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Because Hart fumbled the hiring ball form coast to coast and had to wind up giving 18 million to a coach that's a whopping 50-27 in the bush league MAC and Big Least (riding Kelly's coattails at each stop), he has to be great. It's just like every delusional reason they had for why Dooley and Sunseri were great.

I called it on Dooley the day he showed what a managerial nightmare he was by precipitating an unnecessary feud with mega-donor and Vol letterman Charlie Anderson, not a month after he arrived. I called on Dooley's 5-7 last year. I called on the joke Sunseri on the day he was hired, while everyone on here was gushing over him and what a genius Dooley was for getting rid of Wilcox, who couldn't hack it in the SEC. Through all of it, all we heard, in response, was petulant denial, name calling, and love for Dooley and Hart's genius in hiring the great "Coach Sal".

Well, here it is again. It's 5-7 in 2013.

Brett Roberts, you are bringing in most of your handles on this one topic.. You might as well bring in can't stand Saban, profession handicapper, Brett Maverick and the other dip stick names you like to throw on here. I see you have delta dawn Charlie on here as well. Brett, fans are sick of your lack of knowledge of Tennessee football. You don't let seven tongues say a lot, but when he does it is idotic just like yours. You need to get a life and get out of the sun, it has fried your brain, if you ever had one. You sure missed out on a lot of attention growing up, so this is your way of feeling important.

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For all of you trolls and experts on who the starting quarterback will be know nothing about what Coach Jones should and will do. I trust his opinion and will support him on his decision. When it comes to transferring, just take a look at the game where Todd Helton and two others went down promoting Peyton. Some players get to anxious to transfer sometimes when a little patience sometimes pays big rewards. I hope we keep all 4 quarterbacks, simply because they appear to me to be quality type people as well as players. Don't be so anxious to put Worley down, as Peyton wasn't the swiftest in running and getting open etc., but had football smarts of which I believe Justin Worley has as well. With the offensive line we have this year Justin or any of the other 3 should be able to operate at a comfortable pace. Dobbs looks good, but so did Tony Robinson of whom Al. and Auburn couldn't wait to put a career ending injury on. Just give Coach Jones the reins and he will deliver a team, we can be proud of. Go Big Orange.

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I think some of the younger fans really like to bash Majors, which I agree some of it is probably due. What a lot of fans fail to realize from the younger group is that Majors and his family donated a gift to UT that Fulmer could never offer, electrifying talent unequaled by any family since the Majors. Sure Johnny has his problems, but when you are are in the Hall of Fame and a previous NC coach and you find yourself 5th from the top in salary in the SEC, there is definitely something wrong with this picture. Doug Dickey and Woodruff didn't want Majors at UT, it was the fans, but when your AD and President of the school are against you being brought to UT, there will always be differences that get in the way of performance. I don't doubt that Majors had some problems, but Dickey had problems as well, like the women he like to run after. The cards were stacked against Johnny Majors the day Dickey was forced to hire him and Dickey's son not being the starting qb, until the Sugar Bowl. Myself and a lot of fans know the pressures from inside this program that Majors had to put with. When Majors was brought in to coach, he was the man, but Dickey kept the pressure on.

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All this expert analysis, on coaches and coordinators, from someone who worshipped Dooley and swooned over the hiring of Sunseri.

I believe Capt. America Brett Maverick Roberts has made it back with the same old tune as before worshiping Fulmer and all of those great championships he produced at Tn. in his dreams.

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Yes, I can and do. I remember when some of the things that were being said about Coach Fulmer about the time he was fired were being said about Bear Bryant just before he turned to the wishbone and started winning again. Good coaches don't just get stupid over night (unless there is an illness involved, of course).

Where you clearly are missing the boat, Bear Bryant started surrounding himself with great assistants. I have heard a lot of Al. fans cursing Bear Bryant Jr. in the 90's saying he was the big problem at Al. I don't believe you will find many Al. fans now comparing the great Bear Bryant to their great Saban. He is the new hot shot in the SEC. Hopefully Coach Butch Jones will take care of this problem in the very near future.

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Good remarks, I believe Fulmer pulled the reins on Sanders & Clawson, neither could have been that bad of a coach. It was obvious when Lloyd Carr's UM squad was dismantled that Phil could have cherry picked from that staff. He failed to do so and that forced Mallett to transfer to Arky and Clawson from Richmond to UT. The move just didn't make sense and UT's current athletes had no clue how to operate Clawson's offense. A frazzled HC was what Fulmer had become, a frustrated man destined for the unemployment line.

