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I would love to see more articles on the players. We never hear about the players unless it is an injury or arrest. How about letting us get to know the players, maybe as a fan base we can do a better job giving them support.

For 3 years this web site has been the same people making the same remarks to EVERY article. If you do not like a reporter, stop reading his articles! Good or bad, every response tells the KNS that you are reading his stuff and they will keep letting him write.

With that said, who is the lineman that is leaving, who will be taking his place, who entered classes early ? How about an interview each week with a player other than the QB !!??

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I think Gruden was tired of hearing that he was coming to UT. I like Jon, think he knows the game, but this whole process became about him and not UT.

Gruden inherited a Tony Dungy Tampa Bay team and won the Super Bowl his first year (2002) , beating the Oakland Raiders, who he just left. So... he took someone elses team and beat his old team. After 2002 he went 7-9, 5-11, 11-5, 4-12, 9-7, and then 9-7 in his final season in 2008. Only twice did he make it to the playoffs and was beaten both times in the first round.

Is this a record UT fans would tolerate?

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How unique! An article stating that UT needs to find a new coach. And even more of a shock, a listing of the same coaches in the previous 1000 articles. I bet we have the same responses to this article that were given on the other articles.

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60-2=48. The payouts will barely top 10 maybe closer to 15 mill. Not that anything you said was even close to right but simple 3rd grade math would label you an idiot.

Buzz and Phil's buyouts where paid by Haslem as are most buyouts. Hammy was a fool and ruined UT athletics but buyouts are a part of college sports on this level and UT does not live on an island where they can be the only school that does not provide buyouts.

You would be hiring a high school coach if there was no buyouts in their contracts. Besides, Phil earned evey penny as the most successful coach in school history and one of the most successful in college football history. The rest of the country laughs at UT for firing a legend. Hammy was weak as water and did whatever he thought the vocal small minority wanted. That leaves us in a bind that will not be fixed for decades regardless of who the next coach is. The only person that can get close to the fantasy land expectations of UT fans is James Franklin.

60-2=48 ?????? Better check your 3rd grade math.

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Cindy wants to be near her family.
She is telling Jon "Do what you think is best".
Which means "I want to be back home"(Tennessee)
Jon knows whats best. (Keep Cindy happy)

Cindy and Jon can move to Tennessee now and not work for UT.

Keeping Cindy happy may require more $$$$ than UT wants to pay.

Just curious... where is the article or interview where Gruden said he wanted to leave and coach college football?

UT fans are setting themselves up to be disappointed if anybody but Gruden is hired.

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While we are spending pretend money and acting like all of these coaches want to come to UT...

Hire Peyton Manning. I just know he will quit the Broncos and come to Knoxville. He can call plays from the sideline.

Lets pick a coach at a top 15 school that has gone to a bowl game the last 3 years and recruited in the top 10 the last 5 years. Whats a few more million.

And I know that anybody leaving a good job to come to UT would never leave here after they started.

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All you guys bashing Bray remember this, many of you were bashing Erik Ainge too and you were missing him during those awful Jonathon Crompton games. Bray needs to mature, sure, but he is a pretty good QB - one UT will need next year new coach or not.

Ainge came out later and revealed he had a drug problem while he was at UT. Crompton was good, not great, and got caught between the change of Fulmer and 'big time coach' Kiffin. Change coaches now and we can expect 4 more years before UT has anything close to a winning QB.

UT has not had a winning QB since before the Shaffer/Ainge experiment that Fulmer started in 2004. Since then we have had QB's that add to their stats and not wins. Worley may or may not be a better QB but we will have to wait until he is a Sr to find out.

UT has a QB commit at Butler H.S. (NC) that is in the state semi-finals, and is undefeated. Does he come in and ride the bench until Worley and Peterman graduate?

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Last few weeks Bray has come off the field as if it was everybodys fault but his. This week he was trying to give the Vandy bench the evil eye. I hope he is not following the college habits of Ainge, but man he seemed to be totally out of it.

I have never seen a team that looked as disconnected from the coaches as UT did. Bad routes, bad passes, all covered up what I thought was an excellent running game by Marlin Lane.

