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Written on Cuonzo Martin on News Sentinel Sports Page: Trae Golden departure 'a key loss':

Point guards need to force defenders to switch on screens and fight through screens on defense. Trae didn't look comfortable doing those things. He was hampered by injuries a lot of his career here. He has tremendous ability and I hope he is successful in the future.

Written on Jordan McRae named team MVP at Vols banquet:

Stokes and Maymon will need time to figure out their roles in the new scheme. Stokes won't be double teamed as much and both need to develop mid-range ability, timing, and passing. Should be interesting.

Written on Jordan McRae named team MVP at Vols banquet:

Golden, McCrae, Richardson, Maymon, Stokes. They should be good from the start.

Written on Jordan McRae, Jarnell Stokes apply for evaluation from NBA Undergraduate Advisory Committee :

Stokes will improve a lot if Maymon plays and teams can't double team him. McCrae needs to come back and be consistant all season long. The pros have to bring it every night to keep their jobs.

Written on Cuonzo Martin to coach East in College All-Star Game:

The players have probably bought into Martin's style of defense. It's what the'll be playing at the "next level" if they make it there. I think Syracuse makes a good case for th 2-3 zone, however.

Written on Jordan McRae at a loss for output in final 2 games:

Think about what made you take a 360 spin dunk against MSU. Keep your mind on your fundamentals.

Written on Cuonzo Martin baffled by Vols' NCAA tournament snub:

in response to Witch_Doctors:

Witch Doctor sure hope you use Monopoly money and your bookie is a stuffed dog from your daughters room! lol
Bones never lie.
*Witch Doctor say you cant even get a NIT bracket! HAHA

Bones have to laugh....ha, ha, ha!

Written on Robert Morris stuns Kentucky in NIT, 59-57:

Calapari was from Moon Township, PA. He was Prom King there in 1977. This was the biggest event in Moon Twp history other than an air liner crash in the 90's. I think Calapari threw this team under the bus to make a statement to his are not "one", you are done.

Written on Vols try to turn attention off NCAA omission and onto Mercer:

If the Vols are NCAA worthy, prove it in the NIT.

Written on Vols try to turn attention off NCAA omission and onto Mercer:

Driving thru Columbus, OH today the example given for disrespect of SEC basketball...described photo of many reporters surrounding Polardy on ncaa bracket day for NCAA men. "There you go"

They think Ole Miss getting is a freak thing.

Why is Mizzou so highly regarded?

Just asking

Written on Cuonzo Martin baffled by Vols' NCAA tournament snub:

Let us see how tournament worth the Vols are. Get to the NIT finals or zip it.

Written on Rejection Sunday: Vols left out of NCAA tournament, receive No. 2 seed in NIT:

NCAA is biased against SEC men's basketball. There are some good teams in the NIT. Win it.

Written on Vols' Jordan McRae makes first-team All-SEC:

Cuonzo should have taken the refs on earlier and Stokes would probably have been first team. The only SEC player I know of that was constantly double teamed. He is going to be a great player at Tennessee.

Written on Vols concentrating on wins, not NCAA tournament:

Televised games are basically broken up into eighths due to scheduled advertising. Couldn't we go to a four ten minute quarter system in order to make play flow and make legitimate times out meaningful? Get momentum back into the game.

Written on Vols celebrate 64-62 victory against Missouri on Senior Day:

I would like to see Kenny Hall play the best game of his career. He was a defensive stopper last year.

Written on Vols celebrate 64-62 victory against Missouri on Senior Day:

Great comeback win. Stokes is awesome and getting better each game. Who else in the SEC is getting double teamed like Stokes?

Written on Jarnell Stokes burns midnight oil to shoot straight at free-throw line :

If all else fails, try a jump shot.

Written on Jordan McRae trying to stay focused amid SEC player of the year, NBA rumblings :

McCrae has improved in every part of the game. Martin played in the NBA can help McCrae get to the next level.

Written on Cuonzo Martin focused on keeping Vols focused:

we are not going to win if Golden, McBee, and others don't conribute a few made shots.

Written on Several under-the-radar moments lost in UT's four-overtime victory :

Stokes came around from behind, blocked a layup and got the rebound which was huge.

Written on Mark Wiedmer: Calipari has more problems than solutions at Kentucky:

Fast breaks work better if there is less dribbling and more passing. Try to make a layup and not a highlight film (especially in these conference games).

Written on Mark Wiedmer: Calipari has more problems than solutions at Kentucky:

I didn't see anybody on the Kentucky team that looked ready for the NBA. Golden was the best player on the court.

Written on Georgia delivers a punch in gut to Vols, 68-62:

I take back my criticism. If three's dropped more often, Martin would be a genius. The point guard situation was something he inhereted. His recruits, Moore, Stokes, Reese, and Richardson are SEC material and Stokes is starting to come into his own.

Let's hope that Golden gets back into form and the team can win the SEC tournament or win enough to keep the interest in the team high.

Written on Georgia delivers a punch in gut to Vols, 68-62:

in response to 1968Vol:

-Too slow to man-up on defense. Need to employ a zone to prevent paint points.
-Must move the ball faster(watch Fl pass quickly) Too much time wasted dribbling outside the 3point line this gives the defense time to adjust
-Dont get trapped bringing the ball down court. Dont bring it down the side-the line acts as another player! Quick passes! Speed kills the trap and the zone!
-Stay under control

Agree on all points. Why does the tough defense never press full court or double team star opponets? Play a zone, epecially when Lopez, McBee, and/or Yemi is in the game. Let Chievous(?) and Edwards play and get more game experience. Teach the guards how to use screens.

