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A top 10 national ranking for the 2014 rank and that's before this commitment--will probably move up 2 or 3 spots. Geez guys, I sure glad I don't work for you. I'm trying to remember--when have we had back-to-back recruiting classes as good as 2013 and 2014? Oh yeah, never.

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It is what it's July. Gosh almighty! Will September ever get here!

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CBJ has not yet stepped on the field of play as the head coach of the Vols, but he has us excited about the future and with good reason. Unbelievable energy, unbelievable personality, unbelievable CEO ability to name a few of his talents. Meanwhile, we hold our breath as to his on the field coaching which is where the rubber really hits the road. There are, however, a couple of measurable, off the field, accomplishments that indicate how CBJ will perform as our on the field coach. One is the recruits that have verbally committed to play football for the O & W. Another is the huge improvement in the players' GPA for last Spring. I wonder what the betting line would be in Vegas as to the football team's GPA for the Fall semester. If there were such a line, I would put my money on the Vols doing quite well, thank you. And, by the way Climer, you have climbed to the top of the S list with your "they can't count to 11" comment. Did you have Franklin proof read the article before it went into print? Bulletin board material IMO. Go Vols! And don't forget that you can't add.

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I don't know if all UT fans understand how incredible it is that our 2014 class is ranked #1. A team coming off 3 horrible seasons shouldn't be #1. Coach Jones is a winner. He has been a winner everywhere he has been and he connects with young people. This isn't a paper tiger #1 class like Kiffin had either full of kids with questionable character. I am excited about the direction we are heading and am confident Coach Jones is the man to get us there. I will also go out on a limb and say he will coach them up at halftime unlike what we had the last few years.

Agree with you completely. Not to get caught up in the number of stars a player has--let's give the coaches the ability to see ability in a player(s) that don't have 4 or 5 stars--the higher ranked recruiting classes, year in and year out, will get better results on the playing field. The year after our national championship, we did not have a good recruiting year. I am not a Fulmer-hater, he was our national championship coach, but we followed up our national championship year with some not-so-great recruiting years and I feel we haven't recovered from that yet. Here's to CBJ maintaining the excitement and retaining all of the recruits as we go through this season.

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That is true but she missed them on both sides as well and the the first base ump missed a few also.. But hey we won just best not to leave it up to them and just win big...that was a great game to watch.

Umpire behind plate had a moving strike zone and sometimes it was small and sometimes large. And yes, she was missing on both orange and red teams. Seems a shame that ladies fast pitch softball has come so far and yet has this quality of umpiring for a championship (or any) match.

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For his own sake, here's hoping he stays for at least another year.

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IMO, the last paragraph in this article was the most interesting. Is it correct to say that this Central Michigan Offensive Tackle was a Butch Jones recruit? Wonder how many stars he had coming out of high school? At the least, coach bUTch deserves an "atta boy" and we can continue to think that bUTch could just be the real deal. On a "grin and bear it" note, isn't it a sad commentary that, at least a few--Foster and now Patterson, Tennessee players seem to be "works in progress" in terms of the NFL. The upside to that is the fact that "coaching them up" really does make a difference. It seems we haven't had it in the last few years. It also seems that we may have it now. Go Vols.

Written on Tennessee RB Marlin Lane out for 'disciplinary reasons':

Sounds like ButTch means business.

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You mean like John Adams and his vendetta against Fulmer?

Amen on that, Volfan. My blood starts boiling whenever that saga is mentioned.

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I cannot remember the exact quote and whether it was in a movie, book or what, but to paraphrase the comment: "We have identified the beast and the beast is us". We are, and have been, in a society of "Just win, baby", and win now, and win large. And we really don't want to be the good guys because we all know that "good guys finish last". Can we hope, as fans, to be able to have a win-win scenario where we can have championship-level teams with coaches and players of high morale character? I contend that we can. It starts with us. When we demand a championship team on the field, we need to demand a championship team off the field as well. Our demands should be backed up by the gifts of time and patience and endurance. From where I sit in the peanut gallery, we may just have the coaches in several sports that can deliver that winning combination. And I wonder if we can deliver on our part.

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Good attitude from the coaches. All I can say is it really does seem the coaches are dedicated to rebuilding, not just using the word. We do need to brace for a rocky year though. I have faith this staff is going the right way. I just don't wanna see a buncha fans go nuts over losses this year. These guys seem to truly wanna rebuild and that takes time.

