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Written on Despite chances, Vols find panic under pressure in loss to Missouri:

Yesterday, in my mind, was the Vols' and Martin's last chance to show they belong, and they failed. I told my friend it's almost too "Dooley-like" in that they over-think, there's no flow, and they can't make in-game adjustments to take advantage of what the other team or the game itself is giving them. I can't really fault the effort of the players, but after a while they get frustrated and stop believing anything's going to work. I've tried to support CCM, but just like with Dooley, I've grown frustrated and just can't watch it anymore. How is UGA, with not a single big-name guy on the roster, 3rd in the SEC while we have two NBA prospects and languish in 5th or 6th? One word: COACHING.

Written on Georgia, South Carolina single game tickets on sale:

$80 for a lower level, end zone, single ticket? So much to taking the family!

Written on UT athletic director Hart gets one-year extension, $50K bonus:

I just cannot believe a broke athletic dept who owes millions of dollars in buy-outs, gave a guy a $50,000 raise which is probably more than the average household income of the state of TN.

It just rubs me the wrong way. Hard to support such actions in light of their current financial situation.

Written on UT athletic director Hart gets one-year extension, $50K bonus:

This entire article makes me sick and is ridiculous.

Why on earth does an AD make $750,000 per year? And get $50,000 raises?

I am an alumnus ('95), but I stopped paying out the nose for season tickets when Fulmer was fired, stopped all contributions when Hamilton put us in the hole with Dooley's $5 million buy-out, and now I sincerely hope my kids decide to go somewhere else.

I will always be a Vol, but it's hard to financially support an institution that is so blind to real world economics.

Written on Tyler Bray shut out at NFL draft, but Mychal Rivera lands with home-state team:

It was a perfect storm for Bray. Recruited from across the country by a coach who ditched him, left to play under possibly the worst coaching regime in the history of the school, no older QB to mentor him, left to either fend for himself for one year under a new coach or try the pro's.

The primary flaw I see in his plan is that he would have been better off if he'd stuck it out an gotten a degree. He would have been better off in the long run if he had something other than just his arm to fall back on......

Staying an extra year might have been the wiser move, but hindsight is always 20/20. He's just gotta play the hand he's been dealt and do his best from here on out to impress people, and not screw it up any worse (see: Erik Ainge).

Just my $0.02.

Written on Season ends for Vols in NIT opener, 75-67:

I agree with the "outcoached" and "outplayed" assessment.

Written on Cuonzo Martin baffled by Vols' NCAA tournament snub:

For everyone who thinks the Vols should be in the Big Dance, that would mean that Alabama should at least be there too. I certainly don't understand the seeding (how is Oregon a 12 seed and UCLA a 6 when Oregon beat UCLA twice and won the Pac 12 tourny?) or the selection process (Florida Gulf Coast??). But it is what it is these days....all about $$.

Written on Just McRae can't save the day for UT against Georgia, 78-68:

I am surprised that out of all the comments on here, no one has mentioned that maybe this team was just out of gas? I know they should have been playing like it was "lose or go home," but after the 4OTs AT A&M, then a late tip for a mid-week game against the #8 team in the country (that was more of a fight than a game), followed by an early game on the road against a team that you've already played and has you scouted to a "T", it just looked to me like they (except McRae) were on fumes. Maybe all the minutes finally caught up with Golden (and McBee). So instead of complaining about the coaching and the effort...consider the schedule, the travel, the hotels, practices, film study... all the stuff they did in the last 7 days PLUS going to class. I don't know....they were bound to hit a wall sooner or later. It's just unfortunate it happened at the same time their NCAA hopes were hanging in the balance. I had bad feeling about this game when I realized it was a pretty early tip off and on the road. Just my thoughts......

Written on Jay Graham leaving Vols for Florida State:

Gotta say "Thank You" to Jay Graham for all he has done for my university. I was up there from '91-95. Loved him as our RB, loved him as one of our coaches. Do not blame the man one bit for doing what's best for his family. Best wishes, Jay, and thanks for being a Vol.