Stokes showed how he wants to play with the fast breaks he started.

Written on Georgia delivers a punch in gut to Vols, 68-62:

Stokes got the ball going on some fast breaks. Tedious to watch the slow pace otherwise. Apply some full court pressure and play a zone. Concentrate on offense. zzzzzzzzzzz

Written on Arkansas' in-your-face defense too much for Vols, 73-60 :

Play a 2-3 zone! Concentrate on offense practice!

Written on David Climer: Jarnell Stokes emerges as Tennessee Vols' MVP:

Vandy did a good job of creating mismatches on pick and rolls (especially against McBee and Lopez) It almost cost us the game. Maybe, it is time to play some zone (and zone press).

Lopez ran a perfect pick and roll with Stokes. I like Lopez, but he needs help on defense.

Written on Seem familiar? Trae Golden went through, worked his way out of, similar struggles last season :

Trae is the only reliable guard to get the ball up court under a press.

Written on Vols have reason to smile, 54-53 over Alabama :

Golden was a major factor in the win just getting the ball up the court.

Written on Mike Strange: Something is missing ... Vols looking for a closer :

While I didn't like his mouthing off, Henderson looked like somebody determined to win. Tennessee doesn't have a player like that this year. Stokes could be if the refs would allow him to play.

Written on Jarnell Stokes, rest of Vols looking for balance :

What has happened to Hall? Why is he starting?

Written on Poll: What place will the men's basketball team finish in the SEC?:

The poll answers remind me of the "Magic Eight Ball" I had as a kid. Ask Again Later, Yes, No, Maybe...

Written on Second-half outburst raises possibilities for low-scoring Vols :

A zone defense would really help Yemi keep from getting lost on defense. stokes needs to use a head fake now and then and keep the ball at least chest high.

Written on Jarnell Stokes in spotlight as UT prepares for Memphis :

Yemi has it figured out...score off rebounds.

Written on Derek Reese picks up the pieces for Vols, 51-47 :

in response to bosscat:

IMHO, one starter--Richardson--and three subs--Reese, Lopez & Makanjuola--were the players that won this game for us. Should Coach consider starting any or, say it isn't so, all 3 of them? I think Reese earned a starter's role and the other two earned a lot more playing time. I would like to read what others on this site think. I know one thing for sure: at half-time, I was a sad puppy not looking forward to the rest of the season; at the end of the game, I was in a much better mood.

Richardson is a star. He wrecks the opponents offense. Stokes needs different role in the Vol's offense. Golden doesn't use screens very well. Reese looks promising. Yemi getting better every game. Lopez Gets things moving.

Written on Vols learn from Martin's lessons in rout of Presbyterian:

Stokes perfiect from the line!

Written on Mike Strange: Vols get that elusive quality win :

Yemi stepped up big time against Hall. Golden played the way Martin has wanted. McCrae solid and Richardson was like Plastic Man with arms and hands stretching out to interfere with Wichita's offense. Carl hall was a monster. Good win.

Written on Mike Strange: Tennessee needed a fresh start and Butch Jones gives them one :

Please, get a reliable field goal kicker.

Written on Mike Strange: Butch Jones dreamed of a job like Tennessee :

Jones will turn UT around and then be off to Michigan.

Written on Vols not ready to quit, but are they ready to score? :

Play some zone and see if we can set up a few fast breaks. More bounce passes and head fakes. Don't shoot unless two teammates are in position to rebound. When in doubt, shoot.

Written on Agent says Gruden never had interest in Vols' job, calls reports "fantasy":

Talking about it is far easier than doing it. Gruden's heart isn't in coaching.

Written on FINAL: Tennessee loses to Vandy 41-18:

in response to KFDLaw:

Dooley coached like a man who wants 5 million dollars.

Can Dooley be sued for malpractice?

Written on NCAA hits Vols football with additional penalties; tied to Willie Mack Garza:

Promote Dooley to Assistant AD and NCAA Rules Attorney.

Written on Sal Sunseri: "Nothing's going to change" :

"And this, too, shall change"

Written on Mike Strange: UT offensive line coach Sam Pittman navigating SEC defenses :

It may have been said before, but, Mr. Pittman might have good advice for the UT defense as to their weaknesses.

Written on Brandon Lopez, Galen Campbell playing their roles in life with, without Vols :

Campbell is quick, has good hands, and goood shot selection. Let him play even if he doesn't travel to away games. What a stupid decision.

Written on Tennessee kicker Michael Palardy looks to have a more productive 2012 season:

Tremendous pressure on the team when the place kicker is unreliable. Brodus was pretty cool under pressure last season. Just went out there and did his temporary job.

Written on Jeronne Maymon named Vols' most valuable player :

I enjoyed watching Maymon and he really helped Stokes' development.Looking forward to a good season from Hall, too.

Written on Tennessee keeping kicking consistency:

They should give Derrick Brodus another chance. He was able to do everything asked of him after waking up from a nap and unexpectedly appearing in front of thousands of people.

Written on Wes Washpun to play at Northern Iowa:

Why make this guy sit out ayear?