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Written on John Adams: Schools should be waiting in line to hire Bruce Pearl:

Vandy should hire Bruce- pairing him with his brother-from-another-mother, James Franklin...He could appeal to get Ramar Smith an early release from Brushy Mountain...he would be a great fit with the Dirty 'Dores...GO BIG GRAY!

Written on UT's Don Mahoney wants to send his line out on winning note:

Old Vegas football analyst friend told me he rates strength of team in this order of importance: 1. OLine 2. Secondary 3. DLine 4. QB 5. LB 6. Kickers 7. RB 8. WR...Hard to argue.

Written on Mark Wiedmer: Peterman may be Vols' best quarterback for now:

Obviously not the whole story. Bad headline. Untrained media eye only absorbs the obvious. Butch will go with QB who has best grasp of entire offense (T.Bray would have struggled in this decision-centric attack), can move the sticks with the fewest mental errors. Wo uld be shocked if it is anyone other than J. Worley. Above-average arm, average feet, outstanding brain.Awful decision by CDD to blow redshirt year and throw him to the wolves vs. SC, AL, AR. ju st because staff despised M. Simms (and family); another bad decision to not start him vs. KY in Lexington (T.Bray was zoned-out all week-but he was Chaney's guy); yet another horrible decision to not start Worley in 2nd half vs. Vandy last fall. How many Gatorade national players-of-the-year have ever signed with Vols? P. Manning! Worley won't blow you away with his athleticism (neither did Peyton); His passes sometimes wobble (so did Peyton's); but he wins the brain game every snap and gives the Vols a chance to move the sticks, keep the ball and, maybe most importantly, keep our defense off the field. GO VOLS!

Written on Bielema, Chaney see balanced approach at Arkansas:

Jim Chaney is a nice guy. He was the worst red zone OC in UT history, however. He was also Tyler Bray's enabler. This gig at Arkansas is headed for a bad ending.

Written on Could 'smokey' gray uniforms be coming for Tennessee men's basketball?:

Athletic directors and coaches should be required to take courses in marketing / branding...Tennessee Orange & White is a strong, unique brand, easily reconizable by even a casual fan...Messing with the scheme absolutely dilutes the brand and confuses the public...Suggestion: apply Smokey Gray as a practice uniform color; or as travel sweats for the players; or as Spring Game jerseys that can be auctioned after the game...However, when UT athletes (including volleyball and baseball) take the game field, they should be Orange & White-and proud of it.

Written on Butch Jones says Riley Ferguson has 'stepped up,' although he hasn't named a starting QB:

QB is not the problem. Worley will be fine. Need for OL to improverun blocking / toughness / leadership. And WRs must run proper routes vs. different schemes. Media -most of whom know very little about offensive football- write only about QBs because that is the only position that their untrained eyes watch. GO BIG GREY - yuck.

Written on Former Vandy football players indicted for rape:

There is a reason Maryland refused to promote James Franklin from head-coach-in-waiting...Instead, they paid him $100,000 to leave...Franklin's 5 SEC wins came against teams that won a combined 5 conference games...An alternative pub in Nashville reported in June that a search of Metro Police records revealed there have been several arrests of Vandy players that have gone unreported by VU and / or The Tennessean...Interestingly, that pub closed today, citing a lack of advertiser support from the Nashville business community...

Written on David Climer: Vols could shake things up with freshman QB:

Climer was likely one of the idiots who booed when Vols started P. Manning over B. Stewart...

Written on John Adams: Maximizing improvement: Follow 8 'Don'ts of Sal Sunseri':

John, who really hired Sal Sunseri?

Written on Butch Jones says Eric Gordon's status has not changed:

Required meds zap Eric's say he must take them to manage his condition...nothing sinister here-just pray that right balance can be reached so that young man can get back to playing the game he enjoys so much...Go Vols!

Written on Stokes helps USA U19 Team get past Brazil:

Not sure this experience is helping Jarnell improve...he should be back in Knoxville learning the Tight End assignments...

Written on Four Vanderbilt football players suspended amid sex crimes investigation:

There is a reason Maryland paid Franklin $100k to go away...staytuned.

Written on John Adams: Preseason line on UT isn't all bad:

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Written on Kyle Serrano 'excited to wear the orange and white':

Wish his dad would appreciate the "Orange and White" of UT and burn all the ORANGE AND BLACK garbage that he and his team promote...

Written on NCAA penalizes Mississippi State for recruiting violations:

Byron D'Vinner is James Franklin's lackey...the snake who announced 2 summers ago that he was hosting the biggest commtment party in Vandy football history (2 prospects showed instead of the 8 he promised)...he has been run off from Murfreesboro Riverdale and Murfreesboro Oakland for "poisoning" the attitudes of their players and from Independence High in Franklin by angry parents...he recently made the news when a prospect walked in and saw his mother struggling to escape D'Vinner's "advances"...the prospect tagged D'Vinner and tossed him out of the house...D'Vinner reportedly turned on MSU after they banned him from their campus...Maryland paid James Franklin $100k to go away, largely because he surrounded himself with scum like D'Vinner...Stay tuned!

