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Win 5/6 games a yr and the only kids you can "pull" are the ones the big boys recuit as plan D. Makes no difference who is making the pitch. If you are not winning on the field, you
are not winning many recruiting battles in Jan/Feb.

Go away, douche.

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There are no bama alums on their staff. How's that working out for them?

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+1. Lol!

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You have got to be out of your mind. Calling us a cheat when our coach has NEVER even been accused of breaking a single rule, let alone found guilty. You have had confirmed cheating and put on probation in Mens basketball, football, baseball, even your swim coach was a cheater.... He who cast stones... Bonehead

Semper STFU!

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Laugh all the way to the SEC basement. Its two floors lower now.

Semper STFU

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Franklin has that swagger Vandy has needed for years and right now Franklin owns a longer win streak than Saban. Vandy now has the longest winning streak in the SEC.. UT fans can scoff but there is no TEAM swagger in Knoxville like Franklin brings to the table. We saw Franklin sit Rodgers for an entire game and he got the message. The man has guts and is winning, bringing in upgrades , bringing in talent and beating UT like a drum. Plus bringing in Bowl money to the SEC something UT no longer does.

You're so sweet dumplin.

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Brittany Griner..

A man. Wouldn't play in the Olympics due to the testing they do to determine if you are a man or a woman. Look up one of (her) interviews on YouTube and tell me (she) doesn't sound like a man.

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a five star kid in Tennessee is like a 3 star in Alabama, Georgia or Mississippi. The amount of kids from Tenn in the SEC as a whole is a testament. You lock up the Tennessee borders for players and you would not even win the 1 AA title. That is why UT is such a hard job and a big stadium alone does not get what it did when you where the only game in town. Now everyone has a big stadium. UT will never be even close to what it was when the Hall of Famer was making his run. Get used to it.

Thanks Vicky.

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Beautiful day for the national championship parade at the Capstone. I imagine Vonn Bell and
parents will enjoy all the hoopla. 61-7 last 5 yrs and UT has 28 wins last 5 yrs. Really not much of a choice unless you just want to make all the locals happy lol... Just look at all those DBs Coach Saban puts in the league from LSWho and UA. Not to mention practing against the best competition in college fb day in and day out. Roll Tide

Why don't you use the name hightide2008 like you do on other websites?

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Vol fans, don't be taken in by a few trolls that are all one and the same person, still ticked over Fulmer. His name is Brett Roberts.

Didn't some of you notice for the past several days, there were no trolls on here and then today they hit in force. Brett Roberts was out of town for several days;. He is back and hitting on all cylinders trying to blast the big orange with a number of names making you think there are a number of trolls on here. You notice they all came out of the wooodwork, when he returned today.

Don't be suckered in by him, he is trying to recruit for Peabody with all of these troll names. His girl friend has a yellow 2009 corvette conv., he likes to drive and she is a big Peabody supporter. At one time I thought Rolltide joe was some one else, but today proved it is Brett Roberts with another troll name.

I thought his girlfriend was Mr. Tennessee, lol! Does brett "the a22clown" roberts live in Nashville?

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Flurda gagturds=the old miami hurricanes
All trash, all the time

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Beautiful day for the national championship parade at the Capstone. I imagine Vonn Bell and
parents will enjoy all the hoopla. 61-7 last 5 yrs and UT has 28 wins last 5 yrs. Really not much of a choice unless you just want to make all the locals happy lol... Just look at all those DBs Coach Saban puts in the league from LSWho and UA. Not to mention practing against the best competition in college fb day in and day out. Roll Tide

How are they ever going to get all those people into the Walmart?

