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Why must we live in the past,why cant we look to the future which looks so bright WHY?

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Come on if your going to be a Troll you have to do better than that,that was weak.

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Was the dog white or black because if it was white he could have been racial profiling.

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This is nothing more than PR to get people talking about Kentucky Football guess what it worked.

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Bring him to ETSU that would be a good place for him lol

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Yes as long as they dont have to play Missouri.

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"The biggest news of the day came out of Cincinnati as Mikel Horton announced his decision to come play his college football in Lexington, KY. Horton is a four star Power Running Back out of Westchester, OH"

Hahahaha thanks for the laugh that was great hahah

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Makes the trip from the Tri Cities look short, less than 200 R/T. Hope the Tri Cities shows up in force and that I 81 and I 40 into Knoxville is so jammed with those going to the game that the State Troopers can't pull anyone over! :)

This Tri Cities Vol will be there!!

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the other nominee was Jeff Flowers so congrats to Coach Franklin

Hahahaha now that was funny!!!!

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Copy paste. That's all you do with your stupid garbage. You're obsessed with Dooley and Dave Hart because that's all you can ever talk about. Get off it man. If you like James Franklin so much, we would love for you to be Vandy fan. Do us all a favor garbage pumper, get off this site and never come back! So sick of seeing your stupid name and even catching a glimpse of the stupid words that come out of you. You are a nobody and will never have any say in the athletic dpt, which you so willingly insult everyday. You're a miserable loser who should jump off a bridge. Answer this coward, who would you hire? You never answer so maybe you forget people asked so I will ask again. Who would you hire? Let me guess, you're gonna call me a sunshine pumper and I'm obsessed with Dooley and I'm a sycophant right? What a predictable bum you are


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Wow I cant believe D.Dooley didnt get it.

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Having attended many games at Lindsey Nelson while in grad school, I truly say, UT has the worse fans in the SEC. Glad they got beat as bad as they did today. Hate USC missed the record of 24 hits against UT in a game.

Take the Game off of Gamecock and thats what you can suck.

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THANKS KNS! You have gotten this only show the softball articles on the front page when they lose down pat.

Totally agree dont understand that.

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Lady Vols win two of three and they dont put up a story till Alabama wins the last game.

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Should be interesting! Not a single story on here about Lady Vols taking 2 of 3 from Gumps in softball?

I looked all over this site for a story and couldnt find one either,Hard to believe.

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WOW the two worst coaches Dooley and Sunseri get the most money unbeliveable.

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Is this a scene from the movie "Dumb and Dumber"

Yea and we are trying to figure out are you Dumb or Dumber.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Its Witten not Whitten,you know so much about UT at least spell the names of future Hall of Fame players from UT right.

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OMG what are we going to do without our fourth string RB.

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Ugly ugly Basketball almost unwatchable.

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Just goes to show you what the right hire can do and what the wrong hire did for the Vols.

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I can see us starting to lose players to these states that have medical marijuana. They just get a doctor's note and then can smoke all the dope they want.

This is the funniest post ever hahahah

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I almost feel like I should thank Vandy If they hadnt beat our Vols we may still be stuck with Dooley.

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Isn't it GREAT TO BE A VOL...Can't compete in football...Let's tear everyone else down...UT VOLS = Sad and Sorry Losers!

Isnt that what your doing calling people lossers js

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The problem with BJ is he quits on his recruits before they graduate. 99-01 (OC) at Central Michigan, 05-06 (WR) at West Virginia, 07-09 (HC) at Central Michigan, 2010-12 (HC) at Cinn. Why should a prospect believe he will be at UT any longer? You can believe the other schools are making sure the recruits are aware of his mobil track record. History says he will be gone before they graduate.

Really!! How old are you?

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Butch Jones and his staff have done a poor job of retaining the recruits that are of any athletic quality. He is in a different league now and he is finding out fast. The fact that we are all over three star recruits is more than disturbing.
One of the big complaints about Dooley was that we did not compete with other SEC Schools in recruiting the top athletes. Jones never had to build a team and unfortunately he will not with what he is recruiting. He may be able to coach but if you don't have the athletes then you don't win in this conference. Recruiting ranked at 42 or 48 does not get it. Evidently he is not making on big impact on those top athletes.

Yea great post,I cant believe after 2weeks he hasnt gotten five 5* recruits to commit what has he been doing. (sarcasm)

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Ainge's radio show has taken over, imo, as the best local sports talk show.
Congrats Erik! And thanks for your positive and informative radio show.

I agree he tells it like it is dosent sugar coat it,Doc,Jeff and Heather shouldnt even be on the Radio IMO.

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Get ready for Dooley 2.0

Hart should have had his man in place BEFORE firing Dooley to avoid this freaking circus.

Couldnt have said it better. So true!

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And number 4 fits you Wally

Now that was funny hahaha

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If Charlie Strong will be our head coach, we have fallen very far!
Dos he have a winning record at a major college? No! Has he ever won as head coach in the sec? No! We will win a few games, and he will last four years as Bama,LSU, Florida , USC, and Ga continue to beat us like a drum!

How many games did Will Muschamp win as a coach before he went to Florida?

