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Easy for me...better games and they will come How about UNC HEELS> oh yeah I forgot to scared to play them. VA TECH, MIAMI, LOUISVILLE, KANSAS ST, or maybe even the great USC. I would pay triple to see that. This home schedule. no thanks I will stay home in front of the 60 inch HD and drink beer and have just as much fun.

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Just like coach JONES, this kid is finding out that SEC game is alot bigger than the CINCY type games. Competition is fierce. GO VOLS

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Heard all of this before and this time atleast for me the "proof is in the pudding". I am not going to get all hyped up for another potential let down. The recruiting better get a whole lot better than this last class to crack the top ten of the SEC much less the top ten in the nation. Good luck coach JONES. I sure hope you get more than 3 years to build this and earn your 18 million. Recruiting rankings this time a year isn't worth a penny and these kids now a days love the hype and playing with these offers. I am just not going to fall for anymore hype, just looking for some wins. GO VOLS

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Every other post on here last year said DOOLEY couldn't recruit. Huh, didn't recall seeing any possible 1st round NFL draft picks on this years recruiting class. Maybe one might jump out of the pack and surprise me. GO VOLS

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I have to say it, I am VFL but all you are gonna hear right now is a bunch of "HOPE" talk just like when Coach DOOLEY was hired. I am not gonna get all pumped up this go around a wait for some results instead. Coach Jones will have to show me the money. I still say that he is in way over his head for a SEC coaching job and the powers that be at UT missed another opportunity to hire a big name to come to Knoxville. I sure hope Jones can right the ship but it is highly likely and when you recruit out of the top ten in your own conference that sits you back 2 or even 3 years right off the bat and he will only get 3 years to get it done and if he doesn't they will write him and check too. I have said it so many times on here that if the contract would have been 3 years @ 18 million instead of the 6 years @18 million, UT would have had the pick of the litter in college coaches. Either way the UT is going to pay the money whether the coach gets fired or not. Very sad but the truth of the matter the UT brass put VOL NATION in a downward spiral that may be worse than the eighties. I sure hope that I am wrong.

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Consider it a done deal. I have said on here many times before that the big brass at UT set this up to fail. They shouold have offered the 18 million in a 3 year deal at 6 million a year and could have had the pick of the litter in college football coaching eltites. That is more than Saban's 5 million a year. Either way they pay 18 million, but the kicker is they owe no one at the end of the contract. It is simple math and easy to understand but unfortunately some just can't see it.

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The exact same positive comments from DOOLEY'S first class. But here it the kicker, it was # 9 and everyone was so excited. I am looking foreward to a running quarterback style offense but I am affraid that the timing is just off with the talent around one. Don't really blame the BELL kid. He will be in the spotlight at OSU while we dig ourselves out of the bottom of the barrel. # 11 in the SEC. It is going to be a long rebuilding cycle in VOL NATION, just hope I live long enough to make one more trip to GA DOME to see it. GO VOLS and good luck COACH JONES, your gonna need it.

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Hey born2ride,
If a frog had wings he wouldn't bust his arse everytime he hopped.
This staff has worked their tails off. They came in behind the eight ball. Almost every kid they have offered had longtime relationships with other schools and coaches. Some of the people that post their cute, snippy comments are real fans now aren't they?
A fair judgment of this staff as recruiters can't be made until signing day 2014. Until then it would be nice if some of you jerks would back off and give these men a fair chance.

The same 8 ball that coach DOOLEY came in under and he had three straight top twenty classes. There is no fair chance for any coach at UT and never will be. I hate it but it is the facts, coach JONES will get his buy-out in three years and on and on till the big money boys at UT decide to put the money on the big name and the recruits will come. I still don't understand the 6 year 3 million dollar deal on this hire when a 6 million 3 year could have landed anybody in the nation. Oh well GOOD LUCK COACH JONES.

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...a regular Little Miss Mary Sunshine....

This is a great link to read.

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All the above. And by the way 40th ranked recruiting class isn't the answer either.

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Would love to see it but don't hold your breath. Good luck coaches.