Written on Point guard Antonio Barton commits to Tennessee:

in response to Ironcity:

Zo pulled one out of his A*s and he needed to. Without a PG this team was going no where ( some of you think Thompson is a PG but he would have been no better then Moore was last year). Now I have high hopes for the sweet sixteen. By now Zo should not have to be searching for true PG. This should have been taken care of long ago however you still have to hand to Zo for getting the best PG available in June.

Darius Thompson is far ahead of Moore when it comes to shooting, passing and ball handling. Darius' challenge is to get stronger so he can handle the physicality. of the SEC.

Written on Point guard Antonio Barton commits to Tennessee:

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This guy couldn't average numbers like you mention if he played 40 minutes per game.

He has 1 year to play. He must learn a new system and wasn't much of a player when playing for a weak Memphis team.There is a reason he left Memphis and it likely was not for the reasons stated in the article.

Is this you, Mr. GOLDEN?

Written on Point guard Antonio Barton commits to Tennessee:

Antonio is a huge get for the Vols- the missing piece. His quickness will be especially valuable vs. quick PGs and vs. full-court pressure. Look for him to average 32 mins., 10.8 pts., and 3.4 assists. Barring injuries, Vols are headed to a 24-25 win season and a 4-5 seed in The Really Big Dance!

Written on Vols handle Morehead State, but Dave Serrano unimpressed with effort as big SEC series looms:

Note to Pumpkin Serrano: Princeton coach called- he wants Black-and-Orange uniforms back ASAP!

Written on Loss to Arkansas puts Vols at mercy of rival in order to reach SEC tournament :

Note to Pumpkin Serrano: Ensworth Prep called and they want their Black-and-Orange uniforms back ASAP!

Written on Vols can't touch Hogs, lose 11-1:

Note to Pumpkin Serrano: Oregon State coach called and he wants his Black-and-Orange uniforms back ASAP!

Written on Zack Godley, Vols whip up on Arkansas, 8-3:

Note to Pumpkin Serrano: the Princeton coach called- they want their Black and Orange uniforms back ASAP!

Written on Trae Golden leaving Vols: 'We wish him well':

in response to 1vavolfan:

Kind of poetic justice after how Martin did Landry. BRING BACK BRUCE.

Bring Back Bruce! Bring Back Ramar! Yeah. That's the ticket. Maybe Bruce could re-recruit the only PG he ever signed released from Brushy Mountain to play for the Vols!
We will probably never know the truth, but T. Golden had to screw-up big-time to get the boot from a team that so badly needs PG help!
Poetic justice, my tail! I'd say this has been in the works for weeks and that Cuonzo needed for Landry to make a soft landing before releasing Trae.

Written on Vols rally in ninth but fall to Georgia 8-7:

Vols need not worry about the SEC tourney- Oklahoma State called and they want Serrano to return their Black and Orange uniforms ASAP.

Written on Tyler Bray's father says NFL draft was 'brutal':

Jeff Bray needs to ask himself where Tyler learned such a horrible work ethic...

Written on Parallel lines in two lawsuits against Tennessee:

I am a huge Pat fan. An amazing person, coach, mentor, role model, etc...Unfortunately, her incredible success apparently created a false sense of worth among her staffers...As great and entertaining as the Lady Vols have been, they have only recently reached break-even financially...Unlike Pat, the trainer, weight coach, etc., are not icons in the world of college athletics and should only be paid what a program can afford.

Written on Tyler Bray's father says NFL draft was 'brutal':

in response to borovol1956:

I do not think Bray could overcome the problems created by two words: Derek Dooley. The situation was a mess the entire time Bray played.

My money says Derek Dooley couldn't overcome Tyler Bray...

Written on Farragut's Jordan Cooper earns save as Middle Tennessee tops Vols, 7-6:

Black helmets, black sleeves, black socks, black belts, black piping...Serrano's Vols wear more black than Vandy, South Carolina and Mizzou- and black is a school color for those three...Note to Dave: the brand is Tennessee Orange and White!

Written on Heather Mason relieved of duties as UT's associate strength and conditioning coach:

I love the Lady Vols- but shouldn't we ask what they add to the bottom financial line before we take sides?

Written on After enduring doubters, Cordarrelle Patterson hopes to celebrate with 1st round NFL draft selection:

Here is hoping CP goes early and enjoys a long and profitable NFL career...He was incredibly under-utilized by Vols last year...How "polished" do you have to be to run 10 hitch patterns per game? Would have been a handful for CBs to bring down one-on-one!

Written on MTSU fired up against Vols, 11-5:

I witnessed the 3 base-running outs in the first inning...Incredible! Only thing worse is the uniforms...Serrano's Vols are wearing more black than Vandy, Mizzou and S. Carolina- all of whom have black as a school color...Mr. Athletics Director: please grow a pair and insist that our teams stick with the UT brand- Tennessee Orange and White!

Written on Kamiko Williams picked in second round of WNBA draft:

Kamiko is a baller. Always has been! Congrats to the 2013 Lady Vol MVP (IMHO).