I have no idea where to go from here. Not sure if firing Dooley fixes a program that is this messy.

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Perfect example of what happens when you go after the 'big name' coach.

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If the UT job was as great a gig as some of us think it is, we would have had the 'elite' coach when Fulmer left.

AD Hart (Alabama) helped bring in Sanseri (Alabama). Maybe, just maybe, the problem is not Dooley.

Written on John Adams: Would UT do to others what Lane Kiffin did to it? :


Mike Holmgren
Jeff Fischer
Rich Rodriguez
Jon Gruden


Why in the world would any of these coaches come to UT?!?!?! And even if they did, you could only expect them to stay until they are successful and then leave for better opportunities. Or worse, stay until they are not able to win enough or win quick enough.

Stop hunting a head coach that can do better playing 4 to 5 top 10/ SEC teams every year and look for a defensive coordinator that can clean up the defense.

Changing a head coach will probably result in most assistants leaving and additional losses of recruits. Oregan next year looks bad enough without starting over.

- New Def Coordinator
- Let Fulmer earn some of his pay from UT and put him in charge of recruiting

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Keep Dooley.

Cutcliffe seems happy where is is. He has had heart issues in the past, why in the world would he leave a place that loves him to come to a place you have to win immediately with someone else'e recruits?

Please stop talking about Chavis coming back. Why would he leave a yearly top 10 team to come to UT?

Move San Suri to a defensive position coach and hire a real defensive coordinator. Start playing a QB that doesnt think he owns the coaches. Bray will go out with records and nosignificant wins, good luck in the NFL. Recuit big, fast running backs.

How do you fire a coach that has put 211 points on 5 Top 20/Top 10 teams. Those 5 teams have lost a total of 8 games this year (3 by Miss State). We got into this mess by chasing a big name, big time coach named Kiffen.

AD should get behind him and give him help.

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La Tech seems to have improved since DD's departure. La Tech is ranked in the top 20.

Is DD in control? Whats up with Bray arguing with the sideline after every bad play he makes?

We keep talking about all the records Bray is setting except for one very important one.... fewest wins.

I will take wins all day over records.

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Bray is on a path to follow Ainge out of UT. We will never hear from him again after he leaves Knoxville. If Bray continues to play 'average' they will probably keep him as starter. Worley will finally get to play as a Senior. Why would any QB want to come to UT, sit on the bench, and watch Bray play? The QB commit coming from Charlotte may be looking elsewhere.

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New Poll: How many more polls will we see this year that ask which coach needs to win the most.

Written on Derrick Brodus to handle field goals, extra points for Tennessee:

Just add Palardy to the official "5-Star Recruit gone BAD" list. I hate to see a good walk-on have to watch the big time, 5-star player get a full ride for nothing.

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UT has taken the same path of events such as Nascar. They have forgotten what brought them here. Over the years it has become much more difficult to find parking, it has gotten more expensive for everything, and they keep telling us that 'we' need to support our team. After the long walks to the stadium you can see folks parking next to the stadium and going up to the box seats. I have talked with these folks (dressed like they were going to a black tie dinner) and most have never been to a game before.

A good question is : How much does it cost to attend a UT game? (ticket, parking, gas, etc...)

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in response to kevin151:

Darr is terrible, rest of team A-

Darr punted 5 times with an average 38.6 yards.

2 were fair catches
2 were inside the 20
1 was over 50 yards
2 punts returned for a total of -3 yards

Define "terrible"

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Get rid of the 1st quarter statistics and I think the team did a good job against a team that was better than many UT fans wanted to admit. Good adjustements were made on defense.

I was really worried in the 1st quarter when the NC State receivers were running past defensive backs (and wide open) a couple of times. Good adjustments were made.

Compared to last year I did not see dropped kicks, missed tackles, or kicks going out of bounds.

Running game : C. Maybe the line needs adjustments but I see nothing promising with Neal ( 22 rushes, 53 yards). Lanes just seemed to get more out of the same O-line (Lane 9 rushes, 75 yards).

IF: A couple of fumbles going UT's way, a couple of perfect passes caught instead of dropped, UT may have scored a lot more.

