overpaid players like you do. You can support all the druggies but I do not. You are probably one of the twitter freakies too huh?
People like you and other twitter followers need to get a life and take care of their families instead of twittering all the time. I do NOT CARE......

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Does anyone really care? I've never heard of the guy. I think the back up catcher for the 1985 Vols team gave up smoking as well but no one cares.

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Theres a lot of time left to recruit and many recruits are waiting to see if there stock may rise in the coming football year. I would say that the Vols will land in the top 10 or 15 after all is said and done. Bama, Fla, Ga and the likes of those programs will begin their haul soon. If the Vols can continue to land 4 star players and mix in a 5 star or 2 the sky is the limit. I feel the players they have already are doing their part to help.
Its a shame that some other infantile people come here to stir the pot. I guess they just have no life and their momma hasn't raised them to be respectful people.

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The article said he was suspended indefinitely which means he might be back. Given the low character of Kennedy, their coach, he will probably be back. Winning trumps a little coke on teams with low standards.

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I am wondering why any fan of Vandy, Fla, Bama or any other school would peruse the Volunteer site? Could it be because they are closet Vol fans? They are either Vol fans just bitter at the program at this time or they are pathetic lazy people who don't work and want someone to give them attention......I for one, have never nor will I ever go to another school's site for I could care less about other school's fans opinions.
I guess some people are jealous of the history of the mighty Vols. One day soon the Vols will be back at the top and the other schools will be envious as they have been in the past.

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I have read obituaries more interesting than this article. Good grief!

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Give the Sooners credit, they played a great game. The Lady Vols are still awesome!! Its hard to play against a home team for certain but the Vols played their hearts out. They did all they could do but the hitting just wasn't there. The Sooners have a great team with only 4 losses they proved they are the best. Congrats to the Sooners.....and I am proud to be a Vol fan for these girl are a class act!

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Its hard to beat a team at home and the Oakies are definitely the home team.
OK has better hitters and they WILL win the series. Vols had a great run but like all the other programs at UT its choke city.
I understand home runs win games but to allow the Sooners to hit balls over their heads and drop pop ups is non excusable.

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On Dave Serrano's behalf, Rome wasn't built in a day. This team is very young and inexperienced. It will take some good recruiting, maturing and leadership among the team to become winners. I have been very frustrated at the seemingly lack of desire to win from this team. It CAN be turned around but it WILL take time.

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the baseball program has about the same kind of luck as Derek Dooley had as football coach! Hope it turns around soon. I think it will. Serrano is a great coach. He will make them winners.

Dereck Dooley was the worst coach in the history of Tennessee. He did not have bad luck he just had bad coaching. He could have taken control of the sorry defense last year but he had no clue what to do. Lots of people are saying he had bad luck but you know what? Great coaches overcome adversity. Dooley NEVER did......I'm just saying.

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Why would anybody want to sleep(or attempt sleeping) under a rock?
While I admit that we've gone a bit downhill at UT I do not know that it's particularly any admins fault. Pearl seems to have been badly handled for sure. But I disagree with Dooley's being a part of the downhill run. One or two defensive players more and he would have had a good third year. But he quit before he was fired.

As far as the Cheek thing goes?? I don't know the man and will not trust your judgment on him.
I personally would like to see this site as less of a gossip column and more of a sports info page. It doesn't matter really what any of us think about Cheek. Bring proof if you slander someone.

The proof is in many articles that have been published on KNS. Wikipedia gives the facts on Cheeks as well. I could copy and past all the junk I have read but its a long read that no one wants. The problem with the athletic dept. is money grabbers. The powers to be are there simply to promote themselves in whatever way they can. They are all snake oil salesmen and tell you what you want to hear. Dooley was fired for if he quit he would not be drawing another million dollars that he does NOT deserve. He could have had the Green Bay Packers team and still would have lost all the games he did for he was a pathetic coach. Tennessee has become a laughing stock for ESPN and the SEC and I am sick of it. Slander?????
Its not slander my friend but reality. You will NOT hear anyone on this site promote Jimmy Cheeks. He is a snake among many snakes on staff there.....much like the United States Congress.......

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I don't know Jimmy Cheek as obviously well as you know him. Actually I don't know him at all. I'd say most on here don't know Jimmy Cheek. I'm sooooo glad you told us about him. I DO know that running anything as big as UT must take a lot of gumption. As far as I know I really admire his efforts.

