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I wish Fulmer had stayed and been sucessful, after he got fired, I wished Kiffin would have stayed and been sucessful(ugh, as much as I hate to admit it), then I wished Dooley had stayed and been sucessful, after he got fired, I now have hopes that Coach Jones will stay and be sucessful. Hope springs eternal! One thing that doesn't change. Go Vols!

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Mr Witch Doctor: Hey D is that you, how's M'boro, it's T and Im hoping this new coach is the real deal! At least it's not like M TV! You know, money for nothing and the ...

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Fun, fun, sorry ol marshall won't be around to spew his bs in Oxford next!

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Wish he was still here!

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2005 the year the Vols were predicted to win it all, 2006 a very good year SEC East Champs, D Cut leaves for Duke, 2007 Fulmer rolls dice with OC D Clawson, Fulmer fired by ex Dickey aide Hammy, hope happens with LK, hope dashed when lala beckons LK, with DD taking a job no one else wanted, next three years(thank the Lord Hammy was fired, but so was Bruce) spent with DD looking over his shoulder and enjoying big paydays, now BJ takes a job C Strong said no way to , so he could stay at Louisville,(the new sports dynasty), eight years ago...who would've thunk it?

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Andy Kennedy has been coaching Ole Miss for 5 or 6 years. He goes out and gets an @$$hole who ensures that there should be no young kids in the arena when he plays and Ole Miss finally makes the NCAA tourney as a 12 seed. I would rather follow CCM and his boys in the NIT than settle for a tourney bid that for at least one game will show off coach Kennedy's Mississippi win at any cost mentality. Lol...I heard a commentator for the radio broadcast yesterday speculated how many oars in the water MH is capable of having.

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What does the color of the coaches skin have to do with anything? I get real tired of people throwing in the race card. I do not care if a coach is purple as long as they coach.

Purple, green, rainbow, doesn't matter. Kind of seems the Vols are getting that Mid American Conference flavor though. Oh well, got a bad feeling how this is gonna play out.

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Wow! Yankeeland South, I guess it will be what it will be. How many games would Notre Dame or Cinncinati win if they played in the SEC? Guess we all know the answer to that!

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He may have started off there but he was the star tailback at Mission Bay HS in San Diego where he rushed for 2100 yards his senior year and earned all sorts of regional accolades.

As a Californian that went to UT, I can tell you that the softball player is right- there is no campus experience out here that can compare. Most the schools are mega commuter schools that are overcrowded and have little atmosphere. There are a couple of notable exceptions, but the sheer number of athletes in Cali (the state is closing in on pop 40M) dictate that not everyone is Stanford or Berkely bound.

Tennessee, both the university itself and the athletic program, are still highly regarded out west. CBJ should have some assistant or intern out here 24/7 if it's legal.

Amen! A Lane Kiffen alternative, well, that may only last another partial season :)

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Right on Amy. Patience has always been a virtue.

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They're not very good. They need to recruit a good point guard who can shoot and a 3 who can shoot. A hard get to make for a coach with such an emphasis on a mauling defense.

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Maybe not the best on field coach, but sure is a winner as a family provider and attorney.

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I am wondering where TCU and Boise St placed in the rankings? Nowhere to be seen in the top 40!

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Haven't won a football or basketball title in 4 years, so the Titletown moniker is fading a bit. However, basketball looks like a good bet to win it all this year, and football is primed for several serious runs in the next few years, Titletown might become entirely appropriate for Gainesville once again.

Probably shouldn't call ourselves that around here, though. Considering the sorry state of athletics in Voldom, it would just make you feel bad.

"it would just make you feel bad", never figured a skank lizard would care about anyone's "feelings", guess things are changing at the sh**h@le swamp.

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Get Bucced up! You never know in a few years they may get a shot at the Vols and may even win if things don't get better soon.

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I wonder if his salary supplements or complements the $83,333.00 he gets a month? Can't imagine an attorney doing it free gratis.

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Totally agree, support the coaches and staff who are there, and that goes a long way towards supporting the team and their esprit de corp and that helps them win games. Now that it's all over, I'm glad we have Coach Jones, only because I like the persona Jones projects. Back when Dooley was hired, I was with my brother during one of his first interviews, and it was the first time either one of us had seen him. Brother says to the effect, "He says the right things, but all coaching new hires tend to, but does he have the "stuff" to get the players to leave it on the field for him"? Well, he did for the offense this year, but leaving the defense to Sunseri even when it became apparent the D wasn't performing was wrong. He could have replaced Sunseri mid-year and I would have been glad. But, again, for the sake of the players, I supported all the coaches until Hart pulled the plug.

