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If the tackler/blocker launches a legal hit and the other player instinctively lowers his shoulder and helmet just an inch to deflect the blow, who gets the penalty for creating an illegal hit? Will that slight lowering even be perceptible in real time?

In a nanosecond, with no forethought or intent to deceive, the "victim" has turned a legal hit into a 15-yard penalty and (albeit temporary, we hope) ejection.

Furthermore, how can the ejection be reviewable but the 15-yard penalty NOT be--for the same act and for violation of the same rule?

This rule is UNWORKABLE, and my sympathies are with the zebras who cannot possibly enforce this rule under game conditions with accuracy or fairness.

In any arena of human activity, once rules, products or services get redesigned to limit lawsuits... "fairness" loses, reason loses. With apologies to my attorney friends, there IS a reason for Shakespeare's famous quote regarding lawyers.

Great analysis....I would even say that looking at a slow motion replay of some of these questionable hits would be impossible to determine fair or foul. So as you point out, how in the world are officials going to get these calls right at full speed?

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His articles have never been informative, clever, logical, funny, heart-warming or very relevant.

But to each his own. Being around a long time does not necessarily make one worthy of merit.

I still, on occasion, have opportunity to read something from Marvin West in the Ftn. City paper. He is/was all of the above depending on what type of message he was attempting to convey.

I loved reading Tom Siler and Ben Byrd, again they entertained while at the same time getting their messages across.

JA it just tedious.

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Can't the NCAA do anything in a timely manner? This action by the NCAA should have been issued the next day and come with about a 3 game suspension. That would have actually impact.

Is he now on "double secret probation"?

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I have never done this before, but besides his family who really cares about this?

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Climer and Stoops are both legends in their own minds. So if Iowa State happens to beat UT or UK, then the SEC isn't very good.


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Katherine Webb would be a very good choice.

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Your proposal for making the NIT relevant is a great idea.

The current NIT serves very little purpose. Back when the NCAA was a smaller affair, the NIT did have relevance. If you look at the history of college basketball post-season tournaments you understand just how relevant the NIT used to be.

If a school that felt it got snubbed by the committee for the real tournament chose to decline the NIT invitation that would be fine with me. Unfortunately, many school's athletic departments might not allow for this.

I do not expect much from UT's venture into the NIT for 2 reasons--their past history and the lingering hangover of not making the NCAA.

If UT had split with Georgia and Ole Miss, the NCAA would have had a much more difficult time excluding them. I do believe that the selection committee has swung too far in letting in too many mid-majors into the tournament vs. good teams from the so called "power conference". I think that it because basketball is made up of many more have nots rather than the haves.

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We did our job,” Martin declared. “We deserve (the NCAA tournament).”

NO you did not do your job Martin! This type of thinking is whats wrong with you. You accept mediocrity and make excuses like Dooley did game after game. While your guys were losing to Georgia you should have adjusted your lineup. You knew you didn't match up well against GA. but you played the same style both games and allowed Caldwell Pope to light you up.....same with Henderson of Ole Miss. You don't seem to learn from your mistakes....just like last year.
You get one more year to wake up so WAKE UP! Recruit hard and light a fire under this team. Teach them to play defense like every game is their last.

I do not see the similarity between the 2 coaches. But good points on the GA and Ole Miss failures. If UT expects to make the NCAA field they must, at the least, split these 4 games.
The effort against Bama obviously did not help. It would have been really interesting to see what would have happened if UT had the 2 additional wins against GA and Ole Miss and had beaten Bama.

With Ole Miss winning the conference, would UT have still been left out?

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This young guy may turn out to be a late bloomer. When Coach Martin signed him there was the usual barking about his only being a 3 star. If he improves as much as did between last year and this year over the off season, he could be something special.

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Deepest sympathies to Paula's family.

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I find it amusing in that all the articles that I have read since UT put this beatdown on UK that very little is mentioned as to how well Tennessee played. It is all about Noel. Anyone who knows the history of this conference understands how UT (when they have a coach not named Houston or Peterson, historically plays UK very tough in Knoxville).