Thanks Beare, the real Fulmer is beginning to show just what kind of man he really is, likes the limelight, as long as it is praising him. He can't stand criticism especially when John Adams comments are true.

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If fans will look at the season immediately following the NC game, I believe we had something like 15 players drafted in the NFL, but wound up losing 3-4 games. I stand to be corrected on the exact figures, as this is from memory. With such a group of talent, Fulmer should have won a second NC. He didn't know what to do with the great talent that he had. I believe also, it was obvious in a number of games that he overruled Randy Sanders in calling offensive plays. It would be nice to hear Randy's side of the story. Fulmer was always a brown nosing coach who got politics from the state leg. involved in picking him as head coach. Franklin cty. is a hot bed for strong state politics.

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I see Brett is back as Dawg days and cttwins. He just can't let it go. I'm surprised he didn't talk about Dooley and praise for Franklin the Peabody head man.

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Please do not feed the slimeball trolls. My feelings are fragile and I get so angry when anyone says anything about my Vols.

Tennessee is going to sweep the SEC this year and be in the BCS Championship game. Write it down.

I have my orange pom-poms ready to go and I am going to sing Rocky Top all night long.

Remember friends do not feed the trolls, they just want attention


We need to schedule Duke and N C State along with the Peabody group twice and that would definitely be 4 automatic wins for us.

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Hurd is a beast already. I couldn't imagine how damaging he'll be with 20 extra pounds on him. Honestly, watching his high school tapes is like watching a man (a huge, fast man) play amongst boys. He reminds me a lot of Eddie George and I pray that UT keeps him at RB.

Freaking hell, why won't football start already? I can't stand hockey or baseball and after March Madness I kind of have to turn off the sports part of my brain until September. I feel like a kid sitting in class during the last week of school. I hate August!

Dwayne, odd you would say that about Eddie George, as that is Jalen's favorite player and that is why he was considering Ohio St. Most of his relatives are Big Orange fans and I think that is one of the reasons he chose the Big Orange. Like you, I am looking forward to watching his career in High School and the Big Orange and some day as a Pro.

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Don't know if you guys have heard, but Jalen Hurd has bulked up 20 more pounds this summer. He was a stud and now will be able to use that weight to his advantage. I will be following him closely this season, as I live near Beech. He and Jalen Reeves Maybin both are two stud running backs. I hope Coach Jones uses Maybin some at tailback this year. He is a power runner like Hurd and both are hard to bring down. Go Big Orange.

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So, your just despicable poor sports?? Whatever you are doing it seems odd that you pick UT to haunt, almost like you're getting compensation for it..

BivolarBeare, don't know if you have heard, but Jalen Hurd has put on an additional 20 lbs this summer making him a much bigger running back. I will be watching him a lot this season,as I follow Beech High closely and live here, as well.

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Tennessee chews another recruit and spits him out like a cheap piece of meat.

Where is the NCAA in all this?

This sounds like you are making reference to Duke and Peabody candyland.

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Do you know who the Fullmer Cup was named after?

Brett, you actually made another stupid post without mentioning doolander or Doolittle. You must be slipping, guess Lisa is getting your mind all up in orbit, since Amy put you on the road. How is that burgundy jag. drive that she owns. You are way out of place with her, she will put you on the road soon as she figures out what a goof ball you are.

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Brett, you have got these people thinking you are Jeff Flowers. They could easily figure out who you are, if they would just do a background searching on you. Your you tube as Brett Maverick and your many posts referring to the odds on games etc and your love for Fulmer and hatred for Dooley and his many names come out in all of your posts.

How long is Lisa going to keep you around, before she dumps you like Amy did and ran you off from your bartender status and table waiter. Brett, your son Ty---is ashamed of your life, no job always latching onto some gal with an income and a home. How is your yacht down there in St. Pete working out with Lisa making payments. Guess you will fool around and loose the yacht as well as Lisa. Get a life Brett and get on the big orange band wagon, as your son is already aboard.

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That's right Naval. I'm gonna try to avoid these jokers although it's very tempting to pile on. I'm thinking its gonna be easier to do if Coach Butch can deliver some quality wins. Won't be long. Go Volunteers!

