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Josh Richardson is the perfect definition of a student athlete. He has been a huge asset to the University of Tennessee setting an example all should follow.

Started to add a comment, but I believe yours says it all.

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Whether you like Cuonzo Martin or not (and some of you don't), you have to admit that some talented players are making their way toward Knoxville. Some good to possibly very good basketball players. They could go other places, but they are coming here. Tennessee is getting quality talent, and is building depth to go with it. If these guys will come hungry...

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I haven't been this excited about UT since the summer before Lane Kiffin's first season.


If the UT-KY football series holds to previous standards, the 'Cats should be expected to beat UT once again in, I think, around 2038.

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It's all easy when you're riding around on a bus cracking wise with reporters and adoring fans. When he rolls into the Swamp in September, he'll quickly realize this aint Cincinnati, and Florida aint Rutgers. When Muschamp lowers the BOOM, he'll be spinning in circles trying to figure out what just happened to his rear end.

And Florida ain't Louisville either. Bunch of thugs (Florida's) losing their composure and coach Will nearly peeing his pants in New Oreleans was a glorious thing to behold. I don't pull against the SEC in hardly any game or sport, but I was all Louisville and Charlie Strong in this one. Your reference to Rutgers instead of Louisville was priceless. Be careful with what Big East team you talk about. Some of them, like Louisville, can beat you.

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I agree nothing wrong with being positive. But, what I can't get out of my head is how Dooley beat Coach Butch like a drum. After what has gone on after the firing of Fulmer I, like a lot of others, prefer to take the wait and see approach.

So I agree with 1precent.


I still can't get that Wyoming game out of my head from 2008. Let's agree on a couple of things. Phil Fulmer's last season was a train wreck (and part of an overall downward trend). Kiffen's one-and-done elopement was a disaster. The three Dooley years were a meltdown. Translation: Tennessee was becoming irrelevant even before Fulmer was gone, and moreso with his followers. Sorry for the reality check. Here's hoping that Jones can reverse a lousy trend, which, you have to admit, dated back to the end of Fulmer's career. It's a shame that 1 percentile and his caravan of lowbrows can't fathom the simplest facts. Perhaps I needed to write all of this a little bit slower for them.

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Agree with these posts. I do like Martin's defensive "no easy baskets" approach. It has paid some dividends. But I would also like to see the Vols push the ball up the floor much, much more on offense. It sure looked great against the 'Cats. Ideal game scenario: play good team D, force a contested shot, be Orange on the glass, get the ball out quickly for some favorable numbers (and some easier baskets), and let Maymon and Stokes trail to do the sanitation engineering. If defense gets back, go into the halfcourt, run the offense. Bottom line, I'd like to see Tenn try to run more, rather than settling so much for the halfcourt offense. I really like the Vol D, now I'd like to see a real streamlined Vol O.

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We're not interested in your social life, or lack thereof. Ah, something in a name.

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.....and now the sage is set for Cuonzo Martins final exam...!

I remember when I had my first beer.

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Looks like Mr. Hart may need an Order of Protection from Johnny Ain't No.

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There you go with your hands again. Naughty boy.

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I was thinking more of a horse's orifice, but between us, I think we have described both the cause and the effect.

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Having a true point guard (welcome, Mr. Thompson) gives Tennessee many more options. I'd like to see Golden be able to play his game without having to bring the ball downcourt first. McCrae and hopefully, Hubbs, will be better scorers by getting the ball in better places on the court, courtesy of a true point guard. The best beneficiaries of a good PG would be Maymon and Stokes. They should get better looks inside. Maymon will come fierce anyway, and I think Jarnell will bring it strong along with him.

Tennessee has the potential to be a good team this next season. Maybe a very good team. And I think they can be consistently good year after year. We all know that UT will not recruit like Kentucky. Very few schools do. But I do think they can recruit like Butler. And play like them too.