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Just when I was beginning to think Evan might work out and KNS could put johnnyboy out to pasture, this! Ok, Evan, now do the same for all the other SEC schools and let's see where we stand. And when they don't see your 'sunshine law' request as a top priority for their staff either, you can whine aboout it, and then can write about how their football guide also exceeded the NCAA prescribed page limit, but you didn't know that for 15 days. Don't forget to include a link where you wrote that KNS wrote where you wrote about some of these secondary infractions and that you previously suspected this kind of outrageous activity :-) was going on.


You hit the nail on the head. I am sure that the KNS Hardy Boy / Nancy Drew gang is going to make the same requests to all of the other SEC schools.

A speadsheet on when the request was made / when the response was received / nature of each offense by sport / etc.

Just don't send a request to ohio would need a really big spreadsheet. They are the kings of the secondary violations.

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you can't fix stupid or common sense is not common the everbody......take your pick.

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i was a student at u.t. during that time, bookended around a tour in the army. lester mcclain was a great ballplayer but as i recall he was primarily recruited to be a roommate to another great, black player (can't recall the name, but seems like he was from alcoa). the other kid couldn't hack the act, so mcclain ended up having the room all to himself. such were the times.

Albert Davis was the player from Alcoa. A great running back who I believe went to TSU and wound up playing a short time for the Eagles.

It is so very sad that the UT track program has slipped from where it was in the late 60's and 70's. My Uncle Bill used to work as an offical at Tom Black during meets and he took me along to the Dogwood Relays a few times. I still remember the experience.

Nice article.

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I can do that to, troll: Jansen Jackson, Bryce Brown, D'Rick Rogers, Cameron Clear. It goes both ways, I think you missed the point of the comment.

You know that a troll can't comprehend much beyond the 2nd grade level (my apologies to hard working 2nd graders everywhere).

And when they are confronted with facts, they tend to wet themselves.

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I appreciate all of the hard work put in by Coach Butch Jones and his staff. What they did in a short amount of time was a tremendous achievement.

That being said I hope that some of the recruits that yanked UT around (specifically the Trey Johnson / Vonn Bell charade) for really no good reason, have to endure seeing the Vols return to prominence.

I will be pulling against everything associated with ohio state with even more fervor than in the past. Hopefully, karma is a female dog.

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Coach Jones is OUR coach. If you are not happy with that stay at home and do not donate to the athletic department.

Bell can now enjoy his time in lovely Ohio. Hope nothing bad happens to him. If he had came here, he would have been a part of something that a REAL fan of the Vols could appreciate. His decision, his loss, UT will move on with a man who has proven that he can win football games and league championships.

One defensive back means nothing in the overall scheme of rebuilding a football program.

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Dooley is gone. You're still "Little Brother", and life goes on. What possible joy can you derive from your constant slander of The University of Tennesse Athletic Dept. You will nver be more than a disgruntled, angry, narcissitic "Never Was". Get over yourself and for God's sake find a purpose in life. Oh, and by the way, I didn't even read the entire post..No need..We all know by now what you have to say..So predictable. GBO VFL

Great points. Don't have the time or inclination to respond to little gff's dribble. The one observation that many of "its" ilk seem to possess is their 20/20 hindsight. Freaking mental giants, they are not.

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The running back situation at Auburn will most likely be the reason that Jonathan "Rudy" Ford choosed the Plainsman over the Vols.

UT is loaded at running back compared to Auburn.

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For Adams this is heavy hitting intellectual endeavor. His best, in my opinion, misuse of space was being the fulcrum on which Mike Hamilton fired Phillip Fulmer.

Insiders believe Hamilton used to leak to Adams, early, the police blotters when any footballer got into trouble, so Adams could gun Fulmer for Hamilton, Cheek and others who were unable to go head-to-head with Fulmer and win on merit.

Here, Adams clearly screwed up the column. He meant to suggest a means by which recruits could use simplicity to show their school choice; but Adams, as he is apt to do, blew it. He managed to write "minimum" where he needed to type "maximum."