Vol 43, Brett Roberts update: His ex girl friend Amy put him on the road, so he can no longer drive her gold commode door corvette. He now has found another he can mooch off from and her name is Lisa Mc------. He likes to drive her burgundy jaguar and play the play boy role. He has even got her to put up money for him on an older yacht. He is keeping it at Maderia Beach on Gulf Blvd in St. Pete, Fl. They are so deeply in love, that Lisa's head is swimming with this new pos. She will dump him like Amy as soon as she realizes what he is all about.

His son T---- is a sharp looking kid and loves the big orange and has attended school at UT. He is out of waiting tables in the bar, since Amy put him on the road. Lisa is an accountant, so the money is good for now, until she realizes what a dumb move she has made putting up the money for this pos.

Brett, is one and the same as all of these trolls on here and keeps changing his screen names. To ignore him would be the best, but some fans keep responding to his negative posts.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Brett, all these folks have to do is look at your bret maverick sites and your you tube site and know what you are all about. Yes you are all of these trolls as one and the same person.

First off I am sorry to hear about your wonderful grandmother Mrs Brewer passing away. You have a very pretty xwife and your son Ty---is a good looking kid and loves the big orange. You need to go back to White Bluff and restart your life and try to correct the many mistakes you have made in your life. You have been a complete failure in every direction that you turn.

Amy put you on the road and it is just a matter of time before Lisa figures you out and dumps you as well. You need to get on your new yacht down there in St. Pete and try and restart your life there or in White Bluff.

Brett, you could be a productive person, if you would quit mooching for a living and try a real job. You are making yourself look terrible on this site the more you put out. Grow up and act like a man who works a real job.

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Speaking of watering holes, there used to be a bar named the "happy commodore" about a block from vu. I remember ordering two for one martinis and putting a whole drink, olives and all in my sock and walking out of that shirt hole without spilling a drop. How's that for passing a sobriety test??

BivolarBeare and Tartar Sauce,update, his sweety has canned his butt in Hermitage and he is on the move to try and mooch off from another bar owner. Have some info, but will confirm it and get back with you guys. Keep the pressure on him, as Brett Roberts aka many names has to have divorcees with income coming in to support his dreams of someday living in St. Petersburg, Fl. on a yacht.

What is sad is his son a good looking kid is a big UT fan and attended school there. His first name is T----, but don't want to give his name as Brett don't deserve a son like him.

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hey dude whats the name of that Cheers wannabe stinkhole they hang out at ?

Tarter sauce, like your comment, I will have to make a trip over to Hermitage and I will try to find out. Hermitage is not that big. There should be some Old Hickory fans and Mt. Juliet fans on here that know exactly where it is at. I feel sure that it has to be a peabody hangout, as I am sure he runs his trap in the bar just like he does on here. Wait till he takes those 5 exlax vol ny prescribed and he will be all over Hermitage.

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As a person trained in the field of psychology, I interpret what you have just written as a pang of self image doubt. You, by a stretch, are blessed by an average IQ. However, you are highly jealous of others that you know, who are University of Tennessee fans. You are resorting to transference and self-destruction, which is a basic instinct along with propagation of the species. Like some females suffering from penis envy, you are in the throws of winners envy. By lowering the image of the ones you envy, you are also lowering yourself at a greater rate. You are subconsciously destructing yourself. Ones behavior can be revealed by what one writes when in a tensed and pressured condition.

You should seek professional help that will modify your behavior to deal with reality, and more importantly aide you in the recognition of reality. Your condition is a classic condition that almost any behavior analysis can adequately rectify.

Now, take 5 mg of Ex-lax and please don't call me in the morning.

Tovolny, loved your post, cracked me up. Brett has hit the scene with his many aliases, again answering himself. I think he went to a shrink once and drove the shrink nutty. His bleached out 50's darling keeps a tight rope on him and drives him to make these crazy posts on here. He loves to drive her gold corvette and he does what blondie tells him to do and spends most of his time bussing tables in her beer joint in Hermitage. He has lots of time because customers are few and far in between, as there is not that many peabody fans in Hermitage.

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Uhhh, she had mental issues for years?? Hello, are you a clinical psychologist that has access to her EMR? If so, you would know that was a clear HIPAA violation under the patient confidentiality law. Furthermore, no one just loses or disposes of mental illness, it must be treated daily through medications/therapy to maintain any kind of normal life.

