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Written on Verdict still out on modifications to UT coach Cuonzo Martin's contract:

in response to UTForever:

This fellow Hart moves and acts in strange ways. He clearly is no Doug Dickey. Hart needs to step up and lead with authority. Why delay and permit the media to define you? The UT administration has become an enigma in recent years. As a result, UT has become an inside joke in the intercollegiate world, and this is good reason why we don't need to get into another national search for a coach. Who would want to come into the unstable environment that currently exists?

Nice to know you have your finger on the pulse of the "intercollegiate world." Maybe you should give Hart your phone number...

Written on Mike Strange: Shouldn't someone have noticed Jarnell Stokes?:

.... And the staff? How can an entire staff be clueless as well? Each of the staff members was a successful player. Inbounds plays, in game strategy, press offense, etc is so dismal. I just don't get it....

Written on Tennessee will face one-two punch from Missouri's guard combo:

Florida game effort with fewer turnovers will give us a chance. Can we do it - have not seen it yet. This is a must win..

Written on Junior guard Camron Justice decommits from Tennessee:

Sources tell me that 4-star shooting guard will be committing soon after Vols make tourney this year.

Written on No. 6 Florida stifles Tennessee, 67-41:

Fox Sports South commentators are trashing the Vols. I hear similar comments weekly from national and regional folks - Disappointing and embarrassing...

Written on Mike Strange: Jarnell Stokes says no big deal, but he was a big deal:

Well done, Mr. Stokes. It was a pleasure to watch..

Written on Analyst: James Franklin trying to destroy Vanderbilt recruiting class:

I learned all I needed to know about Franklin when he ran off the field at Neyland Stadium in 2011 giving our fans the finger and dropping the F bomb. He really is a classless piece of rubbish whose ability has been greatly overstated by the Nashville press.

Written on Home wasn't where the heart was for UT against Texas A&M:

Coaching was very poor - again. Why no timeout when Maymon was at the line to discuss strategy? Why no timeout when Jordan was trapped in the corner? Why was Jordan trapped in the corner? Why no time out after A & M hit the 3 to take the lead? Why no zone to stop A & M 's penetration? Coaching 101.This staff appears lost...

Written on Tennessee honors the past but the not the present in falling to LSU, 80-77:

Point guard defense was atrocious. If you aren't quick enough to stay in front of your opponent - then back off. Coaching failed us in this regard...

Written on Which of UT football's losing streaks is most likely to end in 2014?:

At least 3 streaks will end next season.

Written on Poll: How would you rate Tennessee's 2013 signing class?:

in response to underthehill:

UK got the best recruit out of Louisville and had a much higher rated class than Louisville..after firing their coach and the new coach getting a late start..hard to figure.

...and Spurrier has the USC program at an all time high and his recruiting class is only 4 spots ahead of UT. Calm down folks...

Written on Poll: How would you rate Tennessee's 2013 signing class?:

in response to RockyToptoNeyland:

11th out of 14 teams in the sec, how would you rate it?
Sec Grade: 3/14= 22%=F
NCAA Grade=103/123=84%=B

To the multitudes that whined about UT not hiring Charlie Strong - UL's signing class was ranked 57 after one of UL's best seasons ever. Butch and staff did a very respectable job!

Written on Tennessee governor says Vols must fill Neyland:

in response to eduardo:

Gee if that the case...WHY THE HECK DID YOU NOT HIRE JON GRUDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

... and apparently none of the NFL teams with HC vacancies wnated him either.

Written on Trent Taylor, who was dismissed by UT, arrested on drug charge :

Very poor reporting. The KNS has once again shown that it is a struggling rag that resorts to National Enquirer tactics. Very sad...

Written on 9-win season, top 15 recruiting class building Vanderbilt's optimism for 2013:

How many teams with winning records did Vandy beat?

Written on Butch Jones, Vols' Twitter feeds popular:

in response to pauln500#205995:

Coach Jones looks like Sgt. Carter of Gomer Pyle fame. Hopefully, he can climb all over our guys, like the Sgt did to Gomer, and instill within the team a winning mindset.

So where's Miss Bunny?

Written on Tennessee falls to Georgetown, 37-36:

Coach - how could you not call a timeout and draw up your best inbounds play? VERY disappointing. Team IQ is unbelievably low...

Written on UT expects 85,000 tickets sold for Troy :

in response to John_10065:

It's a BS stat deliberately concocted to get a jab in.

Absolutely. KNS has become a biased rag.

Written on UT expects 85,000 tickets sold for Troy :

in response to vq4nfo:

LMAO when this story broke. All those who stated the AD was going to worry about empty seats, Fire CDD and the DC, and the best one I read, "I am not going to buy season tickets anymore."

Sell the tickets, I like to tailgate with "Fans" no matter what the record is. Support the players and school and leave the Head Coaching responsibilities to the AD.

I would be willing to bet most negative posters do not even contribute to the program, but rather watch on TV complaining during the whole game on the KNS website.