At UT, recruiting got a boost Wednesday, when national recruit Marquez North decided to commit to Coach Jay Graham.

Notice that so far none of this new group of coaches has signed anything but mid-major level players; but the Tennessee alum hauled in a big fish.

Rather than set up a scenario in which UT people could coach football, which would let UT's family tell recruits about the homestead, Hamilton's non-UT successor Doofus Hart brought in people not yet familiar enough with Knoxville to do much more than be learning to spell "U.T."

Predictably they flit about the country, visiting. Smart recruits seeing a Cincinnati-level coach in the living room will take a wait-and-see attitude. There's a lot of difference between advertising and selling. Show and tell is not the same as stop and sell. 2-star coaches sell 2-star players. Big time winners command respect from big time recruits and high school coaches. Graham---and dozens of UT alumni---are big time winners. But of course that would be too simple for Hart, Cheek and the rest of the kingdom of doofus.

Other SEC teams have recruiting commitment rosters that this group of outsiders would kill to get, at this point in recruiting. Jones called them his 2-star-school coaching staff the "best in the USA."

They need to be, since they will be coaching a bush league recruiting initiative, unless Jay Graham and the behind-the-scenes UT alumni network can put together several more deals for which Butch & the Bush-Leaguers can take credit.

Phillip Fulmer has been kind in his low profile during the mess that followed his firing. But he made a point of saying publicly, after Jones said his Universsity-of-Cincinnati-level coaches could win the SEC with recruits from the State of Tennessee,

that UT must recruit nationally---and that Jones had never done that before.

Obviously Jay Graham has. And Graham has won in the SEC before, too.

Thanks, Jay. Hope you can survive working with bush league associates---under Doofus Hart and Clueless Cheek.


to paraphrase the "The Joker", someone needs an enema.

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Johnson made his decision. Hope he and his father enjoy his college career. That being said he plays for the enemy and I am glad that he short-armed a point blank shot at the buzzer.

He and his dad are now sailors for life. Ugly win but, in the overall scheme of things, it looks just fine in the win column.

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How about this trade....students leave the rock alone and J Cheek and the other idiots leave football alone. They've done enough damage.

Excellent post!

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Will Chizik offer up his secret to buying a National Championship......give the Dad $150k and stay out of the way and let Malzahn coach the offense?

Written on Cordarrelle Patterson invited to All-Star Challenge :

This guy could do some magical things at this event.

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Come on, KNS. At this point with his status with the university and team, it's just a 20 year old who got arrested for weed. Happens every day, who cares?

You are, of course, correct. But then the KNS does not get a sexy story out of it.

Just an opportunity to throw the school into the limelight right at the time parents and players are making their decisions where to attend school.

When all it really is about is a kid who had the opportunity of a lifetime, coninuing on a downward path.

He failed as a student. Now he may very well fail as a human being if he does not get some help. But this is somehow the UT football program's fault, right KNS.

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We play to win the game! at least that's what coach says.

Written on Jacobs, hot Alabama overcome Kentucky 59-55:

When Calipari has to rely on his coaching skills, he is going to be in trouble. This game proved that on so many levels. Any day that UK loses in BB is a good day.

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Recruiting in many ways is like politics. It is local. Coach Jones seems to understand that you have to do the little things.

The last 3 coaches never had to do the grunt work to get recruits but I really think that Coach Jones understands the concept of recruiting based upon his experience of doing it as an underdog.

Fulmer - Head Coach or assistant at UT for the majority of his career. The UT name was what he used.

Kiffin - Daddy's boy who never had to do any heavy lifting, preferred to run his mouth about other programs.

Dooley - Daddy's boy who rode on coat tails of his father's name as a coach or on the Saban charm. And to me,his being a lawyer did not help when it came to recruiting. He seemed to think that he was the smartest guy in the room. That can lead to a vibe of arrogance that parents and recruits pick up on.

Jones - worked his way through the coaching ranks at smaller schools for the most part. Even as a head coach had to go head to head against more prestigous programs. He has the metal to get the job done.

