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come on guys. you know good and well that CBJ knows he is going to start. Hes playing the media and all of us while keeping all the others motivated. At least he has a couple to choose from. Could have been a special yr if TB and the receivers had stayed. Anyway things are looking up.

and it will be one of HIS make promises to get last minute players....winning or losing will be who plays.. who stays..let's just hope UT football can eventually get back to the winning days...and sell out games...

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Thought Jones could fill the seats with HIS dream team......Go VOLS

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Mike does a great job. Let's hear for Mike...MIKE, MIKE,MIKE...!!!!... Orange for POWER, white for MIGHT, smokey gray for ALL THE WAY...YEAAAAAAAAA...FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT...!!!! The DOOM and GLOOM have gone AWAY, replaced by smokey gray. Stand and yell or get the YELL out of the WAY. Smokey gray is here to STAY...!!!1

You're a poet and I betcha didn't know it....Gray, Gray go and white is here to stay

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Pride of the Southland got the fans rockin on Rocky Top at BRISTOL, Baby. Go BIG ORANGE......No GRAY in Bristol..Guess it's Jones' time next Saturday....Is there real competition first game...let's hope not

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Way to go John Adams...finally something that makes sense.....Fulmer, you were the coach,but, the last few stood on the sidelines with your arms folded like a spectator. As someone else said you quit coaching, before you were fired. Yet you go to ETSU help select a coach, take money for I don't know what, and pretend on TV, you were naturally the one who should have been asked to help. You should have said NO, Dr. Nolen, I quit coaching long before I was fired. You did have some very good years at UT..but, they have long since passed. And now you step up with your blame game. I'm not buying it and many others don't either.

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Corey the Warriors are pulling for you..we miss you

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Since when is changing the color of a jersey a change for the program

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Fulmer is helping bring back football at ETSU, even helped pick the coach....and Got paid since he needed the money so I hear....students are paying a new fee to bring football program back there and Fulmer charged to help..Go VOLS

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I'm proud of Coach Jones and the job his staff is doing. I can't wait to see the hard work of these dedicated players pay off on the field. I'm tellin ya these guys are going to upset 1-2 teams this year that want to overlook us.

come on predict who the 1 or 2 teams will be

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Is John Adams the same one that said everyone should pull for Johnny "THE MONEY" QB at texas a&m to not be punished

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He VIOLATED the rules...sue people who gave him money...HE didn't have to take the money...disgrace to SEC....kick him to the curb.....He is not a good Kid.....He put himself in a money grabbing situation Come on SEC..step up and NCAA

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No excuse he broke the rules...step up Texas A&M.....he can no longer be consider anything but a rule breaker.....make an example of him to all other athletes in the country..or do you consider him your TROPHY......

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This is SERIOUS.....should be no special treatment....Texas A&M should step up...He has embarrassed your program......not Mr. Football...Mr. Money Maker

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famous words of BUTCH JONES, "GET OFF THE FIELD"

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Gray is not a splash of class...It is Jones taking over and trying to change Tennessee traditions and be the one to say I DID THAT..can't imagine recruits coming to a university because of GRAY uniforms....

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coach jones is a players' coach.



No, jones is a Jones coach..trying to make an impression too fast, after all remember Cincy people said that's all he talked about after they played at he wanted to be coach and lo and behold Hart hired him because he could get no one else..what was it the first answer to the question that sold Hart..some people waiting to be sold

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If the uniforms are SMOKEY gray.....gotta get a new name for the dog..he sure ain' Jones will trade him in....

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GENERATIONAL? who do you think gives the big donations to athletics at UT? 18, 20, 30 year olds? I bet NOT.....It's an ugly uniform and Jones is changing things up WAAAY to fast. What do you expect the players to say. Jones would put green tape on them if they dare say a word. Isn't that what he does in practice? Seems childlike..The top of the GRAY looks feminine.

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Witch Doctor have you ever applied for the world record for the most stupid comments made in such a short period of time..make your own comments and other people can and will do the may not know but, everyone has an opinion and you have proven you certainly do sit on yours.

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If the gray uniform is a one game deal..let's hope no super high school football player that just might be considering UT is watching...I can not imagine any player in any state in the U.S. saying wow I love the gray uniforms...UT is now my top choice Did that awesome coach Jones not think bright colors are exciting, make people want to cheer and yell Go Vols, Gray is a downer cheers, no yells, no excitement, just a bunch of gray running around on the field...