PS I really don't know if this was an attack on you or just and opinion.imho

Since you evidently live under a rock I will enlighten you as to who Jimmy Cheeks is....his nickname is Booger Eater (seriously) and he headed up the hire of Dereck Dooley. He spent 34 years at Florida then slithered into Tennessee to help ruin their athletic program after helping fire Phil Fulmer.
He is Chancellor at UT and unfortunately involved in the athletic program as well. Since he has been at UT the program has gone nowhere but down.
Now you can go back under your rock and sleep.

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Its really no ones business and it actually does not matter for as long as the University of Tennessee has the clowns like Jimmy Cheeks on the payroll the men's programs will all stink.

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Going from hero to zero in the draft couldn't happen to a more deserving punk. Grow up Bray. You might be able to throw newspapers for KNS but you sure can't throw a football.

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Hey Tyler, you need to go home and slap your mommy and daddy for the way they raised you. Your punk attitude contributes to your failure as a quarterback and leader. The Knoxville News Sentinel needs great paper throwers since you threw your education in the dirt maybe a good paper route is in your future.

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I have mixed emotions about Tyler Bray. One part I feel bad for him because he's a Vol and clearly he got some bad advice. But, I also think it also summarizes his college career. Bad judgment. All the way back to when he did the throat slice jester during the UNC game I think it was. It's not so much that I define a person over one incident but rather let the events define themselves over time. Ala throwing beer bottles off a balcony at a residents car right before starting his Junior season.

The blame lies on his parents. THey raised the self centered brat and failed to teach him humility and respect for others.

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Calipari was ready to take Stokes to Kentucky. If Stokes had made the right decision and gone to Kentucky, Cal would have developed his talent and he would be NBA ready. Tennessee has been a career killer for Stokes.

Just Saying

Your postings continue to prove your infantile thinking. Calapari is a great recruiter but a terrible coach. You really are laughable for your posts continue to show that you need to get a life. Did your daddy leave you when you were very young and you have something to prove in life?

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Wow....lose 3 at home to Ole Miss? Come on your heart in it or what? Its not the coaches fault but its YOUR fault you guys don't step up in late innings. You gave away 2 games. Do you deserve to play in the SEC tourney?
It sure looks like you really don't care at this point.

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What about Pat Head Summitt in her first year of her movement against Alzheimer's???

Pat was elected last year.

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The award is presented to an individual or organization that has made significant contributions to Tennessee through sports or other methods, demonstrating outstanding character and leadership. Last year's recipient of the award was former University of Tennessee woman's basketball coach Pat Summitt.

So this cry baby, arrogant bastage is the only qualified candidate in Tennessee? I have known dog catchers with more credibility.

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Geno is the Bill Belichick of women's basketball. He knows how to recruit the right players and knows how to coach them up. Holly MUST recruit better players and teach them to hustle more. The Lady Vols have been down for some time now and its because of lack of hustle. You watch them play against the upper class teams such as Notre Dame, Baylor and even Louisville and the other girls run circles around them. Against Louisville they looked like they were in slow motion. Its like watching the men's team play.....Sure, she won coach of the year and overachieved in the SEC but she is still years away from fielding a team that can run with UConn unless she can land some great recruits, particulary a big girl who has game.

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I'm watching Michigan-Louisville and we don't have one player who could even make the end of the bench for either of these teams. Such speed, hustle and quickness is light years ahead of our guys. I hope they get better next year but any talk about the NBA right now is ridiculous.

Good post. The difference is in coaching. Martin doesn't expect as much out of the players as great coaches do evidently. This has been evident in many games. The Vols play up to the competition and down to teams they should beat. Its all about desire to win and motivation.

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This team proved they could play with anyone when they played together. They beat Fla and Witch State and played Gtown to the last shot as well as beat Missouri HOWEVER....Cuouzo could not get these guys up for Mercer, Ga, Bama and Ole Miss. Whats the problem here? The problem is the coach...seriously. He had the team that could win the NIT for certain yet they bowed out first round to Mercer. He had the team that could play in the Big Dance yet they faltered time after time. It was Cuonzo's lack of motivating and playing the right scheme. He had the wrong guys guarding the wrong players on defense and the wrong offensive scheme in many games. Cuonzo is NOT ready for big time basketball. No matter what all you ex Dooley lovers and Cuonzo backers think, he is NOT the man. He MAY make it to the NCAA tourney next year but he WILL not make it past the 2nd round for once they play some team like Florida Gulf Coast or another Mercer they just simply cannot get motivated like a Duke or Kansas. The best shot Tennessee has at regaining their basketball swagger is to hire back Pearl. I don't give a rats tail if he lied....he was and still can be the best coach the Vols have ever had.

