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What's going on with this team?? Something is seriously wrong with the way things have been falling apart the last few years.


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BTW, Adams...use "their" not "its." A football staff is comprised of people, not objects.

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It's neither/nor, Woodberry. Grammar check your copy.

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Officiating was heavy in Balyor's favor..and still Louisville hung on..I think UT will have to be on their game..but they can beat this team with Jones and Kamiko defending the 3..

The officiating has been heavily in favor of Baylor for four years now. It's damn near past the point of ridiculous. Manbeast gets away with over the back, push-offs, punching people...sad just to promote the next "superstar." Where's the decency?

And btw, anyone in college who turns down the honor of playing in the Olympics is stupid or hiding something. I would not be surprised that she would've failed the genetic testing to prove that she was born either a male or inter-sex (my guess). If it's ever proven, would they take Baylor's championships away?

That's a man, Maury!

Written on Lady Vols feeling at home in regional, advance to play Louisville:


Manbeast down! Manbeast down!

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Is it just me, or does Ariel look like a middle-aged man in this picture?

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Graves has a hard time handling the double team. When they force it into her she also has trouble catching the ball and feeding the open player. She is tough, but she has to handle the rough play better.

It also has to do with Izzy's time being limited. When Izzy comes back full strength, this will help Graves out so that she's not the lone target. Graves has to man the post by herself most of the time. With the way that Creighton packed the middle and double-teamed, it was difficult for her to get open.

Written on Lady Vols attack the madness with pressure defense to defeat Oral Roberts, 83-62:

Not bad today. Shook off a bit of rust, but things got better. Still scares me when Jasmine Jones dribbles for more than 5 seconds.

BTW, no one's noticed the facial expression on the cheerleader before the article? I smell a viral meme with that one.

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Chievous has a great game as well. He's definitely progressed. That tip that almost went through MSU's hoop was his only really negative play.

Written on Tennessee beats Mississippi State, advances in SEC tournament:

Not their greatest effort.

Was it me or did Golden have a bit of bad attitude on the court?

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This kid is beyond amazing with his size, skills, and speed. Sweet!

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Apparently Nike and Buick aren't paying Shaq the money he needs these days, so he's come back for a second degree at UT. JEEEZUS boy...hit your free shots!

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Great game to slug it out in the end...especially for Kamiko.

Anyone at the game know why the boos started when Bone went down? She got away with some dirty stuff here and there. She's fond of throwing an elbow on a screen.

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I'll take "terrible headlines" for $500, Alex.

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This team.

I love them.

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This is the worst ballhandling LadyVol team I have ever seen. They will get killed in the NCAA tourney. Massingale was bad as usual.

Now now...saying stuff like this will upset SummittsCourt. Let's not let the truth overwhelm our feelings! :P

She seriously sucks at times. Carter will definitely help us out next year.

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How'd you guess??

Pure dumb luck.

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You're right, even the commentators were perplexed by that one charge call..I also agree that the calls were mostly made correctly throughout the game and didn't affect the outcome like some arenas in the SEC are renowned for.

You couldn't be referring to corRUPPt arena, could you? ;P

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I told my girlfriend I have seen derogatory posts about Nicodemus Christopher on here, about his hair, his web site photos, etc.... Well, you saw today he is earning his pay from the UTAD. We could have played a couple or 3 more OT's.

I also love when they show a shot of the bench and he's just as excited about the game as the players are.

Totally Invested.

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Way to grind it out!

Big props need to be given to the strength and conditioning team for UT. You could tell that TAMU was worn down by that last overtime (btw, how many overtimes occurred today!) and we were still kicking.


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How many total turnovers is exactly 64%? I hate to tell you this,but she is the point guard who has the ball in her hands the most to set up the plays. Not disagreeing she should be a better caretaker, but her position has more chances at messing up.

Seven out of eleven. ;)

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Too bad - thats a "you" problem.

No, actually it isn't. I'm not on the team nor am I on the coaching staff. The girl turns the ball over at will...not a good characteristic for a point guard.

Just to prove my point, she had 64% of the team's turnovers. That's 7/11.

P A T H E T I C.

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I cringe every time Ariel has the ball. Her passes are more than suspect.

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Well....we will know in a couple of years how good this class really is.

Or not...

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It does seem that Stokes gets two quick fouls in the first few minutes of each of the last couple games. The first one he got last night was his fault because he pushed off, but the second one that happened right after it was total BS. The kid does have a target on his back for fouls.

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I hate this game, Vandy, their "gym", their fans (esp. the Whistler...technical people? come on!), the refs, and especially their team and coaches. It's always ugly, and Vandy gets away with bloody murder.

Let's taken down the dirty 'Dores!

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Defensive intensity seemed to wain near the end. We also couldn't seem to stop a layup down the lane all day. Someone's gotta cut over and block the lane. Getting a charge or block isn't all that bad when you lay the other team out on the floor. They'll think twice before they do it again.

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LV ran into a buzz saw trapping defense on every square foot of the court, and acted like they had never seen one before. Forty foot passing lanes offer steals all night. Charles Barkley commented on thug/mug defense during the Olympic games: "Knock the hell out of them. That'll put a stop to it." It takes a split decision, but the instant a second defender moves in split them both while they are still moving and knock the hell out of them. Then the refs will have to decide if they are calling a football or a basketball game.

