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Written on Father of Trae Golden says reports of academic problems are 'totally inaccurate':

Sounds like TG may have dribbled one off his foot

Written on Vols lose to Alabama, will play the waiting game for NCAA tournament:

Well, that wasn't a very impressive outing. But, let's be realistic. We are a better than average team and that's basically where we are. McRae just had an off game. Stokes does what he can considering he gets hammered in the lane (plus, bless his heart, he simply can't shoot free throws). Golden plays hard but is marginal. Can't defend against quick guards and is unable to penetrate the zone. We really can't handle the ball and struggled to run any semblance of an offense. And, on and on. But, hopefully they get in anyway. They are capable of winning a couple games. We'll see.

Written on Different day, same struggles for Vols, 46-38 :

Another game that sets college basketball back for years. Is there a worse team in D-I? Just awful.

Written on Tennessee falls to Georgetown, 37-36:

That was one of the most pathetic efforts I have seen---this team can't even get a shot and when they do they have the touch of a blacksmith. Call it what you want---I call it ugly---30+ points? Are you kidding? And, once again foul shooting is sad----seriously, this team is bad, real bad. Simply hard to watch.

Written on John Adams: If not a big name, how about a familiar one in David Cutcliffe? :

Why not just go after Johnny Majors? I'd like for the bright idea of bringing back names from the past to just stop. Not many good decisions are made in an act of desperation. Just stop already! Geez

Written on John Adams: If not Jon Gruden, how about Bobby Petrino or Tommy Tuberville? :

If we hire Petrino or Tubberville the games can be moved to Knox West High School and Neyland Stadium can be used for dirt racing, monster truck shows or horse shows.

Written on John Adams: If not Jon Gruden, how about Bobby Petrino or Tommy Tuberville? :

You've got to be kidding me? Petrino or Tubberville? Is that what we are left with? Let's see how desperate we can possible be---Petrino? Seriously? You think he's the answer? NO---If John Adams wants to hire a someone who can't keep it in his pants and is a liar then fine---hire him to write your sad little stories. But, please spare me with the Petrino garbage. Why not just hire Ara Parsegian or Bobby Bowden. Good lord.................

Written on Signs of life flatline; LSU finishes sweep of Vols, 15-5:

"We had them on the ropes" Huh?

Written on Vanderbilt hammers Vols, 19-3:

Then exactly what are you trying to say there coach? This grease fire (which I called when Mike Hamilton felt compelled to hire at the same time WCU was looking to unload) needs to be extinguished. When the score is 19-3 trust me it's probably a little more than things just going "their way". Just come out and say it, we got blown away. Outplayed, outcoached, outclassed. Facts are facts. Now, for the delusional poster who suggested UT go after Corbin----precisely what mind altering drug are you addicted to? Corbin leave Vandy to come to UT?? For what? No, I think he is perfectly content to stay right where he's at. Tennessee on the other hand needs to reevaluate and soon. Hopefully, Mike Hamilton (if he is even around) can manage to find a coach someone has heard of. Oh, and it might be a good idea to actually do some due diligence this time around. Geez---just a grease fire.

Written on Vols fall to Georgia, 8-6:

Another brilliant coaching move---let's go out and take the kid out two outs into the ninth inning. Really??? The game is going along---pretty much in hand and suddenly, coach "you know what I mean" decides the outcome is going to hinge on another strategic decision----with two outs in the ninth. Was the kid struggling? No. Look tired? No. Appear to losing it? No! Nutjob.

Written on Vols beat Georgia for third win in a row:

Good for the Vols! But the coach will be leaving soon anyway. Happy for the kids----waiting for coach "you know what I mean" to pack it up

Written on Seven possible replacements for Bruce Pearl:

How about the dude from East Central Valley Northern Mid Mountain Tech??

Written on Relentless Michigan gets the message with 75-45 rout against Tennessee:

And, yes, Mike Hamilton is a tool bag-----must go--anyone in his position with one ounce of common sense would keep his mouth shut----but, no, he just can't seem to do that. So, out you go..........

Written on Relentless Michigan gets the message with 75-45 rout against Tennessee:

whatever---that was lame---we have no players basically. If you took the time to watch this team they are just not good---take no pleasure in saying that but seriously----did you watch that? Hopson--four points? Really? Totally lame-

Written on Tennessee Baseball weekly update:

New Orleans?? Manhattan?? Isn't that a mixed drink? Talk to me when the SEC season starts.

Written on Todd Raleigh knows heat is on for his fourth season :

A national power??? Well...., let's, actually we aren't.

Written on Vols fall to Southern Cal, 65-64:

Once again Scot Hopson showed that he is a world class magician----he can disappear into thin air!! When the going gets tough more often than not he folds like a cheap lawn chair. If I'm not mistaken he had one field goal-------one! I'm pretty sure I could score one bucket-----geez. What a waste.

Written on Hopson eager for a rebound:

"A" game 100% of the time???? No, not really-----just don't disappear completely and score one bucket and look like you are about to cry.

