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Vols are Orange & White. Period!

This is the WORST decision the new Coach or Hart or whomever has made! I sure hope they only wear them to ONE away game & discard them this year!

Vols are about TRADITION. We are BIG ORANGE! And that is Orange and White!!! I don't recall seeing the Orange & Grey or Orange & Blue or Black bookstore when I was on campus. Go back to the true Tennessee Colors, Orange & White!

Please! All Vols - Orange & White !!!

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The more I think about it; the angrier I get!!! Our school colors have ALWAYS been Orange & White & that's the way it should stay! Period.

Whomever decided they had the authority to change our school's colors needs to be fired immediately or given a stern warning & a History lesson! And I don't care if it was the President, or Jones or Hart, etc. No one has the right to change our school's colors. I thought the black & orange Halloween thing was atrocious, but that was ONE game. Coach Jones, we're not Oregon & we don't want to be Oregon. We're UT and our colors are Orange & White!!! Pls wear those "new" uniforms one time for an away game at Austin Peay or somewhere & then let's go back to our tradition! Please!

Always a Vol - Orange & White Vol

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Tennessee's school colors are Orange & White!

Written on Evan Woodbery: UT video drops strong hints that new uniforms will come out today, could be 'smokey':

I thought the school colors were Orange & White.

Gray, black, blue whatever doesn't exactly represent the Big Orange!

The color change is totally disgusting for me for now. I feel about 100 yrs old, or maybe I just like the idea of Orange & White.

Written on UT safety Max Arnold, pushing for playing time, knew walk-on journey wouldn't be easy:

Great Job, Mr. Max!!! Proud that you're a Tennessee Vol!

Wear the Orange & White with distinction! Your workout effort speaks volumes about your character!

All Vols - All the Time - I bleed Big Orange!!!

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Lest we forget...Curt Maggitt can pass rush with the best. I see a lot of blitzes this year!!!

Go Big Orange - All Vols - All the Time - VFL

Written on Butch Jones hints at UT uniform tweaks, but says changes will ‘respect tradition’:

Tennessee Vols: Orange & White. Period!

Please let's roll with our traditional Orange and White. After all those ARE the school colors and have been since I can remember.

Recruits understand tradition, students understand tradition, faculty understand tradition, and now it's time for our new football coaches and administration to respect the Orange & White. We're not called the Big Orange for nothing. And we're NOT Orange and Black.


All Vols - Always - Believe in the Orange & White!

Written on Mike Strange: Rethinking the SEC's projected bowl options:

Disappointed in this article...that you Strange?
Wonder how many Vol fans would travel to New York City? Seriously.

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UT is Orange and White!!! Leave the uniforms alone! No black, no checkerboard, no state symbol...our uniforms are ORANGE & WHITE. PERIOD.


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Stick with the tradition!!! Orange and White!!!

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in response to vol98champ:

Some thoughts.
Don't think Ivy was 100% since she did something to her finger. Can you imagine the criticism of the Weeklys if they had put Ivy in the 11th and she gave up 3 runs? I have had it with the "coaches" on this board.
I am ready for electronic calls on balls and strikes in big FPS games. I can tolerate a strike an inch or two off the zone, but when a pitch is perfect like the "strikeout pitch" Ivy threw in the 3rd inning, I say it is time to get rid of these incompetents. Also, replays on close plays on the bases. I wonder how many they missed.
We almost beat one of the best teams in the world. Be proud Lady Vols.

+1 Ivy had numerous pitches which were called balls by the umpires which were strikes. That alone would affect a pitcher's confidence. With the recent tragedies in Oklahoma, I think the announcers and the umpires were for them to win.

Anyway, great effort Lady Vols!!! Classiest group of players out there!

And thanks for the entertainment of these past few years to all of our seniors! It's great to be a UT Vol!

All Vols - All the Time - Looking forward to football in 88 days!

Written on Tory Lewis hits game-winning single in 7th to lift Lady Vols, 1-0:

Tennessee Lady Vols!!! Pretty girls playing exciting softball...gotta love it!

