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Claiborneh what does it matter if AT's are a "dime a dozen"? So are psychologists, physical therapists, doctors, lawyers and just about everything else. Doesn't mean they're all good at what they do.

To paraphrase, "Ice, heat or stem". "I could do that tomorrow". So far I've read nothing to support your claim of knowledge.

For one I played high school sports and college football while treating Pertheas leg disease, and am familar with the training room. Second, I have been an orthopedic surgeon for over 25 years. Third, conjecture here is mostly opinion, not a thesis to prove knowledge. My statements are only candid opinion while you made statements of speculation about my knowledge. I'm guessing you are a trainer, so no surprise on taking offense. Sorry, but lumping clinical doctors and lawyers with sports trainers is a flimsy counter, especially those who are more familiar with sports "medicine." My initial point was "she ain't worth 100k " plus having to listen to her whine. Hire another.

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Opining sure is easy.

That's your opinion

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To claiborneh, please do some research on Athletic Training before speaking. It takes far more education and clinical experience than you know. Yes there are thousands of Certified Athletic Trainers - some better than others. To answer the debate over whether Moshak is/was the She was an excellent clinician but many of us are. Could any other Athletic Trainer do her job? Absolutely. We do it everyday. You just wouldnt know it because we're behind the scenes where we should be. Most of us don't have the orange spotlight (Pat) shining on us. The joy of our profession comes from mending injury and returning athletes to the sport they love - not from basking in the limelight. So on behalf of Athletic Trainers, please don't disrespect a profession that you: 1) know absolutely nothing about, and 2) couldn't do.

Dime a dozen
I'm very knowledgable of the "clinical" profession

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Training is the most overrated bunch of croc. Ice or heat or stem. Big whooping deal. I could do it tomorrow. No degree necessary. Not worth $100k plus. (Parker's shoulder would have healed the same if I iced it in a ziplock bag and told her to rest it)

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If they start winning, then puke brown, or baby phooey green would even look stellar.

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For me it's not about being older and resisting change. It's not a generational issue. I think being in an "arms race" like a bunch of trite lame Dr. Seuss sneeds with Starks on their bellies is lame. I think following the crowd is lame. If the uniforms were brought out before Oregon and everyone else started doing it, the concept would have been original and cool. You know what would be cool now? Not copying everyone and staying with the basic traditional look!

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This erosion of all that we once held dear such as tradition, honor, and state pride are becoming muted by love of the almighty dollar. The irony is that this "progress" in an attempt to make more MONEY does NOT work.
Ask NASCAR how it's working out for them. They eschewed history & tradition and headed west to tracks nobody cares about only to lose their regional flavor. All the while alienating core fans in the process. Now Bristol and Talladega don't even come close to selling out. They are unfurling huge flags to cover the thousands of empty seats on television.

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Estimated net worth -

Dennis Rodman - .9 million

Axl Rose - 150 million

Ed Hardy - 5 billion

Estimated net worth of most every redneck in the Neyland Stadium stands with tattoos trying to mimic somebody they saw from television like a Dr. Seuss Sneetch: probably not much

Net worth of every person with a mugshot with tattoos in the crime beat section of every gas station counter: even less

Net worth of Riley Ferguson: ZERO he uses his parents credit card

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I have reservations about the possibility of a Tennessee quarterback with tattooed punk redneck arms that look like Ed Hardy, Dennis Rodman, and Axl Rose all vomited all over them (see above pic). Call me a traditionalist, hater or a tattoo racist (tattooist), but I don't like them, especially on the field general representing a university and state. I don't care if they are branded for your momma, dog, or they are some beach trip mistake, they have become trite and makes one look like a knucklehead to a large sector of fans or viewing audience. If he does not at least make arena league, good luck getting a descent job. Sorry but that's the harsh reality of the real world. The real world "judges." Josh Dobbs, however- that kid is clean cut, exudes intellect, and appears to have the tools to be an exciting leader and representative on and off the field. Despite my brutal cynicism, they are both just kids, and I wish them both much success. Just please wear long sleeve under armor.

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They don't have to prove they are not the worst defense, they WERE the worst defense! But last year is last year. New attitude, new scheme, fresh faces. It's certainly going to be a turn around year. Could not be worse.

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Just to add to the "championship teams need 5 star recruits" argument. Here's another example. The recruiting jewel of this class makes immediate impact. You gotta get 5 stars to win SEC Championships, and thus a National Championship

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Actually raised our average star ranking, and opened up a scholarship for an upgrade.

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Coach High School Harry Hayes believes he decides who which prospective schools can talk to the players. What an over zealous moron.

