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You're a good Vol dragon but I disagree with everything you just said

That's what makes America great and message boards fun. Thanks for keeping it positive. And I hope that everything I wrote is wrong.

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Butch Jones' greatest challenge is to remove the lingering stench of losing from the program. Sometimes a losing mentality becomes ingrained into the culture of a program and it is almost impossible to eradicate it. If you have listened carefully or if you watched the preseason special on WVLT yesterday you can see that as a major challenge for this program. It is, IMO, the worst of Dooley's legacy. The guy just didn't have the winner's mentality and it became abundantly clear in the MO game. Couple that with the fact that we have great players that have not been fully developed in their time at UT and it will be extremely difficult to get to 7 or 8 wins this year. I like CBJ's approach and I love his fire and intensity (staff too) but I sincerely worry that year 1 will be hard for these boys to mentally climb out of the hole during the brutal stretch of top ten teams. It's not impossible and sameolvolalum is correct in that they are opportunities but it will be a difficult row to hoe. My fear is that we all get too excited and begin to have visions of 9 or 10 win season and then have a severe let down when the reality of our situation comes to fruition. I do believe CBJ will bring this program back to prominence again, but it will be year 3. I hope this doesn't make me a negavol because that is not what I want to be, but I've been there done that and this is not going to be a one season fix.

BTW- I hope everyone of you have the opportunity at the end of the season to tell me to eat crow:-) Go Vols

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This Butch Jones worship stuff is truly comical.

Just look at this Butch Jones song idiot

Yeah..... That really sucks! Wish he wouldn't have done that. Definitely promotes the stereotype that has been created about UT fans.

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What UT fans just do not comprehend is that no matter how big the stadium is and how powerful that T looks on the uniform, this is a totally different program than they were used to seeing regularly beat teams like SC and GA. Listen to some of the interviews of the coaches on YouTube and it becomes apparent that these guys are going to be eaten alive in the SEC.

No one in their right mind would willingly trade Coach Fulmer and Chavez for what is in charge now. Current UT alumni will regret it to their graves if they do not give the Great One another shot.

Let it go Dude! The game had passed Fulmer by 4 years before he was let go. I have great respect and admiration for the man and what he accomplished but if you or anyone else thinks he can get it done in the SEC today you're deluded by the achievements of the 90's. Please join the the world of today and get behind our new coach.

Oh and by the way, I have heard interviews and watched these guys coach. As an ex D1 player myself, I can tell you these guys are a cut above what has been on campus since 2000. This staff can recruit, they can motivate and they can coach.

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So the local hack speaks the truth and the kool-aid drinkers cry wolf. I noticed those of you that are "predicting" 8 or 9 wins did not bother to tell us who those 8 or 9 wins will come against. Let's break it down. Shall we?

(Before we get started let's get one thing straight. I've noticed over that last few weeks that many of you are predicting a win over SC. Why? It won't be close. SC's D will destroy ut)

Peay win

WKU win (closer than you think. Petrino is a better coach than Lyle)

@Oregon loss (Ducks hang 50)

@UF (UF by double digits. Could be a blow out)

USA win

UGA loss (best offense in SEC will embarrass ut)

SC loss (SOS and Clowney. 'Nuff said.)

@'Bama loss (pick your score)

MO win (but close. Franklin will cause problems)

Auburn loss (pivotal game for ut. Auburn will have enough offense to win at ut)

Vandy win

UK win (provided UK doesn't play a WR at QB)

6-6 (at best) provided ut can beat Vandy.

Hello Shreveport!


Your predictions/thoughts are actually in line with mine as much as I hate to admit it. I will take issue on two points though. First, I think UT has a good chance of beating Auburn. Time will tell but I'm not sold on Malzohn (sp) as others seem to be. Auburn's talent level seems to be comparable to UT's and the game is at Neyland. That game will be close. The other is the notion that Petrino is a better coach. I will give you that he is more proven, but that is not necessarily better. I really like Butch Jones as a teacher/mentor/motivator/coach. I think we should wait a few years before we start throwing up definitives such as Petrino is a better coach.

