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News flash! You have to play the game. It is won on the field and not talk. We have played some great teams and so has comes down to execution...who makes the plays.

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The Nashville Tennessean could shake things up by hiring John Adams

Let's take up a collection to expedite this...

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Which newspaper asks the dumbest questions?

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the uniforms will have some orange and some white on them.

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Muschump will put him in the dog house.

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They went from bad to halfarse...not even good yet.

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Vandy has that great city championship game with Austin LETSGO Peay!

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WOW! Beat your chest while you're at it. But I must remind still have to play the game and considering you have the 83rd toughest schedule in all of college football you should win at least 10 games...See ya in Knoxville...don't forget to wave...I'll be wearing ORANGE. Bring your may want to use it.

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Whatever.....maybe they should write a column doing analysis his troll talking about the Vols...he specializes in sports editorials.

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UH, Pat has Alzheimers

She would still be more effective...

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when will enough be enough?

good grief.

Your contract needs to be terminated on here.

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As if the NBA was an option for him LOL!!!

How did a bunch of hacks with no coach beat the NBA Wildcats by 30 anyway?

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In life you have to hit bottom before you go up...maybe the NFL was sending a message to Bray.

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I think he will go if he doesn't stay...but may stay and not go.

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NO problem for the Crimson Tide...but then again who is wearing the puke orange? You have Alabama defense, SEC defense and then UT "ole" D.

Paybacks are heck...better be careful.

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Tyler Bust will drop down to the Third Round, ride the bench for a couple years with a few NFL Teams then get spit out like a cheap piece of meat.

Arian Foster.

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You seriously need to work on your low self esteem...

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Yemi's upside is greater than his downside. All he needed was playing time. Same with Reece..

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30,000??? i wanna BUST THE RECORD!!! :) go vols!


OK...I am visiting some little green men on Mars...Scottie is going to beam me down for the game...envy me.

Written on Sports Illustrated: Bray has physical ability to play in NFL, but mental questions remain:

I believe Gruden knows what Bray has to offer. The failure of the Vols last year could not be laid at the feet of Bray. Remember our defense was somewhat lacking. We scored enough points to have won at least 7 games.

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My canidate has over 300 wins. He is currently third in total wins among all active Coaches in all NCAA Divisions.
He has 21 South Atlantic Conference Championships. He has 22 NCAA or NAIA playoff appearances. His record entering the 2012 season was 299-80-2. He is a General Robert R. Neyland recipient. He is a member of FIVE Hall of Fame Organizations.

His name is Mr. Ken Sparks, Head Coach of the Carson Newman Eagles and HE CONTINUES TO REPRESENT HIS UNIVERSITY, HIS COMMUNITY AND HIS FOOTBALL TEAM, AND DOES THIS WHILE FIGHTING PROSTATE CANCER... Was Coach Sparks a canidate? Oh Yea, he is also respectful to his opponents.
By the way I have been a Vol fan and have missed very few home games since 1954 but this time Coach Sparks gets my Vote..........

Wow.....what a great post. I have always loved Carson-Newman because so many local players go there plus the character of Coach Sparks. He is top shelf! Second to none. Franklin has 3 years at Vandy and coach Sparks will be entering his 34th season. Coach Sparks is a man's man...Franklin is a man want-to-be...

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To be honest, I can't think of anyone else who has achieved more on-the-field excitement than Mr. Franklin in the State of Tennessee. Someone want to give me a more qualified candidate during the last 12 months? The stars aligned correctly and the candidate list was downright anemic. Unfortunately for Vandy, this will never happen again and Butch will be the recipient soon.

IMO...Smoky has done more for this state than anyone...but they just picked another dog.

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Noel is a player but I'm not sure he is built for the NBA.

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Is this a late April Fools joke?

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Butch stole another from South Alabama and Memphis. I can smell championship. Does he realize his not at Cincinnati anymore?

vac...Hoover...both do the same thing.

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A little history from the UT Archive:

11/17/2012: UT @ Vanderbilt L, 41-18

Just Saying

UT 73 wins....Vandy 29 wins and 5 ties...

Now that is an archive!!!

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Franklin is a chump. He might be a decent football coach, but that doesn't mean he's not a chump.

In terms of fan attention in Nashville, it ranks as follows:
1.) Titans
2.) UT
3.) Preds
4.) vu

I totally agree...except #4...should be Franklin University or...fu.

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I'm gonna miss the defensive coachs this season. Especially Curly.

what about Mo and Larry?

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That's true, but I kind of think it's not so much the O-line getting worse compared to the improvement of the D-line..Regardless, it's like golf, one day your killing your drives and your middle irons are horrendous..It seems like you never get the whole game to come together in a single round of golf, and Spring fb seems to be a lot like that, peaks & valleys..

Good analogy! FORE! Look forward to the day when Bama is nothing but a smooth wedge.

