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This issue will not be resolved in my lifetime; it is going to get messy.....ugly and nobody may win. However...

In a long ago time, the General rounded up players, gave them a chance for a college education, took care of them as best he could and that was about it. The Vols...and most teams...probably rarely broke even. The system worked for everybody.

That same opportunity works for players now. And, that is no small opportunity. However, the player's situation has not changed much in the past eighty years; only the coaches, schools, marketers, merchants, media, fans...the list go on; every one else involved has been rewarded exponentially by work of the players. Players, under rules as they exist, really are boxed in and helpless; all the rest have just sauntered up to the trough and helped themselves...with no rules prevailing that limit the take. The NCAA, while fattening itself, writes rules to keep the status quo. Players stay broke, unless daddy can help with date money while the cash register rings for every other segment of the system. Most major changes in society, or revolutions, for that matter, come about because of an unlevel playing field...or the excess of one part of society vs. another.

Stokes's well stated case should be applauded. He simply states a glaring problem in an objective and non-bitter manner. Good luck to him.

well said,,,you nailed it

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He deserves it. He worked hard and improved his tenacity and FT percent. A strong rebounder who can hit the boards and make free throws still has value in the NBA. Plus he did a good job with some basic pivot moves and being able to go with left hand. And don't forget his speed getting up and down the floor. Very fast. He's built for NBA. CCM and staff did a good job putting him in position to improve and be a legit nba prospect. Maybe not a good day for next year's team, but having Jarnell here for better part of 3 years was great for our program!

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lst time there I saw Perry Wallace, lst african american baller in SEC. The US flag coming down from the ceiling was such a highlight, and I Couldn't believe how big it was. My dad & his buds were all service vets, either WWII or Korea. Buddy that flag was special to them, they were so proud. There was some name calling of Wallace, but not from our group. It was sad, but not prevalent, and the vast majority of fans didn't appreciate it.

The only thing wrong with this memory is it includes Vandy. I'm in the Joe Thompson, George Cafego camp vs. Vandy. But grant me an exception here for Mr. Wallace. And you can see below where Mr. Wallace went on to accomplish great things.

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Great post. Well said. I agree.

me too

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Bad call but we may have had a few go our way too. Probably the right score. Each team controlled tempo for a half and team with best FT % wins. Easily could have been us. Really proud of our comeback and effort. If Stokes stays, we will be a better team next year and could go further than 16

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Everyone says the tourney is won by guard play. Our exterior D is so good, we have shut down so many good guards, anything can happen.

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Our FT %age in this tourney is > 80 and we've been getting to the line a lot. That makes close games turn into breakaways. Defense, FTs, boards, and @ least one outside player other than McCray hitting double figs is our recipe.

As for Coach Martin, there have been quite a few moaners out there, but what program doesn't have that when the team gets off the rail. I didn't complain, but had my doubts. This is a team that has come together and he deserves credit for hanging tuff and keeping them focused.

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If you are not a 1 done prospect for the NBA, why would you not want to play for Coach Martin, and/or why would you not want your kid to play for him. Our recruting class is top 30. Go between 20 and 30 each year, keep the kids around @ least 3 years, get good ones, watch the fall out at the other schools for grades and behavior, and develop a consistent top 20 program is the formula I see.

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I've been following steve pearl on twitter and have come to like him. Didn't like him as a player and agree with all that said he should have been pine timing it. Nonetheless, he will probably be a good coach. I think he's a proven worker and will commit to being a good coach.

Coach Pearl screwed up here, no doubt. Punishment did not fit the crime, but it is what it is. He brought TN round ball to relevance from the dung heap,, to a place no=one expected. I like him and appreciate him. I will pull for him, except for when he plays us.

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What a chicken shxx call. Bigger problem is the drama these guys stir up with the replays. Only thing worse is the NFL when they put their face in the box for replay. Take the replay out of the hands of the officials. Put it upstairs.

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Tony bennett VA coach makes coach Martin look like Steve Pate after a duck hook,,and his team is getting calls and beating Duke. I disagree with all the guys that Martin is too laid back on the bench and with the refs. Its all about style and personality and the less animated coaches can do just fine.

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Wasn't questioning oldster's Keady comments. Gene was redfaced when he got off the bus.

Officials never get every call right and they know it. They expect to be called out and when they're not they lose respect for the coach.

Like your red-faced Keady comment...very good. He also had 'Cila Presley' (only comes out right if you curl your lip)black shoe polish hair.

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Someone posted pre-game that key was barton and jrich hitting some from the outside. Had they hit 2 or 3 three's between them, would have been the difference. Our D did a wonderful job the whole game. We can get deep into tourney if we keep up D intensity. Enuff to knock off a 2 or 3 seed. We played the presumed #1 seed to a stalemate for 38 minutes.

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Didn't see a play of it,,maybe i shouldn't watch next game. We've got a chance. I've got JRich imaged as a crab claw completely shutting down the bad guy,,all you can see is the claw and buckled knees underneath.

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The pros are only drafting the super offensive talent and potential. But Jrich has the ability to be an elite pro defender. If he keeps working at it, who knows? Probably a long row to hoe thru the development leagues or overseas.

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Great win and nice run. Defense is stifling. JRich is a giant claw with rocket feet. We can win the tourney.

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Total beat down vs. the dung and mustard. Awesome that VU is lowest point total in TBA. They could have shut us out 2nd half and we still win. Happy for Barton and Coach and rest of team. If Barton stays effective, we are a much better team.

