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Anytime you can reward mediocrity, take it is what I say. If he has the kind of year we are expecting, he'll be where he should be amongst SEC coaches. He's definitly worth more than 11th best paid in the SEC, but it's hard to justify a big pay increase with the results he's had. Not the best circumstances granted, but results are results.

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Well since most of the tickets have been sold, I guess now is the appropriate time to tell everyone he's probably not going to be there. On a related note I think Michael Jordan is now scheduled to appear. Let's sell those remaining 400 tickets. Also, expect a cancellation from Jordan tomorrow morning.

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I would think any of us could do a better coaching job than the Weekly duo... Yep, if one knew in advance the final outcome, one might be as smart as some protest to be.

Ellen was AWESOME. Kudos to the entire team and coaches. You just knew OK would find a way.
they caught a break or two. The wind actually shifted in Sooner favor as it carried a foul ball back into fair territory. I suppose any of us could have hauled that ball in. Yep, we could'a planned for that cause we're all savants.

Of course we would have known the time was right to pull Ellen because we know how this movie ended. Come on.

This loss was hard to swallow, but you gotta be so proud of the Orange & White. They played their hearts out. Some questionable calls, IMO, but that;s the way it goes, that's the breaks. There's not a single soul reading this that could do a better coaching job, and the Lady Vols are still in this series. We went in as serious underdog. We have another shot at finishing Top Dog.

The wind affects every ball hit in the air. Playing the wind is nothing these ladies don't do on a regular basis. It was a routine play. She makes the catch 99 times out of 100.

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Have you ever caught a fly ball with the wind involved? Judging by your spelling you have probably never played an organized sport in your life. I have seen grown men drop an infield fly ball. Don't criticize something you just started watching cause you heard or read that Tennessee was involved. That's not a true fan!

First off it's not a fly ball, it's a pop up. It's as routine of a play as you can have. Errors happen but let's not make excuses for her. She dropped an easy out plain and simple.

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Anyone who thinks the fans at TBA are great, hasn't seen a game anywhere else. A lot of fans in the lower levels are big boosters that don't care what's happening in the games. It's just a social event for them. Some schools have students all over the lower section, but we struggle to fill up the one baseline devoted to students. And everybody leaves with 5 mins left regardless of the score. I can't stand it when they do this.

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You do know that a 70mph softball thrown from the edge of the circle gets to the plate faster than a 105mph baseball?

I think you mean the reaction time is the equivalent to a baseball thrown 105 mph. Certainly a 105mph fastball (Aroldis Chapman) still gets to the plate faster than 70mph. lol

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Their pitcher out dueled our pitcher... really? Godley had 13 Ks with 3 BBs and theirs had 4 Ks with 2 BBs. Yeah Godley gave up two more hits, but I wouldn't say he was outdueled. We just didn't have any timely hits. This one is on the offense just as much as Godley.

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Caught stealing home for the final out!? Wow, how would you feel if you were batting? Surely the runner went on his own though. No coach would send the runner in that situation unless you had absolutely zero confidence in your batter. And even then it's a pretty desperate move. I'm sure Serrano wouldn't have called it.

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I hate to admit it, but I agree with you on this one. Several Kentucky players were in fact released when Calipari took the Kentucky job. I thought it was not right and I spoke out against it.

But your post says a lot about your personal character and integrity. You seem to see this as a good thing because UT will have a stronger team with better players and after all as you say people who are opposed to this "know nothing about the world of big-time sports". I am pretty sure you are the type of person who lies and twists the truth then stabs people in the back to gain some advantage in life.

Just Saying

Gotta agree with the troll here john. Your post made you sound like a real piece of phooey. I normally enjoy your posts.

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No way Hubbs doesn't start

I doubt he'll start right away. He could work his way into a wing spot, but Martin likes playing Richardson for his D and there's no way he'll start over McRae.

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I really look to Tony Romo for inspiration... said no quarterback ever.

