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I would never be surprised if Monte was arrested for beating his wife for having that twerp. Maybe he was adopted.

The best part of Lame ran down the crack of his Mama's ar$e and ended up as the brown stain on the sheet.

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Sounds like this may be a critical juncture in the Kiffin tenure. Obviously, the thing to do would be to implement the three-year changeover to a 3-4 defense, and Sunseri will be available shortly.

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Chester the Molester is going back to the pros. Shoulda had a premonition from when Dexter McCluster and the Rebs tore him (and us) a new rectum. The Kiffins were already getting Sabanitis at that point too.

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Just heard the coach will be Hannah Storm. Announcement in the morning!

I volunteer to work under her.

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Well I was around and Majors firing had nothing to do with his won loss record of any year. His demand and yes I said "demand" to be both AD and Head Football Coach was not acceptable to then President Ed Boling; ( which btw: is the greatest President we ever had) would not allow the dual role. He stated as reasoning the unacceptable job Pat Dye was doing in the dual role at Auburn. Majors believing he was bigger than UT tried to force their hand and got it cut off. It wasn't so much that he demanded it but in the way he did so with what he believed was his inherent right. John Terrell Majors was and remains today the epidemy of Tennessee Football. But he was wrong then and remains so today. He would have made a great AD, but not both. The other side was that Clemson had requested permission to talk to Phillip Fulmer about becoming their new coach, and UT could not let that happen. Phillip went on to return Tennessee back to the days of old and the rest is history! The vote to buy him out was unanimous!

epidemy? So, Majors was a disease like the plague?

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The Volunteer faithful can now give thanks that our long national nightmare has ended.

Why is everyone so sure the nightmare is over? The only difference-makers we have are probably gone to the NFL, and there's no telling who the next coach will be. We're thin, small, slow, confused, and have received no coaching to date. On a positive note 5 wins is miraculous considering DEFENSE and KICKING GAME were NONEXISTENT. The remainder of this "coaching staff" needs to be sent packing, and then they need to fumigate the entire athletic complex to make sure this 5-year-stank is removed. Then they need to get someone to burn sage and let the smoke permeate the entire school. This curse isn't going to break itself.

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I hope a major earthquake creates a giant hole in the stadium and it swallows both teams while the score is tied.

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Mr. Adams, yes, Cordarelle Patterson is an unbelievable talent and we are happy to have him. However, if you think he is the clear cut most electrifying player to wear orange since Condredge, you shouldn't be allowed to write columns for KNS period or you need a history lesson on Big Orange Football. I'll give you a homework assignment. You can start with these dynamic Volunteers in no particular order, but all since Condredge. You can start with Jimmy Streeter, T.D Woods, Joey Kent, Anthony Hancock, Willie Gault, Alvin Harper, Carl Pickens, Charlie Garner, Reggie Cobb, Stanley Morgan, and last but not least, Chuck Webb. You might want to brush up on your Tennessee football because we've had a long legacy of dynamic playmakers. And yes, I understand your point. You were referring to someone that could make things happen in multiple ways. Many of the names I mentioned definitely fit that mold, but if you need more names let me know. Eventhough we all love CP and hope that he comes back to help us out of this funk, I'm not sure it's fair to say he's the "most exciting" since Condredge.

I had the same thought. We've had a bunch of electrifiers since Condredge. I like your list - I would add Johnny Jones, Tony Thompson, and James "Little Man" Stewart.

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Congratulations to everyone who posted on this article except for one obvious idiot. Those who read every post can easily figure it out. Don't respond to his post and maybe he'll crawl back under his rock.

YOU are the obvious idiot. Feel free to comment about something football-related Sweet Pea.

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We've never lost 8 games in a season - no pressure "coach"..... And discover the damn running game.

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If it's true that Hart didn't begin this search about 51 weeks ago then this in itself shows a remarkable lack of competence from the top. Hart must have come in on a Trojan Horse from Alabubba.

