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With all that ink, someone should ask Butchie Boy whether he coaches him or reads him. You're right, and it won't matter who they start, none of them can play. The Dawgs will feast in Neyland as well against the Big Gray.

Oooo...Big Gray...How scary does that sound!

WTH is a Damm Georgia fan doing in here on a UT website. Typical...get a life man.

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Ferguson stepping up says a lot about how open the QB position is. I think RF has the best arm out of the group, if he can grasp this scheme he may emerge the #1 QB before the 31st. If there ever was a game you could throw a Freshman in as starting QB, APSU would be the team to do it with..GBO!!

I was hoping Nate Peterman would step up because of his size and scrambling ability...and he played ball in my hometown of Jax FL. He's a good kid and it sounds like its pretty tight between them will make them better QB's. But I like a QB with running ability in the college ranks, we last won a National title with one in Tee Martin. Maybe Ferguson is a good runner too, I'm not familiar with him yet. Justin Worley is not too good running I've already seen that

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Hmmmm.....wonder what this is all about?


He's a Florida kid...going to be hard to hold on to these guys. Especially with three tradition schools in Florida and now South Florida and Central Florida having success lately.

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Damm that's a big ugly SOB....kinda resembles Al Wilson a little. No offense to either one but that's what UT has been missing for quite a while now...some big mean uglies.

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They need to take advantage of the situation....UT has been hurting in recruiting for quite a while. Gergia signed a huge class with great talent, as does Bama every year. Florida is always outstanding in recruiting, the state is loaded with talent. Same can be said for LSU. UT has the of the best strength and training facilities in the nation and a great stadium. They just need to get going in recruiting to keep up with the rival programs

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Hopefully this young man gets it together and comes back ready to go....I always liked him, he seems to be a team player and was very productive last year. Depth is a big concern for us, and has been the last several years. We certainly need him back

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Sounds more like something that currently goes on at Bammer. I had rather see Bammer in this story than Auburn! The Crimson TURD is dirty and it is just a matter of time!

Agreed...I had great respect for Bear Bryant and his run there, even though I cant stand Bama. I have never cared for Saban and his staff, he just seems to be a man I would never trust.

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We're not going to be Kicked around in the SEC anymore (Derek Dooley)

LOL!! I remember him saying that. Well, we got kicked around by almost everybody including Vandy which was a horribly played and COACHED football game. I had the feeling something wasn't right when the whole staff bailed after 2 seasons

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And he turns that down.....after the players that came here because of him. Butch Jones goes out of his way to keep him since he was UT family and well liked, then he bolts to FSU to join up with that moron Sunseri. GTFOH!!!

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Why did Sentimore go, don't you actually have to be good to go pro.

The same could be said for Bray...he never won a significant game in his UT career. And I don't consider Cincy and Vandy big wins. Hunter better put on some weight and muscle and actually do something after catching the ball instead of showing his cuunnt and avoiding hits. He does that in the NFL and he'll be benched in a hurry.

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That would be a start, but top 10 is where we really need to be. I have a feeling (maybe wishful) that Coach Butch Jones and staff will make some headway on the recruiting trail.

You got that right...they have to. UT is just getting killed on recruiting right now, and I really dont quite understand it. We are around 12th in current rankings in the SEC on all sites. Thats just horrendous. The coaching change has something to do with that, but we havent lost to many players that Dooley had committed

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He inherits a football team that if somebody knew what to do with and how to motivate could win alot of games next year. Good luck to him....trying to stay optimistic

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I guess we can rename Tee Martin Drive to Tee Martin Passed. Or move it to one of the streets that turns its back on he University.... Like maybe he one that runs by the sewer plant.

Now thats funny....never understood why they name the streets after former players anyway. And after players that are still very young, they should be named after the great players who have played at UT and have long since passed on. Those players are easily forgotten, good way to remember them. As for Tee, he made the trip back to UT to hear their offer, and decided it was not in his best interest. Thats fine, he was a great player here, and will always be remembered

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Arkansas just trumped us in the hire if this is true
Everyone out there and we get Charlie strong ?

Dont know about that one....Wisconsin was projected to have a very good year, but it didnt pan out. Looks to me that Bielema's run has run out up there..... and he jumped ship after a not so great year

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Another mediocre coach who's had some success in a mediocre conference....well not as strong as the SEC that is. He's another offensive coach that puts up big numbers but knows nothing about defense. I would have just assumed stick with Dooley and hire a real DC. My guess is he would be marginally better than Dooley

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Monte Kiffin is a good DC....I just dont think his scheme of things works well in the college ranks with all these spread run offenses, especially out west. Maybe the scholarship reductions are hurting there depth as well.