Written on Grizzly details: Vols suffer first loss, 89-82:

Well, we were outplayed by a hungrier team----Scotty did one of his disappearing acts----looked scared

Written on Steve Spurrier on Vols vs UNC: 'Golly, times have changed':

Buy out North Carolina??? Who gives a rats axx ??Line up and play football----what do we have a roster of walk ons? While our AD is at it maybe he can work out a buy out of UT Martin! Dorf on football!

Written on Adams: Check swing after Raleigh's third year :

Is anyone really surprised by how the season ended??? Really?? This is not about bashing the program and being negative time and time again. It's about confronting the painful truth. This guy has been unable to connect to players---in fact, he has no history of having done so. I actually think he has no clue how to motivate young kids----on the other hand, he has the ability to de-motivate down pat. I got news--if you can't build a program where the kids respect the coaching staff you've got nothing. This guy, unfortunately, is a laughingstock. This was supposed to be the year----more power arms and on and on. His control freak personality resulted in us losing a pretty darn good pitching coach. So, what did our coach do?? Brought in someone who would simply do what he wanted, when he wanted. Now I wonder---could that have had anything to do with the fact, "We can't pitch." I'm sorry but this entire affair over the past three years has been a big disappointment---beginning with the hire. Time to move on----this is pitiful.

Written on UT baseball still grinding :

" I thought I made a good coaching decision"!!! Huh?? Uhh, in case you were wondering Coach that's sorta what coaches do----I'm happy you made a decision you can be proud of. Wow! Clueless is a word that comes to mind.

Written on Vols still winless at home in SEC :

Oh they'll grow up all right-----only with a different coach who has a clue in terms of how to motivate. You folks who don't have any idea how kids are treated need to pay attention. Respect works both ways----head coach needs to show some respect to get respect. You wouldn't believe some of the phooey he spouts. He lost this team a long time ago.

Written on Vols are playing it cool after loss to Western Carolina :

The ship is sinking!! This coach is an absolute dumpster fire! Forget the wins and losses-----we simply have a nut job for a head coach. It's time Mike Hamilton stood up like a man and made the right decision. It's time for a coach who can not only coach but also inspire these young men to be their best. What we have now is anything but that.

Written on Morgado gets little support :

"When it's going this way, it goes that way"??? Amazing! The Yogi Berra of UT baseball.

Written on South Carolina limits UT to one hit, 4-0 :

As I've said so many times---this coach is a joke. He has no ability to motivate kids--in fact, his track record is clear. This season is a continuation of an approach that doesn't work. When he resorts to calling out kids doesn't that tell you something?? If you only knew the kinds of things he says to these kids you'd be blown away. His idea of motivation is to ridicule. Simply doesn't work. Kids want to play with someone who inspires them to do great things. Not a guy who is a redneck. The talent is there but no kid in his right mind would want to play there with this bunch. The beat goes on.

Written on UT seeks emotion for some motion in baseball :

Correct---the dude is a punk. Trust me on this one. What people need to realize is there is a difference when a kid goes out and competes because he has enough respect for his teammates and the desire to be successful to the best of his ability. That doesn't always translate to respect for the coach. The good coaches generally at least are respected by the kids. There are plenty of D-1 coaches who are punks-----when you are a pr??k and the kids don't respect you to boot you've got issues. The baseball program has issues.

Written on UT seeks emotion for some motion in baseball :

Live to fish has identified the problem! Ain't more complicated than that---may as well put a big round red foam nose on the coach.

Written on Tennessee suffers biggest beat down of Bruce Pearl era:

The simple fact is Kentucky is a much better basketball team than we are. Hate to say it but the truth hurts. And, when we don't shoot well we struggle. At one point on the floor we had Pearl, Goins, Prince, Woolridge and someone else I can't recall. Kentucky could have had no one on the court and we'd have a hard time scoring with those guys. Sure, Stevie plays hard but come on. He is absolutely no offensive threat----zero. So let's face it. He can give you a few minutes but so could any number of others riding the pine. Kentucky---bigger, stronger, more physical and more athletic. Quit crying about the referees.

Written on Vols blow lead, game at Western Ky. :

Well, another year----same results. Coach "you know" comes out brash and cocky, we're this, we're that, and on and on. Let's drop ETSU from our schedule since we can't beat them and replace them with Binghamton and Kennesaw St. Oops! Damn, they beat us too. At least we could have the pleasure of watching local kids UT didn't think highly enough of play and beat our rear ends. Now that the talent pool is better in Knoxville wonder if it's possible that we simply need a coach??? Maybe find someone the kids enjoy playing for...........???

Written on Students, fans greet Kiffin with obscenities:

Where's our boy Hammy??? Sitting in a dark closet sucking his thumb? What the hell dude----say something!

Written on Pearl 'troubled' by arrests of four players :

1 game suspension???? Are you kidding me?? Boot their asses off the team and play with what you got----if you don't win another game this year big deal. Not very good in the first place.

Written on Father had to ask hostess 'to stop brushing her breasts against him and his son':

Yeah, so I've been up there like 5 times!!!! In other words, I enjoyed myself so much I couldn't help myself. Please.

