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Written on Josh Dobb's calls now will be with Tennessee Vols:

Yes UT will be on the green side as far as there QB's, Worley has a few games under his belt but still wet behind the ear. But I do not see this as very bad, good in fact. Only worley has any Dooley plays but few at that. Worley (or Peterman) may be the starter , but I see Dobbs seeing playing time. I think UT's QB future looking bright for 3 or 4 years.

Written on Tennessee at Oregon to kickoff at 3:30 p.m.:

One thing to remember is Jones is UT's new coach, but Kelly is no longer with the Duck's also. Oregon will be expecting a vanilla UT due our last meeting and UT weak past 3 years record. So we could play then a close game.

Written on Bret Bielema counting on former UT assistant coaches to improve Arkansas:

He is counting on his coordinators to coach the team? Sounds like a coach we had.

Written on John Adams: Butch Jones didn't need a meeting to figure out the SEC:

Nice article John. I haven't heard John speak this nice about a UT coach since... well never. He is either giving Butch the benefit of the dought or just has not found anything to complain about. by Oct-Nov he will find something.

Written on Former Wyoming punter Tim Gleeson says he plans to enroll at UT:

Sayes he will do one thing but ends up transferring, leaving school to take care of "personal issues". Yep sounds like he will fit in just fine at UT.

Written on SEC's new network with ESPN to debut in 2014:

Hope a deal like this will help a financially strapped UT over come some of the dume contracts Hamlton did when he was AD. Like Fulmor and Doolie's, those two left UT oweing them millions.

Written on Tyler Bray's father says NFL draft was 'brutal':

Worst thing Bray did to himself was bypass his SR season. Because CBJ Coaches by makeing his teams think while playing, Bray really needed this. I do not think UT was hurt real bad buy him leaving. Now UT will get a thinking QB next season.

Written on Tyler Bray shut out at NFL draft, but Mychal Rivera lands with home-state team:

There will be a party tonight! a pitty party, 2 inventions only Mr. Bray and Mr. Rogers.

Written on UT's Justin Hunter selected by Tennessee Titans in NFL draft:

I am so happy about this, he to me was my favorite WR at UT. Was bummed when he left a year early, but now it's all cool! Now got to get a Hunter Titans jersey.

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Think UT's D will be better this year, makes one wonder with CBJ at the helm now, and if Bray, Hunter and Paterson would hve stayed. How good would UT been this year?

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I hope UT's D plays with a chip on there sholder all season.

Written on Orange and White Game offers road map for summer improvement:

My point is Miss st. a team talked about to be one of the better teams in the SEC west. at least first year coach Jones trust UT's guys to do summer drills on there own.

Written on Orange and White Game offers road map for summer improvement:

I'm not sure but I think it was MISS. ST. spring game I was watching,anyway the team was playing and the coachs wee on the field with the players yelling instructions out as they played. It looked so funny.

Written on Some UT walk-ons could get rare stage at Saturday's Orange and White game:

I say play the walk-on's, For one it will give them a reward for for working well in practice. Two help shade UT's game plan for the rest of the SEC. Three may get the attention of some of the starters to work harder.


Written on John Adams: UT hopes one Daniel McCullers play will lead to others:

ould love to see McCullers bust through there O line and put there QB on his Quack.

Written on UT coach Butch Jones leaving door open for Marlin Lane's return:

Mmakes me wonder if Hurd comming in nex year has something to do with Lane's behavior?

Written on Tennessee leaves door open for Marlin Lane's possible return:

All Lane has to do is look at all the ex Vols who have went down the road he is about to go down, and see where most end up at. Just ask Da Rick if it was a wise choice.

Written on Coaches offer no timetable on return of Marlin Lane:

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Sounds like Lane is taking time off for the same reason Eric Gordan did. Speaking of, is he not in the mix for starting?? Before his time off coaches were saying he was doing good.

Let the more experienced guys have the time off during spring practice as long as they have there new rolls down pat by April 20th. The starters should be in till half time.