Written on Charlie Strong: "Toughest decision I've had to make" to turn down UT:

Apparently, one obstacle UT is facing is the academic standards that have been put in place that do not allow a JUCO transfer's grades from his old school to be used in figuring the player's GPA at UT. Also, they have changed to some type of A, A-, B, B- system that can keep some of these borderline kids from making good enough grades to play. So the academic side of the administration has put the atheletic side at a serious disadvantage (much like Vandy, Wake Forest, Northwestern), and coaches realize this. When the fan base expecatations are weighed in, the prospective coaches realize they just can't win. I heard all of that on 104.5 The Zone out of Nashville a few weeks ago, and Chris Low touches on it in his ESPN blog today. So before everybody gets all up-in-arms about Strong saying "no," please realize that it's probably a smart move on his part to stay where he has some advantages instead of coming to UT where there are huge disadvantages that can lead to failure. It's probably why Dooley wanted the $5 million buyout in his contract....he knew the odds (recruiting, academics, NCAA violations, etc) were severly stacked against him from the start.

Written on Charlie Strong: "Toughest decision I've had to make" to turn down UT:

Maybe we didn't offer him a $5 million/ year buy-out if he failed.

Written on Derek Dooley's downward spiral at Tennessee:

I tried to support Dooley. I think he's a good "administrator," but not a very good coach. His inability to make halftime adjustments, mismanagement of the clock, and poor in-game decision making all combined to make the players lose faith in his ability to lead them to wins, and for the past two seasons, he lost their loyalty and confidence before the end of the season. I have to admit, it would be difficult to put in all the practice, time, and effort the players put in only to see the chances of winning disappear in every game because of poor game management. Hopefully the next guy will have a little more experience in how to handle those situations and avoid the team meltdown that we've witnessed the last two seasons.

Written on Daniel Hood says UT coach Derek Dooley is one of the most important people in his life:

Anyone who watched the interview with Hood would agree that he is a thoughtful, articulate young man who really does take it personally that people are attacking his head coach. I wish all the name calling and speculation would stop and just let these guys focus on football. Guys like Hood wouldn't just throw out a bunch of BS. You could tell by the tone of his voice and the look in his eyes he meant what he was saying. And I dont think he mentioned it specifically, but he was talking about the support and advice Dooley gave him after his mother passed away. So for goodness sake, I think the least we can do is support the players and the coaches until the year is over and let the chips fall where they may. These guys may not have won all the games we wanted them to, but they have given their all for Tennessee .....and for that they deserve our support at least until the horn sounds after KY, and hopefully until they get a win in a bowl game.

Written on John Adams: No doubt now; time for a change at Tennessee :

I tried to support Dooley. I never said a bad word about him, hoping he would work his way out of a bad situation. But today he traded "TWO CHANCES TO WIN FOR THE CHANCE TO LOSE." You can't say it any better. I'm sorry, but that is not the sign of a leader....that is the sign of a loser. And I no longer find fault in Tyler Bray's attitude and frustration....the guy plays his heart out and doesn't have a thing to show for it.

UT Alum '95

Written on David Climer: Did Vols fans really think a win was coming?:

in response to GreerVol22:

why , why , why throw the ball with 3 to's left and on the 19 yd line?

Because Chaney can draw up plays to get Bray some numbers, but he has no FEEL FOR THE GAME.

Written on Mark Wiedmer: UT still can't catch 'opportunity balls':

in response to GreerVol22:

I still say there is no reason to pass the ball when you are on the 19 with 1:20 left and all 3 time outs left. Despite calling a decent game to that point...that was inexcusable by Chaney.

That is exactly what I was thinking. He may be able to draw up plays to get Bray 350 yards and 4 TDs, but Chaney has no FEEL FOR THE GAME.