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and just what did orange pants get out of all that talent?

having good players and putting the first back to back losing seasons together at u.t. in a century is a worse indictment than the fact that he is a garden variety incompetent.

The point is that no coach could turn around the mess that COACH DOOLEY inherited. I just laugh at all the hate that the man is recieving and most of the blame of lack of success is that he couldn't recruit when the facts are right in front of them. I admit that his game decisions where not good but I have always said that most of the blame should be placed on the players not executing. You can coach kids and high school players but when you play big time college ball you would think that natural talent would just take over. I say back Coach Jones but I don't think he stands a chance. It is pretty obvious that he can't come close to the recruits that DOOLEY was getting. All this hate toward him will be at JONES in a couple of years and then another buy-out. Just think about it 40th ranked class on the field in 2 years.

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Once again COACH DOOLEY had threee years of top 20 recruiting, one top ten look it up on RIVALS and beat the current coaching staff rather soundly and after todays check on RIVALS the VOLS have fell to 40th. Just keep bashing the man, and I still say good luck COACH JONES, your gonna need it. Congrats to COACH DOOLEY cause some of us know how to look up the real stats. GO VOLS

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2010 ranked top ten recruiting, 2011 top 15, 2012 top 20. Look it up yourself and CINCY is nowhere in sight. Some of you just have to be steered to the truth on here. Look it up yourself. COACH JONES has got a lot of work to do beat this recruiting.

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For everyone one of you that still bashes COACH DOOLEY just look at his recruiting over the three years and who he brought in(PATTERSON) and how he kept it together when the snake ran. Last I looked our VOLS are still way outside the the top 25 in recruiting and the game that I sat at COACH DOOLEY beat the current staff fairly easy. This is going to be a very long rebuilding, I am guess around ten years and you same bashers will be still going strong in three years and UT will be in more debt to coaches. I say congrats to COACH DOOLEY and good luck to COACH JONES, your gonna need plenty of it.

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We had the best coach in the conference.

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VOLS up to 44th in Recruiting. 1 four star on the list and another hanging, and bragging about stealing a 3 star from AUBURN. OH, and one other thing, COACH DOOLEY did beat COACH JONES, I have to support who is the coach regardless but the facts are the facts and they can been seen right here on this sight if you don't believe me.

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This buy-out is pennies compared to the next one. I still can't figure the 6 year 18 million. Like I said before, why not 3 year 18 million, that is 6 million a year. The private jets would have been waiting hours to get landed at the airport. All big name coaches would have been begging for a interview. Oh well guess we will have to dream of a great hire and hope for the best. Go Big Orange and the best coaching staff in the country.

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I agree. I can't call a total failure without seeing a few games next year but by no means it is the best staff in the country, not even close to the best staff in the SEC, maybe the fourth best staff in the ACC if they were there. Hadn't really heard of too many and the ones that I am familiar with were let go by other SEC coaches. TN will never get out of debt paying off coaches if JONES doesn't turn around quick. Hope for everyones case he can, but I seriously have my doubts.

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There is more to this than injuries or being in shape. Just stay tune and see. I sure hope it is not going where it usually goes on the hill but it always raises its ugly head just like it did a couple of years back. Why these young men can't just be college students is beyond me. They have the world right in the palm of their hands and just can't make decisions for the benefit of the rest of their adult lives. Kenny Hall learned it last year. Just hope this doesn't turn into another front page headline.

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Mel needs to mind his own business and UT needs a running quarterback that can think...SEE YA MR ATTITUDE.

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247 recruiting rankings so far TN 27 CINCY 57. There were no 4 star recruits to sway from CINCY, good luck coach JONES. TN lost 3 four star recruits after DOOLEY. This is the only way that coach JONES has the slightest hope for turning things around is to pull a huge recruiting class in.

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I am not a troll by any means, ROCKY TOP club season tix held since they started but I have to give them up. No trust in the leadership with my money. There is no way that you can justify 18 million plus all the buy out money around 10 million = 28 million dollars to hire a guy that got hammered by the coach that was ran off. I will always pull for the VOLS and one day might even scalp a ticket to see a good conference game but the 10 thousand dollar per ticket donation plus tix and parking ($42,000) is going to have to come from someone else. Good luck coach JONES your gonna need it.

