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Written on Former Vol Nick Reveiz to work with Carson-Newman running backs:

C-N has a class act in Nick. He's the kind of person who will do well in whatever he pursues. All the best to him and C-N.

Written on Mike Strange: Brandon Fickey did it for 'Knoxville, team and Tennessee':

Congrats Brandon! All the best to you and the Vols tennis team!

Written on Mike Strange: Bray became the NFL draft's real "Mr. Irrelevant":

Perhaps it falls under the heading of "seasoning", but another year would have afforded Bray the opportunity to make less than "leading" receivers look a lot better due to his potential ability regardless of the new offense. Plus, another year to redeem himself with the school and fans would have been nice. No, it doesn't take much more than a "first glance", but it should not be assumed that he had the right to return. Considering his past behavior he should have asked Coach Jones's permission to return. Unfortunately, Bray continues to rely on glancing instead of looking deep inside himself for answers.

Written on Vanderbilt coach James Franklin says 'people are offended' that he stands up for his school:

Clue to Franklin. People are not offended when you stand up for your school. They are offended when you behave like a jerk. Your stuff is weak when you criticize a person's choice and then try to twist your criticism into an attempt to support your school. Try a little more thought and a little less emotion before you speak.

Written on Season ends for Vols in NIT opener, 75-67:

Hopefully, the lesson has been learned. Don't whine about not being invited to the NCAA tournament if you can't win at least the first game in the NIT tournament.

Written on University of Alabama president to recommend hiring of Bill Battle as new athletics director:

Regarding this latest situation involving TN and AL, and in the words of Kramer on Seinfeld, "Can't you two see that you're in love with each other?". Talk about ties that bind.....

Written on Vols 'can't be passive' against Kentucky :

You can't be passive, and you can't concentrate only on playing defense. If/when your defense breaks down, you've got to be able to ultimately outscore the other team. If that means matching and exceeding their style of offensive play, then so be it.

Written on John Adams: Vols chasing Vanderbilt in recruiting :

Nothing insightful here. The sky is still blue and the grass green. Repeating the obvious won't change reality. Kinda like telling a fireman the house is on fire while he is trying to put out the fire. It should no longer be "strange" to anyone that UT's football program is behind Vanderbilt's. UT can regain the upper hand. It is very doable, but it will take great effort and good coaching (as it should).

Written on Vols fall into a Steele trap, 68-65:

A loss is usually the result when one phase of a team's approach is emphasized at the expense of the other phase. It is great to want to play good defense, but if the offensive effort, including fast break execution and protecting the ball, is not as equal a priority as defense the team is not going to win a high percentage of games. There is no excuse for not stressing equally the importance of both offense and defense.

Written on John Adams among 3 selected for induction into Tennessee Sports Writers Hall of Fame :

Congrats John. Keep writing to encourage thought instead of mere agreement.

Written on John Adams: Next coach will realize UT doesn't have speed to catch up :

Yes John. The next coach will make the realization. Thanks for stating the obvious. Sorry for the slow news day.

Written on Tough to read Tennessee quarterback Tyler Bray when it comes to his NFL plans :

Tough to read Bray? With regard to trying to decide how much he cares about UT by judging his on-field behavior, the answer is "so what's new?". With regard to evaluating his off-field behavior, the answer is "easy". He is immature and self-centered. With regard to his NFL plans, the answer is "who cares?", because he should not be given the opportunity to return to UT. While there is no doubt he has talent, and he may be drafted in the first or second round, he is not reliable enough to deserve the honor of playing for UT. Perhaps the NFL can overcome his mental and emotional shortcomings enough to take advantage of his physical talent.

Written on No. 1 recruit Mercedes Russell picks Tennessee :

Welcome aboard Mercedes!

Written on Justin Hunter says no hard feelings following Derek Dooley's criticism :

Why is whether or not Hunter has any hard feelings about Dooley's criticism even a consideration? Who is stupid enough to ask the question or even care? Hunter is the player, currently playing poorly, and Dooley is the coach, currently paying the price for not previously holding players like Hunter accountable.

Written on Debby Jennings suit amended to include Pat Summitt affidavit :

How pathetic for Jennings and her attorney to drag someone with dementia into this situation. Summitt tells Jennings of one meeting when Hart supposedly tells Summitt he's forcing her out, but Summitt fails to tell Jennings about the second meeting with Hart. This would be comical if not for Summitt's heartbreaking situation. There should be no doubt that Summitt needed to step down as head coach. This should be obvious to most people paying attention to her behavior on the bench during games this past season.