My prediction is 7-5 at best 6-6 at worst.

Oh yeah, if there is a surprise win on that schedule (and I'm not predicting it) it would likely be against your beloved Gators. UF has four losses on their schedule this year at a minimum in LSU, UGA, USC(e) and FSU. You should maybe be a little worried about The U also.

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GEEEEZZZZ!!! Both sides of this discussion need to let it go....Please. It's been FIVE YEARS. Is Fulmer the greatest coach in UT history? There is certainly a tremendous amount of data to support that argument. I personally think he probably was and that he should be honored as such. However, anyone that argues it was right to dismiss him when he was has an equally strong argument. There can be no denying that UT football was in a tailspin when he was let go. Could he have brought the program back? Probably. Should he have been allowed to? probably not, because when he was let go it was after he had already been given his "second chance". Phillip Fulmer should be remembered for the unbelievable decade of GREAT football he brought to UT. But it is time to put him in his place in history and move toward new history. We have what I believe to be a great young coach in Butch Jones. It is time for EVERYONE including those that revere Phil Fulmer to get over his dismissal and begin to be UT fans again. If you are on here bashing Butch Jones right now, then you are just "venting your spleen". The man has outperformed everyone's expectations so far and that should be appreciated.
So in closing, if all you want to do is complain, please shut the he77 up and wait to see if there is even anything to complain about. It's going to be a difficult couple of years, but I'm pretty sure we've got the right man for the job and it would be great not to have to read this garbage everyday.

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Outstanding!!!! He kind of took responsibility for the decline, maybe that's enough for the haters, he pointed out that it wasn't all his fault so maybe that's enough for all of those who have him positioned as a deity and feel like he was wronged in his dismissal. For all of us who really admired the man as a coach and love what he did for UT in his prime, we can maybe get closure and not have to hear anymore about it. Or at least put it to rest enough so that it doesn't impact what UT football is trying to accomplish TODAY!!!

Now can everybody please get behind CBJ. Phil said he likes him... Alot!

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After Butch is fired. Adams will write about for 5 more years.'s time to fire John Adams. Let Fulmer write a column about Adams. It's only fair.

Really!?..... I reread the article to be sure and Fulmer wasn't mentioned once. Can we please get over the fact that Fulmer was fired? Whether it was right or wrong will be debated for decades hence and it still will not change the fact that Fulmer is no longer the head coach. We have a coach at this moment that has done nothing but work his arse off and has accomplished more than I could ever have expected on the recruiting trail.

So instead off popping off about when CBJ gets fired, try being a freaking fan that is living in the moment and enjoy what CBJ is trying to bring to UT!

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But I will support CBJ through this year and into next as long as he continues busting his butt the way he has been. He is definitely doing the work and I love his approach.

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minimum 3-5 in SEC games and showing a team that has heart and doesn't quit in the rest of the SEC games.

See there. SevenT can be reasonable. I would think Butch can and should do that. 3 out of this 4 should be within reach, Auburn, Kentucky. Missouri and Vanderbilt.

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Very well said friend.

Actually, this troll, ChadsFord and the kid, Seven........are rolling the dice. Probably very soon they, along with DawgDay will be given the old heave ho from this site.

What a dull life, to come onto GoVolsxtra posting garbage and anti-Tennessee nonsense just to get yourself removed.

Apparently, that's what these idiots thrive on, finding it exciting to continually crawl back here with new screen names. Eventually however the process will be put into place whereby these trolls will be permanently banned.

Now, we at least do know the site administrator has them in the cross hairs.

Back to the topic, sounds like we have 4 really good options at QB.

So I think I know how this Jeff Flowers character is able to continually reemerge under different names on here. He IS DawgDay and ChadsFord among several other names from the past. The message and style is unmistakenly the same. I'm wondering if he has already stockpiled multiple usernames so that every time he gets banned under one, he just rolls out the next one. That's a lot of work and if true really points out some level of dimentia that should be considered. Jeff you really should consider getting some professional help dude. You are far too invested in something that at the end of the day shouldn't be THAT important to you.

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This comment may be inappropriate. Reveal this comment.


