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It's going to take time; predictions beginning in 2015 will be relevant to an extent. After 2015 we'll have a much better idea. Regardless, I have the utmost faith in Butch's ability. GO VOLS

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Redshirt Sophomore (AKA college Junior) Johnny Manziel should be first team, but I too am tired of hearing about him.

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I remember at the time thinking, "UT should hire Brian Kelly"! But somehow Lane Kiffin was hired and it wasn't until years later that I found out that UT interviewed Brian Kelly, but chose Kiffin. Needless to say, I fault the AD and Phil for our UT football debacle. I believe that Butch Jones will bring us back; it will take several years, but he will do it.

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"I let them go first and once I made sure that the water was deep enough and no one got hurt, I decided to get up there and do it myself"

Now that's a leader! Anchor down... after you

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Now that's a funny article! The Commode Doors will be returning to their rightful place as SEC basement dwellers soon enough!

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in response to 10seVol85_Part_Deux:

Not so sure. Didn't Martin's first team have to replace four starters? His second team looked good, and a lot of that is because he brought in Stokes. Think how much better that team would likely have been if Maymon didn't miss the season with injury?

Martin has signed a really nice class for this coming year, with one of the top players in the country. 2013-2014 should be a great year, and will help keep recruiting at a high level.

Martin is earning his pay, and if you think nobody else would want him, you're nuts.

UT made the NCAA tournament in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
Year Overall Conference
2011-2012 19-15 10-6 T-2nd NIT Second Round
2012-2013 20-13 11-7 T-5th NIT First Round

2010-2011 Roster: Josh Bone, John Fields, Melvin Goins, Trae Golden, Kenny Hall, Tobias Harris, Scotty Hopson, Jeronne Maymon, Skylar McBee, Jordan McRae, Steven Pear, Cameron Tatum, Brian Williams, Renaldo Woolridge

2011-2012 Roster: Galen Campbell, Quinton Chievous, Trae Golden, Kenny Hall, Ryan Kilmartin, Brandon Lopez, Yemi Makanjuola, Jeronne Maymon, Skylar McBee, Jordan McRae, Dwight Miller, Rob Murphy, Josh Richardson, Jarnell Stokes, Tyler Summitt, Cameron Tatum, Wes Washpun, Renaldo Woolridge.

2012-2013 Roster: Galen Campbell, Quinton Chievous, D’Montre Edwards, Trae Golden, Brandon Lopez, Yemi Makanjuola, Jeronne Maymon, Skyler McBee, Jordan McRae, Armani Moore, Josh Richardson, Jarnell Stokes.

2013-2014 Roster: Galen Campbell, Quinton Chievous, A.J. Davis, D’Montre Edwards, Robert Hubbs III, Brandon Lopez, Jeronne Maymon, Jordan McRae, Armani Moore, Rwane Ndiaye, Derek Reese, Josh Richardson, Jarnell Stokes, Darius Thompson, Antonio Barton.

I agree that Martin has signed a pretty good looking class, obviously the team would’ve been better with Jeronne Maymon playing last year, and obviously Martin is earning his pay (I don’t think I said anything to the contrary except that I don’t know that a $50,000 “bump” was in order, but I also said “maybe after this season a nice raise could’ve been in order”). Replacing graduating players or players that leave early is a routine dilemma faced by every program. My point was that Martin didn’t inherit a TOTAL REBUILDING job. Martin is in the process of proving himself in major conference basketball, but he’s not COMPLETELY proven himself yet (coaching + recruiting + wins + NCAA tourney = proven). “I can only assume that there's not a lot of schools beating Cuonzo's door down asking him to come to their school”. That being said how does your statement “if you think nobody else would want him, you're nuts” respond relevantly? “Not a lot” vs “nobody”. I am a loyal UT fan and I want UT’s men’s basketball team to be great, but I’m not willing to forego greatness for a “good guy” coupled with only NIT appearances. We’ve seen that UT men’s basketball can make it deep into the NCAA tournament, that’s what we all want with a clean program sustaining that success. I want a coach that can deliver what we’ve experienced and if Martin can do that then great.

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I don't know; I mean Cuonzo didn't exactly inherit an empty cupboard when he took this job, he knew of the NCAA implications/sanctions that might be involved when he took this job, I can only assume that there's not a lot of schools beating Cuonzo's door down asking him to come to their school. It seems like UT gave him a chance to coach at a big D1 school and Cuonzo gave UT an opportunity to start fresh with some potential upsides in men's basketball. Maybe after this upcoming season a nice raise could've been in order instead of a "bump" for what appears to be doing your job for the most part. We'll see once the season progresses.