Written on Final: South Carolina 38, Tennessee 35 :

in response to Olddogsrule:

Tired of hearing that this offense under Bray can't get it done. This offense set two scoring records no team under any coach in Tennessee history has equalled. 1) Most points through the first six games, 2) and the highest average points per game. The last two games, Bama and SC the Vols doubled the points allowed per game by the current BCS No1 team with the No. 1 defense, and SC, the preseason ranked No2 defense by Athlon, and current NCAA No 15 scoring defense. GREATLY IMPROVED offense and REALLY GOOD COACHING considering all the boulders Dooley has had to pull this program over while he gets it out of the hole it was in I'd say! Scoring enough points to have won every game but Bama. And yes, a youth filled secondary is having trouble with the 3-4. But WE KNEW THAT at the beginning of the year and is why sensible people who actually look at stats and rosters knew we'd we'd win about 7 or 8 games this year. More would be gravy, but not expected. Looks like it'll be 7 regular, and hopefully, with a bowl win 8. They're meeting reasonable expectations, showing flashes of brilliance, and so far have exceeded all expectations on offense. I hope Dooley stays. He will get the D worked out like he HAS DONE ... a Volunteer record setting offense .. in a year when the SEC is probably the toughest ever! I truly hope Hart and the powers that be disappoint all you Delusional Dooley Haters. Maybe you'll go elsewhere and let real Vol fans talk football.

Very nice post. Took two years to "fix" the offense....will take another year to "fix" the defense. Special teams are improved with exception of kicker.....and that's not a hard fix. I say stay the course, and realize we just lost to #1, #2, #10, #11, and #13. And we were in every game til the fourth quarter except against #1.

Written on Tennessee coaches, players still communicating:

in response to voodoo101:

Bray is definitely a Kiffin recruit - now maybe the fine point is who gets credit for the signing. But let's play another game. You have a bucket you are desperately trying to fill, but you can only add so much water at a time (something like 25 recruits per year), and that bucket leaked almost one entire fill (minus Bray) plus some of an earlier fill (those who left or didn't come because of Kiffin - Taj for example). Now assume the desperation comes from the fact that you need the bucket filled to douse a fire, wouldn't you think under the circumstances that blaming the guy holding the severely depleted bucket that isn't going to put out the fire is basically shooting the messenger? Hold Dooley accountable for the team and the recruiting when he has four classes of his own, but most people here somehow believe in the philosophy that nine pregnant women can deliver a baby in one month. Having to do things serially is very much different than being able to do them in parallel.

Well put. You said what I was trying to say.....but better.

Written on Tennessee coaches, players still communicating:

in response to 69vol08:

You said, "with a majority of players he did not recruit"...this part is NOT true.

There are NO players still here that Kiffin signed and only a few from Fulmer. So the majority ARE his players.

I agree with the rest of your post, but wanted to set this straight.

I don't want to get into an argument about who Dooley brought here bc I don't have time to go back and figure out all the details, but my point was that his first recruiting class was salvaged from the players Kiffin had been recruiting, so they may not have been the guys Dooley himself would have gone for.

Therefore, the seniors and juniors aren't really "his guys." He inherited them. And most of the juco guys he's brought in have done rather well.

I don't see how we can expect any more from Dooley when he only has two of his "own" recruiting classes under his belt. Most of his guys are still freshman and sophomores. We're lucky he's gotten the juco guys he has.

Just my $0.02.

Written on Tennessee coaches, players still communicating:

At least the Times Free Press focuses on some positive aspects of what's going on. I feel bad for Dooley. He was dealt an awful hand. For all the fans who do the name calling....I'm sure they could have done much better. Please. When was the last time a coach played 5 straight top 20 teams with a majority of players he did not recruit?

I'm not saying he's has done everything perfectly, and I can argue for him to stay or to go, but let's at least be real about it, and support the team. All the negativity does nothing to help.

Written on Mark Wiedmer: Phillip Fulmer still loves the Vols:

Chattanooga's Times Free Press always has superior sports editorials to those in the KNS or the Tennessean. They are well thought-out, and much less devisive than the drivel in the other newpapers. But I do thank the KNS for this web site which consolidates the writings from all over the state. On another note, Fulmer is correct. And I remember how I felt after that 1994 loss to MS St. I was a junior at the time in Knoxville, watching on TV and wondering what just happened. Just reading what he told the 94 team got me fired up, made me want to hit somebody, and makes me proud to be a Vol.