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Coach Butch Jones continues to impress with his plans for our program.

Written on John Adams: Super hoax may upstage Super Bowl :

"Fail" on multiple levels, for multiple reasons, but, then again, same old, same old.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Worried much, then why are you here?

Tennessee's football program has a leader now who wanted to be here.

Again, if UT is not a threat? Then why are trolls like you here?

Obviously, there is concern in trollville. Just wait till the program gets rolling then trollmainia will be in full sweat mode.

Build it, Coach Jones. Go Vols!

Written on Tennessee walk-ons Derrick Brodus, Tyler Drummer, Dylan West receive scholarships :

Classy move on Coach Jones part to fund these kids educations for this semester. Many times a new coach comes in and just tosses kids like this aside. Another sign that this coach understands the concept of team building.

A concept such as this is so foreign to a few posters who have again shown their lack of class and intelligence by contributing more of their mindless dribble.

This type of poster serves as nothing more than a source of amusement to people who understand the importance of living one's life just trying to do the right thing.

Again, this type of move by Coach Jones shows how to instill a sense of belonging and team by a man who has been on the job less than 6 weeks.

The program is now in good hands once again.
Only those without half a brain fail to see this. But that is nothing new.

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At first I read "with a thug" and was thinking, "that's a bit rough on Bobby"

Nah, I don't think she had a ring on. I bet, though, Maze had one of those ripped-up shirts guys like to wear in the gym.

My bad, a ring and playing basketball are a real bad idea.

Written on Cierra Burdick was injured doing drills with Bobby Maze :

The not being smart of this is doing any type of drill with a ring on your hand. My brother nearly tore off a finger dunking with a ring.

Just have to make better decisions.

Written on Cody Clay chooses Division II school over Tennessee:

in response to DwayneElizondoMountainDewHerbertCamacho:

Really? That's all you've got? Pathetic.

If you think that this recruiting class Jones is putting together will be able to hang with the top of the SEC east you're deluding yourself. But then, you did that for three years under Dooley so you should be used to it by now.

Some of your greatest hits:

"Coach Sal, based on his extensive time coaching at Carolina is a solid upgrade to the position.
Looking forward to a much improved defense with more solid depth and better coaching."

"When Coach Dooley has the program back competitive, the bridges will, once again, be troll-free."

"Mike Hamilton is a great human being. The AD is a figure-head in some instances."

According to your posts nothing was ever Dooley or Hamilton's fault...ever.

Do you still have your Dooley blow-up doll? Do you still soothe yourself to sleep at night whispering "You'll win next year. Next year you'll win. You'll show'em all that you're really a champion"? I bet you keep it right under your life size portrait of Bill Battle.

You think what I wrote is dribble? In between the incessant "You're a troll" posting, almost every prediction or evaluation of a UT coach has been WRONG. Go back and read some of your own posts. You were WRONG. Sunseri didn't improve the defense. Losing most of the staff was not a good thing. Dooley was not recruiting the right players or coaching them up.

Dude, you are just wrong. It's one thing to be a fan, but you aren't a fan. Dave Hart could poop in a bowl and as along as he called it "Go Vols Cereal" you would devour it no questions asked and then defend Hart's decision to feed it to you.

You have now shown yourself to be not only clueless but dishonest. Making up quotes is a new low, even for you.

You are right, I did get something wrong. Your rant on Coach Jones recruiting was not your least intelligent post of all time......this one was. Delusional much?

Written on Tennessee official confirms Omari Phillips, Trent Taylor and Deion Bonner not part of football team :

This happens ever year at schools all across the country. It is sad for all 3 of these guys and their families. It is too bad that someone in their lives was not able to get through to them as to what an opportunity they are throwing away.

It appears that UT had no interest in the Brissett kid. But of course the article doesn't flat out say this so there is an illusion that UT was somehow rejected by another player.

And from all indications that really does not appear to be the case.

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Totally agree. We expected Jones to earn his salary and, if people are honest and objective, they would admit that he isn't recruiting well. The recruiting services aren't impressed and Jones isn't winning battles for any kid that has an offer from Muschamp or Saban. I shouldn't have to explain why winning those battles is important, but I'm sure someone will ask that question.