Bivolar,good post as usual. You seem to always put things in proper perspective. I guess Brett must be asleep, late night at the bar. He will probably chime in with his 2cents very soon. Don't it seem odd that no trolls have posted, further indications that Brett is the troll daddy of all these trolls posted on here daily.

Take care Bivolar.

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UT Fans, every troll on this particular issue today is none other than Brett Roberts. Read his comments and they all talk Foolmer, Dooley and same old hatred even answering himself. Don't be suckered to answer his garbage. Some of you just don't understand he is obsessed with destroying UT and that is his goal. What I don't understand on this vegas comments, he didn't bring out bret maverick and handicapped sports monikers. Go back and review his posts, they are all about his vast knowledge of Fulm er and UT in every way. This man is a certified idot and you folks keep answering his posts every time, he gets on here.

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Be careful vol fan 55, he will bring out his new moniker Speyers spectacular and spew a room full of facts on you. His girl friend is going to fire his fat butt, if he don't get those tables bussed and take care of her customers.

Written on With 15 commitments, Vols are halfway home in 2014 recruiting race:

Thanks orange cty. Brett needs to be hammered every time he gets on here. Just watch his many aliases, as he can't stay off from here. He is obsessed. I have just hit the tip of what I can discover on him. He is a looser and a fat boy to boot.

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Orange cty. vol and UTvolfan1955, I have studied most of Brett Roberts posts for the past couple of years and find him to be long winded, a big brag, wants you to think he has a Rambo type background Delta Charlie, Colt 45 and many other aliases he has used on this site.

Definitely respect and like you guys comments on this site, as well as some of the others. Don't beleive Jeff Flowers is a troll on here and here is my thinking. If you will go back and review many of Brett's posts, they all are very similar, likes to use doolander and dooleave, koolaid drinkers, idots etc. He always puts in a plug for Coach Franklin's greatness and his love for peabody and his dislike for the big orange. He has now started using the vols as voles further showing his dislike. If you will notice his new name is now speyers spectacular show chiming in right after he had used geaux team scribe. He is unable to disguise his wording in his posts, but most likely will try, since he is aware that I am wise to his game.

He thinks he is real swift with words, but his words always appear to be about the same. His only education of college is he once attended an electrical school in Cleveland, Tn.and may have an associate degree from there that got him into being a bar tender. lol. His girl friend of which I know her name is a dominant player that turns his fat rear to do what she demands. She is his fall back to having at least 3 squares and a cot each day. Just give him a little more rope and he will brag on Fulmer and put Johnny Majors down. He can't get over Fulmer being fired as well.

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i think Exline was on to something there , someone posted a Vandy dig and GeauxTerd went into orbit . lol

Tarter sauce and other UT fans, take a look at Brett Roberts facebook page and while checking look at his history page as well. He is from Dickson, Tn., lives in Mt. Juliet and his girl friends bar is in Hermitage, just down hwy 70 s towards Nashville,. She is from Macon cty. and is in her 50's and has that dishwater blond hair and owns a gold corvette, she lets fat boy drive, as long as he keeps pounding UT.These peabody fans hate UT more than any school in the SEC.

These idots live to hate UT, who has owned them even in their own stadium for years. Just think of that and you can get a perspective as to why they hate us so bad. Ky. feels vindicated in some ways, as they get back at us in basketball, so their hatred is there but peabody fans go to bed and wake up 24-7, 365 days a year thinking of UT.

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my guess is the whinny posts are all from the same sad individual .

Tartar sauce, you are absolutely right, look no further than fat boy Brett Roberts at his bleached out girl friend's bar in Hermitage, tn.just out of Nashville. He has been Brett maverick, professional handicapper, can't staND saban and many more. He and his bar fly friends take turns sending their garbage.

He has to be a commode door as she requires that to work for her and drive her corvette. He used to have a beamer, but the repo boys paid him a visit.

He did have a son at UT with his tutition paid by grandparents as a bar hop couldn't afford it.

Carry on tarter sauce, good reasoning of this troll and his many troll names. He has this latest french Geaux name.

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Brett Roberts has no Vanderbilt degree. The youtube videos are hilarious

UTVolfan1955 have been telling fans for months that he and his little bleached out blonde are the culprits putting all of these negative posts on this site. Take a look at his facebook site as well and you will learn alot about this fat boy bartender that works for his girlfriend. They are 90 percent or more of the different negative post on here under different names, always answering themselves.

