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Written on James Franklin apologizes for calling Saban 'Nicky Satan':

At least he didn't say he was "gonna work like heck".

Written on John Adams: Dual-threat quarterbacks helpful for duels in the SEC :

Actually what you saw is 3 SEC teams that played teams that were much more motivated than them. This is the problem with the bowl system. Do you actually think if that was a semi final game in a playoff system that Lou would have beaten Florida or Lsu would have lost to Clemson? The difference in athletes on the field was obvious in those games but the motivation was obvious too. It also doesn't help when Les Miles is the worst game manager in college football & we've seen those last drives on Chavis' defenses for years (twice this year).

Written on Mark Wiedmer: Are Auburn or UT desperate enough to hire Petrino?:

in response to Go4Two:

Hire Fulmer back hire Chavis as head coach in waiting. This might reverse the curse.

No thanks, funny how people forget about losing to Wyoming on homecoming and still losing to Florida every year and Chavis giving up every critical third and long while Fulmer claps on the sidelines. They had some good years but all things come to an end and Fulmer got stale. I'd rather have somebody else.

Written on Big drop in Tyler Bray's fourth-quarter numbers :

in response to rockypop:

For all you posters who think Bray, Patterson and Hunter are headed to the NFL after this season - get real. While I'll admit there's a chance, I will also say that history is against them. Bray and Hunter have yet to play a full season (except, maybe for this one). Patterson is playing his first D1 season this year. None of these guys have shown they can compete favorably against big time competition.

Look at Heath Shuler, who was considered a sure lock to be an NFL star after coming out as a Junior, but ended up a bust. Vince Young came out as a Junior and was a bust.

Sure, these guys can declare, but they would all be fools to do so. They need to stay and prove they are who they say they are. And, that particularly applies to Bray. He hasn't done jack, except beat D2 competition. Sure, the guy has all the tools, but he has yet to prove he can perform at the next level against quality competition.

Now I realize that all of them have people in their ears. But, if they listen, they're all going to fail. Including the people in their ears.

You must not have seen Bryce Brown getting carries last night for the Eagles. If he can do it with the college career he had (or lack therof), anyone can.

Written on Derek Dooley doesn't expect suspended Da'Rick Rogers to return:

in response to MWAVolfan:

Yeah, good idea. why dont you rip apart the team right before the season begins. It was already going to be an uphill battle and now you remove probably our very best player. You may have gotten rid of a chump, but what will it do for the morale of the team? I'm telling you, if one thing goes wrong, like losing to NC State, the whole season will go in the trash.

Justin Hunter is by far a better player, so is AJ Johnson, Antonio Richardson, and Curt Maggit. I'm sure CP will prove to be as good or better as well.

Written on Tennessee releases depth chart for opener:

in response to VOLet_parking:

Why on earth are Z Rodgers and C Blanc on this chart? We have brought in so many great receivers over the past few years, and he continually plays Rodgers over all of them.

Hey moron, Cody Blanc is a big kid that runs 4.4s, runs great routes, and has hands. My guess is that you've never been to a practice. I've been to many.

Written on Derek Dooley doesn't expect suspended Da'Rick Rogers to return:

There's no shortage of them that like weed. All of you morons blaming Dooley forget about everybody from the Travis Cozarts to the LaMarcus Cokers of the Fulmer era. There's too many to name. It happens.

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