Our whole team IS the CLASSIEST of them all. Lady Vols are the pride of Tennessee!

Great game Ellen, Tory, and Whitney! Next game we break out our sleeping giant...the magnificent Raven, Madison, Lauren, Kat, Melissas and when needed the exquisite Ivy. Hannah has played superbly and Cheyenne is destined to become a big-time star! We also must be thankful to have the finest coaches in the country...thank you Ralph & Karen and your assistants. Hope I didn't leave anyone out...can you tell I'm a HUGE fan of Lady Vols?

All Vols - All the Time - I love my Tennessee Vols!!!

Written on Lady Vols take cover in Oklahoma City; tornado postpones WCWS:

The tournament needs to be held in OKC; that's the home of the Women's College World Series!

Some things need to be left alone!

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in response to heyitsme:

Sorry Bryce, I'm not an egotistical, confused, prima-donna running back. I'm grounded, have short and long term goals, and I "want" to be a Vol...!!!


Jalen Hurd

+1 Best post of the day!

Welcome to Big Orange Country, Mr. Jalen Hurd!

All Vols - All the Time - Vol for Life!!!

Written on Tennessee defensive back Daniel Gray to transfer:

in response to Original_Witch_Doctor:

Witch Doctor say best comment today.

Bones never lie.

Easily best comment! +3-4-5-6-7

From our worst defense in history, we lose a 2nd-3rd teamer. Good luck to Mr. Gray.

All Vols - All the Time - Love some Big Orange!!!

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in response to mocsandvolsfan:

I find it funny that many of the people attacking Martin for his integrity are some of the main sources of attacks on UT players and coaches for years now. "Enemies of the State"? maybe. There was nothing wrong with this action whether the Landrys liked it or not. My guess is they saw it coming. The kid'll be fine and probably find his future wife at his next school. Hopefully that will be a good thing?
HI. Bye! Wish you the best. seriously.
I remember firing a young lady once after she was hired by my Dist. Mgr. with absolutely no sales experience to be an asst. Mgr. He was the idiot and not the girl . Still she had to go after showing should couldn't do her job. It's life and most of us have experienced it on one side or the other.

Truthfully I've agreed with you on many of your posts. But since when is lying to a recruit okay?

You missed the mark on this one. JMHO!

All Vols - All the Time - Vol for Life

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in response to BruisedOrange:

College athletics is, by nature and intent, a competitive game.

A National Letter of Intent ends the competition among recruiters for a player's commitment.

But an NLI does not end the competition by players for a spot on the roster.

Justify it however you may. But the fact remains: the fish stinks first from the head! And this stinks! A man is only as good as his word...or maybe you don't adhere to that philosophy. I've done many things of which I'm not proud; keeping my word isn't one of them. I expect better from our Tennessee Coaches! JMHO!

When our society says it's okay to lie & deceive, it makes me feel grateful to have been born then not now. Coach Martin should explain the logic behind the move to ALL Vol fans, and he should apologize to the young man and his family. JMHO! First & foremost the Tennessee Vol brand is CLASS...First Class!


Written on UT releases Travon Landry from men's basketball letter of intent:

Not a very proud moment for the U of T. I am disappointed at the disingenuous behavior on the part of our basketball coaches. Whatever may have been gained in athleticism is lost to some degree in integrity. Sportsmanship and loyalty have been leveraged by one upmanship and winning potential. It may be a sign of the times; it's not a sign of CLASS or HONESTY which we've grown to expect from our athletic department and University. If this is the prevalent practice of our new coaching regime, I am saddened by the absence of ethics. From a football point of view, I sure hope this isn't the modus operandi of Coach Jones' new staff. Bottom line if you offer a young man a scholarship, (and he hasn't done anything to disparage the contract or been overcome by injury) then you honor it. Period! Big Orange Forever!


Written on Mike Strange: Reinforcements should bolster Vols' offense :

Another good article Mike! Can't wait for Sept.!

