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Let's not forget Worley was the Gatorade Player of the Year as a HS senior. I'm looking forward to seeing him play. I'm also looking forward to seeing Dobbs play. Both smart guys.

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Let's please stop talking about Charlie Strong. I thought he would be a great coach for us, and a great coach in the SEC. He didn't want the challenge, but CBJ did. CBJ acts like a winner, and it's just a matter of time before we're on another historic run.

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garbage article!!

If our hall of fame coach was still coaching, we wouldn't have had the hard times we've had over the past few years. Everyone was calling for his resignation in 2007, and he ended up playing in a very competitive SEC championship against LSU.

garbage article JA!

follow up point: I guess JA took winning the division that year and playing in the SEC championship for granted.

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garbage article!!

If our hall of fame coach was still coaching, we wouldn't have had the hard times we've had over the past few years. Everyone was calling for his resignation in 2007, and he ended up playing in a very competitive SEC championship against LSU.

garbage article JA!

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First of all I would like to apologize for billyvolsfan. All of us people from Pulaski aren't this ignorant to realize the Civil War was 150 years ago and the war was about state rights not slavery. He must be mad that someone stole his white sheets and put water on his cross before he could burn it on top of Rose Hill while drinking moonshine with the Grand Wizard. @billy Don't shame those of us from Giles County. I always knew Richland had some crazy people, but you are one of the worst sir. This is a football site not a Civil War website I can find you plenty of those if you want one.

As much as I agree with your last sentence, the CW was about states rights and slavery. Slavery was the main reason. I'm a proud Tennessean, but I'm glad the North won because it put an end to slavery.

Go Vols.

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Apparently you don't know much about geography either because this article is about Texas A & M in TEXAS not Ala or Miss.

Let me guess you are a product of the public school system in Tennessee?

you are right the post is off topic, but chattablue is joking about Alabama wanting to avenge their loss to Manziel's team by vouching that Manziel was guilty.

I want to see J Football play, hope it isn't true.

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I remember my mom thinking the same thing about Stewart. All I could think of to say was, Stay in the kitchen mom :)

I thought something quite different. <Insert generic momma joke here>

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Didn't Tyler Bray get hit by someone after an interception, and it messed him up for a while? Was it above the shoulders? Am I making it all up?

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I wish him the best. Since GT is accepting Trae, you've gotta' believe academics haven't been the mitigating issue. Being as the KNS's list of "unnamed sources" most likely includes Jeffy Flowers, how can we trust their assumptions. BTW keapitreal. I'm an old dude and if you manage to live long enough you're going to magically morph into an old dude, too. Is that too deep for ya', puppy.

keap was referring to the speculation that TG left the program after the director of student judicial affairs (a lawyer) allegedly "diddled" UT students. The speculation is that TG was somehow involved in all of this. Keap thinks that TG is less likely to be raped by the male director of student judicial affairs at GT than he was by his younger, female counterpart at UT.

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What really frosts my pumpkin about stores like this is the unnamed source and his/her alleged inside information. If you know about it, prove it. Otherwise, shut up. KNS: same for you. You don't come off pure as the driven snow just because you can quote an "unnamed source", even if they do "have knowledge of the situation" and are "speaking on the condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to speak on the subject". BTW, if you're "not authorized to speak on the subject", shut up.

It's a commentary on us that we all seem to love a sordid story. Now, it's academics. We already ruined the career of one educator, must we drag all aspects through the mud.

Good luck, Trae. Hope your dad gets well soon.

BTW, a law career was ruined, not and educational career. Also, I'd be very happy for updates on what happened there. KNS, rise up.

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I sometimes get "sinus headaches" after drinking beer.

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Clowney was the most impressive player last year.

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Are these skills academies opportunities for Nike to take pictures of college athletes who got to non-Nike schools?

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great commentary about a great vol

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Thanks for the racist article KNS. Articulate? Fathers present in their lives? Why not mention that neither incoming player has a criminal history, that would put us at ease.