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I hope DD was joking about the Orange-Red confusion. Why not just wear white and not have to worry about it?

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in response to IndyVolFan:

You still didn't say who you'd like. There are a lot of people bashing Dooley but offer no alternatives. I'm sure if we fired CDD today, the Nick Satan's et. al. would be lining up at the door to take over. NOT.

Muschump - don think so and wouldn't want him
Firentz (sp?) - he ain't coming here
Gruden - possibly best alternative
Manning - got to retire first
The Visor - UF and USC fans would commit suicide

Thanks, but I'll stand pat until I see what CDD can do with a veteran O & D lines. Can't win in SEC with sophomores and freshmen on lines...EVER.

How about Lane Kiffin !?!? A lot of folks were ready for national title runs when he showed up. How are those premier coach & 5 star prospects working out for UT ?

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in response to SevenT:


The last couple of times Tennessee played ACC teams it a thrashing at the hands of Virginia Tech and North Carolina in Bowl games. ACC is not inferior to the SEC with teams like:

Florida State
Virginia Tech
Georgia Tech
North Carolina
NC State

Please Don't be a southern fried moron. Thanks

BTW Without that French person (Da' Rick) Tennessee will be lucky to go home with a win.


Dont forget the UT-Clemson game a few years back. NC State beat Clemson easily last year. Not saying they are a great team, they have the capability.

I am more concerned with the return game. NC State has a very good coverage team. I still panic slightly when UT is receiving a kick. I hope they at least have someone who can catch AND hold on to the ball.

Written on Documents show Derek Dooley was unhappy with VFL program under Andre Lott:

Why is the VFL program under the guidance of the head football coach. Is playing football the only criteria for being a part of the VFL?

I think this position falls under the responsibility of the AD with all coaches participating. The AD has the staff and connections to provide programs and mentors.

Written on Mike Strange: Was the reward Rogers offered Vols worth the risk? :

Something that shows me how much of an 'issue' this is for the Vols... hardly any national sports news is giving this any time.

Written on 5 Things to watch as Vols open practice:

This article makes it seem as if everybody went home after spring practice and coaches and players are waiting on camp to start before they see each other.

NC State is a tough team to start the season. They educated Clemson last year(UT knows how that feels), so they have the potential.

Sept 1 we will know how well UT has prepared for the season. I am more worried about the little things that can cause big problems, things like do we have a consistent kicker and can D Rogers keep his mouth shut and not cause 15 yard penalties.

Written on David Climer: National media finally notice Derek Dooley's seat has caught fire:

You can take the comments to this article and paste them at the end of almost every other DD article and it would look the same.

Suggestion: Go back to any article written about DD in the last two years. Then, just read the new articles and assume the comments are the same. Save time, no reason to read the comments since we already know what the responders are going to say.

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Good lesson for those wanting UT to get higher ranked players.

Palardy was ranked the #1 kicker in the country when he committed to UT.

Written on John Adams: Jim Chaney makes history by sticking around :

The only way to send a message to KNS is to STOP reading anything written by JA and STOP responding to the articles.

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NC State is a VERY dangerous team to open the season with (just ask Clemson about the butt whipping they got from NC State last year). They have a smart coach with several athletes.

How about a few articles on players other than Rogers, Bray, and Hunter? Will last years red shirt freshman be possible starters?

Written on All business: Charlie Coiner, two years removed from coaching, thrilled to be back:

Not a very stable coach for a team that keeps losing coaches.

Never spent more than 3 years at any coaching job since he started in 1983. Not being negative here but I am curious if he doesnt stay or teams do not keep him.