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A good point guard, and good guards in general, are essential to having an NCAA tournament type team. Louisville's guard play speaks volumes. If the Thompson kid would like to come to UT, let him come. He could be a missing piece to a team that currently has some missing pieces. Hubbs could be another big piece. Maymon should be a difference maker. These guys, with the rest of the returning players, could produce a good Vol basketball team, maybe even a very good team, this next season. But for Tennessee to play at a higher level, I think they need to recruit a couple of outside shooters. Tennessee lost several games this year because they couldn't make outside shots (or free throws, for that matter). Watching the Mercer game, I saw Mercer make 3-point shots and key free throws. Something the Vols could not do. I remember thinking during the game that if the Vols could take two of Mercer's players, they would be downright dangerous. And dancing, without a doubt.

I honestly think that Tennessee can be consistently good year after year. No, we'll never be able to recruit like Kentucky. But I think we can recruit like Butler. And maybe play like them too.

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I remember two games played in the NCAA tournament last year: Missouri vs. Norfolk St., and Duke vs. Lehigh. Stakes were high in both games. We all know that Duke and Mizzou got bounced, by two lesser teams. The same thing happened last night at TBA. These lesser teams aren't bad teams, and when they play a good game, and you don't, you shouldn't be surprised that they beat you. Hey, Mercer is another Belmont, Davidson, Lehigh, or Norfolk St. Last night they played a lights-out game. They made plenty of open threes. They made most of their free throws. They also made plenty of contested shots. Tennessee, on the other hand, brought their complete 11-10 game: way too many threes, (mostly missed), and terrible free throw shooting, to go along with too many turnovers. That's been Tennessee's recipe for disaster in too many games this year.

Bottom line, I think, is that the Vols are a pretty good basketball team overall. But they are just too inconsistent, especially on the offensive end of the court. Again, too many missed threes, too many missed free throws.

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Martin best forget the snub and start worrying about Mercer..Last thing he needs is to lose to Mercer after all his talk of how NCAA worthy we are..Not many of these NIT teams are pushovers..Mercer isn't a team with a bunch of six foot soft players,they have size and did what we couldn't beating Bama at Bama

Agreed 100%. This NIT field is not weak by any stretch of the imagination. Many of these teams have beaten several NCAA tourney teams. The funny thing is, they could do the same thing again. I agree with Strange on this one. Blend the NIT with the NCAA. Let the eventual champion have to beat teams of all different levels. Right now, you simply don't have the best 68 teams playing in the NCAA tourney. You never do. But by putting the NIT teams in with the current 68, you'd have all the regular season champs of the one-bid leagues (that lost their tourneys), plus decent to good teams that got passed over from bigger conferences. Reward regular season champions with better seeds (see Indiana). Also reward teams that play a tougher non-conference schedule. Like Strange said, you would have 90-100 highly motivated teams, and it would really be March Madness. Do you think that Tennessee would not come hungry to this kind of dance party? And everybody else, for that matter. You'd have a few very good to outstanding teams, and a whole lot of dangerous ones. Make the champ earn it. Against anybody and everybody. I'd really like to see something like this.

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I know how completely ignorant you are but I would have thought even you would know that Stokes decommited when Pearl was let go. He was being courted even by your wet dream Cal. And CCM got him back. Just as Hubbs was being offered by Duke, ky, and NC.
Crean has just gotten out of the waste land after five years.Not two
McRae wasn't even coming off the bench for Pearl and Golden was not close to the player he is now.
Admit it. It would not matter who is here you just hate UT and always have. The sorry part is you know nothing about the game but act like you do.

Just ignore old countryclubrepub. He's an old klackety-klackety-klack from a yesteryear time. I just wish, for all of our sakes, that he would spill his mint julep on his laptop so we would be done with him.