I didn't understand the cross-court passes at all. Someone should've come to the ball and cut the distance in half.

Written on Meighan Simmons' big second half leads Lady Vols at Auburn, 75-66:

UGLY. Just ugly!

Ugly passing. Ugly post play. Ugly officiating. Ugly home crowd.

There was some homecooking tonight!

Thank you Taber, Meighan, and Kamiko!

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I think it isn't Izzy that is the volleyball player. Her sister however, is on a scholarship to UT to play the V-ball and I would imagine in a sibling gang of 11 that if one played that much volleyball, most of them played a lot of volleyball. I wonder how good her sister is on the hardcourt?

I agree with you about Massengale. She did step "way up" in the second half and without that we may have been sunk. I think she banged two long threes.

From her profile:

"Was a middle blocker for the HHS volleyball team."

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Give Izzy 5 more inches and she would be just as good as Griner . But I like her just the way she is.

She's much more more attractive than Griner...I think it's the lack of an Adam's apple. :)

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I believe Izzy's sister is or was a Lady Vol volleyball player. Super athletic family.
Agree with the impact though, blocking is blocking.
Thought the Glory and flying elbow comment was pretty funny. Funny because I was never in the way of one. She could clear a space lol.

Izzy played in HS, iirc.

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First off, WAY TO GO, LADY VOLS!!!

Georgia was typical Georgia...all bark, not bite.

Graves - LOVE watching her play. I knew while watching her in HS that she was something special. She's definitely a lot like Glory minus the flying elbows. Anyone who doubts that she'll be at least a three-time All American is foolish.

Harrison - Effort, development, heart. You can definitely see her volleyball background with the way she anticipates passes and shots...that's where those steals and blocks are coming from. Speaking of steals, the one she had after that "foul" (whatever) was full of some attitude. It was almost a "screw you" to the officials. Loved it.

Jones - Definitely a diamond in the rough. Lots of raw athleticism that's taken her to where she is today. If she and the coaches can chip away the bad technique and decisions while working on finesse...she'll be freakin' dangerous.

Spani - Great hustle, emotion, and leadership. Deadly today when she's on.

Massengale - some nerves at the beginning with some forced passes and ball control issues. Just be confident.

Williams - great contribution with her handling skills, length, quickness, and active hands.

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"The sky is falling...the sky is falling!!!"

Dial down the drama, Fleser.

Written on Lady Vols back to square No. 1 after loss to Stanford :

Such potential. If only they could settle down and execute.

Written on Tennessee WR Justin Hunter bound for NFL draft, while Ja'Wuan James says he'll be back :

He must think better of himself than he really is.

Written on Lady Vols take down Texas, 92-75:

We had some sloppy and uncoordinated moments in the second half that let what should have been a comfortable lead become a slightly worrisome stretch. Guess there was a little rust after the time off.

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Best staff in the country? Not even close.

Written on ESPN's Ivan Maisel: UT's academic side uses "athletic department as an ATM":

The blog post is so vague that it borders on useless. Why write something without in-depth analysis other than for shock value?

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Izzy looked so much better than last year. Simmons seems like she's settled down and matured. Graves has come in without looking like a freshman. They're going to be good.

and next year, and the year after...

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I wouldn't put it past Bray to throw the games...especially if he were being paid to do so.

Written on Tennessee players take news of Derek Dooley's firing in stride :

I agree with keeping Pittman and Graham. They've done very well at their respective positions this year.

Written on 6-3 post Kendall Cooper not headed to Lady Vols:

Nothing like quality journalism here at the KNS...publishing rumors and hearsay.

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This may possible show her character after the de-commitment and now signing with another program after we pick up the #1 player in the nation.

Small blessings.

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Florida escaped a close one this weekend and lost several players to injury...let's stomp them while they're down!

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Something says he'll get a big welcome to the SEC by having his @$$ kicked.

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in response to HanQ7:

No need to worry at all. I think this 2013 will be a class like that of the Stricklen and Johnson led class. I think UT will get Russell and Steph, Greenwell, Davis and Gray. I'm willing to bet this will be a 5-6 player class. With all impact players. I hope people arent writing off UT Lady Vols, just mark my word..... Holly and the team she has assembled are about to do some great things!

I expect Graves to come in and start and possibly be FOY. Keep watch my fellow Vol fans, dont doubt us yet!

Graves is something else. Moves like a guard and has speed for someone who's 6'2". I was lucky enough to see her for four years in high school since she plays in our district.

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Defense-minded coach. Check.

Offense-minded coach. Next please!

Written on Pat Summitt steps down:

"She goes dancin' with the darkness to the Tennessee Waltz
And I feel like I'm falling apart
And it's stronger than drink and it's deeper than sorrow
This darkness she left in my heart

I remember the night and the Tennessee Waltz
Cause I know just how much I have lost
Yes I lost my little darlin' the night they were playin'
That beautiful Tennessee Waltz"

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With our high school being in the same district as Clarksville, I've had the awesome opportunity to watch Bashaara play many times in the last few years. She's quick and handles the ball like a guard, is unselfish but has the ability to dominate a game when needed. She reminds me of Glory, but she is a bit better on offense. I can't wait to see her play for the LV.