I agree with you. We could, despite inexperience at QB and WR, be a better team than last year thanks to better coaching and better mindset. But being a better team does not necessarily translate to a better W-L record. Preseason predictions would probably be 4-4-4: 4 wins (Austin Peay, Western Kentucky, South Alabama and Kentucky); 4 losses (Florida, Georgia, Oregon and Alabama); 4 relatively even (Missouri, Auburn, South Carolina and Vandy). Curse me if you must (my blood is orange not red), but it is what it is. Our new coaches seem to be the real deal but this is the SEC--the other teams are not backing up--we have to catch up and it won't happen in one or even two years. The recruiting season we are just coming out of and the 2013-14 season we are going into should not count toward the couple of years we need to start catching up with the big boys. Consider that we, with a lot of effort and catching up by our new coaches, signed 3 top 300 recruits. Meanwhile, Alabama signed 15, 13 of them ranked above our top signee; Florida signed 13, 8 of them ranked above our top signee; and Georgia signed 14, 4 of them ranked above our top signee. No matter how good our new coaches are, there's a lot that can't be coached. Here's to winning the games we should and winning some of the games we shouldn't thanks to our new coaches and players that give it their all. But they will need our support in the strongest of fashions.

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CCM hired March 2011--effectively after the recruiting season of 2011. NCAA violations and penalties loomed large thru early Spring 2012--effectively after the recruiting season of 2012. Nevertheless, CCM signed Stokes late in 2011, has recruited 5-star Hubbs, 2 well-thought of 3-star recruits and, most recently, got a commitment from Darius Thompson, an in-state player considered to be 4th best combo guard in country. Current recruiting class ranked 23rd nationally and will probably be ranked higher with Thompson coming on board. Lost probably best player in Maymon for the entire 2012-2013 season. Still finished 2nd in SEC in 2012 and 5th in SEC in 2013. I think you guys, whoever you are, might want to cut CCM some slack. Give the man a raise (not an extension) that would bring him up a few notches relative to other SEC coaches and see how we do with his recruits for a couple of years. And lastly, take the time to read what his current players have to say about what they think of CCM--I don't think there are many coaches that have the respect of their players that CCM does.

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in response to John_10065:

I don't think too many active coaches could do what Martin has done. He took a team over under the clouds of NCAA sanctions, picked to be next to the bottom in the league and took them to within one game of a NCAA at large bid.

Then this year he loses a SEC pre-season 1st team power forward and team leader and has to rebuild around what he has to end up in a position to go back to the NCAA after a 9-1 run.

There will always be Pearl wanters just like there will always be Fulmer wanters in football. But I personally think Martin has earned his spot as the coach of the Vols twice over.

I think we're going to see an era of BB in Knoxville that will be held in high reverence in the future.

Here's another amen

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3 weeks ago, would anyone besides a die-hard Vol have believed how big a game this is going to be? One game at a time--go vols!

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Just another ho-hum come-back on-the-road 4-overtime game. Mama, call the doctor--it's my heart. But--I'm a believer, I couldn't leave them if I tried.

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Confidence is contagious--here's to our Vols remaining infected with it for the rest of the season! Go Vols!

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Going in the right direction at the right time--Go Vols!

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The last paragraph in this article speaks (quietly) volumes. Having the players take time to visit a hospital and rehab center is a wonderful statement as to life priorities. Almost every time a player is interviewed, one of their comments is that CCM is not just preparing them to be a good bb player, but preparing them for life.

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in response to SouthPaVol:

Skyler was a local, walk-on who proved himself under Pearl; earned his minutes under Pearl; earned his scholarship under Pearl. He has a bum shoulder, but still plays tough D. He'll be alright.

Pearl was a good coach, emphasis on 'was.' CCM is a top-20 coach, except without Maymon, we are not a top 20 team--yet! We are a "slashing" team, looking for our identity. We had three pretty good slashers in Trae, McRae and Rich. Enter slasher #4--Reese.

By mid-January, we will be a fast break team. These four slashers can fly! Our D makes people miss a lot of shots. Now we need our bigs clearing the ball off the rim. I see Reese making several flying dunks this year off the break.

Stokes can drive the ball, but right now he has problems handling the double team. His deliberate approach welcomes off-side defenders to double him up. Problem is, all those great passes could be assists, except we are one of the worst 3-pt shooting teams in America! Another reason our identity will become a slashing team.

Yemi is effective with this group of athletes because he doesn't clog up the middle. Yemi is not a good post player and doesn't play very well with his back to the ball--yet! Yemi is effective in what he does, and that is stay out of the way so the slashers can drive to the basket. His focus is on offensive rebounding. Think Dennis Rodman. I'm not saying Yemi should get covered in tats and multiple body piercings. I do like Yemi's rebounding style and tough nosed D. Go Vols!