LSU-92,400 seats (2650 tickets available for Alabama game)
LA Colissium (USC) 93,607

UT-85,000 - Game with Troy

Look around at the attendance rate for the large stadiums (or smaller) and see how many show up for non-conference games and games like UT vs Troy. Just spend some time using Google before you complain about lost revenue. LMAO

You are correct. I've seen empty seats at Alabama home games - home of the almighty National Champions.

Written on More TV times set for Vols, Lady Vols basketball :

in response to BrassMonkey:

Remember this is the same team that lost to MTSU in the NITs. Just like the football program flopped vs. KY at the end of last year. Temper your enthusiasm and you will not be too disappointed when another lower level coach for the UT system lays eggs on game day.

... and remember that this is the same team that had 2 starters playing injured - both having surgery immediately following the season. BrassMonkey, you're are really getting boring...

Written on Documents show Derek Dooley was unhappy with VFL program under Andre Lott:

The News Sentinel never ceases to amaze me with the quest for negative stories. Tabloid journalism is indicative of slumping customer base and poor executive leadership.

Written on Vols move practice to Science Hill High School :

in response to Rich_Is_Re-born:

Nah, I'm pretty sure your intentions were to be a smart arse.

"So will we move our games if it rains?" Who is the smart arse? Look in the mirror, pal.

Written on Vols move practice to Science Hill High School :

in response to Rich_Is_Re-born:

See my previous post. Oh I forgot, this site is dedicated to "TRUE VOL FANS". God forbid anyone goes against the grain of what the "TRUE VOL FANS" think. No Dooleave, Doofus, Doolittle talk from me, NEVER. Just honest opinions on how I see things. It amazes me how so many on here push so hard for their views to be heard and respected while continually trashing the idea of doing the same for others. Boy this site isn't what it used to be. All sites have trolls, but it's the holier than thou "TRUE VOL FANS" that have ruined this site. Can't even post on here anymore, geez.

Sorry I struck a nerve...

Written on Vols move practice to Science Hill High School :

in response to Rich_Is_Re-born:

So will we move our games if it rains? Just wondering. I've always felt you practice like you play. If it rains in practice then that's that.

Come on Rich, you can do better than that... The practice is moved to another outside facility (in the rain) so as to not damage the facilities/fields at Milligan.

Written on Marlon Walls on board with new defense, attitude :

in response to Nasty_Rat_of_the_Week:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Oh Nasty, fast and loose with facts again as usual. Dooley had no intention of keeping all of the assistants from last year. He alluded to that on more than one occasion. Thanks for continuing to show your bias and lack of honesty.

Written on For better or worse, Vols under the radar at Media Days :

in response to atnvol#283282:

Dodd is right....our Vols are totally irrelevant...and will be until they change the field results. We are all hopeful at this point of the coming season.

Dodd is seldom right. Thinks he knows everything and frequently bashes the Vols.

Written on Game times set for Tennessee vs. Georgia State, Florida :

in response to stevefrommemphis:

Georgia State at 4pm in late summer - that's going to draw a big crowd. That's four tickets from the season ticket package that will get thrown in my trash can.

Send me your tickets. I will reimburse you for the cost of the stamp.

Written on MTSU ends UT's season, 71-64 :

Embarrassing effort from the floor and the bench. Why do we never try a zone when teams continuously blow by us off the dribble? Are we too incompetent to play zone? If so, the future is bleak. In defense of Maymon - playing with a torn meniscus limited his mobility and power. He was trying! Kenny Hall should shoulder a large portion of the blame. His selfishness cost his teammates an NCCA tourney bid. Shame on you, Kenny...

Written on Cuonzo Martin remains confident, focused :

in response to ProfessionalHandicapper:

UT will not beat teams with true Bigs. UT will not beat Vandy who just put up the most SEC road points since 1969 when they scored 102 vs Ole Miss this week. Ezeli has already dominated this team once and Taylor is a matchup nightmare. LSU is the most improved team in the SEC and the best dark horse for the NCAA with their 7 footer getting better every game. I predicted a 2-5 finish for the Vols and Im sticking to it even though I had Florida as a loss. That would leave the Vols 15-15 and then they will have to win at least 1 SEC Tourney game to become NIT eligible. Until Martin gets a true Center, UT cant beat Big teams with two power forwards playing inside.

Short or selective memory - Connecticut...

Written on 28 and done: South Carolina ends Lady Vols' SEC home win streak, 64-60 :

Coaching is shaky, at best. I have been saying this for several years. Historically, UT won big when they had the best players, not because of strategy and exeution. Now you see that we don't have the best players - and the results are obvious. Sorry - the truth hurts. Offensive philosphy is a joke - it is not the fault of the players. Please, no disrepect of the coaches is intended...