Still, after three years of Dooley apologetics, what do you expect from most of these posters? They ignored reality and kept saying stuff like "Dooley needs more time," "Sunseri is a great upgrade," or "losing most of our staff to lateral jobs is actually a good thing."

Jones isn't recruiting well enough to compete in the SEC or the SEC east. Sorry to everyone who thinks that he is, but he isn't. Maybe tomorrow he turns it around, but today he isn't getting it done.

Probably the least intelligent of all your dribbling posts and that is saying something.

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in response to Rumblefish:

Nobody expects any recruiting class at any school to just "materialize".

However, some of us (myself included) expect the head coach at Tennessee to work hard and bring in some good recruits by doing so. Some of us (myself included) have bought enough tickets and $5 hot dogs to contribute to the new/fancy facilities at UT to help bring in good recruits.

My response to you and the "some of us" that you are speaking for should quit showing your complete lack of knowledge about how the recruiting process works.

Point 1: Teams that have been winning usually do well in the succeeding year of recruiting.

Point 2: Big time football programs that have had 4 head coaches over a 6 year period have to rebuild their entire recruiting process.

Point 3: Assistant coaches do the legwork in recruiting....just how many assistants do YOU think (I will help you....around 45 or so)have been on the road representing UT during the past few years. Relationships are a huge part of the recruiting process. Coach Jones and all but one of his assistants have been on the job a few weeks.

Point 4: All bigtime football powers have amazing facilities. UT just completed their upgrades many of the kids that have been "recruits" for the past few years never saw the finished product.

Based on what Coach Jones has been doing in the areas of fence mending with the former players, etc. I challenge you to produce any evidence that he is not working hard to bring in "some good recruits" to the university.

Last time I checked, anyone pays for their seats are entitled to well seats. Your decision to pay $5 for a hotdog is oon you.

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McBee is clearly injured. He is doing the best he can but at some point if he can't shoot the long ball with his damaged elbow then his minutes will need to go down. Coach will just have to coach up one of the younger guys.

The thing that UT can't let happen is the lack of consistent defense effort such as what occurred Friday night against Memphis.

That has to be a constant. I am really worried about our lack of size inside against KY.

Written on Phillip Fulmer to be inducted into Chick-fil-A Hall of Fame:

Don't understand the criteria for inclusion into this bowl's Hall of Fame.

It would seem to me that you should have done something noteworthy pertaining to this particular bowl.

Coach Fulmer was a very, very good coach. But UT's showing in this bowl while he was the head coach does not seem to merit this award?

Obviously, I am missing the intent of the award.

To use this story as a way to take shots at the coach..........seems petty to me.

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in response to Scoon:

You AINT gonna beat KY there, moon howler.

If KY loses to UT next year, will you go away, never to be seen again. I will do the same if UT loses to KY. Deal?

Still shocked that KY did not hire Petrino...he would have been a perfect match for what they have as a basketball purchaser of talent.

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in response to SevenT:

With the third pick in the 1994 NFL draft the Washington Redskins select.....Heath Shuler, quarterback from the University of Tennessee

Shuler suffered an injury that literally did not allow him to move. He was never able to overcome that. Shuler was a big part of the prelude to the return of UT football to national prominence.

Poor old Couch just wasted his talents, first at KY, and then in Cleveland.

But his daddy was happy so that is all that really matters.

Written on John Adams: Assistant coaches best judged on results, not resumes :

"You can judge them, like the head coach, after next season."

Per usual, Adams gets it wrong. 1 season will not be the measuring stick for Coach Jones or his assistants.

Written on Darin Hinshaw will be QB coach at Cincinnati :

in response to ncvol11:

Bucth Jones told us that we had the best coaching staff in College Football and he was better than the other SEC coaches who won national championships who did not have SEC experience. However one small point is the Saban was previously at Michigan State and Miles was at Oklahoma State. I guess if you are not at Cincinnati it does not compare. There are still plenty of 4's and 5's out there this year. If he is the super recruiter we should be looking at a class competetive with Georgia, Florida and South Carolina. We will know alot more about the coaches next November. The test is to win out against lower ranked teams. I sure hope for Hart's sake that plays out.