Chris- '95.

Written on Mark Wiedmer: Vols stuck in absurd situation:

One thing I think we're all on to: Hart's silence is not helping the situation at all.

Written on Mark Wiedmer: Vols stuck in absurd situation:

1. Hart needs to say something, either way to stabilize the ship.
2. WRs (JH,CP) have the dropsies and haven't helped.
3. Bray needs to grow up and not pout regardless of outcomes.
4. The 3-4 (and Sunseri) was a mistake given Dooley's timeline.
5. OL and RBs have improved.
6. WRs and QB have digressed.
7. Z Rod and Rivera have been underutilized.
8. We don't have atheletes on defense, period.
9. The atheletic dept is broke.
10. First half of the schedule was brutal.
11. Chaney's play-calling is suspect.
12. Dooley's probably in over his head, but who wouldn't be?
13. Can't fire him if you don't have the $$.
14. It's a top-down problem, but the guys at the top that started it are all gone, so whatcha gonna do? Man up (from Hart down to the players), tough it out, and hope things turn around in the second half of the season.

Written on Dooley: Tyler Bray will be benched if he throws more interceptions:

Good Lord, this is all a bunch of circular reasoning. When it's said and done, we suck. I'm not sure how to change it, but I think hiring another head coach is not the answer given we're on #3 in 4 years. Stick it out with Dooley, save some $$, hope to God that he fires Chaney and Sunseri and gets some coordinators that will actually coordinate. Right now we're shorthanded on talent and game planning. We can go straight to the top and ax the head coach, hoping we get somebody better, or just tough it out and hope he makes good decisions from here on out. It's still a mess and a new HC ain't gonna change anything now. Just my $0.02.

Written on John Adams: Vols playing at a level that could get their coaches fired :

I wish Dooley would explain why he let the time expire at the end of the first half last night when we had time outs and were down 14. That was troubling.......

Written on Final: Georgia 51, Tennessee 44 :

good game. nice to see us fight. dooley deserves another year. i see improvement. can't fix it all at once. woulda/shoulda/ close.

Written on John Adams: Hard to play catch-up against UT's East rivals :

Somebody brought up this quote last week:

"It ain't about the X's and O's.....but what matters is the Jimmy's and Joe's."

~Phillip Fulmer

Written on Memphis outlasts Tennessee in double-overtime thriller, 99-97 :

I am behind Coach Martin 110%. Great hire. Good Coach. Good Man. He was a winner under Keady (sp?).....he will be a winner at UT. Give it time and Go Vols>

Written on Tennessee gets 'pounded': LSU 38, Tennessee 7:

Not that it matters, but I have 3 huge concerns:

1. Why throw deep (which resulted in a pick >89 yards the other way) when you don't have a deep threat?

2. Why give up a TD on 3rd and 11 when you just called a defensive time out?

3. I realize we are short on depth, but seems like the coaches make all the WRONG calls when we get a leg up...and it puts us in an even bigger hole.

Just my two cents....

Written on Florida's blocked punt draws attention, no flags:

So Rainey had 4 blocks in 4 seasons prior to this one....and we don't have a guy put a hat on him at all? Hmmm. I like Dooley, but that's the kind of stuff you just can't miss...

Written on Tennessee names Cuonzo Martin coach :

in response to ddt#1340890:

Witch Doctors comment shows his lack of basketball knowledge. Bones don't lie, how juvenile. Check on Martins record at SW Mo State. Why not go after Butler's coach. He has taken this small school to 2 straight final 4's. Martin will FAIL !!!!!!!! The administrative idiots at UT (not Hamilton) fired Pearl for this. Pearl took us to 6 straight NCAAS' and farther than we have ever been (elite 8). After apologizing we could not give him a 2nd chance. How pathetic!!! Fire the chancellor immediately. Call your state representatives and demand he be fired. Thank God we have the Lady Vols. But we better be careful, this administration will want to fire Pat next.