Written on ESPN report says Charlie Strong is top candidate for Tennessee head football coach:

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Mark my words, if true, this is a very bad move.
I really hoped the Vols could do better. I should have known better than to get my hopes up. You would think that after 64 years I would know better. Oh well, it's just football. Jimmy Sexton strikes again.

Its funny some people said the same thing about Nick Saban when he was hired by LSU from Michigan St.

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Congarts to Fulmer he deserves it a true VFL.

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There was plenty of evidence from the start of this year at least that Dooley was an arrogant jerk.

Glenn Ford is right. The people who called BS on all the Dooley worship were excoriated for having a different view than the great unwashed Dooley lovers.

Expect, and be able to deal with, a bunch of well deserved - "We told you so."

Looky here:

This was in a saved e-mail folder on an ID I don't much use.

To: WalterXXXX <>
Sent: Tue, Apr 17, 2012 3:10 pm
Subject: Vols

Note the date: 4/17/12

NC State L
Georgia State W
Florida Toss up
Akron W
at Georgia L
Open Date
at Mississippi State L
Alabama L
at South Carolina L
Troy W
Missouri L
at Vanderbilt L

--------------------------------- End April data.


NC State W
Georgia State W
Florida L
Akron W
at Georgia L
Open Date
at Mississippi State L
Alabama L
at South Carolina L
Troy W
Missouri L
at Vanderbilt L

For some reason I left Kentucky off.

Dooley was an open book to some people.


UT '81

If you keep looking in the past you will never see the future.

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My Daughter went to High School and grew up with Josh Peterson great kid and will make a great pitcher for UT if the pros dont come calling.

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Wow we will never get a big name coach now with players on the team that drink we are in big trouble.

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Tennessee is the best job open,And look for N.C.State to after James Franklin.

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Chaney learning on the job,well thats no different then what Dooley was doing.

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All I can say is thank the Lord Hamilton is not leading the search for our next head coach.

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Baylor second to last in over all Defence,yea thats what we need.

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Gruden will be gone with the 1st NFL offer. Charlie Strong is the best option we have.

Why is that? Gruden doesnt have to come to UT he could go to the NFL now.

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Youre in competition with Kentucky and Auburn at the moment for a head coach. Good move by Hart getting out there in the field quickly.

I'd recommend he complete the search VERY quietly as to avoid the public embarrassment of having the first 3, 4, 5 candidates say "no thanks."

That set Dooley back in my opinion, because it was common knowledge he was far from the first choice.

Having said that, I think Bob Stoops is itching to get out of Oklanhoma. I could be wrong, but I think he'd listen.

Where is Oklanhoma?

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Dooleys getting ready for next year!! just kidding

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Great another national audience to see our D give up 500+ yards!

Now Now dont worry Dooley is now taking a more active roll in the Defence everything is going to be ok. (sarcasm)

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Your mentality is the reason that we are a second tier program in the SEC. This "let's just celebrate what we got" attitude is great...but only if UT is auditioning for a hallmark Christmas movie special. If you haven't noticed, our stadium seats over 100,000 people. We're waaay past the "lets just accept" what we are given stage of college athletics.

"Memphis? Wyoming? Chattanooga? Duke?"

This??? This is your counter-argument to those of use screaming at the top of our lungs that we should expect better? That we should look back to 1933 (loss to Duke) as a the standard for Vols football???

Please...stop posting. Some of us live in the modern era and realize that for all of college football's pastoral history, it's a business now and if you want to win, you pay for the best coach. You don't sit around and feign being impressed by saying, "How freaking easy would it be for these guys to lay down at this point, but they didn't." (Btw...this is a common praise/excuse normally used by Vandy fans.)

Saban is out recruiting with a Gruden quote comparing Bama to the NFL and actually using the phrase "pipeline to the NFL" and fans like you are on these message boards saying, "Just think happy thoughts."

It pains me that so many UT fans have just accepted this pathetic mediocrity and will do anything to defend this coach and his "awww shucks" excuses. Call me a troll, but I'm going to speak the truth.

Dooley has never beaten a ranked team.
Dooley hired Sunseri...not Hart.
Dooley is NOT going to win an SEC championship at UT not matter how much time he gets.
Dooley is NOT the answer.

I don't care how Dooley came to be UT's head coach, he needs to be fired.


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Here is a novel idea. How about everyone on the radio and in these comment boards quit speculating and commenting as though they know what they are talking about until this young man and his family communicate their decision?

Between the recruiting of Austin and the swirl around Coach Dooley, they need to change the name of Knoxville to Gossipville or Dramatown. Absolutely ridiculous the way some fans act like children or high school kids thriving on rumor and innuendo.

Go Big Orange!....I'll hang up and listen to your comments...

Says the one posting on a message board,You must be reading it your on here lol

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Never have I had anything bad to say about 1 single player, Mr. Obama. So stop making things up. I will agree I'm hacking CDD to death. I supported him up until the MS State game. Maybe you're just too far away to be a real UT fan out there in the Rocky Mountains. Or maybe the air is too thin...or maybe too much medical marijuana..whatever. Why don't you root for Colorado or Air Force? That's closer to where you live. They're mediocore, so you should be very happy.


A true life long Vol fan in East Tennessee who wants to win.

Why do people call you a troll just because your tired of losing I dont get it.