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Crappy Commode Door 73-29-5
With UT having 73 wins to your 29... I'm just not seeing where you have any trash to talk! When's the last time Vandy won an SEC Championship? How many NFL 1st round draft picks has Vandy had? Vandy will never sniff a National Championship trophy! I've seen enough college football to know that Butch Jones is a good coach. I've watched him at Central Michigan and Cincinnati, he knows what he's doing! The dominance over the Commode Doors will begin again soon and when it does Vandy will be the laughing stock it has always been!

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I've heard there's nothing crazier than a teenage girl or a pregnant woman.

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Pat Summit is the epitome of the University of Tennessee

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"Barnhart's assessment had more to do with the record nearly 51,000 that came out for the Blue-White spring football scrimmage, more than the Wildcats drew for Southeastern Conference home games against No. 6 South Carolina and No. 20 Mississippi State last season".

That's because Kentucky fans knew no matter what happened, Kentucky was going to get a win.

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Welcome addition! On a different did Will Crowe the baseball Gatorade Player of the Year in the state of Tennessee, who is from Pigeon Forge, sign with South Carolina and not Tennessee?!?!?!?

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Great additions, but how did Will Crowe the Gatorade Player of the Year in the state of Tennessee, who is from Pigeon Forge sign with South Carolina?!?!?!?

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Proud of you Bobby Maze! I love that you're honoring one of your closest friends and giving back to Knoxville!

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Great job ladies!

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“I don’t remember saying anything verbatim to her that she can’t,” Hermann said in the deposition.

A lot of things are understood when they aren't said "verbatim".

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in response to SevenT:

It really doesn't matter where the SEC Tournament is played. Kentucky will completely dominate the tournament every year no matter where it is played

In reference to the SEC tournament, how are you quantifying "Kentucky will completely dominate the tournament every year", when Ole Miss won last year and Vanderbilt won the year prior?

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How about, "KNOXVILLE EXPRESSES INTEREST IF SEC KEEPS TOURNEY IN ONE SITE"? We've all read the exorbitant amounts Knoxville's tourism/attraction representatives are paid, they surely have the time and money to pursue this venture.

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Glad our state funded institution didn't hire her as AD and glad our state funded institution isn't paying her AD salary

Written on Rutgers stands by new AD despite abuse allegations while at Tennessee:

Highly doubtful she'll resign; one must assume she's got a nice buyout clause in her contract. She would rather receive her yearly salary whether employed by Rutgers or bought out by Rutgers.

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I'm thrilled that we've signed a guard with some sort of experience to fill the void and Barton is the best we could've done on such short notice, all things considered. Stats per

#2 Antonio Barton
Memphis Tigers 2013 Record: 30-4
PPG 5.6
RPG 1.3
APG 1.1

Welcome aboard Antonio, triple those numbers for us

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On the surface, it's one thing if an individual player accuses a coach of an act, but it is a completely different matter if an entire team accuses a coach of something! That said, people can and do evolve. If I were Rutgers and attempting to return a sense of dignity to my university and athletic programs there's no way I would even interview a candidate with the slightest blemish on their record let alone hire someone with a questionable background relevant to the same scenario we're trying to remedy. Rutgers must hire someone else and let another school give her a chance to prove herself as a Division I AD.

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Very exciting news, BUT undoubtedly contingent upon his immediate eligibility

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That's something you don't hear everyday, transferring up

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As a UT fan, I hope Bray has a successful NFL career. As a football fan in general Bray's immaturity on and off the field really hurt his draft potential, coupled with him never coming through in a game determining situation.

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Other than signing with UT, this is the best decision Stokes has made to date. Can't wait to see his improvement on the floor next year! Go VOLS

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Congratulations Dallas, make us proud

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Stokes your press conference should be about you becoming a better basketball player by staying at UT. For every lottery pick or no name that has succeeded in the NBA there's exponentially more that have failed. I'm sure most would agree that you have the potential to be an NBA player, but the NBA is a now league that signs a veteran who has reached their potential to a two week contact just to fill in for an injured player. Use next year at UT to get better, if nothing else call Scotty Hopson and see if he might have made a different decision given a second chance. I hope everything works out for UT and Stokes no matter his decision, just please let it be a highly informed, well thought out decision.

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As a Titans and Vols fan I'm ecstatic that this pick combines my fan pride for both. As long as Hunter can keep making the tough catches and starts catching the easy one's he will REALLY help the Titans offense.