I have taken a lot of criticism on this site for my views on Vol-Fans. I enjoy UT football but do not enjoy being near the UT Fans. But you Sir are the very reason for my existence on this site. Thank you for illustrating the culture of Tennessee Football fan so perfectly with your rants.

You are a true UT fan.

Come on SevenT, there are times to drop the animus and this is one of them. You know that clown is not indicative of UT fans. He is a racist subhuman. You and I have gone at each other once or twice and in the end I've come away thinking you are actually an ok guy just trying to stir the pot. Please don't make me change my mind about you by going down that road.

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billyvolsfan has been banned.

-- jack lail

Thanks Jack. Too bad you guys have to be continually vigilant for such posters.

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KNS- Please remove the entire thread from billyvolfan. He is an ignorant, racist and pathetic poster. I'm not sure why he felt the need to point out the history behind the founding of the KKK and to try and justify it based on Sherman's march, but those days are long gone and more importantly this is a foot ball site!

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Writers should have a post saying, "Would you bet your money on UT upsetting two top 10 teams this year?" I know I would bet money on that! In today's game coaching plays a HUGE part and I for one believes in this year's coaching staff and the players! I.E....teams like Boise State, TCU, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M. I think we have a winner in Coach Butch Jones! Go Coach and Go Vols....RISETOTHEFREAKINTOP


I agree with your assessment of the coaches 100%. I'm guessing just one upset though. Only because it's CBJ's first year. He doesn't have time to get everything put in place. I love what's going on over there. Don't in any way want this to be taken negatively though.

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I was thoroughly behind Coach Jones until he decided to "junk" the Orange and White Tennessee tradition for "Smokey Gray" uniforms (not our hound dog either). He totally lost my support and belief in him as a person...all "slick tongued" words out of both sides of his mouth.

dumbest, most short sighted post yet. Sorry, don't know you, but he has not scrapped Orange and White. He brought on an alternate uniform that will be used for one game each year. Oh... and the PLAYERS who sweat, work and bleed for THE FANS, love them. If you have any wisdom you might reevaluate such blanket statements. If you can't, my son and I would love to buy your tickets (if you even have any).

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Somehow "go big grey" just doesn't seem to have the same ring to it - - - even as far away as Oregon.

So when the team is in all white unis your chant is "go big white"? Orange is still the color of UT and is clearly represented on the grey background.

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Haha! The same Lambert that the Gators were certain they had locked up 2 weeks ago:-)

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

One of the most ridiculous posts I've read in a while. So what you are implying is that you... a poster on a news website... knows more about what it takes to run the ball in the SEC than a person who has made a career in the college coaching profession? Does that about sum it up?

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I'm not aware of any case brought forth by Pat Summit? Could you elaborate on what that case is and when it was filed? If there is no case you really need to just state facts.

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Your passing game is going to be your undoing this year. Teams will overload the box and choke your offense. Your defense has a long way to go to be anywhere close to decent. People who think this is a bowl team really don't understand football.

This is probably a fair post factually, albeit given with a good dose of being a Gator Fan. Unproven does not mean incapable though concerning our receivers and quarterbacks. And we both know that last year's defense was abysmal probably more from an overly complicated scheme rather than lower tier talent. I think it is more fair to say that we are absolutely unproven in some vital areas.

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You either get paid for this or you're crazy as hell. So which is it?

Haha!!!! That's the best response yet! It's funny because it's true LOL!

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I have watched SEC football for decades. Did this "tradition" happen in the 1800's?

Haha! This from a Florida fan. I'm not from Tennessee but even I know UT was a powerful football program when nobody even knew Florida was playing the game. Florida's biggest claim to fame in athletics prior to Spurrier was Gatorade LOL!

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I think one thing that is over looked is that there were no players that left for another school when coach Jones took the job. Almost always you have players that just don't want to play for the new coach.


That's an excellent point that has gone relatively unnoticed. I think these kids really like this coaching staff and will run through walls for them. I think this team will surprise some people this year. However, I'm having a hard time with predicting 9-3 but it is possible.