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dang good ball player,,saw him play a bunch,,best player @ UT other than BK

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"out of line local fuzz".....that was hardly the case...they did not make arrests until their third return trip...more than fair...doing their job trying to keep the peace.

was tongue in cheek comment,,referring to days gone by when utsports had more sway in how these situations were handled and kept under the radar

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faith restored in UT sports management of out of line local fuzz

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I really think everyone is pulling for Coach Martin to make this thing work. I know I am. He has such a quality way about him. Really want him to succeed.

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I know its a different era, but if don devoe had this team we would already have 20 w's. He may not have have brought this talent together, but this guy demanded the ball be pounded in the paint.

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this never would have happened under Gen. Neyland,,,the arrests I mean

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Pay attention. Stokes shot 80% from line and had 16 boards. If he maintains the pace he has had past few games we will be a tourney team and he will be a pro. Simple hoops knowledge how important boards and FTs from your bigs is to a team. This is all doable and he is proving he can do it. This is a formula to win.

So I am not a we unless you are a librarian, and I don't know what's sad about any of this

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Stokes free throws big big deal. He needs to be like Moses Malone with his tenacity. Bill Russell called him the train that keeps pulling up to the station. Averaging 10 r/p/g get it up to 12 and keep free throws above 70. Really nice team win McRae, frosh PG, Maymon hustle, J Rich shooting and D.

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I think he will do a great job with it,,no kidding. He did a great job with our offensive players after a disastrous 2008 offense. he's had his wings clipped and is motivated to perform. Hope I'm wrong.

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This is almost as good as UT winning a bowl game...almost.

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Kiffin did a great job turning around UT offense and improvement of Crompton. He's got a track record for offense. Not so much for leading a program. Saban knows what he is doing.

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Dang good ball player & quick in the paint. Improved under Coach Devoe's tutelage. I really think Devoe was the best 'coacher upper' of talent TN has ever had, and probably one of the best anywhere. If players listened and followed up, they got much, much better.

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What does your ignorant political view of the world have to do with this article. Hypocrite? Get off the couch, turn off FOX and Rush, learn about what is true in daily life instead of being a serf of morons.

The Ncaa is inept, as are bureaucrats. Not a political view, just stating facts. Hypocrite about what? What couch are you talking about? What are you talking about daily life? Do a little math. Observe and conclude objectively. Fox is a chick and Rush is a band. What do they have to do with it? Don't know why you turn into personal attack, but that is typical of someone with no position to defend. Oldest trick in the world.So get back on your Lucky Charms box little fella.

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The corrupt NC2A needs to go.

it will, sooner or later, an inept org. inepts itself out of business. Just like the college text book racket/shake down, and this stupidly conceived and worsely implemented health care cluster fxxx that's imploding.

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where is the game report?

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I hope they start prosecuting these idiots. They need to be in jail.

bunch of psychos

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Probably no different than any other employee. Problem 1, pay attention. (losing season is a problem) Problem 2, watch closely (seat is warm next year) Problem 3, move on. (better produce in year 3.)

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We got jobbed. There was no indisputable video evidence. The ball could not be seen.

strongly agree

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one more game to watch and then I can concentrate on the Lifetime Christmas movies

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I'd like to see them wear a black helmet with a power orange T with the grey.

yes, some helmet color other than white,,maybe even orange base and white trim

but wins on the scoreboard are needed most

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We have to beat the dung and mustard. RIP George Cafego. God Bless Joe Thompson. I will say thanks to the Vandy Hospital folks, took good care of my brother.

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Adams tells it like it is. There's nothing inaccurate with what he says. Our defense is horrible. There's no way our defense should get pushed around the way they have all year. I lay it on the coaches.

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Celebrating is out of hand,,need to settle down, finish the game,and then celebrate if warranted.

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We were outplayed and outcoached. The GA coaches that we used to torch are running our defense. That's bugged me all year.

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I think Worley improved as did his weapons over the games. Sign of good QB and good coaching. I think he will be missed, but hoping and pulling for the young guys to step up.

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I'll never forget that 1906 game. I said right then and there that we would never get beat by them like that again in 100 years.

HAHA -now that's good humor right there!!

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agree with article except....
article "It (TN) used to have an impressive track record for sending players to the NFL."

TN still has good record for NFL players, actually tied with AL.

1. USC — 40 players
2. LSU — 39
3. Miami — 38
4. Georgia — 36
5. Florida State — 31
5. Texas — 31
7. Alabama — 30
7. Cal — 30
7. Tennessee — 30

link to source

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Well the Auburn and Mizzou teams look tuffer than earlier, but we are too. Aubie defense stinks. We have an improving team. We will get one of these 2, lose to AL, and blow out whoever is left, including the running on fumes commode doors.

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I think JA is generally fair. Not a popular opinion. He's a reporter-writer not a fan. When things are bad, he probably amplifies and is too sarcastic, but it is a business. He calls 'em like he sees 'em.

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been saying all along we had the right man for the job. will get only better

roger that

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We have a chance to win 4 of next 5 SEC games. We look like a team. Our defense is really coming around we keep winning kick game. Offense will get better too! Thanks to for Spurrier pixxing away his timeouts there @ end. Mr. know it all looked stupid. He just needs to go on home talken to himself. And Davis # 28 with his librarian hand sign to be quiet. Bet that sucker's pretty quiet right now. this one feels so good. Makes watching the rest of these games fun. Butch Jones is the man!