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I wish this Fall was going to be different. Jones will do no better than Dooley on-field: beat Austin Peays & get racked up by Oregons, Floridas, Bamas & SC's. I am ill at ease from what I have seen. Here's why:

a. A widely respected friend-a friend among Cincinnati powerful says people there were stunned when Jones left. Jones had assured townies, school & players how much he wanted stay, a few weeks before bolting.

b. Here, Jones proclaims he will have the best coaching staff in the USA. He hires his from Cincinnati, without talking to several available widely respected, nationally known coaches/coordinators.

c. He claims he has wanted to coach here all his life. Strange for a Michigan guy---especially one who wanted to stay in Cincinnati.

d. He says UT can win the SEC with Tennessee H.S. players, which East, West, &---to a lesser degree--- Middle Tennessee fans, want to hear. Within two days Phillip Fulmer, who could have said nothing, says Jones has never recruited nationally, but must, he is to succeed here.
When he left, Jones made sure to take one of UC's committed recruits---a 2-star lineman. Maybe from UC or Central Mich., a 2-stars is national recruiting. Not in the SEC. SEC Coaches doing that when leaving, are not very well thought of.
e. Trust is apparently not bedrock in cultures that he comes from.

1) This week we learned that his mentor, Kelly, at N.D. , whom Jones followed at Central Mich., then Cincinnati---as Kelly got better jobs---does the same kind of you-gotta-cut-the-cards when he talks.

Having proclaimed love for N.D., Kelly then interviews at Philly. Then we learn Notre Dame football under Kelly has covered up lies by his premier player---lies designed to get support from those who bestow post-season honors.

2) Also Jones told John Adams, for this article, a story which embarrasses the President of the University of Cincinnati, but makes Jones look prescient.
My take-away:
a. Jones tells everybody what they want to hear.
b. Jones tells things to make himself look good that make others look bad.
c. Phillip Fulmer, in the meeting w/Jones, could not have missed discussing how mentally NOT tough & undisciplined Vols were w/Kiffen or Dooley.

Jones needs backing of Fulmer and former Vol players; so he hires a popular says what Fulmer wants to hear...says everywhere in Tennessee what they want to hear...tells recruits and parents what THEY want to hear. Jones does so to position himself. Jones is no reincarnation of The General; he is a masterful politician.

This guy gets multiple million$, plus his mid-major staff raises of 50%, his own contract makes him richer than the town he came from, regardless.

No wonder he tells everybody what they want to hear; Cheek, the Pres & Hart certainly told him what HE wanted to hear.

That will work until Oregon takes the field. Maybe Jones will have figured out by then what Oregon wants to hear.

I have a friend who knows somebody who is friends with the husband of a woman that works at Cincinnati.......blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada. What we want to hear from you is SILENCE.

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First, people b**ch we don't pay enough. Now, people are b**ching because we pay too much. STFU.

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vandy could go undefeated and their pitiful fanbase still wouldn't fill up pudley field. Flash in the pan. Same old vandy, just watch and see.

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You must not of read the article. Not right to make fun of anyone... but then again I am sure you have accomplished as much in your life as NS. Making fun of WVa when your school in right next to Cocke County, Tn...priceless.

Shouldn't you be wooing all the ladies at the trailer park?

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If Butch let's his wife and kids on the sidelines we're doomed.

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How sweet. Your screen name refers to your Barbie collection.

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OMG! tiger high won a game in Knoxville! The Vols will never get another bball recruit from East Tennessee ever again! See how stupid that sounds little josh. Drop this junior college and let little josh play with himself.

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If they cancel the series, Tennessee can still play basketball games in Memphis. Just schedule a game against Arkansas, Ole Miss, or Miss St there.
I'm sure the FedEx Forum management would be happy to work something out with the Vols.

Agree. Play a game or two every year in Memphis. The Vols get showcased and we cut little josh out of the picture. There's a reason we call it Tiger High. The way they are acting they remind me more of a pee wee basketball program than a high school.

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It is a violation of the GVX terms of service to use foul language.

Just Saying

Kiss my left acorn.

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Cincinnati only had 5 coaches, FIVE!, to get ready for this bowl game and Butch wasn't one of them. JA your twisted, warped logic that allows you to criticize CBJ for a teams performance in a game in which he didn't coach makes me wonder if you are related to Jeff Flowers. Enough of you.

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Please send this list to all the bammer recruits. Let them know they may win the NC but they'll be working at their hometown carwash after their eligibility runs out.

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I agree Mike. Mustard herring is much better.

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According to sources close to Saban, if he wins the NC he has nothing left to prove and will take Jimmy Haslam's money and become the HC/GM for the Browns.