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KNS employee will be on for a couple of weeks then poof a new user name

You are quite possibly correct. I am a business owner and have these salespeople knocking on my door all the time. When they try to sell me on advertising they always point to the "hit number" on the webpage. If they put some inflammatory comment on the site it drives up this "hit number" to a point that may sound appealing to some.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

This post sure does have the tone of a poster that has posted under many other names. I will agree that the line is a the pathway to championships. That being said it seems to me that you have some type of pathological dislike of UT over the firing of Phil Fulmer. That was a long time ago and several staffs ago. Life is forward moving and you are pathologically stuck at some place around 5 years ago. Please get some help so that you can enjoy the great things that CBJ is doing for UT right now.

Or you're an idiot troll? Either way, get help or get off here.

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A lot can happen between now and 2015 but this kid is a beast.

LOL! He's really good, D1 material for sure, but he's not ready for the SEC! Oh wait, he's just in the 10th grade in that footage. GEEZ, That kid will be a beast by the time he gets on campus.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I don't know what your basis for that comment could possibly be. The evidence about Butch Jones is to the contrary, He has won at every stop he has made as a head coach. Yes, this is the SEC and is the height of college football, but Jones has a system and a group of coaches that sure seem to "get it" to me. The jury is out because he hasn't coached a game yet, but every statement about whether he will make it or not make it is purely speculation. If you are going to make a statement about his possible success you should look at his track record and it is pretty darn good.

Oh and if this really is bitterness about the way Fulmer was handled as some on here suggest, please get over it. We have to unite as a fan base at some time and the Butch Jones era seems like a great place to start.

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Actually I should follow my own advice. The 2.08 was a low point under Dooley in the fall of 2011 and has improved since. But 2.8 is a big improvement.

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Wait... what? Wasn't there a lot a back slappin' going on a couple of weeks ago per Vol academics?

Yes, A team GPA of 2.8. Up from 2.08 the semester prior which was apparently better than the semester before. You should probably read the article before posting as the answer to your post is in there. Unless of course you just wanted to try and stir the pot a bit.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

You're kind of a weird guy actually? How do you get fame off of a freaking message board? And touting your elite athlete status when no one can verify that really doesn't count. My guess is you're a legend in your own mind.

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A few comments:

1. I think blaming Hart for hiring Sunseri is ridiculous. He asked the head coach what he needed to succeed. He gave it to him, and he failed. If the AD prevents coaches from hiring the assistants they want, then it would be harder to hire another coach.

2. Hamilton firing Pearl was the right decision, but it should have been immediate instead of after the season. I loved Pearl, but lying to the NCAA is an unpardonable sin. I'm not sure why some fans think that trying to keep a coach in the NCAA doghouse is remotely close to a good idea. I'm only aware of one head coach that was hired after his show cause was over. It took many years, but the guy at UCal many years ago is at some really small program now. You just don't do it.

3. The basketball program is not spiraling downwards. Attendance is still good, and we are mediocre. Next year will be key. Martin did not walk into a good situation after the NCAA investigation. Anyone that thinks otherwise is kidding themselves. I think Martin can be successful, though his teams probably won't be as fun to watch as Pearl's.

Great Post! May I add;

4. The thought that Hart and Cheek are conspiring to bring down the UT AD for the sake of their Alma Mater is beyond ridiculous! Hart also stepped into a very bad situation with a newly hired basketball coach, a lame duck football coach, NCAA penalties and a disappearing bottom line for the Department in general. I think Hart has actually done well and except for baseball there is optimism and forward progress in ALL sports. I credit a person when they are willing to step in and make necessary changes that will create short term turmoil but will create a better system long term.