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Folks, Jalen Hurd is not only one of the greatest running backs in the nation, but is a gentleman and a scholar to go with his talent. He is a 4.0 and above grade point average. I have followed him closely for several years now and find he is the top of the line. When he and Jalen Reeves Maybin squared off this year in a playoff game, it was two of the best in the nation going at each other. At least one of them was deeply involved in just about every play. Jalen Maybin, I understand will play defense, but he is also capable of piling up large numbers himself on offense. Those two playing against each other was one of the best high school games that I got to see this past yr.

It would be nice if we had the depth on defense to watch Jalen and Jalen have a lto 2 punch on offense against opponents. You talk about wearing a defense down, these two could do it.

Both Jalens, UT fans are craving for the kind of excitement you two will bring to the Vols. Ignore these trolls that bounce in here answering themselves and putting out stupid garbage on a vol site. Most of them are die hard peabody fans that hate the big orange with hatred that gets to he point of them knowing just enough about football to be dangerous. One of them uses several aka's sounding like an idot each time he makes a post.

Jalen and Jalen, welcome to the big orange hopefully Josh Malone will come with you guys as well. We have some great talent in the ..
district Beech plays in.
Don't know if the center for Clarksville N.E. is being recruited, but he looks like a man among boys in the line for them. He looks like on the field, he could be 6ft. 5in. and 275 lbs. and opens up alot of holes.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Brett (maverick) Roberts, Faith is gonna fire your head up, if you don't stay up on serving those watered down drinks to her customers. You and her are obessessed with the Vols, as well as Dooley and Hart. It must be an awful feeling to know peabodys record will go to pot this year and will be totally destroyed when the big orange gets through with their behinds this year. Brett you are a long winded bag pipe looser and have been all of your worthless life. Maybe Faith will let you drive the gold corvette this week, saw you driving it last week to the peabody turnout.

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I hope my brother and sister Vol fans realize that Jones was running a generic offense saturday. He is not going to show a brand new shceme to the SEC scouts that were in attendence. Hill looked very good, QB's need alot of work, and D looked really good! Im not saying we were great, and everyone is wrong, but I am saying we had alot of key players out (Couch, Richardson, Maggit, Reeves-Maybin, Paul Harris) and we were running a generic style offense, for what its worth, the boys were more excited Saturday than the past 3 years, and LOOKED LIKE A FOOTBALL TEAM!!!!! FINALLY

Excellent post GOVolStcomp31 puts things into proper perspective. Keep up the great posts.

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TB wasn't always off target and it wasn't his fault his receivers dropped passes..However, John Gruden touched on this..TB would not check out of double/triple coverage because he thought he could thread the needle every time. It's this thinking that will get his rear cut in the preseason if he doesn't realize a big play is not possible on every play..Sometimes you just have to tip your hat to the defense and line up for the next play..I don't think Tyler ever understood that logic.

Bivolar, enjoyed your comments, made for good reading and shows you are on top of your game. Looking forward to see what Coach Jones can do with our vols. Keep up the great comments.

Written on With Marlin Lane absent due to 'disciplinary reasons,' Vols' RB situation in flux:

Fellow UT fans, Jalen Maybin is better that any running back, we currently have on board. He is a beast, hard to stop and doesn't stop running. Jalen, I don't mean beast in a disrespectful way, but a compliment. I saw you against Beech High School with over 394 yards and 7 touchdowns and you played every down on defense as well except for one, where it appeared you were kicked in the shin with weather at 36 degrees. You are one heck of a ball player and you and Jalen Hurd in the same backfield will be awesome next year. I look for you to shine this year in a big way. You are definitely a 5 star, rivals just don't know it yet. They need to stay tuned for your big start. Go Big Orange.

Written on Little separation in quarterback battle after scrimmage:

Folks, I like to look at things on a positive side and I have faith in Coach Jones that he is doing things that will make players want to play and give 110 percent. Big programs can fall on their face and can be beat on any given Saturday. It is just a matter of time before Saban leaves Ala. and picks up a bigger check with someone else. He has proven several times that money means more to him than loyalty. It has been many years since we have had a coach that brings hard work and enthusiasm to the table like Coach Jones. He will get the job done and I personally don't think it will take him that long to get er done, as the old slang saying goes.

We need to show up in the stands this year, irregardless of who we are playing to show our support to our coach and team. Go Big Orange.