Written on Baseball: Three-game LSU series highlights schedule:

Is it my imagination or has he dropped ETSU so that he can prevent further embarrassment???? Gone in a year. 3-4 years wasted in the process.

Written on Vols have 13 new players on baseball roster :

way to "lock down" the Tennessee borders Todd

Written on Bell passes on UT offer to sign with Rangers:

And the merry go round continues---really, who would want to play for Raleigh----unless a kid simply wants to go to UT and it has been his dream to play ball there, why would they committ???? After many kids get there they quickly find out it was a mistake. All you need to do is talk to them ---I have arrived at the conclusion that no one in the athletic dept really cares about baseball. This is a pitiful representation of the university and SEC baseball.

Written on Raleigh 'comfortable' with new pitching coach :

Comfortable????--Translated this means----I decided to hire someone who will sit in the corner of the dugout and say nothing so I can go ahead and make all the decisions anyway. This program has become a joke----this is as transparent as it can possibly be. Sure, let's go hire someone who played for him at Western. Do you think this young man will do anything other than go along with Raleigh?? Do you think he will be allowed to make decisions?? Call pitches?? I think not. Coach you know what I mean has no intention of hiring anyone who can think for himself----which means we'll have more of the same.

Written on Beverlin to be named UT pitching coach:

makes about as much sense as hiring Coach "you know what I mean"----traded a Mercedes for a Hyundai-----yee haw

Written on Corral fired as pitching coach; Raleigh points to 'philosophical differences':

Well, well. Here we go. First, players are getting run off (some for no reason). And now, Coach "you know what I mean" has decided his pitching coach is a problem. My only surprise is that Fred stayed as long as he did. Once he realized he had joined a coaching staff led by a control freak who wouldn't allow him to do his job he must have been miserable. Trust me on this folks, when you have an ego like "you know what I mean" and on top of that, aren't a very good coach, this is what happens. I would suggest you watch how many kids leave the program over the summer---I know for a fact many are looking to bail. Now, some of you can sit back and say that's just what happens when you have a new coach and he's building his roster. I say it is more significant than that. This guy is a joke-----not many kids I know want to play for him. Say what you will.

Written on Farragut's Powell named Gatorade Player of the Year:

If you had the choice between Corbin and the rent-a-coach who would you choose???? Becomes pretty obvious don't you think?

Written on Horne's time at UT ends after confrontation with Raleigh:

Well, there you have it----this coaching hire was ill conceived and as soon as the number of transfers is confirmed you will have further evidence that Raleigh simply needs to go. I know of few players who respect the guy. Arrogance is his hallmark. You folks who defend him need to pay attention. He is a control freak and is unable to build any relationship with the players. Sad situation and one that needs to be addressed. The supposed scholarship issue will be a mute point when he barely has enough to field a team.

Written on UT can't make leads hold up, 15-8 :"Most of the game they had less hits than they had runs and then they beat us after we was ahead." This isn't exact but it's close! My goodness! Pretty soon it'll be "We was ahead and then all of a sudden we was behind and then before we knew it we was behind to far to catch up."

Written on East Tennessee State continues mastery over Vols, 9-8:

Congratulations to the Northeast Tennessee players who just weren't quite talented enough to play in Knoxville. Former Science Hill and Dobyns Bennett players. Raleigh had a good one he could have kept too. 8 pitchers in the game----are you kidding?

Written on Vols end nine-game SEC losing streak, 6-1 :

I have been quite critical of the coaching staff (or more specifically the head coach) but I was happy to see them win this one. Solid overall effort. I am happy for the kids who have invested much time and effort. Hope they can keep it up. My opinion of the coach is unchanged.

Written on Alabama tough on struggling Vols, 7-2:

whatever----let's start the excuse train----do you really believe he is the right man any more today than the day he was hired??? Really?? I prefer coaches who can not only get it done on the field but one who can lead and inspire young men. It ain't happening----ask kids who have played for him.

Written on ETSU slams Vols, 9-3 :

I said several weeks ago that ETSU would hammer the Vols----the kid who blew us away last night has had a difficult time blowing anyone away. What does that tell you? Gorilla ball??? Hardly, more like nerf ball. Mike Hamilton laid an egg folks.

Written on UT's rally comes up short against Georgia, 11-9:

Please don't let him do another post game interview! Good Lord!

Written on Road gets worse: Vols swept by Gators in baseball:

As I have said on many occasions----there is a reason folks were dancin in the street in Cullowhee when You Know What I Mean left town. Mike Hamilton did the due diligence of a sick goat!

Written on Den Dekker's blast in 8th stops Hernandez :

How many more times is Coach You Know What I Mean gonna have the same post game assessment----"We outplayed them, we outpitched and outhit them"----but, somehow found a way to lose. Hernandez deserved a better fate----Raleigh needs to find a way to manufacure some runs with all those "hits"!!!!!!!!!

Written on ‘Ticked off' Vols split with Auburn:

Angry? Big Time? What you saw this weekend was the coach UT should have gone after come to our house and take 2 of 3. Hell, I'd throw my hat too.