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Where's SevenT? The Big Blue get a #1 seed in the NIT, but can't play at Rupp. Guess what? They are seeded against #8 Robert Morris. Where are they going to play? At Robert Morris!!! You've got to be kidding me! No slam involved here, but this is just weird. Similar situation with the Vols. Vols are sent packing out west as a number 2 seed playing against #7 Mercer. Don't know where, though. Would like to see CCM and JCalip talk about this.

I know this is a consolation tournament, but the field looks pretty good, No, it's not the NCAA. But it looks a little interesting. The KY game is unbelievable. ESPNU says RM's gym holds about 3,000 plus. Talk about a bizarre turn of events.

One comment about the NCAA. The bias seems now to be pretty strong against the SEC. Only 3 teams, with SEC tourney winner Ole Miss getting a #12 seed. Don't drop the soap. A lot of people are talking about Tennessee choking against the Tide. Forget about it. Tennessee would not have gotten in even if they beat Bama. Bama's win over UT and a good effort against the Gators bought them a pass to the NIT (sorry rtchatt). I think the entire league took it on the chin on this one. The other multi-bid leagues got too much love this season. Sorry, a lot of words to state just one man's opinion.

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I thought the Unabomber was incarcerated. Hmm, then again, maybe they have wi-fi behind the razor wire. Sounds like a piece of work, this one.

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Tennessee is a phenomenal 8-1 for the second half of the SEC season. Coming after a 3-6 start, this seems even more remarkable. I know the SEC hasn't been very strong this year, but this is still impressive. Nobody else in the league has finished better than 6-3 in the last 9 games (including the Gators). I'd like to think that the NCAA Selection Committee would take this type of thing into consideration. No matter what happens from here on in, I'm really proud of this team. Game after game this team has just kept coming. Today was just another example. Down eight to a good team, the Vols refused to quit. I really hope that they get to play for a while longer. First in one tournament in Nashville, then maybe in the round of 68.

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LMAO!!! Can I get you another cup of kool-aid??? First, there is nobody on this roster that will ever make a dime in the NBA. Second, NC contender next year? Seriously? This team - even as you project it for next year - isn't anywhere near as good as Pearl's best team that went to the Elite Eight yet you wanna talk NC???? That pure delusional - funny, but delusional!!

Somehow I knew a Bruce reference would come up. I remember the Elite Eight team. They did well. I also remember another BP team---his last. They didn't do so well. And we all know the rest of the story. If you're a fan of this team at all, let's give this coach a chance to do something. If you long for the recent past, then go repeat BBB for a while. And to help yourself do this, you can take your index finger and rub it across your upper and lower lips. If done fast enough, you can make a whole bunch of BBB sounds.

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Best of luck to Kenny Hall. A Tennessee Senior, ready to hug his mama on Senior Day and get his degree. Hey, I love UT basketball, but there are some things I love even more.

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I think Tennessee came into this game thinking they were going to win. They almost thought wrong. They had enough composure, though, to rally again from behind and win on the road. This win, ragged as it was, puts the Vols at 4-1 in their last five SEC road games, and 7-1 in their last eight overall. Not bad at all. But for Tennessee's NCAA tournament chances, this thing is far from over. They'd better play against Missouri like it's an NCAA play-in game. The same goes for the SEC tournament. Tennessee can play their way into the NCAA. But they're going to have to earn their way in, by playing the best basketball that they can play.

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Prayers for your family Jordan.

Nice post, BrassMonkey. All class. Plenty of prayers for Jordan and his family.

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Do not take Auburn for granted, simply because it's a road game. Then bring everything you have against Missouri. Attack at both ends of the court. Two wins, if they come, means the Vols are 8-1 in their last nine games. Play well in the SEC tourney and then...

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Climer either swallowed a lit cigar or forgot to bring his Pepto Bismol with him today. Either way, grab the Culligan man to see if he can water down this seared throat or relieve an ulcerated stomach. This man is in too much pain to have time to write an informed piece.

