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Baneberry: Best one is the falling shower tiles from Lowe's - needed the laugh at that moment in the game.

Kudos to Coach Martin and the boys in Big Orange - I admit, I didn't think they had that comeback in them, thought it was that "Hyde" team that kept popping up during the season.

Survive and advance - on to Raliegh! GBO!!!

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Mr.Hart, call Bruce today, and make a deal. Please. Coach Martin is a good guy and all, but UT needs it's Pearl back.

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Wake me if the Vols basketball program becomes relevant again. Hopefully we are not heading down o another the Wade Houston type era. Nice guy, but wrong coach for UT.

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Ugh...another stinker. NIT even looking a little iffy.

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If Louisville can do it, so can UT. Hire Bruce back.

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Agree with the crowd on this one, already hate Bama, how can Lame Kitten make it any worse?

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Its also telling how the fans still follow Peyton. I guess it reminds of those days in the 90's when the VOLS mostly won.

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I'd also vote to hire Pearl back. Martin ain't the coach we need to get the VOLS back to the NCAA.

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Shame on UT! They had a good thing going, and should never have merged the two departments. Another stupid idea.

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SO many incomplete passes. The receivers didn't do much to help this freshman QB. Bowl game looking much less likely now. Sigh.

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"For 2014, UT officials have discussed a plan to swap the student’s upper level seats -- the sections that are most often empty -- for a larger presence in the lower bowl."

Best idea yet.

1984, Volfans streamed out of the stadium vs Bama, but we the Student Section stayed, and WILLED that team to pull out the win.

But UT has never needed to HAVE a name for any particular section, because it's Neyland Stadium. The most vocal section of the stadium traditionally has been that entire south endzone.

I think this is a bit of a stretch for Jones and Co. Just win, the students will be there in droves. Don't need a name like "12th Man" ( already taken anyway.)

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I was at this event tonight. My son and I drove all the way from Charlotte and it was quite the disappointment for him. We had an autograph ball like we usually do and were told we could not have it autographed, but the players could autograph a UT poster provided. Said poster was of Butch Jones with a black background. With a black sharpie, there was little room for signatures. To top it off, Curt Maggitt and AJ Johnson were not even allowed to sign. I understand the premise, but this just ruins it for the kids. To top it off, the event was much shorter than the previous 3 years we have attended and we barely had time to even get to the players. It was disappointing to explain to my 10 year old that he could not get his ball signed or have his favorite players even sign the poster. Now I see in this article where Hart says “We’ll find ways for people to interact, but not necessarily with the players.” Not with the players??? Fans can’t even be around players anymore? Ridiculous.

I hate that for your son - indeed, a big disappointment. Why didn't the UTAD issue a press release on the new restrictions before the event??

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Good job, "stirrin' the pot" Mr. Adams.

Frankly, I still love Coach Fulmer and his staff, we had a lot more sunny days and pleasant wins, before the sun went down on him.

Now, we have a new day, with a new staff, but while I am giving them a chance, I have no idea (nor does anyone really) how long it will take to get the Vols back to being a team to dread having on your schedule.

The jury is out, but I am hoping for good things - its been so tough being a Volfan for the past 5 years or so, if not longer.

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Why must we live in the past,why cant we look to the future which looks so bright WHY?

Cause we still have about two weeks to go...

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Beginning of the end for Butch Jones. Losing is one thing, but when you're losing and you look like a bunch of gray dorks from some unknown Junior College it's a whole different level of losing.

1. He's not coached a game yet, so that is ridiculous.

2. UT's current uniforms are VERY different from what they were int he program's early days.

3. While I don't care for these, the door was flung open with the black jerseys vs South Carolina for Halloween.

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The Vols are always best on GoVols in June and July. Then comes August through Feburary and the inevitable Big Orange nosedive, to 5-7 and the typical 21st ranked class.

I wonder how long before Richt is dumped because he can't win anything "big." It would be STUPID, as he's a pretty dang good coach. But lots of folks in Athens (U-G-L-Y you ain't got no alibi, you UGLY!) have made goofs. Speaking of, where is "Ray Goof" these days?