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While I think that this is necessary, I really wish it hadn't come to this. I think at Coach Dooley is a class act and wish him all the best in his future. He should stick with athletic administration as he is articulate and intelligent. He didn't seem to have the ability to coach a football team though.

I think it is in poor taste to not give him a chance to coach against Kentucky. The season is over and no damage can be done. I think that he could have at least gone out as a winner at home with an opportunity to make up for the debacle last year in Lexington.

Best wishes coach. I appreciate your efforts.

We lose the Ky game and we have EIGHT losses FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER.........If you don't consider that damaging then you're as dumb as Dooley. I don't like the decision in re: Chaney either. They should let Jay Graham coach the Ky game. Knows about the rivalry with Ky, and I bet we'd discover the running game.

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Okay all of you classless, immature brats, go ahead and let us know what candidates you will find acceptable, so that the University can make sure you're happy with the hire. Because God knows, if you disagree with the hire the "culture of negativity" will only continue. Because, of course, you know exactly who should and should not coach this team.

I love Dooley, and know he's a good man. But I agree he had to go. But some of you bums show absolutely no class or compassion for a GOOD MAN who took the job that none of your dream coaches would take, gave it his all, suffered some of the worst luck and toughest schedule imaginable, and demonstrated true character that you LACK and will never have.

YOU have damaged this program with your classless negativity. What coach with other job opportunities would come here? What players with other opportunities will come here?

My rant ain't about Dooley...he needed to go. I think he'll spend a few years as an assistant and then reemerge as a very attractive HC candidate.

My post is about YOU...bunch of weak, classless, heartless, whining, ungrateful, unrealistic, spoiled, know-it-all, quitters.

F OFF D HEAD. And ain't ain't good English.

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Dooley went to UVA, not Georgia. Idiot.

I had it pointed out to me a couple of days ago after I made the same remark - Slit-for-brains got his undergraduate degree from UVA, but got his law degree from Jawja. Hope he drowns in the spit of the fanbase.

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And now I am worried about Kentucky...

Can anyone tell me if Tennessee has ever had three consecutive losing seasons?

It's been over a century. 1906-08 I believe.

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If UT loses today, which at this point seems certain, then he should be fired tonight. Furthermore, everyone in big Orange country owes Phil Fulmer an apology.

He should not be allowed on the bus out of Nashville. Semper Fi DevilDog!!

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The Dooley cancer has metastasized. Hart MUST take a sharp knife and excise it NOW.....NOW - don't let the MF on the bus out of Nashville.

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For all who are saying "fire Dooley", you can let that rest. He was fired last week, and it will soon be made public

I said he needs to be separated from the team immediately, fired or not.

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Dooley's either fired or trying to get fired. Either case he needs to be separated from our beloved team immediately, if not sooner. This team isn't that bad. The right coach could have us back in the money overnight. Look what Mora Jr. has done at UCLA.

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Display some intelligence. Dooley did his undergrad at UVA and went to law school at UGA.

Yeah that wuz dum.

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I need to dig more and study more on the Hart situation. What I do know is that there is so much more than meets the eye in this situation. There has been a chess match from day 1. Hamilton knew he was in the tank when the Bruce Pearl situation went south. So you go from that AD to Hart. I would love to delve into Pat Summitt's mind and know her take on Hart. I wish there were more people on this board who would exercise their intelligence and realize things are much, much deeper than they seem here. Dooley has been the consummate professional through all of this. Has he made some ill advised game time mistakes with heat of the moment decisions? Yep. But he's proven over and over again what a genuine desire he has to make this program a winner...with decency. I've always thought of people in four general categories. People who do right things the right way. People who do right things the wrong way. People who do wrong things the right way (a thief can be a genius at his trade), and people who do wrong things the wrong way. Dooley falls into the first category...doing right things the right way for this program and this university. Is he intelligent? I have to believe yes...graduated law school from UGA isn't for some other knuckle head NCAA Division 1 coaches I can name. We need intelligent fans. Intelligent assistants, intelligent players, intelligent front office members, including an intelligent Athletic Director.