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UT men's sports will never raise to meet the cream of the SEC until the clowns in charge are willing to spend the money it takes to bring in coaches who know how to compete. You get what you pay for. Cuonzo kept complaining about the NCAA snub instead of preparing his guys for the NIT. His team is a reflection of his attitude and coaching ability plain and simple.

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Way to motivate your guys Cuonzo. This loss is on you. You may not control their shooting but you sure can coach them to play defense and you fail at that miserably in a lot of games. This game is a prime example of not coaching properly. Because you can't motivate the guys to play hard against lower tier teams is why you will never make a run in the NCAA. You are a Dooley clone and next year will be your last if you don't but on some big boy britches and learn how to coach.

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Cuonzo needs to go

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Don't know why he is so baffled! Beat Bama and don't loose to GA twice and you're in. In other words...TCB!

I agree. Martin continues to show what a doofus he truly is. He needs to just shut up and coach. Its not rocket science Cuonzo....beat Ga whom you SHOULD have beat, beat Ole Miss at home and Bama and you are in the Dance.
I understand you can't control how your guys shoot the ball but you sure as hell can control their defense which was non existant in some games. You put Skyler on guys he could not guard and you allow Tray to stand around too much on defense at times.

Man up and take responsibility for your team's lackadaisical play in games they could have and should have won and stop whining about not being in the dance. All your complaining makes absolutely no difference.

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We did our job,” Martin declared. “We deserve (the NCAA tournament).”

NO you did not do your job Martin! This type of thinking is whats wrong with you. You accept mediocrity and make excuses like Dooley did game after game. While your guys were losing to Georgia you should have adjusted your lineup. You knew you didn't match up well against GA. but you played the same style both games and allowed Caldwell Pope to light you up.....same with Henderson of Ole Miss. You don't seem to learn from your mistakes....just like last year.
You get one more year to wake up so WAKE UP! Recruit hard and light a fire under this team. Teach them to play defense like every game is their last.

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This deserves what it got with the NIT. Went to Nashville and played with zero emotion and even less defense. All they have to do is play defense and hit some free throws.

Cannot wait Skyler McCheese to get on the bus and leave us. I so tired of seeing him get beat not playing defense and then reach and grab the guy going past him. He is an absolute joke.

I undestand your frustration and I have been critical of coaching and some players. However please realize that Skyler is a local kid who gave his all for Tennessee. Yes, he has made mistakes but he gave his all in every game. He is a quality kid I would be proud to call my son. If you want to rag on someone go take a look in the mirror.

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For Cuonzo to keep saying the Vols did what they needed to do to get into the NCAA tourney speaks volumes about his knowledge of what it takes to make the tourney. Although the Vols had some good wins they had some really bad losses as well. For some reason Cuonzo just cannot light a fire under these guys.
Bruce Pearl set the standard and its disappointing to have what looks to be another Buzz Peterson for a coach. Now, I am not a Cuonzo hater for I want to see him succeed but the writing is plainly on the wall. He has been here for 2 years and its been NIT appearances with a disappointing showing in the NIT last year. IF he doesn't make the Big Dance next year then he best start looking for another job for the Vol Nation will not accept another Dooley style coach.

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Ole Miss just won the SEC tourney. No matter what you think Cuonzo.......start preparing for the NIT ..... Vols are OUT.

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The Vols had some ups and downs this year but overall I feel they overachieved with the loss of Maymon. Cuonzo HAS to go after a good big man if he wants to compete for championships. As far as I am concerned this season is done. I don't think they have a chance at the NCAA and the NIT is just a waste of time for the losers bracket so......BRING ON FOOTBALL!!

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I had hoped the Vols would pull this one out but it was evident they just didn't have the snap they needed. Its never good to play a team that is rested when you played the day before. Stokes is still very young and gets schooled some games. I hope he stays another year or 2 for he could develope into a great post player. Next year with Maymon back the Vols should be a sure bet for the NCAA. If not then Cuonzo needs to look at his coaching ability. I feel they should have made it this year and still may on a hope and prayer but its unlikely.

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I am writing this in hopes I am wrong but I don't see the Vols winning this game. Bama will be fresh and ready whereas the Vols are tired and after all the screwey passes and turnovers yesterday the Vols just are not ready for this game. The winner will go dancing and the loser to the NIT.