I think UT has the best fan base in the country, but when things are good it is very resistant to any type of change at all. The wheels usually fall off before changes are made by the administration and allowed by this fan base.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Are you a bit slow? I'm not policing your comment and really could care less about what you have to say. I even made the point to say I didn't know what was in the post as I joined the board after it was taken down. I have seen your rants before and I agree with you that as long as it fits within the constructs set by the comment site you can convey any message you see fit. My only point is that not all speech is protected by the first amendment. And instead of acting belligerent about it, you might do a little research so that you will see I am correct. Say anything you want on here, people get to choose whether they agree or disagree, but KNS gets to set that line that you're not allowed to cross when it comes to how you deliver that message.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Just a thought. Not all speech is protected by the first amendment. If it is inflammatory, if it is deemed overtly offensive or if it is outside of the bounds of written guidelines on a comment page. Not sure what the post said as it was taken down, but I'm sure it had something to do with how the message was delivered rather than the message itself. I'm sure whoever it was that wrote the post could have worded it in a way that met the guidelines stipulated by KNS. I know this to be the case as I have seen so many posts that are counter to the mainstream optimistic posts that don't get taken down that it is not reasonable to think posts are taken down due to the message.

Like I said... Just a thought.

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Just imagine how my wife and children feel?

Haha! I take it all back. That's a great reply!

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When I see "SevenT" or "billythekid" I no longer waste my time reading the comment.

Yep, but I feel sorry for SevenT in a way. Can you imagine what it must be like to be the guy who has nothing better to do than find opportunities on a sports comment section every hour every day to make readers angry. How f'ed up of an existence is that? He, even more than billythekid has an obvious personality defect. I mean billythekid is just a guy grasping at all the "could have beens" in his life and that is pretty clear. SevenT is a guy with real problems.

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I can't stand Fowler....but you and I both know that Fowler was right about this, a significant percentage of UT fans are in fact, "white trailer park trash".

I mean this in all sincerity SevenT. I think you need to seek some professional help for that personality disorder of yours. You bounce from opportunity to opportunity to try and stir people up on this post. You really seem to be lacking in your social development and or you have some major ego and personality disconnects. Please take $75 or $100 bucks and find a good therapist to talk to for about an hour and see where it goes from there. Life is a great thing and sports is a tremendous and positive outlet both as a fan and a participant. Maybe with some help you can find your "happy place." I wish you the best.

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The real reason the $EC wins is because they will take the dumbest headbangers on the planet and enrol them in some make believe academic program and somehow pretend they are student atheletes.

The ACC, Big Ten and PAC 10 are far superior research and academic Universities so the idiots who end up playing football in the $EC would never make the grade in the ACC, Big Ten or PAC 10.

LOL- Reaching again. I'm from ACC country and went to one of those ACC schools you are referring to and had friends at all of the others except MD. Whereas the statement that there are great academic institutions in the ACC (and other conferences you mentioned) is correct, the football players for those grand institutions were as uneducated as the players in the SEC. BTW- SEC Universities are actually very good colleges that are on the cutting edge of technology, research and learning.

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You guys are a bunch of schoolyard kids. My suggestion is to let all the Fulmer, Kiffen and Dooley stuff be water under the bridge. I would also say let the Hammy stuff go too. You might find some of the Hart stuff going on to be unsettling and that is probably fair game. To call him a knuckle dragging... whatever the rest was, is probably going too far. We don't know what happens with CBJ. We do know he has brought energy and excitement back to MOST of the Vol nation. We also know he is as BB says, "recruiting his arse off!"

I encourage the negative posters on here to please let the past be in the past at this point. None of the cast that put UT in this mess are here anymore (Cheek excluded). Just try and focus on the good things going on, let go of the past bad things that happened and if you have issue with CURRENT EVENTS they are fair game. This board will be much better if you guys could do that.

Written on John Adams: Dave Hart ahead of schedule with hires:

What a sad group this page brings out. I can't understand why there are 3 or 4 on here that seem to have so much BS to spew about the athletic department and especially about Dave Hart and have little to no foundation for all of that BS. BTW- Speculation and hearsay from your mother's boyfriend's sister/girlfriend does not qualify as foundation. I just get fed up with all of the "insider" insinuations that get made and passed off as the "truth squad". What is that anyway? some kind of pre-pubescent super hero club you guys schemed up in your Mommas lingerie closet? do you have to have a secret decoder ring to be a member?

You guys really need to get a life. There is so much more out there once you get past your compulsive hand wringing over the state of UT athletics.