All Vols - Big Orange !!!

Written on John Adams: UConn one big victory shy of Lady Vols:

Facts are not usual. First you said UCONN was one behind Lady Vols at 7 National Titles & then you end your pathetic article stating UCONN is going for their 9TH. What is it John? Or do you not have a proofreader? Or do you even care about your discrepancies? Al Dunning...NOT!

Ready for John Adams to go the way of Andrew Drivel & a few other inept writers coddled by the KNS.


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May God Bless you Marlon!

All Vols - All the Time

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I had the great pleasure of knowing Tom back in '66 or '67 when I roomed with a guy who had played football & who knew Tom from Gibbs Hall. Tom would sometimes bring his very cute girlfriend by our apartment in Clinch Towers; she was all of 5'2"...very cute couple. Tom was one of the nicest, most humble, down-to-earth, genuine guys I ever met. Proud to have known him! He was a great representative of our Vols! May he R.I.P.

All Vols Forever

Written on Butch Jones says of event countering Nick Saban: 'I'll do anything in Tennessee':

Athens Tennessee does NOT ROCK if you're a Tennessee Vol!

Vols don't need that kind of "loyalty"...what a bunch of ill-conceived ideas from the Athens Chamber. They really should explain & apologize to Coach Butch Jones & his staff for inviting Saban to recruit. Pitiful!

Written on Vols believe they can have elite offensive line:

Vols will be just fine! We'll have the best O line in the country & our slots & backs will surprise many in the SEC!

Go Big Orange

Written on Alabama hires Bill Battle as athletic director:

For all those who comment negatively about Bill Battle, you're probably some of those who wanted to fire Coach Fulmer. Battle was a damn good football coach; check his winning percentage.

This website has quite a few ignorant idiots who would complain about anything!

Anyway, good luck to all our former coaches!!!

All Vols - All the Time - Tennessee First!!!

Written on Season ends for Vols in NIT opener, 75-67:

Obviously we were outcoached & outplayed!

Would hope we'd win the NIT & prove our NCAA snub wrong. Instead quite the opposite.

Now it will be more difficult to get into the NCAA tournament unless we can show a helluva lot more intensity! Probably the worst our team can perform against a clearly outmanned but better motivated team. Very poor job of coaching!!!

I think Cuonzo & his staff mailed it in after the Alabama loss. Given the talent we have, if we can't make it to the Big Dance next year with some success? Cuonzo proved he couldn't motivate his guys to beat Mercer, 'nuff said.

I was a huge fan of Coach, not so much! I found it very tough to watch our team play as listless & pitiful as they did. If we don't do one helluva lot better next year...I mean we've got Jarnell Stokes, Trae Golden, Jordan McCrea and we can't beat Mercer? Just WOW!!! If we don't win a few games in the NCAA tournament next year, then it's time for some serious introspection!!

All Vols - Can't believe we couldn't beat Mercer - Vol for Life

Written on No. 2 seed Lady Vols open with Oral Roberts; Baylor is No. 1 seed:

Whomever named those in the picture should be excused from that duty. Totally wrong!

Anyway I LOVE my Lady Vols & if Bashara, Taber & Ms Meghan(on & off) Simmons play their best we can beat anybody!!! Ms Simmons is probably the BEST player in college basketball when she plays teamwork! I think we're looking at a final four team! Don't forget Spani & Graves!

Always Love my Tennessee Lady Vols!!!

ps. I remember when Holly Warlick was the best player in women's college basketball!!

Marcell Marciniak & Bridgett Gordon, & Chamique & Tamika & Sydney & Candace & Kara & the rest can only try to fill Holly's footprint. Holly was the embodiment of our Tennessee Lady Vols!!!
If our players will play with the intensity of Holly Warlick, we will WIN the National Championship!!!

Written on John Adams: Vols lost their desperate edge when they needed it most:

Most pathetic comments from the venerable Mr. Adams. Sounds as though he's mailed it in. Yeah, the NCAA bid was there for the taking, but the sky isn't falling. I think we'll still get in based on our body of work.