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"We were the 4th or 5th talent in the Big East last Year" . Now that says wonders for his recruiting after Kelly left. When you cant recruit to Cinn as one or two in the Big east, good luck in the SEC..

Shouldn't you be trying on the kneepads Mr. Tennessee got you for Christmas?

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Not worried at all. Not leaving Alabama. Nothing but media junk. He's said over and over he will retire at Alabama. Everyone hopes he leaves that play against him, but not happening, Tater boy.

I believe you are right. tuscawaller is the only place in the country where he has the influence to keep his sociopath daughter out of jail.

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JA you are one of the few Knoxv media that actually covers the game in an objective manner. Unfortunately, your market team is
averaging 7 losses a yr for the last 5 yrs and they want to shoot the messenger. Keep up the good work.

Back to the trailer park, bama trash.

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JA's bitterness and cynicism towards The University is based on the fact that he is compared on a daily basis to the likes of Tom Siler, Ben Byrd, Marvin West, etc... These men could report what the problems were at UT while still respecting both The University and its fans. When compared to these legendary writers he finds himself sorely lacking.

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Kiffen is lucky he made the one year stop at Tennessee, otherwise his son would have been named Compton.

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G. John Adams reassigned to the Nome News Sentinel.

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I played my my 8 year old niece a clip of an interview of ms. griner on YouTube. She asked me, who is that guy? Out of the mouthes of babes............

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Can anyone name a great/good NFL player that has come out of UT since Fulmer was fired? Arian Foster doesn't count because obviously he wasn't used properly. Think about that one.

Skeezer. Obviously a Pike wannabe.

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And Fulmer won a national Championship while Chavis has won National Championships at two schools. Cutcliff coached Peyton and Eli Manning to the NFL elite status. Trooper Taylor won a national Championship at Auburn. Kippy Brown won a National Championship nad coached in the NFL playoffs last year. Much better than any of these coaches yett they all have one thing in common, they were sent packing by the University of Tennessee.. How is that working out for ya? You now owe 9'6 million in buyouts , you are broke, you are at the bottom of the Conference, went 1-7 in the SEC and now are praying these guys can somehow match what you already had. Lack of loyalty has decimated a once decent program. Karma has come home. Vols for life? Ha ha
.. Ask T martin why he siad no way after watching Chuck Smith get run out of town also.

Tee didn't take the UT job because his wife keeps his in a box and only let's him see them occasionally. You know, kind of like the way Mr. Tennessee treats you. Fat, bald and stupid is no way to go through life son.

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FUN FACT just for you....

Butch Jones has won the conf championship, or a share of the conf championship 4 out of the 6 years he has been a head coach.

I addressed the other 2 teams i mentioned in another reply to you above...which only happened in 2012. But, you're right...I should have posted the year. Again...I thought I implied it with all the examples given. Malzahn's only year...the tie in the big east happening the same year, etc.

Please shut up! Enough already!

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THe best coaching staff in the country would consist of the following qualities
1. They place a higher value on recruiting than they do their own families.
2. They wake up every day with Recruiting as their main reason for living.
3. If forced to choose between visiting their dying grandparent or dropping by to see a 5 star recruit, Grandpa loses.
4. They make every effort to recruit at all times.
5. Every thing they do is aimed at recruiting first. If they must take time to go to church, they should pick one that is attended by a 5 star recruit.
6. They should know NCAA rules concerning recruiting and push them just to the edge.
7. Refuse to loose when recruiting, do whatever it takes.
8 Recruit with a passion.
Honestly with most players only sticking around 2 or 3 years, and only having 20 hrs a week, 17 actually to coach them, its about talent. Load up with talent. Out talent the competition!


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Born and raised in KTown. Now I live in Mayberry, NC. My blood still runs BO though, and always will. Great, good, bad, or ugly, Tennessee will always be my team. Period. I've lived through the bad and ugly the last 3 years (Coach Dooley, God Bless you and your family, thank you for trying Sir)I was raised a Southern gentleman, where you thank someone for trying, even if they did not get the job done (unless they screwed you on purpose=Hart...verdict is still out) Coach Jones, welcome to Big Orange country. The die is cast, the verdict is out, and the decision made. Next year I expect to see the good, and in 2 or 3, we had better see the great. If not, well, I hesitate to say. This armchair QB will just sit back and wait...and always
Go Vols!

