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Written on Butch Jones doesn't bite on Saban bait:

in response to GeauxTeamScribe:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

It turned out to be a beautiful day in southeast Tennessee. I'm sure Alabama has nice weather today also. You should get off the computer in your mom's basement and go outside for some fresh air. LOSER !!!!

Written on Rejection Sunday: Vols left out of NCAA tournament, receive No. 2 seed in NIT:

Chad say Witch Doctors need to get out of mamas basement and start talking like a grown arse man.

Written on Just McRae can't save the day for UT against Georgia, 78-68:

Jordan McRae played with a ton of heart. He wanted that game so bad. However, I thought Golden, Richardson, Stokes and company played like they had stayed out all night partying and broke curfew, if they have one.

Written on Just McRae can't save the day for UT against Georgia, 78-68:

Was that Butch Jones going out in cuffs ?

Written on Dallas Cowboys haven't hired Derek Dooley yet :

When can we stop talking about this joke of a coach !

Written on Vonn Bell enjoys his visit to UT:

Bell will be a Vol ! Put it in stone. As a Chattanooga area native, I have been keeping up with him for two years. If Dooley had stayed we would have had zero chance. He seems to like Jones quite a bit.

Written on Top 10 stories for 2012: Derek Dooley fired by Tennessee is No. 1 :

Can this newspaper publish three articles without bringing up Dooley. He was the worst coach in UT history. Stop looking at the past and take a page from new coach Butch Jones and stay positive for the future. Positive attitudes for the team and the fan base will go a long way.

Written on Juco DT Ben Bradley no longer a Tennessee commitment:

Looks like Coach Jones is weeding out what Dooley had. Let him pick his own players. I felt Dooley recruited as if he were still at Louis. Tech. The class can only go up from here. A top 30 class would be great with the late start. I think Jones will get it there.

Written on Butch Jones promises 'best staff in the country' :

The more I see and hear Butch Jones, the more I like him. I remember during a Cincy game earlier this year, the announcer talking about his positive energy and attitude. It takes that in any team sport. Remember Bruce Pearl.

Written on Do you believe Butch Jones is the right choice to be UT's coach?:

in response to jimr07:

Nor you...

Is that all you got ! LOL

Written on New UT coach Butch Jones in Knoxville:

in response to CheckerboardPassed:

Let's get on board Big Orange fans!! This is a young man who has won and been ACC coach of the year twice. The coaching search has been a roller coaster to say the least and let's hope and pray we've found a young man that can bring us back to competing at the top level the SEC. GBO!!

"ACC coach of the year." Get ur facts straight or stop posting. The man has never coached in the ACC. People like you are destroying the UT program.

Written on Do you believe Butch Jones is the right choice to be UT's coach?:

in response to volswinsome:

Ya'll are nuts. He's a solid coach with a winning percentage 800% better than Stooley's. With the state of our program right now, you might call it a "2nd tier coach" but that's a heck of land for a 5th tier program. Our schedule next year posts a min of 6 losses. Takes a lot of moxy to walk into that. CO & Purdue wanted him. It's a great hire and I don't think it's 2nd rate at all. Everyone's been asking who else do you want? TN gets a proven HC that can at least win twice what he loses and keeps a mid-major schoold competitive nationally. You're kidding yourselves if expected anything more, but this is not a 2nd rate hire. Good man and coach. Welcome to TN!

If you read this, dont' worry that the majority of TN fans voted no. They also all voted Kifftard & Stooley and most want Fulmer back. YOu're the right man for TN right now.

Go Vols! (well, in 2014).

Better than 800% winning percentage. You shouldn't be allowed to post messages on this site.

Written on Agent says Gruden never had interest in Vols' job, calls reports "fantasy":

in response to Element_Days_Are_Over:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Very true ! The sheep are already bashing Gruden. Mr. Hart, it worked.