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Vols can still finish strong enough to go dancing. At least there's an opportunity. But the same old story is still true at times. UT's opponents beat them earlier by packing the lane, double-teaming and even triple-teaming Stokes, and daring the Vol guards to shoot. This worked for too many games. Then the unexpected happened. Tenn began filling it up from everywhere on the court, McCrae began putting on All-American performances, and Stokes began making everybody pay. It worked for six straight games, including a hammering of Kentucky, a win over Florida, and winning three straight road games. Quite impressive. Yesterday's loss was disappointing, but you had to figure the Vols had to cool off sometime.

Actually, this game may have a silver lining to it. Georgia, maybe, has brought the Vols down to earth a little bit. It's obvious that Tennessee would have been better off with a win. But I honestly think that this punch in the mouth may do the Vols some good. Hopefully the Georgia Bulldogs have provided the Big Orange with a "teachable moment". Lesson being that anybody is good enough to beat you on a given day, but also that when you bring your best game, you're going to give anybody all they can handle.

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Did I just notice that BQuinn quoted Joe Lunardi as saying the Vols were now one of the last four teams IN (after Baylor and Ole Miss losses)? Or am I just drinking from the Old Smoky Mountain fountain?

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You cannot spell MARTIN without NIT!

Let's see. Let's drop the "e" and add another "o" to your name. Just like a cup of hot tea. Will you have one lump or two?

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Let me go against the current here a little bit. Georgia lost a few days ago on a last-second shot at Arkansas. The Hogs took out the Vols, Cats (today) and even the Gators, all by double digits, playing at home. To me, it seems that Georgia may be better than their record, and for sure they were licking their chops when the Vols came to town. You could tell who was the hungrier team today. The same for Arkansas, who chewed up Kentucky today. Look, that's just the way it is on the road, especially in this conference. This game is just what it is: a loss on the road against a conference rival. But remember this: if Tennessee wins its last two games, the Vols will be 8-1 for the last half of the SEC season. I don't know if that would mean anything for any tournament consideration. Probably not much.

I agree with everyone else on here. They better bring it strong in Nashville. If I were Tennessee, I would play like I had to win the tournament. And they may just have to.

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Tennessee climaxed early again this year

Loss to the Dogs doesn't help, but a couple of wins over two sets of Tigers should help again. As for the Cat's, better worry about "pig soouuee!" You just now lost that one. And you have to go to Athens. And you get the Gators, too. Maybe you can play your way into the NIT, just like us if we play like we did today. Coyote ugly, for both the Cats and Vols today.

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Does anybody except and East Tennessee Homer give a hoot about this team?

SevenT doesn't refer to basketball titles. It refers to the number of udders on his favorite dairy cow. Bet he could'nt wait to do some pullin' after last weeks' Big Blue meltdown. Bet old Bessie saw him coming and thought "oh no". Angry hands on sensitive places might have left Bessie a bit chaffed. And upset herself. Hopefully she responded by giving 5+2 fingers a swift kick above the shoulders. And if you read the above post word-for-word. I think she actually did.

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I told my girlfriend I have seen derogatory posts about Nicodemus Christopher on here, about his hair, his web site photos, etc.... Well, you saw today he is earning his pay from the UTAD. We could have played a couple or 3 more OT's.

Looks like the weighted vests in preseason drills have also helped. One thing for sure, no team is in better physical shape than this team. Great effort, great win. Just keep coming, Big Orange. Just like a fast moving train.

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As expected, a KNS courier starts with the first post. Hey, the Vols have won five straight! That's great, but a half-dozen would be so much better.

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The trolls that like to goad,
carry such a mental load.
Instead of moving down the road,
They remain, croaking, like toads.

Names, with numbers and letters,
And one of them, a wannabe "better".
Grandmas' basements they haunt,
There they deliver their taunts,
Sad lives, that won't get any better.

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Good win over an LSU team that has been playing some good b-ball. Really like the way this team is stepping up. They're really attacking on both ends of the court. Seems like everybody may be healthy now. Next up: A&M. The Aggies will come hungry on their own court. One game at a time, guys, one game at a time.