Hard to understand the downing of the Vols by the hometown sports authority?

All Vols - All the Time - Vol for Life -

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Saddening that Taber was playing the game of her SEC career, and the rest of the players didn't make a concerted effort to help her get her shots in the second half. WRONG!

Congratualtions Taber Spani on an outstanding game!

No defense from our point guards & Simmons gets out of control...again.

Tough job coaching the Lady Vols! Brightest spot is we have Bashara who is the next Glory Johnson.

All Vols!

Written on Tim Spencer interviews for Vols' running back job:

I have complete confidence in Coach Butch Jones & his staff to come up with our best option for running backs coach. Coach Butch has been ostracized for keeping his staff together...which is about the stupidest criticism I've ever heard. First of all his "team of coaches have been wildly successful" and secondly isn't there a huge benefit to continuity and mutual respect and communication between our staff members? I am extremely proud of the way Coach Butch has represented the University, and the best is yet to come. Whomever is selected for running backs coach should be a team player along the lines of our current coaches. I can't wait for the greatest era of Tennessee football in this modern day environment to surface. Loyalty & dedication without the ego will translate to our team & make our team great going forward!

All Vols - Vol for Life - Big Orange Forever - Annd pleaaase don't mess with the Orange & White...that's our team colors & should remain that way forever. We are Tennessee...Orange & White...we don't need to emulate Oregon or any other fancy trendy here today gone tomorrow color schemes. Our uniforms should be Orange & White!!!

Written on Vols land a big one, 64-58, against Florida :

One of the great Vol wins. I was in class with Ron Widby and got the chance to witness firsthand the Vols put a whippin' on Louie Dampier, Dan Issel, and Pat Riley at the old Stokely Athletic Center. At the time it was probably the biggest upset in the history of Tennessee basketball and it was a thrilling sight to behold. We're getting to that stage now where I don't think anyone can stop us. And Skylar probably can't punt like Ron, but he's got the same smooth baseline jumper! Our bigs are the best in the conference & Trae deserves All-American consideration. But we have one player who cannot be guarded one on one; Jordan McCrae can create his shot. That makes him invaluable & first team SEC along with the strongest big in the conference if not in the country, Mr. Yarnell Stokes. Also hats off to Kenny & Yemi; we are deep inside the paint. And you've got to give it up for Coach Cuonzo!!! I knew when we signed him we were getting someone special! Vols are about to build a basketball dynasty. It's a GREAT time to be a Tennessee Vol! And for the record I'm 110% behind Coach Butch Jones & the continuity he's keeping with his coaching staff, and the world class expertise of Coach Dave Serrano, and the classiest of Tennessee Lady Vol basketball second only to the Best Coach in Basketball History,Coach Holly. Many seem to have forgotten what a remarkable player & team leader Holly Warlick proved to be. Holly rocks! And we've got the BEST assistant coaches in the Nation! I wouldn't trade Coach Kyra & the rest for the entire bench on Gino "the cheater & womanizer" of Connecticut's staff.

In two years time I would not be surprised if the Vols were back on top in Basketball, Football, Lady Vol Hoops, and it goes without saying our Lady Vol Softball team will soon be National Champions ...hopefully this year while we still have Raven, Lauren, Madison, Ivy, and Ellen together. It absolutely ROCKS to be a Tennessee Vol!

Written on John Adams: Role players play a major role to back McRae :

Kenny & Yemi were outstanding! Our bigs played admirably. I thought Jordan got a little too trigger happy late; but he's the best offensive threat in the SEC! We do have the best & strongest big man in the conference & Trae Golden is an All-American! Our Coach has this group playing together like a final four entry! McBee is sooo clutch, and the combo of Yarnell, Kenny, & Yemi make us the best paint team in the SEC. I truly believe if we can keep this momentum and I think we can, we will win the SEC tournament. Coach Cuonzo should get SEC Coach of the Year and player of the year has to have Trae, Jordan, and Yarnell in the mix. Man you've got to give it to the Vols; easily the most improved team in the SEC if not the entire country. Damn, Coach Cuonzo should be in the conversation for National Coach of the Year!