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I guess the Titans staff are the only one's who don't know they've needed a dependable go to wide receiver for the last 10 years! Patterson would be at least the number 2 wide receiver on the depth chart for the Titans as a rookie and if he learned the offense he could be number 1. Good scenario for both Patterson and the Titans, but unfortunately the Titans drafted a guard and the Vikings drafted Patterson. Good luck Cordarrelle

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Making $80,000 a year, especially doing something like this...come on she should've enjoyed it, not sue for discrimination. Can't piss off the almighty employer

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in response to chattabluetick:

Most of the time with hires its all oysters but every once in a while you find a Pearl.


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Definitely puts it all into perspective.

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Maybe we can surprise some people next year. Go VOLS

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I can't remember UT ever signing so many in-state prospects.
Randal Cobb is a VERY RARE player to come out of the state of Tennessee, I just hope for our sake these players are all legitimate prospects. Welcome aboard and good luck.

Written on UPDATED: Martin grants Yemi Makanjuola release from Tennessee to transfer:

Thanks for your time and enthusiasm Yemi, good luck in your future endeavors. Glad to see some explanation behind the over signing. Martin was dealt a bad hand with Maymon, Jordan, Golden, and Skyler? Bruce left at least those 4, now I'm interested to see how Martin's recruits do this upcoming year.

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For your own sake Stokes, you should stay.

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A) Texas A&M is the best college football team in Texas
B) Texas won't win another National Championship for a while
C) Mack Brown will be forced out within the next several years
D) Nice change of pace, but not suited for GoVolsXtra

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This is ridiculous, Stokes was outplayed by lesser "talented" player's in numerous games last season. I really hope someone is explaining to Stokes the dramatic increase in career longevity and potential earnings that awaits him if he plays at least one more college season. Whoever is telling him that he's ready is doing him a horrible disservice.

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TroyMajorsFleming 10:25 p.m. 4/17/2013

I love the stupidity and lack of basketball I q of all you Bruce pearl lovers. If you pay close attention to fact that Bruce pearl hated both McRae and may on yet under Martin the have blossomed. Hmmm...also they have learn to play defense. And Bruce pearl recruits weren't the greatest he just found a rare shooter in loftin and an explosive play maker in Juan smith...Tyler smith never lived up to hype. You need height no matter if he can just block shots and clog the lane.

Cuonzo Martin has had how many NCCA tourney appearances with UT? Basketball IQ and "stupidity" are you referring to yourself?

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All of you clammoring for Bruce Pearl's triumphant return should consider a few things about Bruce.Yes, he injected a much needed dose of enthusiam and swagger to the downtrodden B-ball program. But the Bruce Pearl we hired was not the same Bruce Pearl that we fired. We hired an enthusiastic coach who ran a clean program and was a family man. We fired a coach who lied to the NCAA and also conspired to have his coaches and recruits lie. In the K-NS, Bruce called his new wife Brandy "the love of my life"...while all of his children, from his previous (barely cold) marriage, still lived in Knoxville. There was an arrogance and an ego that the "fired Bruce" probably should have reigned in.In the NCAA, Pearl went 1 game farther than Jerry Green. And, then he killed what he built. Cuonzo exceeded expectations in his first year and I expect him to turn the corner next season. Get over Bruce...he has reached his expiration date at UTK.

Then whom shall we hire to coach our basketball team if Cuonzo fails to make the NCAA tourney again next year? UT always makes great coaching hires when it comes to men's basketball right? Or do we stay with Martin and watch our program continue to decline? Then what? Basketball ticket sales decline, apparel sales decline, luxury box sales decline, the athletic department realizes there's no reason to reinvest each year in men's basketball, and before you know it we rejoice every 5 or 6 years, if we're that fortunate, when our men's basketball team makes the NCAA tourney? We escaped from the SEC basement on a consistent basis under Bruce Pearl and there's no doubt he is the best basketball coach UT can get. Don't fool yourself, yee without sin shall cast the first stone. We've all gotten "too big for our britches" at some point in our life. I'm a UT fan, for many years "fan's" showed up to one men's basketball game a year at was when Kentucky came to town! Finally we achieved a level of basketball success and I for one as a fan do not want to return to empty Thompson Boling Arena and the only victory each year that matters is one over Kentucky while mediocrity rules the program. Bruce is as sure a thing when it comes to a successful men's basketball program at UT as there is. So I guess the question for some is...give Bruce another chance for fans sake and UT's sake or continue on an unknown search for another great basketball coach while the risk of mediocrity and "settling" grows exponentially.