I saw Neyland referenced above. He was tough. My Dad grew up with Bowden Wyatt. I'd sit in the car or the lobby while Dad visted with him during his many hospital stays, and hear stories going home. One was how Bowden at first hated Neyland, and Neyland didn't particularly like him either. Why? Neyland only took Bowden because he wanted another boy from Kingston, Bowden was too small. Then, Bowden "wasn't gonna be treated that-a-way" like when Neyland would move the team off the practice field into a gravel parking lot until they "upped their intensity" to Neylands liking. Course it didn't take but maybe one down to get back on the grass. Bowden even left the team and went home a couple of times, but his Dad brought him back. Moral? Neyland didn't want Bowden, Bowden didn't want to play for Neyland- but when Bowden decided nothing Neyland could do was as bad as his Daddy's woodshed trip, something clicked, HE GOT TOUGH! He became an All American and then Neyland brought him back and he coached his own Volunteers!

Go You Volunteers! GET TOUGH!!!!!

Best poster on this board. I hope you are right Old Dog, something was missing. Unfortunately, the cynicism has been setting in ever since Hamilton rolled the dice with Kiffen. I hope CBJ will be SEC tough and not settle for Big Ten tough.

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How does it feel to be the second classless poster that knows not what he is talking about. The school this young man played for in high school has had to compete since the early 80's against teams that have much more talent. Kind of like Carson Newman playing against Alabama. New schools were built which took much of the talent that used to attend Sullivan Central. Have to admire a young man that can continue practicing day in and day out in high school with very little hope of winning. Have to say this young man has a lot of character (something you evidently know nothing about) to be able to do it and then attempt to walk on to UT and making it. Very easy to sit behind a keyboard and spout out garbage as you have. No confrontation that way. I am sure you could be led to the presence of this young man at the University so you can tell him face to face. Someone as spineless as yourself will not do this. OK, I took the bait and responded. As for Mr. Simcox, do us old Central Cougar players proud. May never make it into a game, but will succeed in the big game of life and that is what is most important. IT IS GREAT TO BE A TRUE TENNESSEE FAN. GO BIG ORANGE.

Just like the young Simcox this post is full of class. I've got a feeling that CBJ will get a few of these Simcox type of players, and just like Notre Dame this year and Boise St every year, you just never know what might happen. We can only hope for the best. It's hard to have class these days what with the lack of civility and manners missing in our fast paced, cynical,self serving society. I sure hope this young man prevails as I'm sure his proud parents have know doubts of his future success.

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No need in further blasting FHCPF.

Absolutely, one of my best memories as an alum was in Tempe AZ for the first BCS in Jan 1999. Sticking my index finger in the air and chanting we're # 1. The next day the Tennessean news had a picture of CPF on its front page holding up that glass trophy. Oh well, hopefully, in my son's lifetime it can happen again(he's only 4).

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Go Wolfpack, beat the Peabody commies!

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Can only hope that these guys do better with the Vols than they did at Uga and AU. No doubt Uga and AU fans are loving this and having quite a few snickers.

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Can't understand how money would have been an issue if Tennessee came anywhere close to what he makes at SC. Without a major deal on the fiscal cliff, California's top earners are projected to pay a marginal tax rate of 52%.

Hey stupid, that's true if you at least $1 million, if not you can feed off the unions and JB like 60% do. I don't think Tee makes a million, but Could be wrong.

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1BJ + 1DD + or - several asst coaches=17 million dollars over the next 6 years(not including the money recently paid PF, thank goodness LK left on his own accord), poor ol Rocky Top...literally!

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John have been a writer for a long time...however that does not mean you are have the abiliy to write about people involving the SEC. I am sure you think so but you may need to step back from the keyboard...or better yet...someone take it!

What would you know goofman

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Well no kidding.