Written on Holly Warlick: Loss at Notre Dame 'an embarrassment' :

I have tremendous respect for the coaching staff - but they never admit that they have been outcoached. In the successful years the Lady Vols' teams have been successful because they had the better players. We now see better players, schemes and game plans from other teams. Sorry - but the truth hurts...

Written on Kentucky crowd gives Cuonzo Martin the blues :

As usual, the media is trying to stir up a story. I attended the game and there is absolutely no way that 25-35% of the crowd was/were Kentucky fans. Don't let the truth get in the way of a good story...

Written on Vols hope to steal Stokes:

in response to FanNotSheep:

If ever a team needed a player, Tennessee needs Jarnell Stokes. Don't know if he can come in and be a starter by the end of the season, but surely he could be in the mix for a lot of valuable minutes.

The clock is ticking for Cuonzo Martin. Many Vol fans, myself included, are disappointed in the early results – both in recruiting and on the court. If he can put Stokes in an orange uniform today, Martin could buy himself a lot of time.

Please withhold moronic comments for at least another few months!

Written on Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Kentucky share bowl path: vs. one another:

in response to tennvolsman19651965:

Vandy may have a better QB right now than we do. But you will never convince me that Rodgers is better than Bray. And be careful talking about the scheme, that might be considered Coach bashing on this site.

True - I am commenting on the present QB. Vandy's scheme allows run pass/option on most every play. If you don't have a great pro-style QB and quality receivers, Vandy's scheme is harder to defend than what UT currently employs.

Written on Vanderbilt, Tennessee, Kentucky share bowl path: vs. one another:

in response to tennvolsman19651965:

That is a good question. But what I have seen from Franklin is a more competitive team and he seems to get a lot more out of his 2 and 3 star players. Let see if we can lose by a missed field goal against Arkansas this weekend or if we get blown out. I am personally still holding out for a win, but I have to agree that Franklin has looked very good for Vandy!

Vandy has a better quarterback and a better offensive scheme.

Written on Vols picked 11th in SEC basketball :

My sources close to the program tell me that we are not very talented compared to the opposition we will face. But - I expect that we will play hard. Can't expect any more at this point. Let's see if Coach Martin and staff can upgrade talent soon....

Written on Vols announce '25 for 25' men's hoops ticket promotion:

in response to westknoxrepub:

We're back to BuzzBall gimmicks, bells and whistles just to get people into the arena. . .and we all know how that turned out.

We appreciate your support and enthusiasm!

Written on Ex-Vol Dane Bradshaw cites hard play :

Haven't had the chance to make it out to the Rocky Top games this year. Any opinions on the 2 incoming UT freshmen?

Written on Lauren Avant leaving Lady Vols:

in response to Makeing_The_Call:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Why attack my intelligence? At least I can spell "making." Can you remember a time when Pat has ever taken the blame for a loss? I can't. According to Pat, it is always the lack of effort, commitment, etc from the players. That is BS. Yes - I played BB is HS and college. Doesn't make me an expert - just knowledgeable...

Written on Lauren Avant leaving Lady Vols:

Pat never takes the blame for a poor performances. It is ALWAYS the players fault. She publicly cricizes her players and always questions their effort, focus , etc. It gets tiring after a while. Do you think the players aren't trying? Her half court offensive philosophy is painful to watch. Her teams have historically won because of better players - not better execution or strategy...

Written on Report: Former Gator Louis Murphy arrested for illegal Viagra possesion:

Sounds like a "bone to pick" situation...

Written on Ron Higgins: Mike Hamilton's mistakes should cost UT athletic director his job:

Higgins is nothing more than a jealous, pompous hack... His Memphis inferiority complex is remarkable and expected.

Written on Line takes a hit; Douglas granted release:

Out of respect for the family I will not provide details - but from a VERY reliable source I understand there were very serious personal issues before Aaron ever arrived on campus...

Written on Bench weighs in big for Vols, 63-55:

Scotty continues to make the same bonehead,lazy mistakes he has made all year. He just doesn't hustle. He turns the ball over and then loafs back on defense. Either Coach Pearl doesn't correct him, or even worse, he does and Scotty just ignores him... In the history of the sport there has never been a decent shooter that arches his shot as much as Scotty. He MUST retool his shot if he is ever going to be a consistent shooter.

Written on Angry? Summitt says Lady Vols ‘disrespected the game of basketball':

Record is nice - but talent level is way down. Offensive scheme is difficult to watch. It was hard to watch - even when Candace Parker was here. Candace was the only reason it was successful.
Pat keeps harping about effort, defense, rebounding, commitment, etc. Face it, the schemes and talent are not what they used to be.

Written on ‘We're all bummed out':

No respect.... Best way to get it is to earn it. Can think of no better way than beating a dangerous Ameican U. (beat Maryland @ Maryland), South Alabama in Alabama, Ricky P., and Roy Wiliiams in a home game for Carolina.

Written on Gomes' grand slam sparks Vols' unprecedented sweep:

Great start. Keep proving the pundits wrong. NCAA tourney is reachable with a young squad!

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