It's GREAT to be a Tennessee Vol!!!

Written on Former UT strength coach Troy Wills arrested for breaking into arena office:

in response to VOLDoll:

Is anyone else suprised he was hired by Bruce Pearl? lol! I am so glad that clown is no longer at UT. How many of you are still crying yourselves to sleep every night over Pearls sorry asz being fired LMFAO!

Obviously you have trouble with comprehension or maybe just reading in general. In the article it was pointed out that Wills was hired when Buzz Peterson was the Coach. Learn to read or get off this website, please.

Written on Jay Graham reunites with Randy Sanders, Sal Sunseri at Florida State:

in response to volthrunthru#658770:

Uh, Psssst....over here...psst...hey sheeple...

why would a LEGEND@UT, having come
home,leave???????? Graham is a great guy,who enjoyed tremendous success here and
elsewhere, prior to meeting Butch Jones and
the Jones gang...

a coach who himself signed the best
of the mediocre class
that Jones & the other Jones Gang coaches
put together...

Psssst.....uh, you hoooooo.....this just

legacy all-americans, who had the only
real success in a recruiting class...

do not leave their alma mater unless
something is seriously wrong at work,
such as:

a. Graham is legacy, best coach, and makes
$50-60,000 less than Jones' bubbahs
he brought from Cincinnati....who
were making about 70% what Graham
was making at UT, last year and got
tremendous raises...while Graham got
promises, a pittance and ignored.

b.These bozo coaches from Cincinnati,
who did NOT step up big in recruiting
this year, are not at Graham's level---
and they are white. Graham is black.
And, the ignorance Jones displayed in
paying his bubbas that way and stepping
over the guy whose "the RUN" against
Bama...a guy who out-recruited Jones's
entire group of amazing.

3. Graham was not even interviewed for
offensive coordinator...not even asked
if he woulde like to interview for it.
Instead, he got this junior-grade head
coach who sucked up to all the UT
lettermen and got them to say nice
things---and the coach jobbed Tee
Martin, because he did not meet the
offer at USC---instead, choosing to
give the money to his bubbas---and
now Jay Graham, Vol to the core, is
voting with his feet, too.

Jones and his bubbas are just more of the problem. They are proving it, weekly. And many of the naive twits on these internet sites---who are starved for a winner at UT---are so dumb that they annoint a mediocre head coach into the next General Neyland, before the guy's first Spring practice, not to mention his first game.

Listen...UT Football is in trouble. And the journalists nowadays suck up to get stories, rather than dig to get facts to report. The coaches that are good do not want to come here or stay here---as evidenced by the fact UT is paying 50% more than comparable experience gets elsewhere---and evidenced by the fact that people like Jay Graham, who knows these bozos, leave. Yes, some other would be coaches will step in, who wore orange, and want to pad their resumes---but these coaches are not SEC caiber. Just that simple. Jay Graham just told you so, if you did not hear Tee Martin.

Aren't you the same guy who posted all the incessantly ignorant comments about the Vols last year?

You truly epitomize negativity...yet you claim to be a Vol fan? Why don't you prove you're a Vol fan or just quit posting on this website? I cannot remember even once when you had something positive to say about UT.

Vol for or lose ... Love MY Vols!!! And I support Coach Butch Jones & his staff 110%!

p.s. Jay Graham is a legend in his own mind, nothing loyal about him except to Jay Graham!

Written on Butch Jones impressing 'my mentality' on Vols during grueling workouts:

Coach Butch,

You have the TOTAL 110% support from ALL true Tennessee Vols. T E NN E SS EE Tennessee! Who can beat 'em, we can beat 'em, we're the team that can defeat 'em!!! Big Orange for Life!!!