Written on Agent says Gruden never had interest in Vols' job, calls reports "fantasy":

Sounds like Hart is trying to save face for not getting the deal done. We will end up with another Dooley.

Written on David Climer: Derek Dooley's time is up for Tennessee Vols:

in response to BigOrangeDan:

You really are a jerk!!!
Volcop you are a loser!

Stop attacking each other over a loser of a coach.

Written on David Climer: Derek Dooley's time is up for Tennessee Vols:

in response to Ironcity:

You really nailed it. Its not good that UT has to start over. We needed Dooley to be good. Unfortunately their is no choice. Dooley has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is in over his head. For recruiting purposes you have to move now. Otherwise it only gets worse.

We actually started over after last season when the other coaches on the staff figured Dooley out and hauled tail.

Written on As Derek Dooley's future grows more shaky, team still has goal of bowl eligibility :

I say once again, La Tech is a better program three years after Dooley left than Tennessee is three years with him.

Written on As Derek Dooley's future grows more shaky, team still has goal of bowl eligibility :

in response to GloryDays:

Dooley inherited a mess, the previous coaches wrecked the program, and Dooley needs 4 more years to fix this mess. He is doing all he can we just got to keep moving foward!

Your type is the reason our program is in it's current state. For a comment like that, you should have your football license taken away.

Written on Missouri beats Vols in 4 overtimes, 51-48:

All the Dooley lovers were saying 7-5, now 6-6, when will it stop? Also some of them saying Nashville is fun for a bowl game. If you are looking forward to Nashville, better go next week. If you know what I mean.

Written on Missouri beats Vols in 4 overtimes, 51-48:

in response to born2ride:

Please do not be so hard on Coach Dooley. It is not his fault.

When Dooley took over, UT football was in shambles. We had no talent. It was so bad his first season was called YEAR ZERO.

Last year we lost Hunter, this year we have 7 new assistant coaches. The people who were expecting 8 or 9 wins this year were overly confident. We are still in YEAR ZERO.

Dooley may not be the brightest coach. He should not have run out the clock with the ball on the 40 yard line and 45 second left. Maybe he should have kicked a field goal on 4th down in the final OT. Who knows.

We can still beat Vandy and Kentucky. Even Dooley can beat them. We will go 6-6 and go back to the Music City bowl. We can't fire a coach who takes us to a bowl game.

Give Dooley and Sal a few more years and the defense will catch up to the offense.

Go Big Vols!

Orange For Life!

who is this person ?

Written on Tennessee-Troy Report Card :

in response to snafu14u#241639:

These grades are fine. Nicely done. Do we need to start having a AD grade? It takes defense to win in the SEC, not so much in other conferences but in the SEC it is mandatory. We have a defense that actually gets worse as the season goes on, and I don't think I've ever seen that at UT. If they were bad then they were bad all year, worse against ranked teams but consistantly bad, not worse as the season went. Something odd about this whole scenario. My point at this time is did Hart make this Sanseri hire or did Dooley? Who evaluated the personnel and decided that this version of the 3-4 was a doable idea. Learning bet. But this? I don't get it. And if you think Vandy is a win (at Vandy), then Happy Holidaze to you my Big Orange Brother. BonzaiVol

Dooley wanted another excuse. He can blame the bad season on the new 3-4 defense. He is a lawyer. Always has an excuse. I would like to hear him take blame just one time. But not holding my breath.

Written on John Adams: Vols playing at a level that could get their coaches fired :

in response to whatthe84:

I know the popular opinion on this weekend was not positive. I saw a different game I guess. I saw a defense that was spot on at the begining of the game. I saw a Tyler Bray who had fire in his eyes during the first series. With this week we begin South Carolina week and another giant foe no doubt looms in Columbia. The Orange men and I say men will take the field at Williams Brice as an underdog of about 6 points I predict. Tyler Bray will rise to the occasion and charcoal the yard birds with his sharp sword he carries strapped to his long side. Our defense is much to stout for the SC offense that is mistake prone. Steve Spurrier aka the Ole Ball Coach will be out of his league when CDD strolls onto the field without his crutches and inspires the Volunteer nation with his gritty toughness. The team will rally around CDD and pull off a win for the ages. A win that might bring home a goal post to K-town. Ole Rocky top will prevale and the rest of the season will be all Dubs with a momentum into next year that will be climaxed with the crystal ball being hoisted at the BCS National Championship. Go Big Orange, keep chopping the wood CDD and believe in each other and the mighty Volunteer nation!!!!! Wait till next year, we have a couple of red shirt freshman who will dominate the D line. Next year the trifecta will be complete: SEC East, SEC Championship, and the BCS National Championship!!!!!!! FACT!

i started to suggest removal for this comment ! Just stupid !

Written on Report card: Glimpses of strong play, but no consistency :

La Tech is a better team three years after Dooley left....... that's enough for me.

Written on Report Card: Tennessee-Georgia :

in response to springtx_vol:

That is probably the best offense that we will face all year. I am not at all happy with the intensity of the wide receivers today, we don't seem to be able to get consisent effort from 80 or so players at the same time.

This game exposed the lack of speed for our defense. Brewer looked like he was running in sand. Where was Maggitt and Jacques Smith? We simply do not have the defensive backs to blitz and put pressure on the defense.

With all of this, I still see 9-3 as a possibility. South Carolina is not as good as Georgia. Missouri has struggled all year. Lose to Alabama in a well played game, win out, it will have been a good year.

Want to put money on it ?

Written on Tennessee faces difficult road after disappointing loss to Florida :

Put the blame on the group that deserves it..... the offensive line. They still play like freshmen.

Written on Reality Chomps: Florida runs over Tennessee in second half :

I don't take pleasure in another team's defeat. Everyone needs to get over Lane Kiffin and worry about the state of UT's program. The team flat out quit. And before I get drilled by everyone else on this site, I ask the question ,what has Derek Dooley accomplished in his head coaching career that makes you feel he is the man to turn the program around. The Tennessee program has forgotten how to win and it's coach has never learned.

Written on Report Card: Vols vs. Kentucky :

I read that Austin Johnson stated the team needed someone to step up and be a leader. Dooley could start by taking blame for loosing. He always blames his players and never the coaching staff. Sounds like a typical lawyer. What makes anyone think he can turn this program around. In his five years as a head coach, he has one winning season.

Written on Vanderbilt thinks six, not Tennessee:

What has Dooley accomplished in his coaching career that makes anyone think he will be successful at Tennessee ?

Written on Tennessee introduces Cuonzo Martin:

Hamilton could hire a ten year old kid and the same thirty percent of Tennessee fans would be saying " give him a chance." LOL !

Written on Do you agree with Tennessee hiring Cuonzo Martin to replace Bruce Pearl?:

Do we, the UT alum, students, and fans not deserve better ? I cannot conceive that a bigger name coach would not come here. Same as football.
Have we fell this far from glory ? If so, this alone is enough to justify the firing of Mike Hamilton.

Written on Coaching search update: Belmont's Rick Byrd interviews with UT:

Hamilton contacted Dave Clawson to discuss Mooney. What a joke.

Written on Five coaches top UT's list in search to replace Bruce Pearl:

Hamilton needs to go! He made a mess of the Phil
Fulmer firing and cost UT one of the ugliest losses in school history to Wyoming and a bowl game in 2008.

Written on Five coaches top UT's list in search to replace Bruce Pearl:

I don't think Wright and Dixon have even been in contact with Hamilton. Hamilton simply threw their names out to get the UT fan base excited and not thinking about Bruce Pearl for a few days. Hamilton will hire a cheap, lower tier coach from a mid major.

Written on Clear choice: State's No. 1 prospect says Vols offer 'best opportunity' :

This class is starting to shape up !
Looks like we also picked up Curt Maggitt !
Looking good CDD

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