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Glad to see Oliver and others get in the game and contribute, hope next coach can recruit some speed. It has been one of the weakest links of our defense the past couple years.

Seems like John Chavis's defenses had more speed and around the ball alot more...but they were also in the right positions to make plays as well

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I see the unemployment line for Ansley..He has to be the worst db coach in the history of UT fb.

You got that about lets get a real former DB who knows the position to coach these guys, same thing I saw with Terry Joseph, he didnt have clue about DB's he was a baseball player. Same thing with Hinshaw, I've never seen anything special there, he was QB in college but he knows nothing about coaching up recievers. There all glorified subpar recruiters nothing more...

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Forget you....

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Turn the Tennessee offense lose! Score as many points as you can as fast as you can!!! DO NOT worry about resting the defense. They get their reset by a three and punt or (better) a turnover. If the Vols put the brakes on for fear of Vanderbilt scoring, they will surely lose this game. Score, score, and score some more!!!!! Let the defense earn it's time off the field. Vanderbilt has the play makers to win this game if Tennessee does not play relentless offensive football.

I'm not sure if thats the way to go... maybe it is. I've been saying all along that UT needed to use the running game more to burn the clock and shorten the game. But I guess it doesnt matter if our defense cant stop them even if they do get a good rest on the sidelines. I think I'll go with your idea and let the offense just rip it

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"Oct. 13, 2012: UT appears before an "expedited hearing" of the infractions committee in Sanibel, Fla. The committee said UT officials could appear by video conference because Tennessee played at Mississippi State in football that day. It's not clear which UT officials were there in person and who appeared in person.

Nov. 16, 2012: NCAA infractions committee issues report, retaining the additional penalties that UT had argued against."

Nov. 17, 2012: UT beats Vanderbilt

Dont mean to sound negative or pessimistic....but its just how the seasons going, why should I expect anything different.... Nov. 17, 2012: Vandy beats UT "Jordan Rogers has career day" throws for 400 yards and 5 TD's, UT loses game in final 3 minutes.

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Cutcliffe got fired at Ole Miss. No thanks.

JA is throwing names out there even though Dooley can still win 7 games. Replacing Sal may be the option.

I've always liked David Cuttclife....he's one of the best QB coaches in the college ranks and a very good OC as well. Who did Peyton Manning go see when he started working out again? Cuttclife at Duke. He got fired by Ole Miss after having a losing season, this was after he won the cotton bowl and a 10-2 season the year before...they let him go because the AD wanted him to fire a couple assistants, but he refused. I dont think Ole Miss has had a record that good since

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You can bet that Franklin is playing that video he has of Dooley talking about Vandy in the locker room after we beat them last year. The Cats will be our last chance to win one. After today I am beginning to doubt that.

Im beginning to doubt we can beat the cats with that know Vandy is just chomping at the bit to get us, it doesnt matter what their record is, its a bowl game to them. If UT hangs their heads and doesnt focus I can see it getting out of hand in nashville

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Mike Hamilton and others including Jimmy Cheek gave this guy a contract like he was a top notch proven coach who has won games. Yet he never had a winning record and was a head coach at La Tech. Even Wil Muschamp at Florida does not have that kind of buyout, Florida will hardly owe him anything if they were to let him go now. In my opinion anybody associated with this hire should be fired and let go with the rest of the coaching staff, it was a horrible business decision. The question is...does UT have enough money to buy out this overpaid coaching staff, and bring in another high paid coaching staff next year, because you know Dave Hart has to hit a homerun with this next hire or it could be him on the chopping block

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You know, I am sick of hearing people buying into the concept "the program was in such depths of dispair when Fulmer left." Sure, it wasn't where it was in the early 2000s, but it was 9 miles ahead of most schools outside the SEC. I can assure you Missouri wasn't chock full of top recruits either...confident Vandy wasn't either but they have done a lot better than Dooley in the last 3 years.

Everyone continues to talk about "it would be hard to get a coach to come to TN, it is in such depths of disrepair." I will GUARANTEE YOU that there are 40 coaches in America that could take the talent we have RIGHT NOW and have won 8 games this year already...GUARANTEE...

If you think that the cupboard is bare, you are full of it...The COACHING CUPBOARD is what is bare.