Now let's KICK some A.. in the SEC THIS year!

All Vols - All the Time - Vol for Life - Go Big Orange!

...and let's not fool around with our traditional uniforms, we are Orange & White! Big Orange Country!

Written on Lady Vols may 'try to go with five or six players' after latest set of injuries :

Jasmine Jones, Bashara, Taber, Cierra & Simmons?(cross your fingers}! Firepower & Rebounding. Of course when Kamiko is healthy she should be on the court FIRST! And sure we miss Izzy, but let's let her get need to risk endangering her upcoming sparkling career. JP & NM will get their time on court; just right now we need senior leadership, scoring, and Bashara Graves is destined to become an All-American. She reminds so much of the heart and soul of last year's team, a top five draft pick I believe. Named Glory Johnson!

Written on Kamiko Williams makes most of first start in 2 years for Lady Vols, 88-45 :

Kamiko Rocks!!! Spani, Graves & sometimes Simmons (she does appear to be growing up finally) are the nucleus of a GREAT team.

When Harrison & Burdick return at full strength; the sky's the limit! Gotta love the play of Jasmine ... and Nia has untapped potential!

Final we come!

All Vols!!!

Written on Report: Dallas Cowboys ready to hire Derek Dooley :

Congratulations to Coach Dooley! Class Act!

Wishing you the very best!!! And thank you for giving your all to Tennessee!!!

Vol for Life

Written on Tennessee, Butch Jones plan post-Signing Day celebrations across the state :

Gotta like what Coach Jones is doing to renew tradition! This man looks like a keeper!!!

All Vols - All the Time - Vol for Life - Go Big Orange!!!

Written on Dave Hart: 'We've got to continue the series':

The UT-Memphis series is a natural rivalry. It is a Win-Win for both Universities. I applaud Coach Hart & AD Tom Bowen for seeing the "bigger picture"!!! It just makes sense to continue the competition; anything else is just beyond stupid!

Written on Derek Dooley finds words for Twitter :

Just a classy smart guy...and a credit to the University! I only wish Coach Dooley the very best life has to offer! He raised the program form the remnants left by Kiffin, and he did it with class and dignity. Would love to see him stay at Tennessee in some capacity!

Written on Butch Jones' staff taking shape; Tee Martin reportedly has offer :

I support Coach Jones 100%! Annd I am Big Orange for life. But isn't Coach Pittman one of the very best offensive line coaches in the country? And Martinez does not have a good rep from those in Georgia. Don't know much of Thigpen except I believe he was fired at Auburn. And it was fairly obvious to all Vol fans that Coach McKeefery was an excellent strength & conditioning coach. I understand bringing loyal team players, but the Tennessee offensive coach was pretty damn good!

Get ready Coach Jones; the SEC is BIG BOY football! We played no less than five (5) top ten teams this year...Al, Ga, Fl, Sc, and LSU!!! MS State and Vanderbilt were no pushovers!

I hope I'm just being cautious, but since we play at the highest level of competition in the entire country...we really need the BEST coaches & players! If you really want to bring in someone who bleeds Orange & exemplifies the spirit, then get Al Wilson! Hiring castoffs from other schools is IMHO NOT the answer.

Good luck Coach! I'll support you throughout!!!

All Vols - All the Time - Vol for Life - I BLEED Orange!!!

Written on Saugatuck to Sunsphere: Butch Jones' meteoric rise :

for you...loser volthr&thru,

get a life!

Written on Players, recruits respond to hiring :

in response to usnavyvolfan__times_free_press_can_shove_it:

Yes...bring back the Troop!

I know you've got to be sarcastic! Surely the NCAA & the "Jump the Ship" violator would be welcome? Huh? Get back on your meds!

NoNoNo T Taylor...Al Wilson, Dale Jones, Tee Martin, but NOO TTaylor. You want to wreck UT permanently?