Dooley graduated from UVA not UGA. He was on the Virginia team that we barely beat in the 1991 Sugar bowl.

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Maybe Coach Chaney for head coach???

Not no, but hell no - they ALL must go! The last of the Kiffin trash must be swept out. Chaney would call a forty-yard fade on 3rd and one with Bronko Nagurski at fullback.

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So after Bray throws 50+ times and throws 2 more incomplete passes, Chaney doesn't want to insult Dooley, hilarious. Dooley was probably tired of watching 3 and outs so he said stop it!

Don't forget you would have to be an idiot to not drop and cover deep passes at the end of the game, yet that's all Chaney knew how to call because he's simple and hasn't figured out what a running game is or how to implement one.

Thank you. The jacktard doesn't understand that he's undermining the defense by not EVER possessing the ball for any length of time. Every time they start to build a little flame in the running he gets all pass-happy again. An incompetent defense needs to spend as much time as possible on the sideline which also keeps all of the other stud SEC offenses on the sideline as well. One would hope that the number one item on the recruting list is Roland Poles-type fullback and a stud RB or two. Oh, and a kicker and punter. On defense we're set - all we need is safeties, corners, LB's, DT's, DE's - several of each.

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It's not just the football program, it's the entire athletic department that is flat on its face. I can't think of one team that is trending up and ex employees are filing suits against the university to boot. Tennessee is just rolling down from the top of ole smoky in an old f150 pickup with bad tires a muffler that is backfiring and brakes that will not hold and picking up speed. It did not happen when Dooley came on board it began before that. Fulmers last years were not stellar and his recruiting was hit and miss. For some time the only constant was the lady vols and they have been dropping off little by little each year over the last several years. Their recruiting has been awful to say the least missing on the real stars and signing those who never develop at the college level. Pat was at her best when she had at least one superstar and she has not had one for several years, no offensive threat from the outside at all. The same problems every year. Men's basketball was going pretty good until Coach Pearl was exposed for what he was and it fell apart and all the gains that he made evaporated and we are back with mediocrity. Baseball is a joke, and the beat goes on UT has many years of losing ahead. We expect to sign a big coach like Gruden or Jimmy Johnson, fat chance. UT is in shambles what big time coach would want that mess. Somebody is going to have to make a hard choice and that would be Petrino who will it be Auburn, Kentucky, or UT. I think UT could get him if they have the guts to give him a second chance he can build a winner and that is for sure. I don't see a large herd of proven head coaching winners waiting in the wings for this once proud program that has turned into a large brown turd that is pointed on both ends that everyone is just trying not to step on.

I read your entire epistle and was richly rewarded with your last sentence. "Large Brown Turd" is probably the most succinct description of UT, from the top down. It all started with the retirement of Dr. Joe Johnson.

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Yeah, those 3 and the WR coach Coiner did a great job with these receivers.

Too bad Coiner can't coach Hunter, Rogers, and sometimes Patterson how to grasp the football when it hits them on the numbers. Dudes need a hypnotist, not a coach.

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Our new head coach is right under our nose. Umm...Jim Chaney is the real deal. He is personable as hell and is an awesome offensive coach. There isn't too many teams with better numbers on the offensive side of the ball. I thought he should have been promoted when Kiffin left. Also it probably wouldn't take an oil tycoons fortune to hire him.

Please tell me this was written tongue-in-cheek. Chaney should have been swept out with the rest of the Kiffin trash. This idiot sigle-handedly lost the Florida game with his pass-happy approach. We were gashing the Gators in the running game, running clock, and keeping Driskel and co. off the field. Instead we had multiple three-and-outs which allowed the lizards to get their heads out of their arsses and eventually win the game. This same abandonment of the running game has played a role in several games icluding the Mizzou game in OT. Who else has a former nose tackle for an offensive coordinator? IMO, he's a huge part of young Dooley's problem. But hey, what do I know? I'm just an old white Christian guy.