2010 » North Carolina, Defensive Assistant
2006-09 » Buffalo Bills, Tight Ends, Assistant Special Teams
2001-03 » Chicago Bears, Offensive Assistant (2001-03), Assistant Special Teams (2004-05)
2000 » Texas Southern, Offensive Coordinator, Quarterbacks, Special Teams
1999 » LSU, Special Teams
1998 » UT Chattanooga, Linebackers
1995-97» Louisville, Tight Ends
1994 » Texas Southern, Offensive Line, Special Teams
1991-93 » Vanderbilt, Special Teams
1988-90 » Austin Peay, Offensive Line (1988-89), Defensive Line (1990)
1987 » Minnesota, Defensive Line, Kicking Coach
1983-86 » Appalachian State, Graduate Assistant

Written on Tennessee's 2012 class uniquely offensive-line free :

Enough of the articles on what we dont have. How about more info on the 3 that redshirted? Will they be ready this spring? Are they stronger, faster?

Please stop with the Santos stuff. He was waiting on an offer from an in-state school the whole time. He de-committed from Oklahoma State earlier and I am not sure he ever had an available scholarship at Tennessee. Texas filled their needs and had a scholarship left over, then made him an offer. I hope people dont think this one kid was going to save the day by himself.

Written on Lane Kiffin’s recruits for UT Vols fail to pan out:

Hold up your hand if you had not heard this story before ... We do not hear anything about last years recruiting class, who was red-shirted, who stayed their whole freshman year, what positions might they play this spring at the orange-white... but we have to keep hearing about these same players and the same coach.

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in response to TeeBall:

Depth, Depth, DEPTH !!!

Isn't this one of the biggest problems (and excuses) quoted ad nasuem over the past two years? Funny how posters on here change their logic at a drop of the hat to meet the current circumstances. Geez ...

Like hearing how so many Fr and So are an excuse for UT performance ... while watching a game where Fr & So at Bama, Carolina, and LSU have their way with UT ?

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Da'Rick is one of the few Kiffen/early Dooley recruits left on the team that also have a file with the Knox Police Department and/or pictures of them being released. I hope Da'Ricks mouth does not get him into trouble.

Written on Controversial former UT receiver Nu'Keese Richardson retires:

This is an excellent lesson for those who keep complaining that UT does not have enough 5-Star recruits.

Written on UT now down 3 coaches with departure of Justin Wilcox, Peter Sirmon:

Another off-season reading the lists of all the coaches you guys would like to see at UT. Its not the coaches that worry me. If I think with my brain and not my heart I cannot see any reason a recruit would come to UT. THIS coaching staff was supposed to be the future of UT football. Dont under estimate the impact of this on future recruiting. How does a coach tell a recruits family why another coach left.

UT is 10 years away from being competitive in the SEC, especially with the new teams coming into the SEC. Stop telling me every year how its going to get better. Fulmer is not coming back as head coach, not sure he would have done much better. We will never know, move on.

Written on Kansas newspaper reporting Phillip Fulmer wants KU job:

in response to Central_IL_Vol:

What happens if Fulmer takes this job and makes Kansas a contender?

First he will have to talk Chavis into quitting at LSU... not going to happen. While I like Fulmer, he did not change with the game. Chavis saved him for many years by holding on to 3 point leads coming out of the first quarter.

A lot of coaching spots open this coming season. We shall see if this is a serious move or a way to get his name back into conversations about football.

Written on Questions abound as Vols offseason begins:

My bet is the coaches are waiting on Hunter to come back. All we will hear is Bray/Hunter/Rogers. As in the past, Brays last year will leave UT without an experienced QB... then we start over.

Why would Worley want to stay and sit the bench 2 more years?

Since Peyton Manning (1997) name 1 UT quarterback that has done anything past college. All the 'great ones' that put up big numbers (like Bray) are only distant memories.

Written on Questions abound as Vols offseason begins:

in response to EastTNvolfan:

Well with the loss and no bowl game Dooley and company have extra time to work on our 2012 recruiting class. Hope it is a stellar one. I know everyone says Bray is gone after next year but I don't know. I am a Bray supporter, but what does any NFL team really know about him? Especially after so many crutial INT against Vandy and KY. He has produced some good numbers over the past 2 years but against weak teams. I think it would benenfit him to stay 4 years. Another thing to think about: what if we are good next year say 7-5 or better? If Bray/Hunter/Da'rick leave after next year we would have to break in a new QB and WR. If we go back to 5-7 the following year do you keep Dooley or let him go? I like Dooley but just because you are a good guy doesn't translate into a winning coach.