Written on QB Mitchell decides on North Carolina State:

Seriously... If you would never respond to his pathetic pleas for attention he really would just go away.

Written on Catcher Ethan Bennett leaving UT baseball program:

You guys that are on this page calling these young men quitters need to take a moment and chill! I doubt that any of you have participated in athletics at a D1 level and therefore have NO FREAKING CLUE what these young men and women sacrifice to play for your team of choice. I can speak from experience that it is more than a full time job to be a student athlete. Scholarship or not, if these guys want to pursue the things that will make them happy and successful for the rest of their lives, who are you to say otherwise! They don't owe you or anyone else on these sites anything. If they had quit mid season or just mailed it in that might be different, but there is no indication of that.

So in closing, keep your ignorance and self absorbed fandom to yourself.

and as for me... Good luck in all your future endeavors Mr. Bennett and Mr. Taylor.

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in response to TheRealDragonSlayer:

There is no need to worry. The team will go the way the coaching staff leads them, and this staff has shown they have their heads on straight. Every team deals with injuries and every team at one point or another has to deal with QB issues. This is nothing new for a college football team. What every team doesnt have is a good set of coaches that can lead them into the battle well prepared. In that regard, I think we have nothing to worry about.

Go Vols!

I will start with saying that I don't disagree with your post at all and that I am not worried and have full faith in this coaching staff. That being said, if there is a rash of the same injury, in this case hamstrings, it could be indicative of a training/conditioning issue. It could also be that these guys are working and pushing harder than they have since arriving on campus.
Love the direction of the program and have a very good feeling about where CBJ will take us.

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in response to RollTideJoe:

You're the bubba for saying something so stupid. Get a grip people. It's a speaking engagement. I hardly think it will amount to an iota regarding recruiting or anything more than a talk. With your attitudes, I'd cancel the engagement if I were him. Then you can go find a real bubba.

I'm going to disagree with you on this one. I drove to Chattanooga on business Monday and saw the Billboard in question. It is really in your face Alabama and the speaking event gets lost in the giant picture of Saban and the giant Alabama logo. Keep in mind that ANY RECRUIT driving from Knoxville to Georgia, or to Florida or to Alabama must pass this billboard. It's a pretty snarky thing to do. If the Athens Chamber authorized that billboard it should have been clear to them as it was to me that the layout was not about the speaking engagement but more about Alabama and Nick Saban. I'm just sayin'...

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i d say your right , sounds like in this interview we would have missed out on this dude if not for Jones

Good Grief he didn't even mention UT until the reporter asked him about a visit to a game. Now he's committed to the program. I think you about summed it up, he would not have done that without the new coaches.

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in response to UTKin1992:

I see you as the garden variety lunatic fan who never attended, much less graduated from UT. Pick someone else to annoy d-bag...

I find BB to be one of the most consistent, knowledgeable and positive posters on these pages. Plus he'll meet you anywhere you want to back it up LOL! Go get'im Beare!

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DC3- I don't know you, I apologize for the idiot comment. That's pretty low level on my part.

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And you think he's a great coach because of his Cincinnatti resume'?

Derek Dooley made him look incompetent, what does that tell you?

That UT has some great talent. Better talent than Cincy. You're comparing apple and orange programs. There is no question that even lower tier teams in the SEC should beat Big East programs. That's not a coaching issue, it's a talent issue.

BTW- You're still an idiot, made even more so by your last ridiculous argument. But thanks for playing!

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It's just you. These coaches and just as sophomoric as the last bunch.

Haha!!! you're an idiot! Thanks for the post though!

Written on In full-pads practice, Vols crank up intensity:

Wow! Is it just me or does it feel like we actually have a group of coaches that "coach" football? I wasn't a Dooley hater, but in retrospect I have to wonder if the focus was in the right place. I love/hate comments like "we are a poor tackling team right now." Love it because it means it will be addressed finally. Hate it because.... well because we are a poor tackling team. Guys, I get more excited everyday with this group of COACHES!

BTW- That pic of CBJ is awesome! That is an intense individual and he looks like he would rather be in pads than coaching.