Written on Vols tinker with offensive line:

A new wrinkle our O line will need to be goo at it opening up running lanes. Withthe lack of experience at QB and WR UT will need to have a power run game.

Written on Vols' receiver issues limiting quarterbacks:

Last years run game was better than 2010, but hope our backs are ready to carry the offence this year. I do not think the passing game will be what it has the past few years.

Written on Butch Jones pleased with Vols' attitude after first day back at practice:

Thing I'm happy about is our guys stayed focussed on there jobs while on break. I'm sure they had fun but not to much fun. Shows a sign of being grown up. I'm sure this will show on the feild this season.

Written on Tyler Summitt to interview at Coastal Carolina:

Hope Tyler the best. It ould be nice if he made hisway back to UT one day.

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Pearl will be next TN coach

I think Pearl would like it if he were asked. If he was to wear the Orange blazzer again,he would be a wiser coach. But I'm not saying he will ever be at UT, but he will coach some were.

Written on Could Tyler Bray be the steal of the 2013 NFL draft?:

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Some team is going to get one heck of a QB (Bray) in this draft. He may carry a clipboard for a year or so (how many other great QB's did the same thing when they were drafted) but he will make some team proud that they drafted him. I would think a true Vol fan would want him to succeed.

Best thing that can happen to Bray is to go to a team as a 3ed stringer and learn, learn, learn! Oh grow up too. And when his time comes SHINE.

Written on Former UT running backs coach Jay Graham will make $275,000 at Florida State:

Could be he felt like a loner at his own home. Maybe he wanted to coach at a weaker conference or play somewhere he did ot fill like he was on the hot seat. Only Jay knows, good luck Jay.

Written on Nine-run third inning rallies Vols past Western Carolina:

Hope tis turns into a hot streak for our guys.

Written on After final practice, Tennessee coaches urge players to be prepared for return from spring break:

UT needs no off field trouble. I do not under stand why spring break is in the middle of spring practice, this is not the norm is it? I cant remember it being this way.

Written on Back for pro day, 'humbled' Da'Rick Rogers says he wants to rebuild bridge to UT:

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Would love to see the Titans take CP, Hunter, or Da'Rick and trade Britt for whatever value he may have.

Would love to see CP with the Titians, Britt gets hurt to easy. Somthing tells me the Seelers might want Bray & Da'Rick.

Written on At UT pro day, players vying for NFL job interview:

Iv heard talk about Bray on some sports pages about the Stealers really liking Bray, think they know big Ben is in his 11th hour.

Written on Senior Eric Gordon not currently with Vols; timeline for return uncertain:

Interesting thing about Peterman when he went LIVE on 3 plays, 2 were options to the RB, 3ed he got chased out of bounds. Sounds like a freshmen to me, but the O line needs to help more.

Written on Robert Morris stuns Kentucky in NIT, 59-57:

I know a few UK fans I can't wait to talk to. haha

Written on Tennessee football bounces back with best effort of spring, Butch Jones says:

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This sounds eerily similar to the Jenzen Jackson saga..

Is not Eric from Louisiana to?

Written on Rejection Sunday: Vols left out of NCAA tournament, receive No. 2 seed in NIT:

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Three years ago. Lost to MSU on Sunday.

If UT could have did that this year we could have got in.

Written on Mike Strange: Another NCAA near-miss ups the ante for Cuonzo Martin, Vols in 2014:

in response to emailnodata:

Mike, I'd take Bruce back in a heartbeat. NCAA baggage and all.

Zero question.

Funny back when BP first got fire I told people they would be wantimg him back in a few years, you would have thought I'd just kicked puppy the hate I got. I think BP's time will come again.

Written on Rejection Sunday: Vols left out of NCAA tournament, receive No. 2 seed in NIT:

One day the UT will figure out to get in the NCAA you got to win the SEC tournament. I can not remember last time we did more than one and done (or two). UT could have got to the NCAA if They could have went to the simi-finals or better.