Look at which teams the Bray/Da'Rick numbers cAME FROM. KY shut down Rogers, he spends way too much time running his mouth. I think some of the younger guys think they are better than they are.

UT is back on the quarterback skid again! Bray is good but it is obvious the backup will get no playing time. Bray leaves, we are left with a QB with no experience, AGAIN! I hear we are a young team, over and over, its all we hear. At the same time teams with Freshman and Sophmores are beating UT.

I think this years recruiting class will be the real indication of what UT fans have to look forward to. If nobody wants to come play for UT then look for more of the same.

Written on Offensive ineptitude: Drives stall close to end zone; Gamecocks capitalize:

Not sure that anybody expected UT to blow SC away in this one. Holding the #14 team in the country to 14 points with what is known as a limited roster is not bad. Coaches can only call plays based on what they have to work with.

I hope those jumping off the bandwagon arent trying to get back on as this team matures.

Written on Tyler Bray ready to start over:

More stories and pictures of Bray, just what we were looking for. My only concern for TB is that Dooley admitted he did not put on much weight in the off-season. Not sure he can take the same hits Simm's took.

How are the new freshman doing in practice? How about something on the new incoming QB's?

Written on Vols shuffle roster on eve of practice :

It would be nice have more information on some of the new players. I am full of Tyler Bray updates.

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in response to bradr114:

i dont understand why knoxville pd insists on trying to make our program look bad. i mean, seriously, if you are a cop and a UT fan just tell him to chill out and ask him if he wants to keep playing ball at UT to go home. obviously i dont know all the details, but i cant understand why these cops cannot make an effort to protect our players instead of throwing them in a cop car everytime they get a chance. public intox? im sure there were hundreds of UT coeds on the strip last night that could have been arrested for that. the only reason i say all this is because i know how big douchebags knoxville police can be at times. there are a pool of them that have allowed their badge to swell up there head and now they are captain america.
i have heard mulitple times of stories "in the good ol days" where cops would call the coach instead of taking these guys to jail. why can't that be done anymore? austin would have it way worse if the cop dropped him off at dooley's door rather than downtown holding cell.

Exactly what UT needs... the NCAA finding out the Knox Police are playing favorites with the players.
This way he gets punished and we move on. Better now than the NCAA opening an investigation mid-season

Bottom line.. he shouldnt have been out DUI

Written on GVX247: Cody Waldrop names top three :

According to his quote on they are UT, GA, and South Carolina. Said his favorite OL coach was at South Carolina.

Written on Highlights from spring football practice at Haslam Field on Thursday, April 7, 2011.:

Thats it ? The highlights are Bray and Simms throwing and then a couple of minutes watching warm-ups?

Written on UT's Tyler Bray grows into larger role:

I like Bray.... however, I am tired of hearing about Bray . What about the new guys??!!?

Written on Tennessee quarterback Matt Simms throws the ball during practice at Neyland Stadium Saturday, April :

Enough with the pictures of Bray and the same bunch of players! Where are the new guys?

Written on UT signee Kevin Ware asks for release; Hamilton told him March 6 that Pearl would return:

At this point I dont care who lied. The damage is done. Which successful coach, in their right mind, would ever come to UT and coach men's basketball??

I think we are 5-10 years from having another stable BB program.

Written on Vols crushed by Michigan in NCAA tournament, 75-45:

Hopson can take the bus out of town with Pearl and Hamilton as far as I am concerned.

Pearl was so out-coached in the second half it was almost hard to watch. He needs to evaluate himself before he makes statements about how all of his teams have been high scoring.

Hamilton always seems to be in the middle of problems. How long do they keep him.

Depend on Hopson and you will lose. William's only scored 2 ??!!!??

I dont see hope for UT mens basketball for the next 10 years.

Written on Will Tennessee beat Michigan in the NCAA tournament?:

The way this season has gone... Vols over Michigan (barely), Vols beat Duke in 2nd round by 8, Vols not show up at all for the 3rd round no matter who they play

Just enough good play that folks forget how bad they have played (at times) this year, and complicate the question of "what to do with Coach Pearl"