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Good article on a quality young man. I have been critical of Skyler's defense in the past but his character and desire outweigh any shortcomings he may have. He has hustled in every game he played and played his heart out in every game as well. As much as I have criticized him I am proud to watch him wear orange. He has represented the university well and his family should be very proud of him. I know I am. Thanks Skyler for being who you are and I wish you the best in your future. Now, go out and light up the arena today!!

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As much as they struggled with the worst team in the SEC last night I don't see them beating Missouri. It looks like McBee is wearing ankle weights. When on offense with him in the game its 4 on 5. If you watch Skyler closely when someone else has the ball he stands in the corner watching. They are NOT an NCAA team.

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Its hard to get motivated when you think you are the best. Lady Vols went the same route as the men at Ga.

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Well, the Vols have no chance in the SEC tourney for they will eventually have to play Ga. again and we all know they can't beat Ga.

Whats up with this team anyway? Jordan has a hot hand so FEED HIM YOU MORONS!! The guy carries the team on his back and the rest of the players want to shoot bricks. Hey about going for some offensive rebounds instead of standing in the corner with your finger up your rear? I am sick of seeing you want to shoot all the time and not rebounding. FEED STOKES THE BALL and let him draw some fouls at least. ITS NOT THAT HARD.

Do you realize your team has to adjust in certain games??? This game was very winable but you blew it......just like last season.

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Geezz, Tenn fans are so fickle-----we have a good run and then they think we should be unbeatable

other that State, S.C. and Auburn there are no "one of the worse teams in the SEC"--with the exception of Fla and maybe another everyone else in the middle of the standings can or had beaten each other--records until the season is over mean nothing as thats a product of who you have played and where and how you played-------as the commentators pointed out Ga had lose 4 games ? on the last possession------even take out the 2 losses to ga and theres no reason to think we are a better team

Take away the 2 losses to Ga. and add 2 wins to the Vols and they ARE in the big dance. The first Ga. loss was the worst loss on the schedule. The second one is a tourney killer unless they wax Auburn and Missouri, win a couple of games in the SEC Tourney which I seriously doubt they will. This team does not play with consistancy.

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Tennessee just does not match up with Ga. The Vols can play Ga. 10 games and they might win 2 of them. Mark Fox just out coaches Martin and can get his team up to beat the lackluster Vols. The blew any chances of and NCAA bid unles they win the tourney. You lose to one of the worst teams in the SEC 2 times in a season and you don't deserve to attend the big dance. Its NIT for the Vol again this year.

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No one really knows why Jay decided to leave. Maybe it was a career move or maybe he wasn't happy. Maybe he heard Sasquatch was spotted in Florida? WHO KNOWS???
Why all the negativity against Jones and Jay already?
I think everyone should give Jones a chance and see how they do this year. There will be plenty of time for negativity after the first few games. I for one wish Jay the best of luck in his future. I've been accused of being negative myself so this is my attempt at being positive today! Go Vols!

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Losing Jay is HUGE! He turned the running backs around 100% last year. The Vol running backs were some of the worst in the SEC before Jay got here. They should have paid whatever it took to keep him. So much for Butch Jones "BEST COACHES IN THE NATION". He just lost the best coach on his staff.

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What a great game! A month ago I didn't give the Vols a snowball's chance in hail of winning more than 3 games in the SEC. After getting stomped by Memphis (score didn't indicate how bad it was) and beat by Ga. at home I figured Cuonzo's days were numbered. Man, was I wrong and glad of it. Cuonzo has these guys playing with heart and guts. Way to go Vols, now take it to the Gators!

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The Florida game will show if the Vols are for real. They have beat no one yet. You can say Ky. was a great win but in reality Ky. is not the Ky. we are all used to seeing. Ky is weak and will do good to win another SEC game without Noel. The games at Texas A&M and Missouri will be very tough. I was impressed with the way they played against the Cats but its the only great game they have played all year long in reality. All you delusional fans can hate on me all you want but I guess YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!! LMAO

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This is the same Vol team that got beat by Memphis, Ga. and stomped in the dirt by Ole Miss at home and everyone is crowing over beating a weak Ky. team. I still say Cuonzo is a lower level coach who gets lucky every now and then. The guys played a great game today....probably the best of the year in spite of a weak coach.

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If this happened in Iran they would pull out each players tooth, burn their mobile home and cut off their mullets just before hanging them.