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So what was the reason for losing the rest of them before that? Speaking of idiots

Arian Fumble.

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Run the spread with Patterson at QB. Best player touches the ball every play.

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"You say you hate to lose but"
Really? I said that? I assume that noone likes to lose but I never said that on here?
It is almost as if you have cache of respond posts whether they apply or not.
Surely you do not? that would be weak.

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

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I see encouraging signs on offense with the running game. It's a pity that the pass-happy OC continues to sling the ball all over the field when we are beginning to be able to pound the rock. We could shorten the game and keep our defensive problems on the sidelines. Run the ball and try to find a kicking game - this is where the breaks are made. I heard that somewhere.

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Vols line is getting whipped. Period.

IMO the line is OK. What we need desperately is an elite running back. FHCPF's downfall began when he lost out on Cadillac Williams, and then he was punked by Arian Fumble. Our current OC is pass-happy and doesn't understand the SEC. We were running on the lizards - it wasn't much, but it was enough. But Nooooooo we had to start swinging for the effing fences there in the third qtr.

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Smokey's back. Crowd was intense. Cheerleaders still hot. Great gameday experience. Band was excellent as usual. That's about all the positivity I can muster today.

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Blah blah blah. Our few difference-makers either quit (Bray) or choked (Hunter, Patterson). It looked like the game was played at fl.

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Smokey is the finest mascot in the land, and he doesn't have to spend the whole game on a block of ice in order to keep from dropping dead.

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"Press the kicking game - here is where the breaks are made." IMO this will be a tight ball game - Vols win 24-23. Young Brodus kicks the game-winning FG as time expires.

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Bray is a great QB and Driskel is not. Advantage Vols.

You're right. Driskel can't find his secondary or tertiary receiver.......yet. Let's hope he doesn't speed-learn this capability before next week. If we're forced to rely on maxim # 6 - "Press the kicking - here is where the breaks are made", then we're screwt.

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I am not sure I would go that far..after all he is some mother's son who probably loves him dearly. Dooley does need to assess the situation and correct it. It is Dooley's to fix. (And I KNOW that his mother loves him)

Of course you're correct sir. My comments were typed in frustration. Last year I suggested leaving young Palardy and Darr in Lexington - something or other about not letting them on the bus.

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I watched the Fla game today and listened to UT. There is no reason UT cannot beat Fla by 2 TD's. Fla is horrible and Brantley is mediocre at best. It seemed he was indecisive most of the game and running for his life. I know Fla won today and on the road which is hard to do in the SEC.....but..they still looked very mediocre and ordinary.

Were you watching a tape from last year? Driskel is the new QB for the lizards, and he's starting to get his feet under him a bit. Expect the Gators to win a close game - Sturgis is a great kicker, and we don't have one. Advantage Gators.

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Brodus = Palardy replacement

Palardy needs a goat ride. He needs to wake up in the boondocks of Asuncion with no clothes or money....Darr too.

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professionally handicapped threw a bone out there and you guys bit , how sad you let him jerk your chain like that .

And you participated by biting on our bites. No less sad.

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UT needs to beat a Top 25 team before fans even mention Top 25. The biggest wins the last two years are Cinn and NC State. The Vegas true power ratings have UT 3 points below Missouri and tied with Vandy. The rest of the country is not drinking the Koolaide. 1-7 in the SEC and a combined losing score of over 100 points in three games last year is hardly gonna garnish a Top 25 vote. Add the Kentucky loss and an overtime win at home over Vandy as the only SEC win in two years and talk of top 25 is just rediculous. The Koolaide will stop flowing by the end of Sept when UT stands 1-9 the last 10 SEC games.

Ridiculous: causing or worthy of ridicule or derision; absurd; preposterous; laughable. This is a perfect word for you, and it's spelled correctly. School is out.