There is plenty of talent on this football team to compete and win games....Its the coaching that has totally messed up UT. Look at what Kevin Sumlin is doing in his first year at ATM...enough said

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I'll tell you what, its just a football game and the sun comes up tommorow like any other day, but I'm so frustrated and PO'd right now I could choke the life out of one of those defensive coaches...I kid you not. How do let that game getaway with a 21-7 halftime lead. What is up with these kids and coaches when they come out after halftime...somebody needs to light a fire in this teams ***, but I can tell you right now its not going to be this coaching staff, because I think everyone's seen enough of this inept phooey

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I'm starting to think that UF has sent this Jimmy Cheek dude up here to run UT athletics into the ground....not really sure what's going on at UT right now. And that freakin Mike Hamilton did a pretty good job of helping this situation, all athletic departments need to steer clear of that clown. And I'm really starting to wonder about this Sunseri situation, Saban certainly didnt try hard to keep the guy, he is making some calls on defense that have me scratching my head, its being pointed out by every analyst that does a UT football game

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How did Prentiss Waggoner go from an up an coming star with a bunch of ints to some guy out of position getting benched by a freshman who hits guys out of bounds twice and gets burned for tds ? Problem with coaching ??

No disrespect to Waggner....but he just isnt that good, he is a product of our recruiting the last several years, having to take what we can get. I'm not saying he doesnt work hard, just nothing special there. We do have some young talent back there, but I have to say after watching Justin Coleman last Saturday he would be doing nothing but serving Gatorade on the bench the last 3 games, along with Marsalis Teague. I watched Coleman totally give up on a play when he could have made a tackle and saved a TD....unacceptable

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Yeah. I've been wondering the same thing for a while. I also wonder what would happen if we go back to last year's 4-3 for the remaining games. This 0-0-0 isn't the trick.

Their going up against the scout team in practice. Maybe it would benefit them if they went up against the first team offense, could get them better prepared...just sayin

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It's ridiculous that Cheek wants to keep Dooley another year. I think he's working for the Gators. It's his fault that UT fans are having to pull against it's own team.

He's quite possibly working for the Kiffens....but ole Lane is not doing to well himself out there with 3 losses now, and maybe more with his own defensive problems

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Who hired Sal Suseri?

Dave Hart had a hand in that hire...I bet you money, and it looks like it may have backfired on Hart and Dooley. You get rid of Dooley, get rid of Hart too. In my opinion they could have just given the job to Lance Thompson, I think he was just as qualified as Sunseri

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ditto that, now if we can figure our what a certain offensive coordinator was thinking with 1:20 left and 3 TO's on the 19 friggin' yard line!

Chaney took a chance and went for the endzone to win the ball game. You could argue he should've protected the football and ran it. And if it fails kick the field goal your still in the game. Thats probably what I would have done, but I'm certainly not a coach, our field goal kickers have not had a good track record either

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I'll tell you what, he was mired in mediocrity for the better part of his career. But he has certainly come of age this year. He plays like a man and is not afraid to take a hit, unlike some other recievers at UT. You know who I'm talking about. Rogers bleeds orange and you can tell he gives it his all every week. To bad we dont have his leadership for another year

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Coaches should have made him interview. Thousands of donors just like me donate money every year so these kids can go to school and play sports.

Had they won he would have been happy to interview. Doing the post game interviews should not be an option, it should be mandatory for all players to be ready to answer media questions.

Coaching change or not I will still write my check next year but it does get harder each year to do so. People keep saying don't go to a game and let neyland be empty once, well for starters I'm not a quitter, plus I already have paid for the tickets so UT doesn't lose money for me not going.

Very good statement....I agree with all of that, and I understand your position as well. I dont live in the Knoxville or Tennessee area, but if I did I would have certainly went to the game and showed my support for the kids. Maybe I dont want to show support for the coaching staff....but the young men yes. So I think they should show respect back by doing an interview for the fans and media, no matter how bad the loss is.

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Bray is not a good QB, it's not that hard to see. If it's results you want, Worley, let's go!

Bray is a gunslinger with a rifle arm....but he is just not a student of the game, he never has been. You cant just wing your way through an SEC defense. You have to understand what the defense is trying to do to you, and adust accordingly. I only think he started taking it somewhat seriously this past offseason, when he should have been doing that from the very beginning

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Cheating my sss. 48-38-7 Bama alltime loser BOB. At least phat Phil will get to see another 30k Bama fans in your run down stadium just like 2008.... You KNOW who won that game in 2005 lol but enjoy your revisionist history

Bama still actually counts that game as a win I think, just like they count about 37 national championships now, maybe more, it seems to grow by the month....and BTW its not a rundown stadium, its newly renovated and one of the best college facilities in the country. BTW again, we are second only to Georgia Tech in all-time home stadium wins and closing to number 1. Shove that up your pipe and smoke it!!!