Written on Jordan McRae announces he won't enter NBA draft:

in response to jryevols#222657:

Lets bring Bruce back as head coach and let Martin stay on as his head assistant. Even at an assistant he wil not find a better opportunity. You want the dance ,you have to have someone that can get you to the prom....

Bruce cheated and lied to his wife, kids. players, A,D., the NCAA. He recruited and coverd for one of the sorriest individuals in UT history (Ramar Smith) and he sat J. Maymon in favor of his son...Other than that, he was a heck of a guy. IMHO, he was made for TV...

Written on Rawane Ndiaye, Darius Thompson to visit UT:

Wow! A post that averages 2.5 ppg and the PG from Huntsville who averages 2.7 ppg ! Someone please explain...

Written on Peyton Manning on Butch Jones: 'He has it all mapped out':

in response to SevenT:

Peyton should stick with resurrecting his career in Denver and selling cars on TV commercials because nobody is going to buy any of this jazz.

Jones was about 5th on the Vol wish list behind Chuckie and Charlie Strong and everyone who follows this program knows this is a dud/thud hire just like Dooley and Kiffin were duds.

Since Fulmer is gone the program has fallen apart,

Just Saying

Get a life. Just saying.

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Get a life, John... or, change meds.

Written on Tennessee baseball gets pounded again; Dave Serrano apologizes:

Uncle Dave needs to apologize for those black-laden uniforms...Vols are wearing more black than Vandy, Georgia and South Carolina COMBINED- and black is an official color for those 3 schools! Note to Dave: the brand is ORANGE & WHITE...leave the orange and black to Oregon State, Oklahoma State, the Orioles, the SF Giants and Ensworth Prep.

Written on Jordan McRae, Jarnell Stokes apply for evaluation from NBA Undergraduate Advisory Committee :

McRae is in need of more consistency from the arc- and more strength. Stokes is a Pro Bowl tight end waiting to happen- hope someone inside his circle has the gonads to tell him.

Written on Louisville stops Lady Vols' run to Final Four, 86-78:

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Hey, J_A_N_D_S--Have you ever considered...getting a life?

Written on Louisville stops Lady Vols' run to Final Four, 86-78:

Nice season. Great leadership by Kamiko and Taber, who I believe should be co-MVPs. Would like to see both ladies go into coaching...

Written on John Adams: Kamiko Williams' value increases as UT advances:

Allow me to repeat: Kamiko is a baller!

Written on Offseason could be time to evaluate Cuonzo Martin's contract:

in response to thevoice:

Finishes 2nd and 5th in SEC, UT has the 7th (or so) largest BB attendance in the nation. Probably ought to be paid better then the 10th best coach in a 14-team league.

Amen. The man finished 2nd to the eventual national champs; then 5th without his first-team All-SEC performer the entire season. Take a first-team All-SEC player off Florida, Missouri and Ole Miss and they won't make the tourney either...Go Cuonzo, Go Vols!

Written on Tom Boerwinkle, the biggest Vol, dies at 67:

Tom's cute, little girlfriend was Diane King, a UT student from Two Rivers High in Donelson, who died after contracting a bacterial infection while on a summer mission to inner city Atlanta. They were quite a sight on campus- very happy souls with huge smiles. RIP, Diane and Tom.

Written on John Adams: Kamiko Williams' role needs no introduction :

Hope the coaches trust Kamiko to QB the half-court offense...The players do!

Written on Time was needed for Vols to build chemistry without Jeronne Maymon:

Wow! Losing your leading scorer, leading rebounder, emotional rock doesn't impact a team?

Written on PG Darius Thompson likes Cuonzo Martin, UT program:

On Thompson: needs to get much stronger and shorten his dribble- and to learn to like defense;

On McRae: has a chance to make it in NBA, but another year under Cuonzo will only benefit him;

On Stokes: great body, great hands, toughness- but not an NBA leaper or shot-maker...His choices, IMHO, are- getting to see Europe and making nice money; or sitting down with parents and Butch Jones and map out a career that could lead to more NFL Pro Bowls than Jason Witten and more money than his family could ever imagine. Go Vols!

Written on Lady Vols know they need to improve defense heading into NCAA tournament:

Holly has gotten great senior leadership from Taber and Kamiko, but the key to this team is Izzy. Her ability to run the floor and defend the rim, covers up a defense that has no answer vs. a scoring PG and an offense that struggles to execute vs. more-athletic teams who take away Holly's beloved up-tempo style.


Written on Mike Strange: Justin Worley hopes to capitalize on head start:

IMHO, the worst decision CDD ever made was pulling the redshirt from J. Worley and throwing the Gatorade National Player-of-the-Year to the wolves vs. SC, AL and AR (thank you, M. Sims, whose negativity was matched only by T. Bray). He had no OL and no weapons to depend on. Worley is much bigger and stronger-- and he has the one thing Butch will cherish the most--SMARTS. The Vols are blessed at QB and Worley will win his 3rd O&W Game and will give the Vols a puncher's chance this fall vs. a brutal schedule. Go Vols!