So much press has been made out of Butch stating that this was his "dream job"... and "Butch is willing to rise to the challenge of coaching in the SEC"

So did Dooley. So would I. So would you. If a moron was offered a job to coach Tennessee with a GUARANTEED compensation of multi-millions... REGARDLESS OF PERFORMANCE, who wouldn't dream of that job? Butch just doubled his compensation from $1.5M/year to $3.0 million/year ... and Tennessee fans are hailing him as a hero? as if he's falling on his sword for us? I wish I could find a job that would pay me $3M/year for guaranteed 6 years REGARDLESS of performance!!!!!! I feel like I'm living in a parallel universe to the movie "Groundhog Day"... Three years ago Dooley was touted with as much fanfare as our saviour as is this fine gentleman, only to our ultimate dismay. Fool me once, shame on you... fool me twice, shame on me. Butch Jones = Dooley 2.0.

Talk you you suckers in another 3 years when we're on to the next mediocre poser... who is getting a "dream job" at $3M/year guaranteed at the Tennessee Taxpayer's expense. You're sheep. Demand more. Demand Gruden.

I don't know about demanding Gruden, however, you make a great point about Jones salesmanship. Maybe the players will buy it maybe not. I do hope so.The track record lately,though, looks like we will be in the same boat a few years from now. Groundhog day is a reality I hope any TRUE Vol fan will not have to keep reliving.

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You are responsible for your own expectations and you should not depend on 18-22 year old kids to fulfill them for you ... and acting all dorky if they are not fulfilled. On the other hand, your negative attitude reflects badly on the rest of the Vol fans and we really wish that you would either get on board or just go away.

You have a nice day...

Hi Gerry, so what is the pronostication for next years Vol squad? The same as you predicted this year or better?

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It is hard to evaluate and compare recruiting in Cincy vs recruiting to UT. If you do you are making a big mistake.

As if you would know, goofman

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I agree. I think CBJ is going to be an excellent coach. G.B.O.!!!

You wouldn't have a clue

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Who names their son Herschel?

Who names their kid ...axya?

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How would you know that goofman. So how much time do you give him? 1 year, 2 years, 3 like Dooley? Wouldn't know about "roadkill" but it sounds like you enjoy it though.

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Assuming I have season tickets. Now that's stupid.

No, that just means that you're predictable but you might be stupid , too. You'll be calling for this coach's head in a couple of years after he doesn't produce.

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I for one am thrilled to have Butch Jones as our coach. On the other hand, the last several days of reading some of the comments on this site has convinced me Tennessee has more than it's share of incredibly STUPID FANS!!! If I have offended anyone with my last statement...GOOD. For those who happen to agree with me, that's good too. No Tennessee fan has any right to be critical of any Alabama fan for their stupidity. We have more than enough to go around. G.B.O.!!!!

Enjoy your season tickets, hope you're doing your part with the $104,000 monthly payments the university is doling out to DD. Got a feeling you'll have the pick of upper tier seats. Now that's stupid.

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Rough riding up ol Rocky Top. The lost years in the wilderness continue. Another 4 or 5 years and a coach or two before the Vols are football relevant again. Oh well still very proud of UT because, certainly, football isn't everything.

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Strong should have been given the job instead of kiffin. Gary Patterson would be a great hire, but why would any sucessful coach want to be at Tennessee with most of the fickle fans that follow them calling for his head after every loss. This is some painful medicine.

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Ohnest assessment based on emotions. The truth is that Tennessee has superior facilities compared to most schools. However, the fan's base has way too much misplaced passion. Unfortunately, the VolNation is getting it's just rewards for allowing Hamilton to hire and fire from the hip. Tsk, tsk, no amount of shaking orange fists at the sky will save us from this downward slide. If only Fulmer was given another year or maybe shouldn't have gambled with the terrible Clawson hire just like Dooley's Sunseri hire. Oh well, maybe the next guy won't feel the same pressure...Nah!

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Good! Still bet that house in Manhattan Beach is paid for by 'SC boosters.

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Sounds to me like Derek("have to be a dumb-$$ to resign")Dooley was a lot smarter than folks in E Tn gave him credit for. I wonder if Hammy gets a commission. I think Jerry Green played ol Hammy's boss the same way. Gotta love the charity from the top brass at the University of Tennessee.

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Funny I don't see cfromwoodfairy offering his two nickles or any of the other nonalumnus who delight in coaching changes every 2 or three years.It's only fair that they pay their fair share. But I bet they dont and wont. Doesn't even enter their thinking because that would take half a brain.