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He's 64 now. Whatever abilities he had have diminished or are in the process of diminishing. By the time his contract is up in 2018, he'll be 69 or 70 (I don't know or care when his birthday is). Why do we give someone so much money at the end of their career? Wouldn't it be worthwhile to get someone in their 40s or 50s who is still trying to make a name for themselves? And we wonder why our athletic department is in bad shape financially... smh

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Most of the posters above are the same ones that said Foster was worst back in UT history and had no chance in the NFL. I have said it before and will say it again. Its not Brays fault UT failed. His first season he lead his team to the winning field goal against NC only to have Dooley and company blow it in 20 seconds. Its tough to lead when you have no one leading you. Bray never threw his team under the bus like his coach did. Bray never came out and said we were not good like his coach did often the first two years. Bray wasn't the one that lead the celebration of beating Vandy as if we had won the SEC. Bray may or may not be great in the pros but we should root for him. Lets not do him like we did Foster and Washington. Lets not take out our own frustrations and expectations on the players.

So... you're saying all those fumbles weren't Foster's fault? Really?

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from all NBA reports I have seen they have Stokes as going back to school for his senior year and not in any mock drafts!!!

Yeah, it doesn't matter if he is in the draft or not because he wouldn't be drafted. Not much call for a average height big man with no range outside of 5 feet. Heck of a rebounder when he tries, but he needs to work on his offensive skills. That spin move is only going to get him so far.

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Just a point of perspective, Aaron Craft was a 2 star when Pearl offered him a scholly. Yeah he defected to Ohio State where he had several BigTenLevenWelveWhatever honors in a much more competitive league than the SEC.

I think even saying Craft's name is a recruiting violation still. I wonder what Bruce did to make Thad so mad? The Crafts were surely directed by Matta to rat out Bruce. Craft is a great player and an even better kid (maybe a little self-righteous like Mr. Tebow), but he can crawl in a hole and die for all I care.

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Can you say "thin skin" and for what? Giving an opinion that will most likely become fact.

I didn't say anything negative about his game other than it doesn't translate to the NBA. If Vegas had a line, I"d feel very safe making that wager.

Assuming your opinion will become fact is obnoxious. You don't know how he'll develop over the course of a year. Plenty of NBA prospects develop over a whole years time especially since he now has the knowledge straight from the NBA about what he needs to work on.

Jordan has improved greatly from when he first got here. I see him continuing to improve. Who knows where that will take him. Like you say he'll play somewhere after college for sure.

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Anytime somebody does something for you for free and you complain that they could've done more, it's whinning.
Spoiled brats whine.
Fans support.

Poppycock (or some other antiquated word for phooey).
He's just making suggestions on how to improve the event. It is boring sitting there before the game. Maybe show Rocky and Bullwinkle on the jumbotron?

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I'm not defending his record but you do realize if he brings in the class next year, he will have been responsible for recruiting and signing 2 of UT highest ever recruits for basketball?

Jarnell Stokes and Robert Hubbs

I think Vincent Yarbrough was the highest rated signed in the last 20 years.

There have been several high profile recruits since Yarbrough. Scotty Hopson and Tobias Harris to name a couple.

Can't really count Stokes for Martin since he was a Pearl recruit, but Martin managed to not screw it up. Not to mention all the recruits we lost because of the Pearl situation: Adonis Thomas (Memphis), Chris Jones (Louisville next year), Kevin Ware (Louisville) and others I'm sure I'm forgetting. Don't act like we never get any high profile recruits and Martin is the only one that can bring them in. He's really only responsible for one (Hubbs).

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Bruce Pearl is a dirt bag. First, he snitched on others, then when he cheated he asked parents to lie (cover-up) along with him to the NCAA.

Is that who you want leading your team?

No, Bruce Pearl will be hired by a very desperate school and he will swing and miss, again.

Yes, I would want him leading my team.

What has he swung and missed on exactly? Certainly not on leading us to 6 straight NCAA tournaments, our first Elite Eight, first #1 ranking, etc.

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Well said. And teams without effective (and consistent) point guard play are lost on offense and defense. Golden's problem at the point is he can give you a great game or he can be a liability on both ends.

I challenge anyone to name a team still playing in the Tourney w/o a quality point guard.


They use a converted 2 guard to play point. Elijah Johnson is servicable at best as a point.

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Jesus doesn't even like basketball.