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Like the team's attitude. Wasn't particularly sold after the South Carolina game, but my interest perked up a bit when they won at Vandy, especially after I watched the 'Dores chew up Arkansas the Saturday before. Then with the 30-point win over Kentucky, I'm thinking that maybe this team has really put something together. After being left for dead after the Georgia game, this team has played its best basketball the last three games. But they have to keep coming strong. Right now, they've pretty much assured themselves of an NIT berth. But even that was doubtful 3 games ago. To do anything else, like sitting on the couch watching Selection Sunday, the Big Orange will likely have to run the table in its last 6 regular season games, then make it at least to the finals of the SEC tournament. If they can somehow pull this off, they would have a 12-game win streak, a 23-10 record, and everything that comes with it. They would dance then. But all of this is a tall, tall order. They have to beat LSU before they can hope to do anything. But maybe, just maybe...

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Cal has beat the odds up to this point, with a roster made up of mostly talented freshmen. But his best two teams, last year's and the John Wall-DeMarcus Cousins' team, had complementary players with experience. And for Calipari, his teams' previous success may actually come back to haunt him. I swear, it wouldn't surprise me if one or more of his recruits tell him to his face, "I don't need you. I'm going to the NBA anyway". And let's face it, some of them don't need him. Apparently, some are acting like they don't need him right now.

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Well, I am a man of my word... And as I have for years, I come back and post even in defeat.... Took an extra day on this one though. Had we had Noel, we may have only lost by 18-25, but we were beaten. We are not a very good team this year and UT wanted it, played hard for it, and actually made me think there is some noise to be made in the tourney by this group. Don't give up on Martin just yet. UT played hard and with enthusiasm. Congrats and enjoy. You know what they say about payback though....

Good post, Jarhead. In spite of yesterday, I still think Kentucky is a pretty good team. Your big problem is that you sometimes become the victim of your own success. According to many, this year's team was supposed to be in the hunt for a title again this year, simply because of its star quality. The same for next year, with another blue-chip recruiting class. But, bottom line, I don't think that Kentucky can consistently compete for championships with 5* one-and-dones. Calipari was able to do this last year by getting some superstar kids (along with some more seasoned players) to sacrifice incredible high-school stats to play outstanding team basketball. I think Calipari, in spite of what some think, is a very good coach. He explained in detail what his guys needed to do to win yesterday. Problem was, they wouldn't (or couldn't) do what he asked. And I think that will be KY's biggest problem year after year. Look, the Cats will almost always be good, simply on talent alone. But with these young players, it's gonna be hit and miss. Honestly, I think that last year's success may create unrealistic expectations at UK. That's gonna be hard to duplicate. Calipari may be able to do this again. But I don't think he can build a dynasty this way. (Case in point: in the game at Rupp, the freshmen played well, Noel included, but Kyle Wiltjer was the guy who beat us. One of your "experienced" players).

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in response to bigdisbig:

This is the same Vol team that got beat by Memphis, Ga. and stomped in the dirt by Ole Miss at home and everyone is crowing over beating a weak Ky. team. I still say Cuonzo is a lower level coach who gets lucky every now and then. The guys played a great game today....probably the best of the year in spite of a weak coach.

Your comment is way too personal. I won't bother to ask why. CCM leads Tenn to a 30-point win over Kentucky and you're less than satisfied. In your mind, he gets no credit for this win or any win, just blame for any loss. Why don't you grow a set and support this team AND its coach? I know you're a fan. Just bring it strong for both the players and the coach. There's plenty of room for you.

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in response to John_10065:

Right now I have more respect for the troll UK, UF and Vandy fans on this site than I do the BBB crowd. They at least have the guts to show up here and post their daily BS after this horribly one-sided loss.

The BBB crowd just goes silent for the most part. They ought to give at least a little credit to the team they supposedly support. Like it or not you jackarses out there, this was a win for the record books and it has Martin's name on it, not Pearl's.