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hey dude...tell your cousin Phil hello for me! Now stop posting ignorant B.S. of which you have no real knowledge. Your cuz was finished. His last couple recruiting classes had fallen WAY off the cliff, the record on the field was poor, and the discipline had gotten out of control. Yes, he did a whole lot for TN for a long time but when the lake runs dry the fishin' is over. Hart has no choice but to make an impact hire and that is exactly what's about to happen. TN won't be vying for the SEC title next year but I do believe a road of marked improvement and a rapid rise to contender status is imminent. With the right guy it doesn't take 5, 6, 7 years...this team can be right back battling at the top in 2 or 3 years with practically ANY of the names being bandied about.

Hey boy, I'll run along when you and woodberry "cuz " pay the bill. However, I'm sure that won't happen. You guys sound a little bit like what's been happening in DC lately...always SPENDING SOMEONE ELSE's MONEY until it comes time to pay the bill! I sure would like a little piece of that 104,000 a month ol DD is getting. I didn't realize things were so good in E TN to ladle out that kind of gravy.

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Fulmer had become lazy and arrogant, his wife running press conferences and multiple family members on the sidelines. He admitted he "lost the fire" around 2003. So I'll tell you what I was told for 16 years. He's gone, get over it, he's not coming back. I'm looking to the future, apparently some are living in the past. You are in the same boat as all the bammer fans that wanted to raise the Bear up during the shula debacle. We are now where bama was then, we can pay the money necessary to get a coach who can turn this around or we can go cheap and reap what we sow.

Oh yeah, I know, the next guy will be too arrogant and lazy, or allow his wife to run things on the sideline too. You get it over pal, and continue your suffering because no doubt, "just like bammer",your pain will continue. So file that, especially in a couple of years when UT prepares to hire and fire another coach. BTW, 5 to 9 million doesn't sound so cheap to me, especially for a hire in January by Dickey disciple Hamilton.

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Hart doesn't have anyone in mind and everyone in mind from his statements made to the press about coming to coach at UT. What a shame. Gonna be a long rocky top ride an no doubt that many of the posters here deserve the grief and pain they'll feel. The University of Tennessee now competing with Auburn University for the "Grass is always Greener " Trophy.

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Get ready for more lost years. The vocal dissenters on Fulmer are getting exactly what they deserve. I thought only Auburn fans believed the grass is always greener. Guess the last 5 years proves the Volnation is rowing in the same boat.

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You're too funny! Especially since Hammy was Dickey's assistant and groomed by Coach Dickey to be his replacement.

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Well, let's see Fulmer, Kiffin, many more before the Vols complete the same cycle as Bama? Maybe a lot longer. Dubose, Franchione, Price, sacrificial Dooley type Mike Shula, then Saban. Don't get too excited folks, still got a long 5 year rocky top ride till the smart people at the top who are paid and pay the top dollars to get that right coach. Should probably look no further than Maryville or Alcoa. Save a heck of a lot of money and no doubt the players would play with more HEART. That would probably make too much sense and not excite most of the passionate knuckleheads who post here.

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Lets see, Dooley will make a little over $104,000.00 a month til the end of 2016 whether employed or not.The staff is in line to pull down another 4 million or so in a lesser amount of time. Will there be any left for Gruden, Petrino, or whatever rumoured coach there is out there?If there is I need to move back to E TN and get in on some of that fast cash! Ah, not to worry, at least ol Hammy is not around anymore.

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That's a lot of moola! I guess people figure ol Dooley's not such a great football coach...but give him credit he is sure one heck of a lawyer!

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Godspeed indeed. The East Tennessee monster man will not be forgotten.

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Really? Then why is FL undefeated? If you recall the cupboard was bare when Urban left...last year was a near disaster for them...and now what???? This BS about taking 4 years, 5 years etc etc is a bunch of trash. This school has all the resources necessary and more than most. The only thing lacking is a coach with a brain and the balls to go get the players. Petrino was 5-7, 8-5, 10-3, and 11-2 at ARK after that idiot Nutt DOESN"T TAKE FIVE YEARS!!!

Hey RW ask Bama what happened to them when Dubose was fired and replaced by the fun loving strip club attending CMP(now coaching at UTEP)! Took so long for the Tide to get back(prox 10 years) that the Wall Street Journal compared the same circumstances last year after the UK loss to the Vols. 3 coaches in 3 years does not stability breed and no doubt Saban was aided by the recruits Mike Shula brought in. That is a coaching change of 2 not 3.