Maybe, but if he'd have played, he would have played in Lawrence, Kansas. I've got the shirt to prove it.

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Seems logical and I'm with your thinking the Alabama win is the clincher. In a head-to-head, Alabama looks pretty good against the Vols. They beat us by 3 points, albeit on their home court, and are seeded higher in the SEC tourney than we are. We have a better strength of schedule, but I couldn't give our Vols the nod over Ala today. We gotta beat the Tide to make things right. That's right after we thrash SC again. Go Vols!

You know we beat them at home as well, right?

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Yeah, ESPN3 is kind of annoying that way. Last night I wanted to watch several games on ESPN3 so my wife could have the TV to watch "American Idol" and "Smash". Every game I wanted to watch was blacked out in my area because they were carried on the regular ESPN TV outlets. They even blacked out the Ole Miss-Alabama game even though it was on ESPNU, which only digital-tier subscribers can get, a mere fraction of all cable customers. I'm one of them, but as I said I had my own reasons for wanting to watch on the computer.

Sounds like you need the Watch ESPN app for your phone or tablet.

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I suppose a lot of fans will trash the team after this one, but IMO it's about what we expected.

First, the championship was already won, U K was fired up with people knocking down 3's which weren't defended. Next, the L V's went with a 3 guard lineup and basically threw it all over the place. Really though, as was mentioned in the other thread which was mentioning the game, the tone was set early. U K came out slapping and knocking the ball out of the L V's hands and presto.........instant turnovers. Shooting wise, it was a horrible day for Spani and Burdick.
Layups were an adventure. To me, the biggest travesty was the way the call went just before the half. U K charges before Graves' foul, so they gave the Kats the basket PLUS a one and one.

Oh well, in spite of Kentucky playing a hard nosed game, getting a lot of calls, and coupled with the 34 or so Tennessee turnovers, plus injuries to Williams.........( Harrison never in the game ) a 13 point defeat is probably pretty darned good.

They never quit, fought several times, but it was really no surprise with this game played in the ceiling fan gym !

Now..........on to the tournament. If they can get people healthy, play a lot more turnover-free game, shooting/defending better etc..........and a neutral site ...........perhaps we'll see this bunch again and something tells me it will be a different outcome.

Congratulations Kentucky. You'll miss Mathies.

I've never seen a call like that before the half.

First off the UK girl should have been called for a charge, but that's fine, call it a block. That's where the play should have ended with the girl that got fouled shooting bonus free throws. Play stops when a foul is committed. If her shot had gone in, it would have obviously counted, but for some reason they allowed a pass and a shot by another player to count. Why? I've never seen a call like that.

This is why I don't watch much women's ball. Second rate officiating.

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Yeah, you would think that, but we went from last 4 out to last 4 in with this loss. A lot of other bubble teams must have lost as well.

First 4 out to last 4 in... sorry

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One player showed up for this game. Golden never got off the bus. McBee had a really bad night as well. Georgia took Stokes out of the game. It happens in basketball! Unfortunately, it couldn't come at a worse time. It is unlikely that the Vols will make the tourney with this ugly loss.

Yeah, you would think that, but we went from last 4 out to last 4 in with this loss. A lot of other bubble teams must have lost as well.

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I see your point, but I believe Peterman is a keeper..The man is a beast and working his arese off to be ready this Spring. I love our freshman qb's, (especially the rocket scientist) but neither he nor Ferguson are even close to being as physically ready as Worley or Peterman are. They need about 2 years of maturation in the gym especially before they're ready. I might add UT had no choice with Bray and had to throw him in way too early because Simms' was so horrible..

Let me know if you decide if you're going to add that last part about playing Bray too soon. If you don't add it, then I will.

Might add... really?

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They did look good against LSU from my 2nd row seat at TBA. Free throws have improved greatly. If they can average 80 they will be hard to beat. If they digress back into the 60 point range they fall back into a near .500 record.

They looked good from my upper-deck 13th row seat as well.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

There are calls every coach disagrees with every game. Martin is no different than other coaches in voicing his opinion to the refs, but it's how he says it that's different.