All Vols

Written on Butch Jones promises 'best staff in the country' :

Welcome Coach!!! Obviously Jay Graham & Sam Pittman did great jobs last year for Tennessee; I hope you will keep them. For those who've recommended Trooper "Jump Ship" Taylor, I would question their mental capacity. Not only that the man was subject to questionable activity while at Auburn. I think the NCAA is still investigating. It would be great if we could get Al Wilson or Tee or maybe Dale Jones back in the fold. Anyway given your success, I am confident you will find a way to improve the Vols & lead us back to the top of the mountain.

All Vols - All the Time - I Bleed Orange - Vol for Life!!!

Written on Mike Strange: Butch Jones dreamed of a job like Tennessee :

6 years, 4 conference titles!!! HOME RUN!!!

Welcome Coach Jones!

And for the record, the best sportswriter the KNS ever had was a guy named Al Dunning; the best sportscaster EVER was named John Ward!!! I suspect Coach Jones heard some of these guys growing up in Michigan.

I don't know about the rest of you true Vol fans, but I am FIRED UP!!! Loved Coach Fulmer annd Coach Dooley, but We've got to now support Coach Butch 100%!!! And at this point I have to retract my criticism of Coach Hart! I BELIEVE we've hit a GRAND SLAM!!!

All Vols - All the Time - Vol for Life

Written on Butch Jones coaching bio:

Welcome Coach Jones to Big Orange Country!!!

All Vols

Written on Names to watch: Tennessee coaching search Day 18 (updated Dec. 6):

You would think Hart had someone committed before he fired Coach Dooley. Personally I'd rather have Coach Dooley or Coach Fulmer than any of the people mentioned on this website. But since they're unlikely to happen, Butch Davis, Dan Mullen, or Tommy Tubberville have all taken teams from also-rans to winners. If Dave Hart ( and no I didn't agree with firing Coach Dooley or Coach Fulmer for that matter ) doesn't hire someone who elevates the program to relevance, then he should be replaced by Phil Fulmer! I'm beginning to wonder along with several other former UT students if Chancellor Cheek is up to the task. Tennessee should be a DESTINATION job; UT should be second to NO ONE NO TIME EVER!

All Vols

Written on ESPN report says Charlie Strong is top candidate for Tennessee head football coach:

Because of Mike Hamilton, the Head Coach at UT has become a tough act to follow. Phil Fulmer set the bar! Don't know much about Coach Strong, but I do know that Butch Davis, Dan Mullen, and Tommy Tubberville have shown to be proven winners at the highest level! Whomever gets the job will be paid well, and that person will be expected to perform. I am hopeful that Coach Hart is playing this close to the vest and that he has already made a selection & gotten a committment. If not, then I would have to question why? We should NEVER take a back seat to Auburn or Arkansas! We had a Hall of Fame Coach and fired him; we had a coach who greatly improved our team and fired him. Let's get this done right...and NO Trooper Taylor btw...and let's get the Vols back in the upper echelon i.e. on top of the SEC!

This is Coach Dave Hart's signature hire. The hopes & dreams of Vol fans across the nation await some stroke of genius. If no, then I will be the first to suggest Coach Fulmer as new AD!

All Vols - All the Time - Tennessee Vol for Life!!!

Written on Tennessee's coach search turns to Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy :

Personally, I'd rather have a Hall of Fame Coach with a fabulous winning percentage who bleeds Tennessee Orange than any of those mentioned. But it makes too much sense for most of these idiot posters. But if UT won't offer Coach Fulmer, then why not go after another proven winner? Butch Davis, Dan Mullen, and Tommy Tubberville have all proven they can win in adverse circumstances.

FWIW I think the SEC Coach of the Year hands down should be Hugh Freeze! Sumlin & Muschamp inherited tremendous talent; Freeze got the most from what he had. Congratulations.

Back on topic, why NOT consider Coach Fulmer? If we cannot get one of the three I mentioned, I definitely would offer Coach. Of course, I would offer him first...but then that's just because my blood runs Orange too.

All Vols - All the Time - Vol for Life!