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Golfman, Reese Hall, Monstermd, Pingkr62, Runman,
and Naval Oranges:

What do all you fellows have in commen? Well, IMO you are dedicated fans for the Big Orange. I like being in your compamy.

Now, how many trolls side with the infamous "VolAlumnus" as if he is the only one to ever achieve that designation. Well, obviously that little band of brothers is fortunately few.
Wilted Flowers and the 'troll Revolution'

There are very worthy Vol alumni..........( Karl Kremser and Glenn Ford ring a bell Jeffery? )
But aside from the worthy alumni, there is the other group, the whiny cry babies.

- Can't wait for the games where the Vols surprise some people........and then the comments certain to follow from the trolls.

Alec Baldwin? Priceless.

Good post! We ARE fans and love the school. When I was there we had this quarterback named Condredge Holloway...played in the Pride and we were the first band to play Rocky Top. We always got drilled by Bama and the Bear. However, we always showed up and they knew they were in a game. We WILL get the mojo back and we will do it without any help from Revolution...and the rest of them.

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Ignorance IS bliss...just ask REVOLUTION! far as this thread goes, the Vols are in the middle of spring PRACTICE...not SEASON. Making broad comments about how pitiful we are as a team does not show any resemblance of an alumnus of UT. Maybe after the first couple of games you can draw some conclusions and even recommend the coaches be fired but you obviously get your exercise by jumping to conclusions. You must be exhausted!

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You are actually Alec are doing therapy for your anger management classes and this is your outlet. Here is one for is a quote from you...."A Festering Boil on Anus of Public Discourse”

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Please...tell us how you really feel...don't hold back. Expand on the retarded comment.

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UL beat Baylor on what is the big surprise. There are many things to take from this year including overachieving with the injuries. Very proud!

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My couch has more moves than Griner. The only thing she has going for her is her athleticism at all.

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Rumor had it that Mulkey already got her new ride...a 2013 Harry Potter broom...she is going to have to give it back. It has low miles...Geno is interested.

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Louisville vs Lady Vols....interesting.

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wow...slow news day I guess. First, McRae and Stokes aren't going anywhere - if they're smart. Neither is NBA ready and both may never be. TN had several players in the prior regime that are MUCH better than these two and none of them have made it. Second, for all you blind loyalists, this is EXACTLY why Martin should be gone. To even remotely consider signing Landry is solid evidence of either incompetent evaluation, inability to recruit real D1 players, or both. And to sign him EARLY only compounds the sin! Other than Stokes, this roster is filled with this level of talent - and CCM fell into Stokes given that he wanted to leave HS early and nobody else had any spots open. This guy is recruiting this program directly into being Missouri State. What? CCM ruined them too? Case rested.

Amazing how this phooey team and coach beat a final four team and maybe 2...half the final four.

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Travel is the key word. I don't know who does the seeding and site selections but they stink. No regional site in the Southeast? UConn played in their home state until the final 4 for years now. LSU and GA having to go to the west? UT going to play Oklahoma in their home state as a 6 seed? Kentucky in Bridgeport? Then there is the ESPN coverage...makes me want to puke. They have their daily UConn orgasm...hope they smoke afterwards.

Lady Vols will have a tough day but should prevail. I just hope the refs don't control our flow and get us off stride...especially our bigs. Could make for a long day. We have the depth to deal with it however. Love the one game at a time attitude! So proud of what they have accomplished this year...Coach W is tough! UGA did it unthinkable yesterday so we can stay on a roll and get to the final four if we play to our ability. Go Lady Vols!!!

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I have little doubt he will be a great coach. He studied under Bruce Pearl and his mom (since he was born). Not a bad way to learn the business.

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in response to fake_basketball: other news a tree fell in the forest and no one cared! How many will be there? 4,000??

You are probably 4 feet tall and weigh 400 lbs....
Do you have an 3/4 ton scooter chair?

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There are 3 SEC teams in the sweet 16 and all the coaches have Lady Vol (of course Holly)ties...interesting.

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I think it is simple...Coach is saying phooey or get off the pot. If he isn't wanted he wants to find someone who does want him. The fans and everyone else have been all over the board this the man! What a great coach! Mixed signals leave him wondering so he put his cards on the table.

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Why are there no regionals in the Southeast? Only 1 south of the Mason-Dixon line and it is just barely. UConn on 3 ESPN channels. Lady Vol's move on...

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Cornwell isn't a Vol yet, so I wouldn't get all that excited. Besides he is from Norman, OK. I think Bob Stoops might have something to say about where this young man plays his college football!

In town recruits many times want to leave their area to play. That is part of the college experience.

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The LV's keeping getting these "GREAT" recruits but can't make it back to the final four.

Fake? You are truly a fake...human, fan and even a bad troll.