They'll come back out when Tennessee loses another game. Just like cockroaches after a cheap restaurant closes. I really liked Bruce Pearl and what he brought to the program, but that was the past and I don't think a BP sequel would work out. I think I'll just enjoy today's big win over the Cats and hope that Tennessee can keep up the good work.

And I also hope that SevenT and Prohandflapper didn't tear up their grandmothers' basements after this week's games. Two home-cooked meals thrown at TV sets would be a waste of good food, not to mention an assault on two defenseless pairs of flatscreens. To do the same with the homemade cobbler would be a crime against humanity.

Written on Vols find recipe for victory on the road, 58-46 :

Back to back road wins. A nice turn of events for the Vols. Hopefully we can beat the Cats this weekend and keep a good thing going.

Written on David Climer: Vols' Butch Jones faces challenge with SEC recruiting:

in response to UTvols33:

Go to this dude's account and check out his posts. All negative, not a single positive or supportive statement about UT. He hates on the basketball team, too. All his rederick is the same. He even hates on Fulmer. He hates this team so much but yet he says he bought tickets to 5 games! Check it out, let's get this bozo out of here!

notfunanymore writes: 2/11

No jokes or laughs? No talks of vacations? Maybe he finally realizes that 11 teams in the SEC recruited better than UT. Maybe this will be another "year zero"?

notfunanymore writes: 2/9

Once again, UT more/less finished last in recruiting in the SEC, and these clowns are finding a joke in everything. All is well and good with the football program, so keep laughing it up coaches. We will see how comical another 5-7 (more like 4-8) season is. 95% of UT fans are delusional.

notfunanymore writes: 2/9

After all their jokes/laughs and vacations are over, maybe these clowns will realize just how important recruiting is. It already seems as if everything is a joke to these coaches....not a good sign at all!

notfunanymore writes: 2/9

Keep on believing all is okay and things will get better with the football program. Maybe one day, you and the rest of the 95% delusional Vol fans will get a clue.

notfunanymore writes: 2/9

Jay Graham was not concerned about recruiting/signing a top notch running back, he was to worried about his podium performance in Nashville and Disney World vacation. Just another bunch of clown assistants. Get used to 4-8 and 5-7 seasons.

notfunanymore writes: 2/8

Let's see....UT more/less finished last in recruiting in the SEC. The football program is practically gone, BUT these clowns are worried/joking about their performance at the podium. Guarantee you Saban/staff were not worried about their podium performance, I bet they were already discussing future recruits. Bullsh%* like this is why UT is the laughing stock in college football. Do you remember all of Dooley's stupid quips and attempts to be comical? How funny is he now?

notfunanymore writes: 2/7

Blah..blah..blah. The football program is gone. Prepare yourself for 4-8, 5-7, and 6-6 seasons for years to come.

notfunanymore writes: 2/4

"Will be in the future"?? They are already pathetic. Wait three more years, and the women's b-ball team will be right there with the rest of them

notfunanymore writes: 2/2

After another 4-8 or 5-7 season, let's see what people are saying. 95% of UT fans are delusional.

Pay no attention to notfunny. He hasn't yet learned that certain recreational activities are not all they're cracked up to be.

Written on Four Alabama football players arrested on robbery charges:

College sports, primarily football and basketball, has become a multi-billion dollar entertainment industry. This is not exactly news to anyone. We all watch it, in person, on TV, or both. I watch it as much as anybody. And like any Tennessee fan, I want the Tennessee Volunteers to play in a BCS bowl and make the Final Four. Every fan of every school wants the same thing. But to strive for these things, coaches compete for the best players, and take big risks to make big recruiting hauls. Then all kinds of things happen afterward, and this episode with the Alabama players is only the latest. We praise the coaches when they do well, criticize them when they don't, and we seem more than willing to encourage coaching staffs to roll the dice when it comes to recruiting. As I said, I'm as guilty as anybody on this issue. I want every student-athlete to succeed in the classroom, I really do. And I don't want anybody to get in any kind of trouble, especially with the law. But the other part of me says "give me seven-come-eleven, coach! Let's get a star-studded class!"