Agree with your retort to bigdisbig. Particularly like your comparison of Yemi and Dennis Rodman. I am not a bb expert, but I would love to see Yemi and Stokes in the game at the same time--I think they would complement one another nicely. I have the hope, based on one game only, that Reese will prove to be a good outside shooter as well as a slasher.

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IMHO, one starter--Richardson--and three subs--Reese, Lopez & Makanjuola--were the players that won this game for us. Should Coach consider starting any or, say it isn't so, all 3 of them? I think Reese earned a starter's role and the other two earned a lot more playing time. I would like to read what others on this site think. I know one thing for sure: at half-time, I was a sad puppy not looking forward to the rest of the season; at the end of the game, I was in a much better mood.

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"It should be noted that I've made recommendations before. It also should be noted that none of those recommendations were ever considered, much less implemented, by the powers that be."--John Adams. What a flaming ego this man has! And what a mind-reader he is to know that none of of his recommendations were ever considered. But, then again, maybe the powers that be should take note. Unfortunately, he gets to spew forth whatever he pleases in the paper and on sites such as these. And sometimes, he will even go on radio talk shows to trash UT, their coaches or players (such as going on Paul Finebaum's show years ago to trash Fulmer--that's called "Sleeping with the enemy"). But, despite his ability to be able to publicly attack anyone he puts in his crosshairs, if I were among the powers-that-be, I would take the advice of the devil incarnate before I would take the advice of John Adams, no matter how good the suggestion was. And, lastly, I would not honor any of his "suggestions" with a response. If any of this stuns you, read the body of his work over the years.

Written on Juco DT Ben Bradley no longer a Tennessee commitment:

Let's see now...Graduate Assistant that was the defensive coordinator at Hutchinson no longer a Graduate Assistant...two commitments from Hutchinson no longer commitments. Geez, I think I can connect the dots.

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in response to gc_scvol:

What did you just say?

He who laughs last laughs best.

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To Gonavy and abrown: Thanks for your comments--not taking a position for or against CDD but very insightful thoughts on our present circumstances and still, as with all Vol fans, hoping for the best for our team. This article, like so many others, invites us to take positions for or against a coach or a circumstance,etc. for the simple sake of amping up readership and comments which,in my opinion divide us when we need to be more united. My comments: 1) It saddens me to hear that CDD is not well liked by staff and peers but, as others have said, not being liked does not mean he can't win--hopefully he/we will win and,with less pressure on him, be a better person; 2) No new coach should be given such a short amount of time to turn around a team that was in the situation of our team two years ago. However, right or wrong, CDD needs to win all of the games we will be expected to, win the ones that are supposed to be close, and at least one big "upset" to remain coach. The reason--the recruits. It doesn't make any difference what you or I think. It matters tremendously what they think. The top recruits need to see a turnaround season. If we have one, several will come; if not, well we know that answer. 3) No surprise that CCM is well liked--he is a treasure we should guard closely. 4) Here's to a great year--we really need it.

Written on Cuonzo Martin, Tennessee agree to contract :

Rest assured that CCM is on a lot of schools' short list for their next coach and the buy-outs, including the 2.6 mil one, would not be an issue. The powers-that-be had best be poised to sweeten the pot before this season is over if he produces the team and the record that many anticipate he will.

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Without putting a time line on it, the play-offs will grow from 4 teams to 8 teams. In addition, leagues will continue to grow into 12+ teams with divisions and league championship games. And it will be those league champions that will make up those 8 teams. It is the best way to determine which team is the best team at the end of the season. But the reason it will happen is not because it is the best way to determine the best team--the reason it will happen, as Climer says in the article, is MONEY.

Written on Tennessee to play Georgetown in SEC/Big East Challenge:

I will show my ignorance here by asking some stupid questions--why isn't Missouri and Texas A&M involved in this challenge? Aren't they in the SEC this coming season? And doesn't The Big East have 14+ teams in their conference? Somebody help me out here. In any event, it is great having games like these to watch. As much as I am all Vol, I do cheer for the SEC when playing other conference teams. So...Go Vols and Go SEC!

Written on Cuonzo Martin demanding effort on and off court:

It is demeaning to our basketball program and our basketball coach for poster(s) to shift the subject to our football program. Save your comments regarding our football program, positive or negative, for an article regarding our football program.