Mt. Airy used to be in my sales territory. Love the picture of Barney the Hampton Inn has in the lobby.

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Sarcasm is the vernacular of the sports writer these days. I don't know when that happened but it wasn't long after ESPN began 20 something years ago. I guess they think it makes them stand apart--it doesn't.

As a young Vol fan growing up in Dallas, I fondly remember my grandmother mailing me Tom Siler articles from the KNS. Unfortunately, that era of sports writing is long gone.

Agree! All these no talent hacks see what a star the lazy eyed no talent gator became on espn and figure, why not me?

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Strange, you lost points on this one bub. Not your best work. Your disdain for UT is palpable.

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What Vol fan wouldn't love a coach who only a few days ago was "half bear the other half cat!"

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You mean that guy that is the most successful coach in UT history? The guy that brought us an average of almost 10 wins per year....for 16 years? You mean the only legit National Title in school history? You mean more than double the future NFL Hall of Famers that he coached than in this school's history? You mean Nationally relevant? You mean a top 5 all time SEC coach? Are you talking about the last coach to win back to back SEC Titles? Oh yea, we do not need that slop. LOL! This is why the rest of the country makes fun of us because we have some of the biggest idiots in all of sports as fans.

Vicky, haven't you commented enough. Time to feed The Pumpkin.

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It is idiots like this guy that seriously makes UT a national laughingstock. A legend, a Hall of Fame unanimous first ballot coach, the greatest run in school history, top 5 all time in the SEC, respected by his peers and voted as CFA President....and you treat him like trash.

He needed to go.....
and take his 10 wins on average with him.
All the future NFL Hall of Famers will not be coming here.
All those SEC Title games with him.
The only legit National Title in school history with him.

Dude, coaches look at what a school does. Several have said to Jimmy (that is agent Sexton to you knuckleheads) that if Phil could not make UT happy than no one can. No one wants to go to a mediocre program with fantasyland expectations that treated one of their own they way they treated Phil.

Pay attention. This is and will always be going forward a place for those that need a job (KIffin) or need a break (Dooley). That simple. The best hire in America would have been James Franklin. Instead it will be a guy that needs a job (Davis) or a break (Fadora).

That is so funny and pathetically ignorant to say it was time for him to go. I guess all that winning and all LOL!!!!!!!

Hey, are you enjoying your change yet??? LOL!!!!!

Vicky, enough already.

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Are you really endorsing that idiot Whitlock? He and Costas are both morons to suggest removing weapons will preserve life. As Smokey says: Only you can prevent forest fires. In case you don't get it, matches/lighters don't start forest fires, people do. This society wants to stick their head in the sand and pretend big bad guns are reason we kill, instead of holding the murderers liable we rationalize why the gun was really the culprit..Wake up America!!

Agree! As Archie Bunker said, "Would it make you feel any better little girl, if they were pushed out of windows?" A fool is going to do what fool is going to do.

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At least I've heard of Charlie Strong. Can't say that about our last hire.

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Witch Doctor say teabag a leprechaun! Witch Doctor have to pull for SEC.
Bones never lie.

F you witchy. I will never cheer for the g a y t u r d s or alabubba.

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Shouldn't all the alabubba fans be performing homo rituals on each other?

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Yes, UK is afraid to play teams. SOS is among Top 10 every year. We play UNC, Louisville, Indiana (One year break cause Cal is a lil pig headed about location) each year. Throw in a Baylor, Duke, Maryland.... Yes, UK basketball scared. Does your mom know your using computer? Shouldn't you be in school?

Once again we hear from the dumbest fanbase in sports.

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Tell me again why we can't hire Petrino? Is it the same reason why Vicky Fulmer was never more than 2 feet away from Phil the last few years he coached?

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Let's hire coach Fulmer and be done with it

Yeah, and Auburn can hire Shug Jordan, Arkansas can hire Frank Broyles and Kentucky can hire Fran Curci.