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J. Stokes is at 19 year old junior? I turned 19 my freshman year of college.

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I agree about the title being confusing. I read the "Lee" in the subtitle as a nickname for "Riley" (2nd syllable of "Riley").

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i can understand college kids going around making illogical statements about our team making a deal with the devil for the NC, but i don't understand writing an article about it.

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Pardon WD, he's thinking with his pagan ceremonial divining rod instead of his brain. Chris Christie just hates strong females--he's intimidated by J WoW and Snooki, and he's intimidates by the former Alpha Female UT coach.

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Wow, I'm also glad the players stood up and got her out of UTK. However, I have to say thanks to WD for pointing out the positive side of this cold-hearted female. I could imagine how bad-A she was, putting all the other females in their place. It's also great to hear that Lady Vols don't put up with that stuff, and she learned a lot and changed. I'd say UT was good for her career.

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Minimum wage is $45,000. I think the salary cap is 4.4 million with a 53 man roster. Average is $60,000 per year. They can get $3400 for playof games and $16,000 for a Grey Cup Championship. The players are also allowed to work in the off season at other jobs. They get 18 paychecks during the regular season which would average around $3400 per game week. Sure a starting QB makes more than the $60,000 but not much more.

Wow, thanks troll. That's good info.

This reminds me of when I, as a teacher, chaperone the prom. You go and see the craziest, most immature individuals all dressed up and acting right.

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Because college students always tell parents what their grades are, right?

I don't like the speculation, and if TG or his father say academics aren't the reason, then I'm inclined to think academics are not the reason.

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Good for the instructors and professors! I hope you're reading this Dr. Linda Bensel-Meyers! She was my favorite professor, and if you don't think she advocated for the student athletes, then you likely don't know how exploitative it would be for everyone to turn a blind eye. I like the fact that our student athletes are earning their degrees--that they mean something.

Don't call me a troll--all Vol here. Also, I learned a lot from Dr. LBM when she headed the composition department.

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I don't think it is grades or anything like that. I think it comes down to playing time, and the decision was Golden's.

This somewhat answers questions we've had, such as who will start next year when we are STACKED!

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Pat was 22 when she took over the Lady Vols program and built it to where it is today. If Tyler get's the Lady Mocs job, and I hope he does, he'll already have a solid foundation to build on. Let's keep Tennessee legends in Tennessee. Do you hear me Berry twins and Dillon Bates?

An excellent point! At worst, he's in over his head and they have to hire another coach, a 'la Dooley (the other coach who got a head coaching job prematurely, based on a parent's success). Who knows, Coach Summitt II might be a genius BB coach.

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Not really. Darius Thompson was recruited and signed in day. They knew there was the possibility if not probability that both McRae and Stokes would return. Easy enough to go to Landry and say "here's what's up." Don't have to say it is a foregone conclusion but let him know he is on the bubble.

i guess it's impossible that UT acted without telling you, and his dad didn't want to broadcast their business before it was certain

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

He was a good coach, but I don't think anybody would think better than CPF.

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The Amount of money these guys spend when they're broke simply astonishes me.

True, but they are suddenly bringing in a top recruiting class at the start of a new era in college football (sec network now and playoffs next year). I was astounded by this: and parts of it that were built look even sharper (like that room with the big Power T in the circle that hangs from the ceiling that looks much more plain in the video).

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Hey buddy get spelchek...provocation with a o not an a............maybe he wanted a pro vacation...............

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

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You and Walt are dreaming and way off base. Walt will just keep bashing Hart every chance he gets.

I found Walt's perspective interesting, but who knows what will happen. Also, poor Walt doesn't have Derek Dooley to kick around any more.

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Even if the two jobs have the same hours and people they are responsible for, that does not mean the two positions have equal value.