Written on Josh Richardson to gain culture, experience, with Athletes in Action :

Refreshing to read a positive, informative article about a UT athlete followed by positive comments from UT followers and fans. No, this isn't earth-shaking news, but information about the Vols and comments by caring fans are the main reasons I subscribe.

Written on John Adams: Fulmer selection reminds UT fans of better days:

How quickly we forget. I, for one, will never forgive Adams for going on Paul Finebaum's radio show and throwing fuel on Finebaum's bonfire while Finebaum was dancing and shouting about "Fat Phil". Adams makes noise for the sake of making noise. The more people he gets fired up, the better he likes it. If he was tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail, I would be plucking feathers off of more chickens. Finebaum's UT diploma should be stamped VOID and given to Adams to deliver to Alabama personally along with his belongings. Anyone that thinks he is any more than a rag writer needs to research what the man has said and written over the years.

Written on Jake Rowland delivers for Vols, 6-3 :

If I lived even close to K-Town, I would be going to watch these guys--they are competitive and aggressive. Meanwhile, it's nice to be able to watch them on-line frequently.

Written on Cuonzo Martin reflects on first year at UT :

Someone correct me if I'm wrong--CCM has never said a word about Maymon playing hurt in the Ole Miss game. I think it is safe to say he will never make excuses, it's not his style. Has UT and CCM signed a contract yet? I cannot believe that he has been working without a contract for this long. Surely UT realizes what they have in CCM.

Written on Vols focused on Ole Miss/Auburn winner as pundits boost UT to 'bubble' status :

Don't forget, whether or not we get into the big dance will depend on how many conference tournament upsets there are (or aren't). With no upsets, we could get in with 1 win in the SEC tournament. With several upsets, we could be out even with 2 wins. There's only one way to be in for sure--win all three!

Written on Mark Wiedmer: Cuonzo Martin challenger to John Calipari:

CCM deserves Coach of the Year regardless of how the Vols finish, but we probably need to win at least half of our remaining games, maybe more than half, for CCM to get Coach of the Year. By the way, when it comes to SEC tournament time with games being played from day to day, you have to like our depth. Here's to CCM for Coach of the Year and the Vols finishing strong.

Written on Vols rout Arkansas, 77-58 :

CCM for Coach of the Year.

Written on Key stretch has Vols in position to rise in SEC standings :

The fact we have mathematical chances of making the big dance is unbelievable. But then we have a coach and players that make you think they can accomplish the unbelievable.

Written on UT 75, Florida 70: Cuonzo Martin told Vols they could win in Gainesville :

An indication of the Vols' maturity and poise was shown when Jarnell tried to shake the UF player's hand after a hard foul. An indication of UF's lack of poise was shown when the Florida player pushed him away. Another indication of the Vols' maturity was when Maymon was called for walking, he put the ball on the floor and went back to play D. CCM has taught more than hard D to these players.

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in response to FanNotSheep:

I read lots of negative comments. Some people seem to want UT to lose and unless you're a fan of another team I can't understand that. Martin is the coach and fans can either support him and hope he can get these talented kids to play harder and smarter, or else just go do something else and quit wasting your time -- and everyone else's.

Stokes has great potential and there's no reason this team can't make some noise next year. Maybe it's too late for more than NIT this year but that is more opportunity for coaching and developing chemistry for the future.

Pearl is gone, and so are Chris Lofton and John Ward and Ernie & Bernie and Ray Mears and all the other reasons many of us became UT basketball fans. But the players are giving it their all for their coach and their school, so instead of making fun of the attendance, why not go and encourage your friends to go? Tickets are available and it doesn't cost a lot to buy them right out on the sidewalk before the tip.

So if you want the numbers to be more accurate, do something about it. And if you want to help the team win, get in there and make some noise.

And if you want the team to lose, go somewhere else.

I supported Coach Pearl, absolutely hated the way it went down and disagreed loudly the whole time, but he is gone and the team is still playing the games. So I had to choose and I chose to be a Vol fan.


Written on Memphis outlasts Tennessee in double-overtime thriller, 99-97 :

Is there anyone out there that would like to re-evaluate CCM and the Tennessee basketball TEAM? Don't be shy--it's o.k. Lots of folks are doing it.

Written on Duke has too much firepower for Vols, 77-67 :

I wonder how much money born2rude lost on this game? He predicted Duke by 50 before the game--the betting line was 11. I'm sure he put his money where his bad mouth was. He talks about "we" and "us" and throws in an occasional "GBO", but his comments are poison. Don't drink what he gives you--it will kill you.