If you do your research, I think you'll find Butler's coach, Brad Stevens, signed a TWELVE YEAR guaranteed contract with Butler after they lost to Duke last year......that's why.

Written on Tennessee names Cuonzo Martin coach :

Cuonzo Martin played 4 years at Purdue under Gene Keady (other than Bob Knight, maybe the hardest-a** coach I've ever seen), held the NCAA record for most 3's in a game (8), was first team all Big 10 his senior season, made it to the Elite 8 as a player, and was MVC coach of the year.

He's accomplished more than 99.9% of us ever will, and more than half of the comments on this board are negative.

Blows my mind. Get behind him, support him, and make some positive comments, please! We're lucky to have him, in my opinion.

Go Coach Martin! Go Vols.

Written on Tennessee names Cuonzo Martin coach :

I agree with Witch Doctor.

Written on Tennessee fires coach Bruce Pearl:

The athletic department is a joke. First Fulmer, then Kiffin, Delmonico, now this.

We can debate Pearl's character and his X's and O's, but you don't go to NCAA tourneys, Sweet 16's, and Elite 8's on talent alone.....especially not on TENNESSEE talent. Can we name more than one former Vol in the NBA?....didn't think so.

So while Hamilton and Cheek cowered and feared what "might" happen, instead of waiting to see what would actually happen, they let a pretty good coach who revived the program, was active in the community, and actually wanted to stay in Knoxville a few more years twist in the wind to save their own asses.

I hate to see him go bc we will NOT find anyone better.

Chris '95.

Written on Vols crushed by Michigan in NCAA tournament, 75-45:

1. I think Pearl is a good salesman, average coach, has questionable morals, and is a poor evaluator of talent.....just like Kiffin. That is why even though I want him to stay, I believe in the long run we are better off parting ways and moving on.

2. Hamilton has no business being an AD.

3. My high school basketball team had better outside shooters than we had this year. Never seen a Div I team that can't hit a shot outside of 10 feet. Simply painful to watch.

Written on Hamilton says Pearl's job to be reviewed after NCAA tournament:

What rock did Hamilton crawl out from under? I'm with everybody else: Fire Hamilton, keep Pearl.

Written on Vols to play Michigan in NCAA tournament:

Any other year, I'd love to see us face Michigan and possibly Duke. This year....not so much.

Written on Vols hold on to beat Arkansas in SEC first round, 74-68:

And why are we throwing up 3's with 30 seconds on the shot clock when we are up by double digits? This team's basketball IQ is in the NEGATIVE range.

Written on Vols hold on to beat Arkansas in SEC first round, 74-68:

I'd rather have S. Pearl out there than Tatum. Dude contributes nothing, as far as I can tell.

Written on Mississippi State gets its first win in Thompson-Boling since '99:

Pearl and this team remind me of Jeff Fisher and the Titans last season. Once the coach loses the players' respect, everything goes downhill. No game planning, no effort, no focus, no energy. This team isn't that much different from last year's team, but the circumstances certainly are. I think the distractions have gotten to Pearl and have simply trickled down. And while I will continue to be optimistic that we get a few more W's and get into the tourney, I'm afraid like the Titans we're in the midst of a crash and burn....and how it plays out in the end may not be pretty. Just my $0.02.

Written on Mississippi State gets its first win in Thompson-Boling since '99:

Pearl and this team remind me of Jeff Fisher and the Titans for the last 1/2 of their season. Poor coaching, no real game plan/focus/execution, zero energy. Maybe under difft circumstances, this could have been a fun team to cheer for and watch. However, it's just frustrating and makes you wonder, "WHAT THE...?" Anyway, I will continue to be optimistic that they can beat KY and maybe get two wins in the SEC tourney. But just like after the Titans' 5-2 start, it's not looking good.....and the ending may not be pretty. Just my $0.02.

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