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Now if we just had a coach.

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The worst hire or the two worst hires (Kiffin and Dooley)?

And Martin

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He may think so but I do not. Martin should have a good year this year, but after that I think it is all over for him. Keep Martin if u like going to the big dance every three or four years.

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Martin will win enough games next year to make the dance on talent only, not coaching. In the end he will receive an extension and we will be stuck with him 5 more years. After next year you will see a fall off in wins. Mark it down.

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Perhaps he realized Kevin Stallings was an AH??

May be an AH but a darn good coach.

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Maybe should hire that Mercer coach. Knows what an offensive machine looks like. picknrollpicknrollpicknroll

Might be a good hire. Beat Bozo. Shaka Smart would be my choice. Has this team in Big Dance every year. Martin is an average coach and a good guy but that does not cut it.

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Wait till next year, final four baby.

Written on Vols try to turn attention off NCAA omission and onto Mercer:

Out coached out played, Bozo must go.

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Coach Martin appears to have this program headed in the right direction. I reserved my doubts, but he and Coach Jones have some mojo that we haven't had in quite awhile.

If you think the NIT every year is the right direction, then you are correct.

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Cuonzo MarNIT

You cannot spell Martin without NIT (tin).

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Well said. I think we have Martin for five total years. After next year we will see how he does.

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Now if only Martin could coach we would be fine.

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You cannot spell MARTIN without NIT

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Welcome to the NIT. Out coached-out played. One more year with coach Martin.

You cannot spell Martin without NIT.

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Georgia players were consistently going over Stokes back. Everytime UT made a basket they would turn right around and get called for a foul, essentially killing whatever momentum they had just gained. That being said they have an extremely tough time winning on the road (and beating Georgia!!). They should not be in a single conversation about the NCAA tournament. I don't want another 20 years of UT basketball being irrelevant. Cuonzo inherited talent when he took over and brought talent in! He has just as much sporadic success as he does sporadic failure. Bring back Bruce before he's hired by another school and we're stuck with an empty arena while we search for the next UT basketball coach who can raise UT from the SEC basement!

If we cannot get Bruce then lets go after Shaka Smart.

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NIT is a moral victory.

You cannot spell MARTIN without NIT!

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It took us NO time to figure out that YOU were a bozo, even though that is an insult to clowns everywhere.

Really, see how Bozo is doing in two years from now.

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And it took Bozo all year to figure this our? WOW.

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Got to wait two more years to see what Martin can do coaching. Playing mostly with Pearl's players right now. And I told everyone this team had talent that Pearl left.

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Well what took Martin so long to figure this out. I saw this at the beginning of the season.

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Where do Martin's teams go, NIT.

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Maybe someone told Martin this is a up tempo team and they cannot play slowdown ball. If he keeps playing up tempo the Vols will win, if not they will lose most of their games. Still say Martin is not the coach for the Vols long term future.

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You "bring back Pearl" drum beaters put 'em away until next year.......

I will take Pearl over Bozo any day.

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Tell me he can coach in two years. You will be off his bandwagon then. Wait and see. Good win for vols today, but Martin cannot coach.

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Close game, will see how UK freshman respond to losing Noel. Cauley-Stein nowhere near the shot blocker Noel was. He has a way to go. Wiltjer is the key for UK, if he has a good day, Cats should win, Stokes should have a big game, with no Noel there. Better get UK this year, they will be better next year and the year after, less one and dones, more stayig..UTs National Championship and if they win, 5 year contract extension for Coach Martin!!! (Who by the way is a good coach).

Tell me Martin is a good coach in two years.

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The Vols looked like a tourny team tonight. Stokes is now playing like the beast he is. I was really impressed with his passing out of the double team. Golden seems to be getting his game back. Really nice team effort. Always a pleasure sweeping the Dores. Now lets find a way to sneak into the tourny. GO VOLS.

NIT here we come.

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Coach if you cannot beat SC in this weak SEC league this year then you will not win many games. Not much of a victory to crow about. BP would be unbeaten in league play to this point.

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Lookout NIT here we come. Martin for NIT coach of the Decade.

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Worst coach ever, Martin. Gotta go.

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Bring on 2013-14.

Without Martin I hope.

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Another boring and poorly coached game. This team can run the floor if Martin would let them. If you people are good with going to the NCAA say every five or six years then Martin is your coach. If not then TN should get a proven coach. Pearl went every year.

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Cuonzo for Coach of the Year!

You have got to be kidding. This guy cannot coach. He just got lucky today.

Written on Marshall Henderson talks the talk, walks the walk as Ole Miss sweeps UT, 62-56:

This team has talent. Martin just cannot coach it up. Why did he call timeout with 4.2 secs to play. Game was over. Maybe he was drawing up a 6 point play. And why does he keep licking his fingers, drives me nuts.

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Is Dooley going to wear the orange pants on ESPN?

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Maybe Missouri will take Martin off our hands when they have to get rid of Haith. . .we can only hope.

Hope so.

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May as well start hunting our new basketball coach. No need to wait until the last minute.

Shaka Smart.

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I am officially done with the Cuonzo Experiment. This type of bball is just not watchable. We have been spoiled by BP and after his showcause is finished UT should bring him back. Man it just a shame what happened here. I mean we were there...the TOP and have now regressed to this! The smart and I do mean smart move would have been to go after Shaka Smart at VCU when they were looking for a coach. Just not this garbage!

If we cannot have Pearl, then lets get Smart. Anybody can see this team plays better when the game is up tempo. Smart's kind of coaching.

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Love Bruce. Wish you were our coach. Cannot play quality teams and beat them like Martin does. See how we came back when we started playing an up tempo game. These players cannot play slow down ball and win the big ones.

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The SEC is down this year.

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Now if we could just get a coach that can show a team how to score more than 40 points per game. This UT team is in big trouble. Just wait.

Shaka Smart as coach.

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same results...same coach...been saying this coach cant coach good talent ,maybe if hart starts lookin now he can find a good coach by the end of the season or just wait and bring Pearl back

Shska Smart is who we need as coach

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Love Cuonzo but looked like a Dooley coached team. Unwatchable. Can't shoot from the field or free throws. Pathetic play. Passing turnovers looked so bush league.

Get Shaka Smart before its too late.

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Fire Martin now before it gets worse.

Written on Vols' offense goes on vacation against Oklahoma State, 62-45 :

After this year only going to get worse. Mark it down.

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Cuonzo Martin should coach both football and basketball. That dude is the man.

We will be calling for his head in three years. Mark it down.

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Starters all Pearl recuits with exception of
Strokes although many say Pearl already had him locked up. We will see what Martin can do when these guys are gone.

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I hope so. That MTSU loss was beyond embarassing. Thank God he did not spend the entire summer in China this year and actually looked after his work responsibilities. Time will tell, but I think he is in over his head.

After this year we will begin to see if Martin can coach. Lets see what he looks like two years from now. I think he will have a good year this year but after that its going to be downhill. In over his head also.