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I'd like to donate $3 to the lack of common "cents" fund.

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....and you don't know how the recruiting numbers tally. The team with the most recruits is going to rank higher just because of the number OF COMMITS. Do you really think that Can'tucky has out recruited Alabama, Georgia,LSU and A&M?

...and you don't know how to read a post. Kentucky has the highest ranked projected class at this point of the recruiting process than anytime in UK history. And at this point of the process, it is higher ranked than Tennessee's. Who said anything about the other teams you mentioned? FYI, If I was going to have determine who has the best projected class at this point, I personally would go with Notre Dame, who as you pointed out, does not have just mere numbers like TN or Kentucky, but the highest average star ranking. I'm sure when it's all over Alabama, Notre Dame or the ones you mention will have the best players. But you never know who will pan out. TN has more scholarships to give this year than many schools so numbers will certaintly put them higher.
Who knows I might know more than you.

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Anyone notice that, Kentucky, yep, Kentucky has passed TN in recruiting rankings on Rivals. No kidding.

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Josh Dobbs will be starting QB by season's end.

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Yes…this is what I’ve been talking about all along. Instead of recruiting players that are afraid to play certain positions, Coach Jones has decided to recruit players that are eager to step up and fill a roll….something we desperately need this upcoming season. It’s hard to tell just from this article but I’m thinking that Coach Jones is more than just a coach to these young men. In fact, I’d say that he’s playing more of a fatherly roll which is something much needed to an incoming freshman. Folks, try to go back a few years and remember how intimidating it was your first week away from home (whether it be college, work, or just running away). To have no friends and just sit in your dorm room all alone was a complete debockle. Anyway, I too wanted to leave school and head back home to the comforts of my own bedroom, kitchen, etc. I know it’s way to early to see what kind of talent pool Coach Jones has on the field but as far as a human being, I give Coach Jones nothing but props. Heck, I wonder if Coach Jones would take me in as a son? Gooooooo Voooooools!

No offense, but all I assume you know about Coach Jones is his talking points, and the media articles. He good be the next Bear Bryant for all I know, but it's just to early. I'm cheering on the team, but I just don't like to turn cartwheels yet. It's just to early to evaluate much. Heck, people were making your kind of statements about Dooley at this stage.

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Josh Dobbs is going to be starting QB as a freshman. Mark it down!

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New largest stadium in SEC. Maybe number one class in the SEC. Heisman trophy winner. Momentum.
We're getting it too finally. It will be a lot of pressure, however, to be the number one QB in the country and follow Johnny Manziel.

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Terrific effort by the ladies. I don't even watch softball.
I hate to admit it, though, but it seems no matter what sport, I kind of expect the Vols to find a way to lose. To fumble on the one yard line, miss the game winning free throw. Even the year we won a national championship in football, it took a gifted a win by a fluke. Arkansas really won the game.It seems like our culture, like a couple hundred thousand fans with a chip on their shoulder, pulling them down with negative thoughts of the inevitable abyss of almost.

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Another stupid poll question. Who makes these up? Please state your name so we can appropriately ridicule you. What is the point of the question? Are the readers of this forum somehow familiar with this player fom Memphis? If Martin did not add a point guard before the start of the season, is the poll question inferring that if he had not, the Vols would not make the tournament?
They should make the tournament with or without Barton, so the question is ridiculous.
They should have made the tournament the last two years.
Here's a poll question: Do you feel that the author of these poll questions should (A.) Image be painted on the rock under the word "Tool" ( B.) Be given a dunce cap and made to sit in a corner at all of next season's basketball practices (C.) be given a free T-Shirt with the words, " Bless My Heart" (D) Fired

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i forgot how nice the black jersey's looked , i wish U T would wear a little black more often i think it pops with the orange .

Are you kidding...I thought they looked like last minute strewn together vomit-wear.

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That's a really interesting article...if it were interesting.

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How do you suddenly evaluate incorrectly? Doesn't this simply come down to the fact his senior year he could not hit a three pointer?

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Amen brother. YES Amen Preach it.

OH wait!!!? You're that troll guy aren't you?

No doubt. Every worthwhile site needs some :)

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Like I have said. Martin reneged, and way too late, and it was wrong. April 23? Evaluated wrong? Why, because he could nit hit a three pointer his senior year? Many fans could see what was happening. What team wants a non-scoring point guard? Martin played his cards and did a kid and and family wrong. The
father was gracious and mature. I don't know if I could be as such if that were my son.