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good post. more and more evidence shows that dooley sat on his arse most of the time. several big-time HS coaches are now admitting that they never even met the man. dooley worked us over like a tied goat.

Agreed. After Dooley was gone, quite a few high school coaches talked like the Dooley entourage was nowhere to be seen. A couple of posters seem to think that Jones is way too overconfident, but I do like his attitude and work ethic, at least so far. I think the guy really, really wants to be here, and build a strong program that the fans desperately want. Jones seems to be the hand-shaking people-person type of guy who is going to try his best to sell this program to prospective UT recruits. This apparently was something that Dooley seemed to struggle with. No one can predict the ultimate outcome of all of this, but I don't think anyone will put forth a stronger effort than Butch Jones, at least when it comes to recruiting.

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Gators destroyed Wisconsin and Marquette. That same Wisconsin team defeated #3 Michigan. Kansas is on a losing skid, Louisville hasnt looked impressive at all lately. Florida could easily finish 1st or 2nd in the Big East and Big 10.

Didn't say that the Gators weren't a very good team. They are. I'll cut you some slack, though, because you lost a good player for the season. I hate that for any player, regardless where he plays. But I'm just saying that playing in this league will probably hurt you in the tourney. We're weak across the board. Both the Big East and Big 10 are loaded. The Gators would not dominate either league. You'd be hard-pressed to get many road wins in either conference. I say that because they are currently beating up on each other. You'd share the same fate. One more thing, you might not have the best team in your own state right now. Again, don't get me wrong. You've got a good team. But just one good team among quite a few others out there.

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Enjoy that "NIT Appearance" banner you will be hanging.....if you go at all.

Cause: a large amount of spicy foods, consumed too quickly and therefore extremely harsh on the stomach and continuing GI tract. Effect: the final expulsion of the unnecessary ingredients of the aforementioned cause. Taste with haste makes waste!

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I like the way that the Hogs put 80 on the luggage sets, and then followed that up with a blistering 49 at Vandy yesterday. I swear, with the comments we are getting from certain interloping cockroaches, I wish that both Ky and Florida would lose on Tuesday. There are plenty of classy fans, both from Florida and Kentucky. Too bad that none of them post on this site.

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Great coaching by ZO. No fast breaks was great. We like to let defense get back and set up so we can run our offense great philosphy. Fast breaks lead to to many turnovers despite the aasy layups and dunks. Excellent coaching to play Chievous so much he is a stat sheet stuffer.His 5 fouls helped tremendously showing we are aggressive on D. zo kept our players between their man and the basket never gambling for steals prevents us from getting beat back door. Pearls overplaying the passing lanes style of play causes to much running and tires players out. Good offensive philosophy letting one player dribble and go one on one cause it limits our passes to cut down turnovers. By the other four players standing still on offense vols get the rest they need for defense. Zo is on his way to putting some banners up.

Tenn won, on the road, which is not an easy thing to do. But I'm really disappointed that they didn't win just exactly the way you wanted. Maybe the Vols' next game will fit your style of play, and then you can happily say, along with Frank Sinatra, "they did it my way".

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At South Carolina.......the worst team in the SEC with Miss. State. Maybe you should have a ring made to commemorate the "big" victory.

I'd be more concerned about your kitties going to Gainesville Tuesday than a game between UT and South Carolina. It's really sad that you and the Gators are the best this league has to offer right now. Neither one of you would finish in the top 5-6 in the Big East or Big 10. Worst league overall since the three-team SEC in the NCAA back in 2009. We're not very strong right now, that's obvious. But you're not that much better in this weak-sister league. Bottom line, pack lightly for the Dance, if you go at all.