Written on Rhyne Williams advances to U.S. Open main draw:

Congrats Rhyne. Best of luck to you in your future matches.

Written on Mike Strange: Was the reward Rogers offered Vols worth the risk? :

Mike, what was the risk involved when Dooley recruited Rogers? Was there a known behavior issue on Rogers' part? If you are referring to the risk once Rogers was on the team, his behavior issues pale in comparison to the players you mentioned. Still, Rogers deserves to be removed from the team.

Written on Bray, court reach agreement on boating case :

I can't wait to see the "real change" in Bray's maturity level that Dooley has seen. Unfortunately, it seems to be a continuing change for the worse.

Written on John Adams: Tennessee's football team should keep its goals realistic :

John, don't worry about the team keeping its goals realistic. You should worry about your own goals for the team. Your assertion that UT should automatically beat Vanderbilt and Kentucky doesn't reflect today's reality. Vanderbilt is beyond just "making progress" and will field a talented well-coached team this season. Kentucky beat UT last season, so it's very possible they can do it again this year. It's ironic that many UT fans think you are negative toward the football team. In this case your assumptions are a little too optimistic.

Written on Big Orange debate: Can Derek Dooley win?:

The wording of the question in the title reflects a continuing fundamental misunderstanding of team sports. No single individual, regardless of position, wins or loses in a team sport. The team wins or loses. Obviously, the head coach position is very important to a team, but I've never known a head coach who went out onto a playing field and beat the other team singlehandedly. The Vols need to play as a team, play to win, and the individual accolades will follow.

Written on Mike Strange: Here's another football list — of unexpected Vol heroes :

Another good column Mike. You've described the main reason I cheer for the Vols and why I like college football overall.

Written on Mike Strange: Patience no longer a virtue in rebuilding :

Spot on Mike. It's amazing how people choose to believe the exception to the norm should become the norm. Coaches taking over a team and winning championships in the first couple of years has always been the exception, not the norm.

Written on David Climer: National media finally notice Derek Dooley's seat has caught fire:

The local and regional boneheads have been wrong regarding Dooley being on the hot seat this coming season, so it's no surprise that the national media equivalents are jumping in. Unless UT has a 5-7 season, or worse, Dooley will remain the head coach. People still can't get their minds around the mess he inherited and the coaches who couldn't take the heat and quit. Get real folks.

Written on No rush at midnight by Cuonzo Martin after recruiting restrictions lifted:

So refreshing. A person, also a coach, who practices situationally dependent thinking. Go Cuonzo!

Written on Michigan State long snapper says he's going to be a Vol:

Suspended by another team, and you come to UT. Yea!

Written on Vanderbilt coach James Franklin won't lose his job over comment:

Why in the world would anyone with even half a brain think he should be fired for his comments?

Written on Bad ankle injury can't stop UT's Herman Lathers:

Best of luck to you Herman! Keep up the good work!

Written on Vol tight end Cameron Clear suspended “indefinitely” after theft arrest :

So sad that someone with so much to gain in life is so willing to throw it away.

Written on John Adams: Lady Vols' dynasty a thing of the past :

The primary question isn't whether John is trashing the Lady Vols. He isn't (folks, try to overcome the emotional overreactions). It also isn't whether John is stating the obvious. He is (John, try to do better). The primary question is will the Lady Vols return to greatness? Only time will tell.

Written on David Climer: Derek Dooley's future with Tennessee Vols linked to Da'Rick Rogers' antics:

Many of the same folks criticizing Dooley for UT's losing record the past two seasons are the same ones criticizing him for not dismissing Rogers, a player capable of helping the team if he can stop acting like a fool. Dooley took over a program that was a wreck. Then, assistant coaches bailed on him because they couldn't handle the challenge of turning it around. Supposed qualified reporters have stated they noticed Rogers' misbehavior beginning soon after Hunter was injured in the Florida game. Less than seven months later Dooley has, regardless of how even he describes it, suspended Rogers until/if he gets his act together. Plenty of coaches enjoying greater success have tolerated worse player behavior for far longer than Dooley has with Rogers.