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The whole "true Vol" vs I suppose "untrue" Vol is bunch of simpleton nonsense. Someone posts the ole "TrueVol" accusation in just about every thread. It is so trite and old.This is one of dozens of forums for convector, opinion, debate, and speculation. That's what sports talk is about, otherwise it is BORING. Tobias Harris was the kid's friend, so his opinion is valid. As are armchair quarterbacks, fans, rivals, critics, supporters, soccer moms, whoever else you want to throw in, and yes,
Trolls! What is this site, If you can't post negativity or criticism, even the overly critical, then why don't we name this site

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Martin reneged. Period. If one wants to speculate why and how that is another matter. The problem is the kid and his family did not appear to be leveled with soon enough. (sometime after April 17) Unless there us more to that story than we know, it is another example of a problem in college athletics, and a dilemma coaches have to deal with.

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You have never had any respect for Martin. If you did have any, it was deeply buried under an avalanche of negative comments on every aspect of his program. We will probably never know all aspects of this situation, so anybody is free to put their own spin on it. This does not alter the fact that situations like this are hardly unprecedented. I doubt Martin or any other coach enjoys them, but, like it or not, they are part of the job.

You could be right about the respect part.

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On April 17 the kid's father had been told nothing had changed. It appears the kid was not leveled with soon enough, or Martin was not sure what to do. It was easy to speculate Landry was going to be the one cut, hence the article that was written about the speculation. It's wrong. The kid should have been leveled with sooner.

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I called it several times months ago that Martin would renege on a kid. Stokes wasn't going anywhere; that was a joke. Landry was going to be the obvious victim. Anybody could see it coming. The kid should have been leveled with months ago. He should have been told he was going to be the first one out. Martin has lost my respect.

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Agree. If you can't win, at least wear Orange and White instead of the funeral colors they wear to the daily graveside service of losing habits

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I would not describe is arm as a "laser" as the article describes. He has a strong arm but by no means a laser arm.

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Bray getting snubbed came as surprise to no one but him.

Exactly. When armchair quarterbacks can make closer draft projections than the "experts," you have to wonder who is filling these naive and stars truck kids with these ideas. Bray could be in college enjoying the most exciting times years of his youth, and getting more mature on and off the field. Crushed? Give me a break.the only people who know his name are the ones within 3 hrs of Knoxville

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First of all, great news he is coming back. But I have to say, with the projection information of mock draft boards not even drafting him, why was this even a discussion? This delay was unnecessary and silly. Now that high school kid who was promised a scholarship by Martin and had a poor statistically senior year will probably get reneged on. How would you like to make that call. Unfair to the kid but this is how big $ college sports works now.

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Blah blah blobbity bla. I know someone has to write something for baseball, but the only thing to write currently is they Ain't good! The coach has the right energy and attitude. I believe he will find the talent and get the program winning in due time

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So much potential but currently overrated. Not an elite college player Why NBA talk or even overseas. Very polite and grounded kid. I hope he is getting proper advice and family and handlers have $s in their eyes because he is not close to ready

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There may be a couple of guys who haven't gotten much playing time who might be glad to transfer for a chance to play elsewhere. This is by NO means a rare occurrence in college sports. You get no traction for an argument against Martin in this situation from me. Besides, do you not think that Martin's knowledge of Yemi's situation might have been the reason he signed Ndiaye in the first place?

You could be right. We all know Martin is stand up. However, there is a chance Martin might have to renege on a scholarship offer.I know it happens, and coaches have little choice, but it is still not right for a hopeful kid coming out of highschool.

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Sounds like Martin had a good excuse and save face to cut a scholarship as he was two over. Stokes can't go to the NBA. The "suspense" is a joke. He is not even on many NBA boards. There is still one scholarship over and Martin is going to have to renege on a kid.

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Why are they not improving?

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I think Timex the deer decoy owned by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is a better selection. He takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Of course, the Commodores have mostly been taken a licking by most everybody for decades

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Pat and Geno won all their championships with the best of the best in a sport without as much parity as other sports. Get a Griner, Taurasi, Holdzclaw and you are expected to be in the title game. The TN vs UConn was about recruiting not as much coaching. When Moore went to UConn, Summitt knew the ramifications. Next up: Stewart vs Russell

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Pat and Geno won all their championships with the best of the best in a sport without as much parity as other sports. Get a Griner, Taurasi, Holdzclaw and you are expected to be in the title game. The TN vs UConn was about recruiting not as much coaching. When Moore went to UConn, Summitt knew the ramifications.

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Is it possible Louisville was a better team?

Written on Louisville stops Lady Vols' run to Final Four, 86-78:

Is it just me or do you sense that Connecticut is getting ready to put another tally on the scorecard in the Geno vs Summitt/Vols rivalry.