Written on Cuonzo Martin hopes to improve rebounding after Vols' day off :

If these guys continue to work hard like the blue-collard underdogs that they are, they will force a lot of folks to sit up and take notice. And something tells me CCM will make sure they continue to work hard.

Written on Poll: Your confidence level in UT's offense after the second scrimmage?:

Somebody please tell me why we see so many "opinion polls" on this site. Don't misunderstand me here--I like reading the comments (opinions) of other readers relative to a particular article. I just don't see the value of an article that simply asks for our opinions on a particular subject. Perhaps among other reasons for having so many of is easy to do! Another reason that is more sinister is when the question posed is leading us in a certain direction...for example, is it time to get rid of a certain coach? In any event, if this site never has another "opinion poll", it would be too soon for me. Signed, Not a Fan of Opinion Polls.

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One aspect of reducing the number of players signed from 28 to 25 that is not being discussed but, you can bet, is very much in the mind of some coaches, Nick Satan on the top of the list, is that a 4 star or 5 star player sitting on Alabama's bench cannot be on the field as an opponent. Years ago when there were no limits a coach with the nickname "Bear" would sign 50+ players with that very philosophy. Reducing the number from 28 to 25 will free up not just 3 or more players but 3 or more 4-5 star players that would sign with other schools every year.

Written on Tennessee introduces Cuonzo Martin:

With all that we have read about Coach Martin in the past 24 hours combined with the ability to have him on board immediately, our chances to not only survive this event but actually be stronger as a result are very real.

Written on Tennessee names Cuonzo Martin coach :

First impression (after watching Witch Doctor's YouTube and reading Martin's bio) is that he is a class act that will take us to even greater heights.

Written on Ron Higgins: Mike Hamilton's mistakes should cost UT athletic director his job:

in response to The_Mayor:

I don't know if this has already been posted somewhere or discussed, but this email has circulated to me, and it would be good to know if there is anyone out there who can validate it or refute it. Either way, I found it very interesting.

Part 1 of 4

Below is an email that has been sent around that the UT insiders on the message boards are saying describes the basketball situation almost perfectly.  The athletic dept. and the coaches both made mistakes, but the overall story is Pearl dug his own grave.    
Some of this you may know, but I will go through everything I know both from what I have been told and to fill in the gaps, from what a few trusted UTAD people and media people are saying and confirming.

The week after the initial press conf on Sept 10th the UT board of trustees met at the Florida game. Pearl was discussed and at that time the board was split over whether to keep Pearl. Jim Haslam, who we all know has a ton of pull, supported Pearl and therefore he was safe. Hamilton argued that we wouldn’t have a coach since the season was less than 2 months away and that Pearl should be allowed to coach Steven in his last year, etc. Basically Hamilton wanted to make sure the had an opportunity to save Pearl.

The NCAA was NOT happy with the fact Pearl and the coaches were allowed to recruit for 2 weeks after the press conf up until Sept 24th. Because of this they followed Pearl and all the coaches talking with everyone who they met with over those 2 weeks looking for something.

This is where the downfall started. They talked with this kid in Georgia who was a junior and therefore off limits for coaches to talk to. The kid told the NCAA that he had a 3-5 minute conversation with Pearl and Jones. The NCAA noted this and later charged Pearl/UT with a major violation mainly because Pearl did not report this to UT compliance. In fact, UT only found out about it after the lawyer UT hired to help them with the NCAA found out from the NCAA. Had the lawyer not found it would have been a total surprise to UT when we finally received the letter of allegations from the NCAA a few weeks ago. 

So this is when it all started to go downhill in mid November when this "bump" violation was made known to UT. When confronted Pearl said he didn’t report it because he had no clue it was a violation at all and that they talked to the kid for less than 30 seconds. Mike Slive was also made aware of the “bump” violation and thus suspended Pearl for 8 SEC games in late November hoping he could mitigate the punishment for Pearl. Clearly, the NCAA didn’t care about that.

I do not know who The Mayor is, but I believe he has given us an "inside the closed doors" look that we, as fans, rarely, if ever, get a chance to see. We are all, those of us that are true fans, entitled to our opinions and entitled to voice our opinions; but, with that said, it seems to me to be a time when we need to rally around the Hill with hope and trust that those in charge will make some good decisions with what has been forced upon us.

Written on Derek Dooley starts with basics: how to tackle:

Who would have thought a year ago today that we would be more interested in spring football practice than March madness.