Anyway, Dawgs - go pester the insects you hate down in Atlanta and leave us be.

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Sounds like he's better suited for the th"U"g..

Sorry, but UT has plenty of checkerboard past with unlawful mishaps. Glass houses...

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Still the doldrums of summer...hurry up, football season!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

What a "back end of horse" comment.

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Is it really a "rivalry" if one team is really good, and the other is consistently terrible?

It's not a rivalry. It's envy. There's a big difference.

Actually Kevin, if you look at the big picture with this rivalry over the years, it's been very "streaky." Don't be surprised when the Vols break the streak and start one.

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Agreed - he's very good, but not quite there yet. Another year in college, especially with Maymon hopefully returning 100%, and they could make a run for a title next season.

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Holly has just been wonderful, and so proud to see her succeed after Pat's retirement. Nobody else could follow Pat but Holly, and those are sure big shoes to fill, following a legend like Pat.

Go Holly - Go Lady Vols! BEAT THE SOONERS!

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You local VOLS need to show up tonight - this is gonna be worth staying up for tonight!

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Shout out from Atlanta to all y'all Vols out there! Indeed, it's great to be a TENNESSEE VOL!


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Incredible! Unbelievable! Way to go Vols!!! Keep playing this way and you might make the big dance!

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I don't hate or even dislike Coach Martin. I just want to get BruceBall back in action at UT - watched the Vols for alot of years and the only real relevance was during Coach Pearl's tenure.

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Now I know its REAL EASY to say mean, rotten things about Vandy, but for once, let them have their moment in the sun. It's GOOD for the conference for them to do well, after all, and further cements the status of the SEC as the top conference in college football.

Yeah Kiffen and Dooley were bad choices (we know who to blame for it too) but we are getting another fresh start with CBJ, so let's look forward to another season in 2013.

Don't forget to support the BasketVols - they deserve and need it!

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Apparently Pastner has convinced himself that Memphis State has a big enough name that it doesn't need to play the big in-state school. How many titles has that won you, Josh??

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Oh dear, what will we do if the Vols aren't playing Tiger High???

Big deal. Move on, we don't need them anyway.

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Y'all crack me up.

He's just a football coach, not the second coming of Jesus the Savior.

Get hold of yourselves and calm down, Hart will find a coach, and we'll see how it plays out. Maybe we have another Doug Dickey in our future.

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If you count being the most successful coach in school history, a first ballott Hall of Famer, the reason the stadium was expanded, setting a new glass ceiling at UT that no long term fan ever thought was possible, having half of all of UT's 10 win seasons, averaging almost 10 wins per year, will produce double the NFL Hall of Famer's that the school produced in it's history, taking UT from a mediocre program with a big stadium and a lot of fans and only one bogus National Title in 1951 to a college football player then yea, he owns it LOL!!!

You do not go from a traditional 65% winning program to a 75% winning program, change the standard, spoil the fans and then own some mess. His ownership is that he did not keep his job and keep his legit top 5 recruiting and had to watch Lane lose 44 kids.

I am sure you are a young fan and thinks it is a program that you have seen from 1992 on and think it was always that way but history tells us different.

You need a guy that can go to other states and get kids the big boys want. Not many of those in the profession and we ran off the best one in history.

Does he own it? Yes, he spoiled you and made you believe it would always be that good. He set a new standard.

Good post! I agree, we had to suffer through some rough days back when Majors was taking over from Bill Battle...

Look folks, Dooley might not be the answer for the program but he's gone about things in a respectful, clean way from all appearances, so get off his back.

Fulmer did indeed take UT to the next level, his fault was that he wasn't able to stay there forever, things stagnated and he lost his job. I still respect ole Phil and wish him all the best. I agree that he should have been the new AD and not some guy from FSU/Bama.

As far as Adams, take off your orange-colored sunglasses for a while and read what OTHER people who KNOW what's going are saying, and you might be surprised. The UT job is NOT easy, mostly due to the recruiting issues. the SC job looks appetizing because of what Spurrier and Holtz before him were able to do there in recent years. UT's job is not very appealing because of where it is now, not as it was in the 90's. Wake up and smell the coffee!