Written on Vols game at Georgia a 3:30 kickoff:

It is funny for the past few years how the up and down Vol fan goes. No on is sure befor the season, but at 2-0 fokes go nuts with 8,9 or 10 win picks for the season. Then UF kick our butt then dom & gloom, fire Dooley chants. I said before the season a 7 win year, 8 if were luck and a good bowl. I'm at 247 this year, so the troll/posser is not bad there.

Written on Healthy Smokey takes a 'nip' at backup long snapper:

Was wandering how Smokey was doing, think he is doing fine. hay smokey gator is a bite chewy but rather tasty, get ya some!

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in response to givehim6:

Remember that far back? You must be 12 or some thing. You got a lot of good Vol memories in frount of you son. Tomorrow will be one, yes the Vols and UF were like Bama and LSU.

Do not feed the trolls. But you can play with them, there harmles really.

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Remember that far back? You must be 12 or some thing. You got a lot of good Vol memories in frount of you son. Tomorrow will be one, yes the Vols and UF were like Bama and LSU.

Written on Charlie Daniel draws Tennessee vs. Florida:

Think he better stick to makeing whiskey.

Written on No. 18 Gators, No. 23 Vols boast different styles:

I will agree with Volzs on 1 thing it was Fulmor not Major battling it out with Spurrier. But done more yea i'd like to know, beat an SEC team? this was A&M first SEC game and UF beat A&M in the 4th quarter. When UT played NCST we struck first and never let up, game was never close.

Written on In recruiting, Tennessee relies heavily on taking prospects from Gators' home state :

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We need 105,000 maniacs Saturday as we have several big time recruits visiting. Hopefully the Vols win and ears bleed from the noise. Let's make the recruits say this is where I want to play.

105,000 wow packed house for game day. With this game being aired all over the USA it will turn lots of high school kids heads, it is so inportant UT wins this one, it could pull UT back in the spot light for years to come.

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I believe that much of our problem with UF has been mental. Since they've gotten on a roll they get in our heads. Granted last year it didn't help that Hunter went down, but it was just a here we go again for our guys. This year we need some audacity out there. It could be Bray but we need some real swagger on the field this year.

I totally agree with you. Now UT has a DC that does not have that fear of UF, maybe he can defues the players from that mind set.

Written on Tennessee Tech's Da'Rick Rogers gets off on right foot with team, town:

All in all I hope the kidd gets his life in order learns it is what you do in life that counts not what you say. And leave the drugs & drama alone, UT is a better team now. GO VOLS beat the Gators!

Written on A year after injury, Tennessee's Justin Hunter eager to take field against Florida :

Another plus on Hunters side this year is he does not have as much pressue on him, last year UT was pretty much a 3 man show (Bray, Hunter, & Da'Rick) now UT is more balanced.

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Dooley hasn't convinced me yet. Only two "signature" wins over Cincinnati and NC State. I want to believe in the guy, but I need to see consistency before I can put all of my trust in him.

Spoaken like a real Vol fan. What colors will you be wearing Saterday? A wise man once said you got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything.

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Will is by far. Dooley is in his last season regardless of outcome. Coach Smart of Alabama will take over after the last game in December. With no bowl game to worry about he can hit the ground running. Oh, and if by some miracle they have a good season, this is still his last.

It is amazing to me how in the know you and troll/possers like your self are, you must know some in siders to know this is CDD last year (wow said the same last year), and how Smart would take over in Dec. and no bowl. but you didn't say which progran UF or UT, now bowl for the Gator hu, wow that's a big prediction.

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It's available for viewing on ESPN3 right now.

thnks buddy, I'll check it out!

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I don't think you can. With it being Pay per View, they don't release it like the networks do.

The broadcast will always be bad with Kesling calling it. Tim Priest is good, but Kesling is inept. It pains me to think that he will have this job for years to come. I'm gonna keep campaigning for John Wilkerson and Jimmy Hyams to takeover as the play-calling team.

Nice screen name.

Thanks, I agree about Kesling. John Ward was the best I've had this screen name for years, it's been imitated in about 8 different ways but i'll never give it up.