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Dooley is a decent recruiter. However, he couldn't get the job done at LA Tech and he can't at Tennessee. Coaching is not really a strong point for him. He loses games because the other coach is always smarter. If losing more games this year than the last year is moving in the right direction, then he is on the right path. He just does not have the skills to be a head coach.

If you remember Saban referred to Dooley in this manner also. He said the one person he feared the most in recruiting was Derek Dooley. Notice he said RECRUITING and nothing mentioned about coaching or head coaching. I do think he is a good recruiter, but I think that may be all he is, a recruiter and position coach

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I do think that the kids are playing hard on defense, as bad as that sounds considering were giving up 450 ypg. Something is just not right with that defense, you could almost drive a styrofoam mack truck through it and not touch anything. And nothing changed in the two off weeks we had to work on it

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People need to lay off Tyler Bray, he did not have his best game, but he still threw 2 TD's and got us back in the game. The offense was'nt even on the field that much in the first half, mainly because our defense is just killing us right now. Our running game is as good as its ever been with dooley....213 yards against the second best rushing defense in the SEC. Hopefully that helps us in the second half of the season, definitely going to need it. I dont know if Dooley is the answer, alot of people are upset including me. These next few games will certainly tell us

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Meh....whats the line on how many big running plays UT gives up this week, or how many INT's does Bray throw

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why not, for Sal certainly has not brought nothing to the defense

How many people who were talking bad about John Chavis miss him now. I for one hated to see him go, his defense was very good in Fulmers last year, we just had no offense to help him out. His defenses may not have been the best in the SEC, but for the most part, they were always in position to make plays

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No ****, because if not, I may just have to buy a ticket to every UT game from here on out, stand on the sideline, and every time I see an opposing back breaking off a 70 yard run I'll trip him up myself.....good grief, its like we need a 12th man out there

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I miss Justin Wilcox. I am not sure exactly what we have in a DC at the present time.

I agree, everybody said we hit a homerun with the hire of Sunseri....well, I've seen about 5 home runs consisting of about 70 yards each....that is unacceptble, we definitely lead the stats in that category.

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Yea but what about the many untouched 70 yard runs do I have to see before we get this fixed. I see why Saban didnt make much of a fight to keep Sunseri. I also think we need to get a kicker who can kick a freakin extra point, or maybe we need to let A.J. Johnson do that too.

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I would certainly hope thier wary of the big plays, considering how many times they've been gashed lately........

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BTW, did anyone lse see Justin pull up lame after the celebratory jump-butt bump? Coaches should ban that stupid manuever now. It's just a matter of time before a torn ACL or broken leg ends a season for a player that could have been a difference maker. Teach the guys high-fives, and let the fools for other teams do the jumps to destruction. Act like we have done the good things before and will do so again!

Maybe they should get Trooper Taylor to teach them how to do a proper chest bump....doesnt necessarily require jumping in the air

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I think what needs to be reset is Jim Chaney.....I've just never liked his playcalling, seems very predictable, especially when there is no running game at all. But the running game was somewhat there Saturday and yet he totally abandoned it. Florida then knew what was coming and it was easy for them. There were hardly any misdirection plays, screens, end around, RB out of backfield etc. It was pistol and more pistol and Floridas DBs had lockdown coverage and the rush would get to Tyler. Granted, I'm not a coach....he is....but it just seems is playcalling is too easy to defend

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Yea, but that was with David Cutcliff as OC, and Georgia coaches said they were glad to see him go to duke....he gave them a lot of problems. Im not a big fan of Jim Chaney, he knows a lot about passing but the run game is like greek to him, no clue. His play calling seems to be predictable to me, I hate to say it but Lane Kiffins play calling was better

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If it were up to me Teague would be serving Gatorade on the bench and nothing else. I dont know what their seeing in this guy. I still dont understand that run by Trey Burton....everybody in the freakin stadium knew he was going to run off tackle and nobody even touched him, minus Teagues chicken**** attempt. Covering more than one side of the field might be sufficient also

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Im sick to my stomach after watching that collapse Saturday night. Seems to be the norm for this program the last several years. Its like they go somewhere and smoke dope or something cause their nowhere to be found after halftime. I dont even think Trey Burton was touched and everybody in the freakin stadium knew he was going to run off tackle. Losing our best DB just adds fuel to the fire. Hopefully somebody steps up.....In my opinion Teague would be doing nothing but serving Gatorade, and Waggner did not have his best game. I believe covering more than one side of the field would be sufficient also