Oh and anyone who threatens to throw a UT cap in the trash never should have had it to begin with - rotten sidewalk fans that are no better than that nutjob that poisoned Auburn's trees!

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Well, all I can say is that this game had moments of a "B" and definitely moments of "F". I can accept a "C" rating only by looking at the big picture. Unfortunately, I just don't think we have the right coaching mix. New Defensive Coordinator with a new system vs a leftover of Lame Kitten's Offense (if he was so good then why didn't he leave too??) that makes some very questionable decisions (like those 30 yard passes on 3rd and 1??)

Unfortunately, the UTAD is having lean times now, and they might have to pass the hat to get rid of Dooley. But then who could Hart possibly talk into taking the job? Some fans want Jon Gruden (ain't gonna happen) while I hear others even say Petrino (wouldn't THAT be something???)

I want to give a decent guy like Dooley a fair shake - he was willing to take on a rebuilding job like we've not seen since the 70's. But at the very least, he has GOT TO GET ANOTHER OC!!!

Do I hear an Amen??

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7 = BAD, unless CLOSE losses to good teams
8 = status quo, continue building
9 = better than expected, good work Dooley
10+ = turned the corner, UT back to being UT

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The fans on this site who complain whenever Adams, or anyone else, mentions the Kentucky debacle are in utter denial. That game counts as perhaps the worst loss in Tennesse history. It should be mentioned over and over until this team redeems itself. And to deny it is to stick your head in the sand. Adams is doing his job, and he keeps pointing out how bad the Vols have been for the last few years. You guys apparently want him to gloss over the utter ineptitude and pathetic coaching and play that have characterized this team. It's baffling and it seems as if you're more upset at Adams than at the performance of UT football. Please find another team, because those who are upset at a writer who tells the truth about this team are not serious fans.

Worst loss in Tennessee Football History? I beg to differ. The Vols have lost to some dogs over the years, just not often thank heavens. We all knew that Kentucky was going to break that streak eventually, and it would take a bad UT team to let it happen. Well, it happened. So now we move on, cheer for the team in a new season and hope for better things to come.

Even if Dooley stinks it up this season, the wonderful thing to keep in mind is that the Vols program will survive and fight on to better days. We got real spoiled, and it's hard to take the lean times. But better days are indeed ahead!


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Witch Doctor feel like playing a game....
Witch Doctor say what other words rhymes with "Bikes"? Witch Doctor say hmmmmmm?
Hmmmmmm? Witch Doctor say jump in anytime! hehe
Bones never lie.

Witchy, surprised at you. Definitely wrong.

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STAKES man, stakes....

Written on Pat Summitt steps down:


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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

HA! If Dave Hart wanted to flush his career down the toilet, then hiring toxic Petrino would be a good idea.

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Sad, pitiful loss. Ah well, now we can dream about winning the SEC in football. Congrats to Coach Martin for not finishing #11 in the SEC as predicted.

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Whew! One game at a time, boys! First ya gotta beat those pesky blue people on horses from Murfreesboro!

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You better believe MTSU will be there with a bunch of their loudest obnoxious fans, and I'm hoping the VOLS and their fans outnumber and give MTSU a beatdown. So there.

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I too am very disappointed in such a pitiful show of attendance. Don't be surprised if there are more MTSU fans than VOLS fans at the next one.

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It would be quite a coup for the Titans to get Peyton, considering how beloved he is within the state. I'm crossing my fingers that he will be head coach at UT someday. Might be a unrealistic dream, but sure would be a nice one to come true!

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Another chance to win a championship. Fill TBA and take this all the way to a trophy. GBO!!!

Absotively! It would be a real nice banner to hang up there in the TBA Rafters, and something to build on. VOLS shouldn't look at this as anything but an opportunity! GBO!

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I wonder how all the Coach Martin doubters are feeling now, when they were only barely willing to give the man a chance?