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All that money and brainpower and that is the best they can come up with?

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there is not one benefit of the proposed adams rule that could not be realized under the present framework if both sides keep their word. oops. perhaps that's a little too idealistic.

Way too much.

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I agree with a quicker signing day. It would certainly curb the hat drama and allow the teams to focus on the next recruit. Accountability on both sides has to be there.

While I understand the Dillon HS coach's frustration, UT has to look after itself. We don't have the deep talent to lose a year of development on a young man who is definitely going to miss a year due to surgery. If there was an early signing day, then this would have been moot, and UT would have had to suck it up.

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NCAA = Death by directive

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They will need to be in shape when we play Oregon. Do like Chavis did at LSU to prepare - alternated the 1st and 2nd offenses running plays without pause and the defense had to play both with no break.

Sounds like they are getting in SEC shape - dare I hope?

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Dobbs is the wild card. My guess is he will get a lot of 3rd and 4th qtr snaps first 2 games to see if he's got the click. Coach Jones and Coach Bajakian kept saying that they will adapt the offense to the QB, so no stated preference as to drop-back or option-read. Like you, my guess is they would prefer an option-read guy, but with this years OL, any drop-back will be safe.

Seems their #1 stated concern from spring was having a QB that makes the right decisions and gets results out of situation challenges. It's the guy who reads and reacts the best....and that could be Dobbs. Will be fun to find out.

68 days.

Many people don't understand the QB's calls at the line of scrimmage. Peyton was/is fabulous in getting into right play. Even though Simms didn't have the tools to be a top level SEC QB, he did an outstanding job of changing plays. For proof, just look at the difference in rushing yards when he was in vice the others.

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I thought the article was fine. JA has the tongue in cheek humor which apparently doesn't translate well with some readers judging from the comments. I agree with his assessment, the new guys on the block will fix it. Stay tuned.

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Agreed - bad games, prices for everything to unsustainable levels, technology improvements all make it difficult to justify a week's pay for a weekend game for out of towers like me.

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Really fast bathroom breaks.

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Why does Ralph wear the men's colors, black, as a third color? The Lady Vols accent color is light BLUE. Wear OUR colors, coach! Go Lady Vols and win the WCWS.

The team is going to the NCAA series and you gripe about what the coach is wearing?

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UT football team, did you take notes?

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I'll see you in the Women’s College World Series. Sweep the Tide.

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Great win. Looks like things are coming together at the right time. Good luck and hopefully see you in the NCAA championship.

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Good luck ladies. Hope you make it all the way this year.

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GREAT ARTICLE. The more I read of Coach Jones, the more I like him. Hopefully he'll deliver the wins in future. I wish him all success as I have every coach that has been hired by UT.

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We will see how bad the players want to win. If they do what has been laid out for them, they will be a vastly immproved team this fall. If they coast during the summer, it will be business as usual like the last three years. The coaches have done all they can until fall. Now the players have to step up, take ownership and be ready.

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{Sigh} Can't we all just get along? :-)

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When you don't have to worry about school.... From what I heard, he didn't worry about school at all.

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Nice touch to invite the professors. Never hurts to establish a good relationship with them.

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Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither will the UT football team. I like what I see so far. It is always a task when one side outshines the other - is one side that much better or is the other side that much worse? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Good luck tonight. Hopefully the cardinals won't shoot 60%+ from the three point line. Play like you did against OK. See you in the final four.

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He is definitely bringing a much needed attitude to this team.

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Tough to follow a legend. If she wins it, it is well deserved.

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Is it just me or does the title of the article seem obtuse?

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Cool! Cool Martin. Cool Trae. Cool Stokes. Cool McRae. Cool McBee. Cool Moore. Cool Chievous etc etc, Cool.

I think I just went back to the 60's.

If you remember the 60's, then you didn't do it right. :-)

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Nice start to the season. Hopefully they can keep it going.

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Good luck Lady Vols. Another sweep would be awesome.

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There is nobody who turns down money. A person is worth exactly what they can get paid, not a penny more or less. I would like to see more incentive based pay structure, but the current market is driving coaching salaries, so there it is.

Nobody at Alabama is complaining about Saban's salary. Hope Butch has the same success.

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Didn't really care about the award for Adams, but just had to read the comments.

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College football is the SEC's world and everyone else is just renting space.

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Forgive him Father, for he had unclean thoughts.

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Respectfully detest both schools. Since no tie possible, I guess I have to back the SEC, as painful as it is.

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More Football - Good.

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Thanks for coming back. Get in shape and destroy the other team's offense.

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Congrats to Vandy for a good year and bowl victory. NCST won't want to play Tennessee schools for a while.

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Hopefully Coach Jones does just as well as Dickey but stays longer.

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Luck is for rabbits. We need to get back to not needing luck.

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Always liked CDD's sound bites. I think he would make an excellent TV football announcer/analyst. Only issue would be Dennis Miller like humor that would fly over too many heads.

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I can't believe some of the trash hurled at Tee Martin. LK offered a $150K salary increase to stay at USC. Tough to top that negotiating tactic. The man has a responsibility to himself and his family. We don't know what was offered or the dynamics of his decision, but bashing the last quarterback to bring home the national title is just (fill in your derogatory word here).

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There is nothing wrong with John Adams' writing. He is supposed to give his opinion and get reactions. The reactions are used to gauge advertising rates I believe. (Quantity, not quality which is a good thing reading some of the reactions). He uses humor in his writing, which can sometimes fall flat, but overall I consider him a good read. If you all want nothing but positive news on UT then just read the press releases from the public affairs office. Their job is to put a positive spin on UT news whenever possible.

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If on Broncos would he drive Peyton crazy?

Wouldn't drive Peyton crazy. He would simply tell CP if he ever wants to see the ball again, do it right.

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Welcome aboard coach. Bring in the recruits and make us relevant again.

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I wouldn't say "the most passionate, uneducated". Alabama is definitely the most uneducated.

I should have clarified uneducated in football knowledge. I really do think our fan base is the worst in the SEC. However, I get your point.

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Welcome to UT Coach Jones. As you can see from some of the above posts and ones to follow, we have a deserved reputation as the most passionate, uneducated fans in college football. I wish you success in your career and returning UT to the upper tier of college football.

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Well, if this is not another false alarm, then he'll have my full support until he proves he can't do the job. Lets see (if he is hired) what he does with the recruiting class.

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Which ever coach comes here, he gets my support until he proves he doesn't deserve it. I am not going to blast any coach who comes into a school that has struggled like we have, face a murderers row of coaches, and has minimal local talent to recruit. This is not a job for the faint of heart.

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The gloom and doom on this thread is ridiculous and comical. Chill out people. Whomever gets hired will need our support, not burning sofas and no shows. The new coach might be a bust, but then again he might be the next Saban.