Your concern for Hart and the UT football program as a whole seems a tad shallow.

Written on Darin Hinshaw will be QB coach at Cincinnati :

Wish Coach Hinshaw succes. Glad he did not land at KY. Kind of a curious move by Gran.

Written on Tee Martin turns down Tennessee homecoming, will stay at Southern Cal :

The logic that Martin used is the same type of reasoning that Strong used when he declined the UT offer of head coach.

Whether either coach came to UT or not was of no consequence. The program continues on. But their logic really precludes them from ever leaving their current jobs. Martin will always be recruiting players and making promises to the players. I would like to believe that one's roots to a school would be a part of a decision, but that is apparently not the case with Martin.

To me even more telling would the ability to see one's child on a more regular basis would have been a huge plus but, again, apparently not so with Martin.

So Martin is essentially tied to Kiffin for better or worse.

Written on Letter: UT showed class after Marcus Lattimore's injury:

in response to reedjeffben:

I am by no means a Spurrier fan, but you need to go back and check the facts. Spurrier DID comment about how the UT players reacted to Lattimore's injury. Before you spout off you need to be sure you have your facts straight or YOU are the one who looks foolish!

I don't spout and my facts are fine. Spurrier spoke about how everyone was upset about the kid going down. He made a passing comment about how the other team was shaken by the injury. He said nothing about the class move by so many of the UT kids coming onto the field.

He is unable to be humble or show class. It is always about him. But little old foolish me, I just listen to his after game comments on the Carolina radio program aired here in SC and to his weekly shows aired on the radio here in SC. Arrogance each and every week, nothing is ever his fault. Blames his kids more than any coach that I can recall in my entire life and that covers a very long time.

Written on Letter: UT showed class after Marcus Lattimore's injury:

in response to iowavol:

You are wrong, period. Spurrier used to be the easiest coach to hate, but several others have replaced him. And Muschamp is quickly gaining on him. But, that's what sports are all about. The SEC will not be better without him. He is good for the college game, he generates enthusiasm - either way. Why do you think he despised Kiffin so much - because Kiffin understood this from a marketing stand point and Spurrier didn't want to lose any limelight to him. After all, the two of them are made for each other - slime to the core.

Which is it? Is Spurrier good for the college game or is he slime to the core.

VolMoment and I both believe that Stevie is all about Spurrier and nothing more. That is why he always has treated so many of his QBs like trash. It deflects any blame away from him.

Way too many Spurrier nuzzlers in this world.

Written on Letter: UT showed class after Marcus Lattimore's injury:

in response to bannervol:

At that spontaneous display of concern and sportsmanship is when I said that Coach Dooley needs one more year. If those of you screaming for his head can't see the marked improvement in this team on and off the field just shut up. Instead of bashing one of the greatest coaches to ever coach in the SEC in Spurrier and ignoring that Dooley has brought our program to the brink of success why don't you get a life. VFL

My life is just fine. Spurrier is a jerk, winning does not change that. Feel free to continue nuzzling him all you want. Again, he could have said something nice about the UT kids showing some class but he let the moment pass. I live in South Carolina and on a dailey basis, he continues to be a weasel while Dabo Sweeny the Clemson coach does things the right way. Again, just in case you did not grasp it, Spurrier is and always has been an arse. When I am at my beach house enjoying my family this weekend without a life, feel free to let me know when Spurrier shows any class.

Lastly, I am amazed that YOU seem to know my opinion about Coach Dooley. I did not know that we were all that close. Oh yeah, that's right, we are not. You are about as clueless a poster that I have seen on this board in quite some time.

Written on Letter: UT showed class after Marcus Lattimore's injury:

It would have been nice to hear Mr. Mouth (Stevie S.)himself say a kind word about the UT kids but he is usually too busy running somebody down.