Written on Butch Jones says of event countering Nick Saban: 'I'll do anything in Tennessee':

Fans, pull up James Moore listed as a future star 6ft.3in. Take a look at the film footage they have on him. Don't know of any other 14 yr old that can do what he can do for McMinn Cty. This has to be why Saban is speaking there, a sly way of recruiting a 14 yr. old.

Written on Butch Jones says of event countering Nick Saban: 'I'll do anything in Tennessee':

UT fans look no further than a listed future James Moore of McMinn County, 6ft. 3in. 245 lbs. This young man is only 14 yrs of age and there is video on him and he is unbeleivable as a 14 yr. old.

This will clearly show the Saban interest. I beleive there is possible NCAA interest here, if they are interested in Saban's speaking engagement at a school with a 14 yr. future star playing for MCminn Cty. He is one sneaky coach and he will eventually trip himself up, giving enough rope.

Written on Former Lady Vol Kellie Harper fired as N.C. State's coach:

in response to JimmyJoe:

She's still a pretty girl.

Seems like I remember that as well, wasn't she Kellie Jolly from Sparta. She was a very good player, would be nice, if the Vols could pick her up as an assistant.

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Witch Doctor say spend you summers counselling the youth around Atlanta and Knoxville. Witch Doctor say be an NFL player than gives back and helps others not make mistakes like you did. Witch Doctor say thats the foundation for a strong bridge... Witch Doctor say that kind of work will endear you with any fan-base. Bernard King came back to standing can too!
Bones never lie.

Good post Witch Doctor.

Written on Back for pro day, 'humbled' Da'Rick Rogers says he wants to rebuild bridge to UT:

Brass monkey comments are way off base including Eric Berry in with the other names that Eric stands out from them all as a player who gave his all for U.T. If I am correct, I beleive that Eric's parents were in somewhat of a finanical strain and Eric in leaving early was thinking of his parents welfare. Never include Eric's name with so called athletes that never gave their all for the Big Orange. I don't think hard of Eric in any way for the 110% he gave our University and Coach Dooley had no control over the hardships that Eric's family was facing.

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in response to ElizabethtonvolnNC:

Jason Witten and (Johnny Mills, who is from Carter County) ...sorry, had to get that one in there. I know we are not in the smallest classificaton, but we "ain't one of the big'uns" either. GO Cyclones....GO VOlS!

ElizabethtonvolinNC, what about the gentle giant Mickey Marvin, wasn't he from that part of the country as well?

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in response to BIVOLAR_BEARE:

Well, you're correct I graduated from Rhodes (formerly Southwestern @ Memphis)..However you're incorrect about my loyalty to UT. I have several relatives that are alumni and my family has retained season tickets for 62 years. Now, if I may critique you..You never played CFB (which I did at Memphis St) so, whether I attended UT has no bearing on my loyalty to UT and in fact gives me much more insight into fb related articles. Because you graduated in 92' that means you are all knowing and privileged to talk UT sports and no other fans (non-grads of UT) are worthy to be on this site?? How elitist and pompous you are..

BivolarBeare and vol43, keep up the great posts and get orange ctyvol on here as well. Enjoy reading all of your posts.

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Vol43, I have heard the stories about him, I beleive might have started with his coaching in Pittsburgh. Those folks up there beleive in being rough and tough and holding their whiskey. Johnny will always be remembered more as one of the great players at UT.

Written on Coalfield sophomore lineman Zach Stewart gets offer from Tennessee:

Another great player just came to my mind, Johnny Majors from Lychburg and little Petersburg and Huntland. I'm not sure but the great Doug Atkins also might have come from a small school.

Written on Coalfield sophomore lineman Zach Stewart gets offer from Tennessee:

For UT Fans, some of these trolls seem to forget the great Herschel Walker from a single A school in Ga. (a heisman trophy winner, former all american and NFL player, that we just barely got beat out by Ga. for his services. Another great player who recently passed away was Reggie Harper from little old Hartsville, Tn. yellow jackets. Seems like I also remember some of those great wide receivers we once had out of Frostproof Fl. and others I can't remember right off hand. This young man could possibly become one of the best lineman to ever play for us. Sometimes too much emphasis is placed on the size of a school. The post that mentioned a 7th grader with the speed he mentioned, needs to be known by Coach Jones. We need great athletes irregardless of the school size. It would be nice for someone to go back and do the legwork of just how many great athletes we have signed from small schools to go to the NFL. Go Big Orange.