He has occasionally gotten fairly demonstrative on the sideline. He ran halfway out on the court at the Arkansas or Georgia game. Can't remember which one. That would have gotten almost any coach in the country a T. Don't know how he avoided that one. He's also spoken about intentionally trying to get one during a game earlier this year.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

An elite eight appearance and making every NCAA tournament while you're a coach is not "failing". He was a great coach that the players loved. I won't touch the football stuff but saying Dooley had narcissism is a bit much. He had the smallest ego of any coach I can think of in recent memory. He knew he was in over his head.

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I see a couple of QB transfers in our near future. Vols recent non mobile QB's equaled SEC championships. Vols last mobile QB equaled a National Championship. Just sayin... Great job by our new staff on pulling in this quality young man and all the others!! GBO!!!

Our last mobile QB (Brent Shafer) didn't win much of anything before he transferred. I guess you're referring to Tee Martin, but he wasn't our last mobile QB.

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good read re Bobby Maze and buddy:

One of the finest point guards we've had in a long time. Under-appreciated during his time. Allen Iverson-esque. Seems like such a long time ago now.

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This team is so easy to defend when we don't try to score. Watching this game I felt Conzos goal was to hold Arky under 75pts and he was willing to score only 50 to do it. Do we even try to score? How often do we run offense to the final 10 seconds without even thinking of trying to shot? Heck Lopez passed up a lay up one time to pass it to Stokes 25ft from the basket.

The one positive in this game is if they will allow Lopez to shot he should be the back up PG when Golden gets back. In the meantime he should start. Negative I had not noticed before today was how poor Yemi is when he gets ball further then 2ft from the basket.

A recurring theme is we create less then 10 turnovers a game. We play hard defense but we don't play good. Even coach Knight pointed that out over and over.

Lopez would have had the ball politely shoved down his throat if he'd attempted that layup. Too small to shoot a layup with anyone within 5 feet of him. He knew what he was doing. I do wish he'd shoot some though. Can't do much worse than anyone else.

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Disagree, there is talent there, just not the kind of talent CCM wants for his all-defense-all-the-time team. McRae, Golden, McBee, Maymon, Hall, were all recruited for the up and down offense action of Pearl's teams.

Whatever became of Dwight Miller?

He's hurt and out for the year last I heard (which also means his career at UT is done). Can't recall what it was.

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Are you serious? Did you see the last play last night. Lopez man blew right by him and missed a bunny. Golden is average on defense but Lopez is worse then Golden. If he wasn't he would have been playing all the time.

Incorrect sir. Lopez is better on defense than Golden. His height limits him, but he is MUCH quicker than Golden. Golden plays because he can score. If he's not scoring, I don't see any reason for him to be out there. 4 pts and 2 assists stat lines for a supposed starting SEC point guard? No thank you.

Not saying Lopez is the answer, but maybe he's the better alternative while Golden struggles bum hamstring or not. Not sure Lopez can play with some of the better league teams, but he'll be fine until we run into Kentucky.

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So, anything exciting happen in tonights game? I left with 3 min remaining....

You and about 1,000 others. Makes me sick. I know you're joking, but for the others why even come if you don't care who wins? Do you want to beat traffic? Is it past your bedtime? Give the tickets to someone who actually cares!

Also, if I see one more fan come to the game wearing neutral colored dress clothes, I may lose it. It's a basketball game, not some social event. Wear jeans and a UT shirt of some sort. Act like you've got some sense.

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I was responding to voice, not you..Thx for the advice, NOT!

Oh my! Either I'm replying to Sasha Baron Cohen reprising his Borat role or I've inadvertently stepped into a time maching and gone back to the early 1990's when it may have been appropriate to say "not" after saying the opposite of what you mean.

I'm going to go check a newspaper for the date. What a weird day.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

You mean teach them to miss layups and have 5 inch verticals? I kid of course... we miss enough layups.

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Blah blah blah....heard it all before...a guy who shot an airball free throw with the game in reach...AT HOME...shouldn't be running his mouth! PERIOD!

No, he airballed a free throw in Kentucky. You might be thinking about the dunk he missed against Memphis.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

ALL sports... really? Lady vols, tennis, swimming, track, etc. are all pretty respectable. Yeah, football sucks and the men's bball team is underperforming, but ALL sports? Also, geographically is not a reason. Geographical location might be a reason. Go back to 3rd grade.