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They should offer a small bottle of JD with the cokes at the prices they charge. "and we urge you to pay these prices, and PLEASE...PAY...NO...MORE"!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Pump the brakes there Nancy! You should suspend your reality for a bit and try to educate yourself before vomitting your blather all over this board.........Read more, write less.

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A silent majority of racists, Reb? Well then, I'm an outloud minority of someone that thinks codewords like "welfare recipients", "kenyan socialist", and reference like that are blatantly aimed at people who are not one bit less valuable as you or me as a human being. Hey, listen Reb. I don't mind being a minority in a crowd if I see people being picked on or maligned unfairly. Count me as a Klan hater, moron. I hate hate worse than I hate being ashamed of people like you.

Yawn.......It's obvious that you are right about everything, and anyone who disagrees is to be labeled as hateful or racist. In your mind it's really just that simple. You're very young, and you've been brainwashed by the liberal left. On topic my new favorite Vol is Cordarelle Patterson!

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Good one, smart guy. You waving your Rebel flag and yelling, GO REBELS too? Hey, why don't you twitter this post to your Klan buds? No way of knowing where some of you call home since there's no 'vol' in your screen name.

We're everywhere you moron. The silent majority has been very tolerant of your kind but enough is enough. Now kindly acknowledge my right to disagree with your drivel and move on.

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exactly huh? You too? Let me give you a history lesson. My father was a southern Democrat and a union member and a WWII veteran who landed at Normandy Beach. I am southern Democrat, veteran and union member. The South was a Democratic stronghold until civil rights provided black people with non-discrimanatory voting, housing, and employment in the 60s. What changed?

People like you who didn't like it and use codewords like "welfare recipient" to describe someone you don't agree with.

It's really and truly, "racial" and insulting to Tennessee people who cheer for the whole team.

Furthermore, you are messing with fire to bring politics into every doggone venue you can find. You are going to run into people who will gladly confront you on it.

Liberal democrat is code for douche bag. Those of us in the majority will soon wake up and start to confront all you race-baiting a55-wipes.

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Dang, the Chattanooga paper has some pretty good writers...

Chattanooga paper is a liberal rag with which I wouldn't line a bird cage. Wiedsel is the ringleading d1ck - a minor league version of Adams and that other idiot from Nashville.

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Good morning Vols fans,

Daricktiky was a beast of an WR, but it is funny how we went 5-7 with him, now JH is back and he is hungry to prove him self to the fans and football world that his knee is 100% it's not going to take someone like him long to get back, if he can burn Eric Berry a couple of times, remeber what he said he is NFL ready now. Now on to CP if everyone is telling the truth about what he been like in the 7 on 7 drills catching ball over CBs head we will be ok, if our running game has improved the sky is the limited, Neal didnt workout so hard with the lineman for no reason get what im saying. OOORRRAAHH.

Semper Fi, do or die! Put it all in perspective for these folks Marine. Aaaarruuuhhh!

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

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I don't read Climer stuff. But, knowing how jealous he is of the "Volunteers," I read this article. After looking at the headline, I paused and wrote out a few lines trying to imagine what he had written. Turns out I pretty much nailed it (except for the Manning verbiage).

I know some stuff on Climer pertaining to an Afro American night club on top of a hill in Johnson City. He would not want this exposed, I'm sure. I let him slide this time, but I can't keep on delaying this information waiting for the better opportunity. So, I'll wait some more, but one day he will push me a little too hard and I will release the bomb, which will relate some things on Spurrier that will create a stir.

Anyway, note that Climer waited a few days before releasing this little jewel of a reminder. knowing that most people had already forgotten about it, Climer wanted to make sure it lingered for another day or two. Climer is obsessed with bringing down the Vols.

I f Climer and Adams would get in a “dunking booth” to raise money for a noteable charity, you can bet I would buy several tickets. Do other schools have to put up with biased lass holes like this....................(the l is silent).

Mark Wiedsel (Kentucky homer) in Chattanooga is also a messy rectum.