Written on John Adams: Pat Summitt's role a challenge in recruiting:

Folks, get a grip on your emotions. It is time for Pat to retire. No one is blatantly trying to shove her out the door. No one ever deserves to put themselves above the welfare of an organization. It's absurd for anyone to think a person deserves such a right, to include possibly damaging the organization. All you need to do is consider what Paterno did to Penn State. Sure, Sandusky's sick and disgusting actions harmed the university, but Paterno's mishandling of the situation added more damage to the school. Put it all under the heading of Paterno staying too long. He was simply out of touch with reality. He should have been retired long before Sandusky's crime was first reported. And stop exaggerating the power of the press. John somehow contributed to the demise of Fulmer. Please.

Written on Uncertainty a reason Eric Russell left UT :

If a person can't handle uncertainty as a natural part of almost any job or profession then, by all means, that person needs to move on. The perceived need to win a certain number of games next season is being greatly overstated. A crystal ball is not required, nor will it replace, the hard work and dedication needed for success, whether that success comes next year or in the years to follow.

Written on UT finishes fifth in nation in attendance :

Kudos to the team and fans for making this happen. Go Vols!

Written on John Adams: Recruiting reveals state of UT program :

Meow there big John! UT is feeling your love. No worries re Bonner. I'd trust him any day w/ the key to your house!

Written on Jefferson's LSU career ends with a tough night:

And his year began at a nightspot. Miles should have switched to Lee, but the end result probably would have been the same.

Written on Controversial former UT receiver Nu'Keese Richardson retires:

"retires"? Don't you have to have had a career before you retire? How ironic that Kiffin was concerned about another kid possibly having to pump gas for a living while he recruited and signed one who robbed a gas station.

Written on John Adams: Schedule encouraging for UT:

Adams and Dooley haters aside (where they should be), this is a positive article listing the benefits of UT's 2012 schedule. Bones never lie, and they also never tell the truth, but boneheads blinded by hatred always display their willful ignorance.

Written on YouTube locker room video leaves two coaches red-faced for different reasons:

No problem w/ the overall celebration. It was a big win against a traditional rival who was favored to win, and it's hopefully a step toward a bowl game. Unfortunately, a moron felt the need to intrude upon the team's privacy in its locker room. Be careful w/ the word "always". Speaking in absolutes often comes back to haunt folks who do it.

Written on Saban: Doesn't care about, understand BCS rankings:

No problem w/ this article being on the website. Folks stuck in their own little world tend to miss the big picture. As for Saban, at least he's honest. It's difficult for most people to care for something they don't understand.

Written on John Adams: No excuses allowed against Vanderbilt:

Wow! Where to begin to counter your selective reasoning John? First, Vanderbilt is a better team this year, and better than the Vols. Secondly, they are favored to win this game. Finally, they have a very good new coach. "the Vols are expected to beat Vanderbilt no matter what". Really? When did you start catering to the good ol boys who wouldn't understand reality if it smacked them in the face. I make no excuses for the Vols. The facts of what they are going through speak for themselves. I believe the Vols can win, and I hope they do. But let there be no doubt, if they win, it will be an upset.

Written on Vols sticking with wildcat — the play and the name :

It's a Vol taking the snap, and he wants to Go forward and gain yards. Call it the GoVol.

Written on Mike Strange: Tough times to be a UT football fan :

Let the whiners and naysayers find other teams for which they can practice their sad version of support. It's pathetic to be a fair weather fan. I cheered just as hard for the Vols when they started 0-6 in 1988 as I did when they were undefeated in 1998, and I'm cheering for them now. Go Vols!

Written on Dave Hart named Tennessee athletic director:

Go.............BAMA (?)

Written on Tobias Harris still working even during NBA lockout:

Tobias.......the best. Wish we could have kept you longer. All the best to you and your future.

Written on John Adams: UT leadership? To be determined:

John, 3 a.m. on Cumberland avenue, you said it all.

Written on John Adams: Vols, Derek Dooley overdue for upset:

If UT has few injuries, and if the defensive front seven perform well above expectations, then UT should achieve at least one or two upsets this coming season. Next year, the wins won't (and shouldn't) be considered upsets.

Written on Mike Strange: Tyler Bray hungry to improve:

Hopefully, he's also matured beyond making the ridiculous celebrative hand gestures which only increase the odds of the team to receive penalties.