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Seems some of you are saying a recruits top priority is the color of the uniform the school uses...Wow I thought a free education would be at the top of their list..a university such as UT....sure some successful former UT players that wore orange...Never heard color is so important, especially GRAY...which is a depressing color...certainly not exciting to think about a Gray blob running though the T for TENNESSEE

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Hey Jones, Gray will be a good color for a losing team...Are you following in Dooley's footsteps.....I can hear it now...GO BIG GRAY..True fans will yell GO BIG ORANGE Even on a GRAY day....

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No doubt about it, I like it any change after all those years is Great we're moving up in the football world with a new awesome Coach and keeping up with other schools a darn good looking uniform! We're not the Old Vols we're the New Volunteers! Bout Time and I'm sure the kids will like it. It creates some missing pride in our team.

If I were you I would wait until Jones has coached in the SEC before I called him an awesome coach.....he has NEVER coach in a Big conference....It's a Gray day on Rocky top..GO BIG ORANGE

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Lane kiffin did black at a Halloween game....he was a nothing as a coach,buteven LANE KIFFIN DIDN'T CHANGE TRADITION.....

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Just saw these on the field at Media day or as the sportscaster called it FASHION DAY...they look HORRIBLE.....oh 5 new uniforms shown...JONES really believes colors will help a team win..I just lost the faith I had in him as maybe a fair coach...Go big ORANGE....It's a sad GRAY day on rocky top

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If 18 year olds like it I say roll with it. Personally I like it...

an 18 year old should be thinking about a free pass to a college education not the color a football uniform...This is an example of just an itty bitty change
Butch Jones will he said...But, if he's not a winner this year like he thinks he will will accept them at the end of another GRAY season

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Give it a break haters. The uniforms look good. Time to realize you traditionalist are being left behind. You want better recruits? this is a way to get them.

These UGLY gray uniforms will get more recruits????? Guess that means Jones and his Cincy crew won't do much in the for the 1900's comments how many of you attended those games

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Like I said in the other post, how many of the people that are griping, went absolutely bonkers on Halloween night 2009 when the Vols came charging out of the gate in black jerseys? You know, that was one game as well? If I remember correctly, we put a stompin' on ole Spurrier and his chickens, 31-13.

Jones hasn't even coached a game in the SEC..Thought the athletic dept. could use the money more wisely.....ORANGE and White...GRAY IS ABSOLUTELY UGLY..Jones had to reveal these ugly least Kiffin made it a SHOCKER..not a big announcement....I know one recruit from FL that didn't suggest the color of the uniform would help them come to TN..Coaches recruit NOT the color of uniforms

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horrible move butch. not smart to make a move that divides your fan base already. poor decision.

You are so right.....

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Hey Jones, you're too job secure...can't believe UT fans will yell GO BIG just broke a looooong standing tradition... YOU recruit..not school ugly...hope I'm not at a game when those uglies are worn

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Maybe there's someone in Cincy, O-hi-O needing more money..............Big loss for UT..wish Jay success..wonder why Jones didn't try harder to keep him??????????????

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Why does he need exposure on a racetrack....more fitting on the football field

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Best choice I can think speak about the importance of ut football

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We'll just have to wait and see............Talk is cheap...

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It's a long road to get to where we've been.........just listend to Von Bell....ut was too busy going after others......didn't have time to get to know....

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If the teams can WIN..(?) They will come..the field is already there.....................

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In my opinion......long years ahead

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Bet....he'll keep his mouth SHUT.....NOW

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Don't come to my school. If you do we still wouldn't have football.

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No running backs recruited?????????????????? Guess that's a B. Jones stratery...Maybe they will all come from O-HI-O

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Are the 2 recruits from Orange county Fl still on is from west orange high, the other from Apopka area??????

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Knew recruiting for these guys in the SEC wouldn't be a cake-walk.

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Congrats Vandy...your coach is FANTASTIC

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Bray was a good quaterback, wish him the best, But, HE won't run the show in the NFL

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Dave Hart......Vols Fans would like you to JUMP ABOARD Santa's sleigh and ride off to the North Pole to help the Elves,Santa will give you a free ride and save UT money... You're Breaking the Bank, if you haven't already, at the University of Tennessee...Why would you stay, when,I think, the VOL NATION IS SO AGAINST YOU

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So I guess the 'best coaching staff in the country' was at Cincinnati all along... wow, who knew

I totally agree with you......ALL from O-HI-O..strange the rest of the nation didn't want any of the BEST !!!!!!!

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Best coaching staff IN THE NATION.......HOG WASH.SIX from O HI O...never coached in the SEC...What a joke....

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Who gives a twitter Tweet??????

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Did someone say the plays were built around Tyler B. If so, guess he got to call all plays. My fondest memory of TB is when he said "Tennessee fans are BANDWAGON FANS"