Written on Evan's Eleven: 5-star RB Jalen Hurd's commitment to Tennessee is biggest catch of Butch Jones' tenure:

in response to Vol43:

Mr. Lineman, just for your information. 45revolver has personally whipped every vol poster on this board. Yes, he has talked down every vol poster and kicked their butts in their town. He has visited city after city looking for vol posters just to kick their butts. We're just hoping that he's beginning to tire as we're ALL shaking in out boots. But this is his MO in case you haven't seen it before. He's a badazz and he doesn't mind telling you that.

Vol43, I have known who he was for a long time, where he thinks the fans are off base is the J Flowers accusations. He is cant stand sab., handicapper and others. If you will notice he always comes out as billy boy from college grove, now a UT fan and I also suspect he is Roll tide Joe as well, or someone that hangs out at his bar. His girlfriend I suspect is voldoll as well. He absolutely thinks he is snowing alot of people, but his wording in his posts tell on him every time, when he gets stirred up. He is just like like his little video of brett maverick roberts.

He has been on my case before, so I let him rattle sometimes as the madder he gets, he begins to make lots of spelling and grammar errors a tell tale sign as to who he is.

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in response to 45ReVOLver:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Fat boy Brett, I wondered how long it would take you to get back on talking your line of doofus etc. You stand out like a sore thumb saying the same pathetic comments just like, your other phony screen names. Has faith threatened to take her gold corvette away again. Seems like you need to get back to the bar and wait on the customers and use your litle assoc. degree from Cleveland Inst. of elec. that you found to dangerous and bought you an interest in that little sleazy bar that you run in Hermitage. You are so stupid fat boy that you get your drawers in a wad and think no one knows who you really are. I've got you pegged sonny, you have been a looser all of your life and you have never attended the great Univ. of Tn. Get a life as most of the fans on here know you are a looser troll pulling for your boy franklin. Maybe Faith will let you drive her little 2009 gold cor. this week. In case any fans want to know more about you, check no further than can't stand saban and check your you tube video of brett maverick roberts (bad boy himself.)

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Good job

Thanks Vol43, sure would be nice to see some major housecleaning by kns and get rid of these trolls once and for all, where legit fans can share some of their sports knowledge.

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in response to vol49:

well, i say you took him out behind the woodshed and spanked his troll behind. nice work lineman.

Thanks vol49, it appears some of the fans are finally realizing that these trolls are mostly all one troll trying to sabatoge UT at any and everything. Just take alook at the long winded nuts that appeared after longwinded 45 revolver took a break and started using some of his other screen names. Even saw another post about Jalen a little while ago where can't stand saban is now trying to act like he has been a big UT fan all along. I am sure some of the fans are familiar with all of these screen names and the amount of times they have lamblasted UT.

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in response to SevenT:

This is guy is slow and plays high school ball in suburban / white Nashville.

Not impressed

Yea, kentucky fan, you know your football. lol.He only played this yr. against Clarksville N. E. (Jalen Reeves Maybin) UT signee this yr.,not to mention Gallatin Sr. high known power house, Mt. Juliet a known power in 6A, Henry cty. twice this yr. Wilson Central a new power program. Hendersonville High, Station camp Creek a new school with one of the top wide receivers in the state Josh Malone, a school you will hear more about in the near future.

So explain to me why they play such a soft schedule. Bring some of your power houses out of Ky,, and try handling their schedule.

It is obvious you know nothing about suburban Nashville schools. You might try on the other side of the bedroom and try Brentwood, Brentwood Acad., Ensworth, Franklin, MBA and some of those softies as well. You and about 4-5 trolls of which several are one and the same are Peabody fans and Franklin fans and live and breathe to hate UT and whoever they recruit. Get a life man and get you a site that will welcome your idotic statements and lack of knowledge about sports.

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45 revol. I am old enough to be your dad and possibly grandfather. No I didn't graduate from UT Knox., but later on after my military time spent for my country and for you to have the freedom to get on here and act bad and tough, I did graduate UT Nashville using my GI Bill. I have put two kids through UT Knox. and I contribute annually, so this does give me some rights. I cannot discuss my military time with you as all of my duty was classified, if you can understand that.

I have seen alot of negative posts from you for along time and found your post even this time to be slow in giving U T a great job, along with Coach Jones's accomplishments in such a short time.