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It'd be nice if we could get one who had a little more on his resume than one good season at Missouri State but still didn't make the NCAA tournament.

Very true. Some success at the Div. 1 level would be nice.

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Woe is us; as usual we hire mid-level coaches who are CHEEEEEPER and this is what we get: bottom of the barrel teams. Jeeeeeeeezzzzz, is it ever going to get better??? We had the worse defense in college football, now we have the worst offense in college basketball:)

Is it time for tennis and golf??? Oh yeah we suck at those as well.....probably.

Bruce came from Wisconsin-Milwaukee and took us to #1 ranking, sweet sixteens and our first elite eight so... I wouldn't say mid-level coaches are always bad. Everyone has to start somewhere.

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All the coaching in the world is no good if players don't make plays. That flagrant foul sequence is one example. The half-dozen or more missed layups are another. The failure to secure a few more defensive rebounds and loose balls were others. The team actually ran more plays on offense, more successfully, than at any time so far this season. The Vols went toe-to-toe with the program and at the place that has frustrated a variety of UT coaches--and lots of others, for that matter--for decades if not generations. This Vol team is not dead yet. This particular crop of UK "one-and-dones" is not likely to win a championship; last year's crop was lightning in a bottle, not a formula to ensure championships. No one else has succeeded with that formula, only UK under Calapari would even try it, and it may not work for him again.

I agree with you to a certain extent, but how else do you explain the regression of Stokes and Golden if not by poor coaching? Lack of effort and intensity and focus and whatever else you want to say? Sure, but aren't these things they are supposed to learn from their coach? Coaches don't make the plays, but they teach the kids how to. When you look at the talent we have compared to the results we've seen it's hard not to blame coaching.

Written on Former Vol Rhyne Williams loses in five sets; John-Patrick Smith in three at Australian Open:

Good showing by Williams. He's always been better than Smith in singles.

Written on Vols football records 2.49 GPA in fall semester :

Men's BB is the lowest GPA, but the football GPA is the headline? Also have no idea how these numbers compare to anything. Obviously 2's (C's) aren't good, but compared to other SEC schools these might be average.

Written on What place will the men's basketball team finish in the SEC?:

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This is just a bad team. Martin would look better if they had Mamon. The don't have a go to guy. They don't have a shooter. The "offensive" players thay have are defensive liabilities. Whoever had Stokes in the weightroom should be fired. They made him bigger but less explosive. This team may win 4 games...tops.

We have one of the best strength coaches in the nation. Get a clue.

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More than a valid question.. McBee is a spot player at best and not an SEC talent in reality..can't give the opposing team this much edge and expect to win..don't understand the attraction..if Martin considers McBee to be a better player than those on the bench he has ain't a good sign..another bad sign..Ky beats Vandy by 2 with help from the officials..Vandy is 6-7 and lost their best 6 players last Vandy ..who was thought to be a appears to be getting competitive..still pulling for the Vols but losing hope ..quick..for this year..

I think thats more of a product of Kentucky being overrated than Vandy being any good.

Yeah this year's done. What happened to the toughness we seemed to develop late last year? Without our leader (Maymon) it's gone?

Written on No pressure, just winning on Cuonzo Martin's mind entering SEC play :

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Coach if you read any of this,just let them play ball. Keep on them about the Defense,but just let them RUN AND GUN ON THE OFFENSE END. Try to create your on version of 40 minutes of HELL.

Yeah, this is where the coach gets his best advice....

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Renaldo Woolridge is a CLASS Act! I hated him leaving UT, but realize it was what was best for him. Even though he will finish his bball career at USC, He will ALWAYS be a UT VOL!!! I Wish Only The Best For Him & Whatever Path He Decides To Take In Life!!! GBO!!!

Renaldo had ZERO eligibility to play at UT. He graduated from UT, but had 1 year of eligibility at another school. It's some weird loophole of a rule. It's the same way John Fields played here on year even though he had exhausted his eligibility at his former school (UNC-Wilmington?).