You may be right, I guess CBP made more than the legendary CPS, even after the Hamilton-imposed docked salary. Here's an interesting link about Vol Staff salaries from last year:

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just my opinion..How can anyone be this stupid..Mason's attorneys have to love you expect to convince a jury or judge this letter had nothing to do with the lawsuit..the evidence I see in this article indicates to me it does..

Yessir! As an incorrigible azzhole, I know that once you piss a few people off, the truth doesn't matter. All anybody wants to do is dick you over one way or the other. There is no way a new basketball coach should be able to say a trainer isn't doing her job right because the players aren't getting "quicker." Source: I've been a major debag at work and pizzed many people off, so I know this game.

She likely has a case. Do they really have less female athletes than male athletes? Does the Lady Vols S&C coach put in less hours than the Vols S&C coach?

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Brutal? Not really, dang near everyone who was halfway paying attention last few months saw it coming. Maybe not a 7 round stiff, but no one expected a bidding war.

If you want true brutality Mr Jeff, imagine yourself a tat artist paid to ink your sons' tramp stamp. Oh..the humanity.

bUT please note TB's tat is shoulder level. I know you don't want to hear it, but your lower back tat is a stamp.

TB's dad's assessment is true. In two years, they'll be talking about Bray every time we turn on sportscenter.

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Crompton was drafted in the 5th round, btw. Bray is a great quarterback, and I expect to see him starting within the next couple years. It would be hard to ignore him zipping the ball around in practice. How can they not give him the ball?

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I think Bray has a good shot of realizing his potential. Once he's on a team, it'd be hard to deny his talent after they see him effortlessly zip the ball around.

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He'll be the next former Vol who goes from undrafted to All Star

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Great decision! 100 times better than what Tyler Bray's decision was. Punked in the draft. OH Yea.

I disagree. TB was a great Vol. I wish he could be back next year. I wish him the best, and wouldn't be surprised to see him starting in the NFL at any time.

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Who gets left out of starting 5?
Golden, McRae, Maymon, Stokes, Richardson, or Hubbs?

Who cares, they'll be an awesome team. Ok, maybe Golden, but like McRae the season before last, he will be as important to their success as any starter. It's a sign of a great team.

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They are going to have a very talented team next year!

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This is a dbag sentence: "Patterson wasn’t close to qualifying academically out of high school"

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Whatever the reason, it'd be interesting if she wins a big EEOC claim.

New topic: I bet she can bench press more than you.

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I remember GVX writing about his MMA event on campus a couple years ago. I can't wait to watch Jones/Sonnen and Nelson/Congo, but am also looking forward to seeing a former VOL! Looks like he's fighting right after the ladies on the undercard, so I would have seen it anyway. FX at 7pm.

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Those batting stats by the Lady Vol softball player are amazing.

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Yemi avg about the same stats as the new big man we signed from a Iowa community college. So did we really upgrade with this "work in progress" kid with good upside?

I wonder if the coaches do anything more than google stats?

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No...that was while he was injured in Jr. College. Nice job coach ricks995.

You have to hand it to this troll. Zz, right? It makes me think this guy posted all the d-bag comments about how CCM doesn't know what he is doing, just so he can get on with and act normally for a Vols message board.

Of importance, if Stokes stays they will be a great team, and likely a great team with McRae, the talented incoming freshman, Maymon and Golden.

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He is the most dynamic player in the draft. For all the pretenders who say he doesn't run routes well enough to be drafted high, you don't know anything about football.

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I think they're both ready, but I hope they stay because they'll be stacked next year with Maymon and the talented freshman coming in.

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I do not see how trashing the football program, alleging payment and such, will help the former safety with the robbery charge.

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are we really gonna give a guy with a 2.7 point average, a scholarship?

GO VOLS!!! playing in the rain tonight at Vandy

Wow, you have Google! And your knee jerks quickly!

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Allow me. You're fired gonzo, bonzo, or whatever your weird name is.

probably the most ignorant comment i have ever seen on this site anywhere