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Al Wilson, Dale Jones, Bill Bates, just to name a few and there is many more former players that may come in and teach what the T means on the side of the helment. Fuad Rev. and Tim Duncan still in the area for much needed kicking game help. If there is one thing we lost in FULMER it was the ORANGE blood that flowed in the veins.

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I hope he can use the resources Hart has given him to go out and put together the best staff. It's going to be a hard sale. And he is going to have to go out and sale himself to coaches because he sure as hell wasn't planning on putting together the best at Colorado or Purdue.

I'm real worried. This wasn't the unifying, exciting hire we wanted. And we need. The brand is dying. You wear the power T outside SEC country and people think you're a Texas fan. They don't recognize it. ESPN is going to have all-access specials of the spring practices at Alabama, LSU, Georgia, Florida, Texas A&M and probably now Arkansas. ESPN will have more commercials with Saban, Miles, Richt and Revelie. Tennessee can't even get a simple score shown on Gameday Final. We want Herbstreit and Blackledge in town, but we're stuck with Ed Cunningham. The brand is fading away while all our biggest rivals are marketing bonanzas.

I'll support Butch Jones. I'll wear my orange everywhere I go and put my blowup Smokey in the yard on Gameday, but let's be real. We're on the verge of a second recession. Considering who our first two opponents are next season, we'll be lucky to have 75K in Neyland for those games. Then we face the worst scheduling nightmare in football history. We have back to back road games at Oregon and at Florida. The Titans wouldn't ask for that. Both those games, with what could be a very depleted roster, have the potential to be absolute disasters. If that does happen, the South Alabama game draws less than 60K. Then comes Georgia, SC and Alabama. Poor ol' Butch Jones might be toast before he even has a chance to get started. The fan base will be HOT!

I think the vast majority of fans were hoping for a coach that was a known commodity. A guy we knew could coach at the highest level, handle the pressure, win big games, recruit, win championships, unify the fan base and grow the brand. Butch Jones isn't that. He's a hope. I don't care what any of you say, you don't know if this guy can do it. You're just hoping. Hell, I'm hoping. But I wanted someone I didn't have to give a chance to. I wanted a guy that I knew would give Tennessee a chance.

I hate to be all doom and gloom. I hope Jones is the next General Neyland. But at this point, this has all the makings of an epic, epic fail.

Absolutely perfect post and I am too worried that this is way too much for a coach from the lower half of college football. He really messed up on not taking the Colorado job, way too much pressure when you lose 4 to 6 games a year and that is what is going to happen next year for sure. I see UT never getting anyone paid off for a very long time. Just being real about a "Hope" coach.

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From that great scene on THE WATER BOY..."Oh no, We suck again....LMAO...I think everything will be just fine one day, some day, any day.

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Just add to the 9.8 million buy-out of COACH DOOLEY and staff and I woould say the 15-20 million invested in this coach and staff and UT will be making more payments in several years to come. I have been on the ROCKY TOP tix club since it was formed and I will not re-up on anymore season tix. This is not what the price hikes were set up to do and believe me you remaining season tix holders will pay dearly. It's over anyways and I can spend my money on something else in life. Good luck COACH JONES cause you are deffinately going to need it. ONCE WAS VOL FOR LIFE

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In my opinion AD Dave Hart has waited too long. We now have to compete with Auburn (and I, for the life of me, can't figure out why anyone would want to coach at Auburn. They just fired a guy who won a NC 2 years ago.)for the very restricted and very low quantity of top notch coaches. Now it starts! During the next 1-2 weeks you are going to see a large number of Coaches denying, very coyly, that they have been discussing the Tennessee Job. They will then sign a new contract with their current school for a big raise and a additional 2-3 years on the contract. They will be laughing all the way to the bank. By the time Hart can find someone really interested in the job we will be getting someone who makes Dooley look like Vince Lombardi. All because Hart didn't want to step on someones toes. No School has ever given two hoots in hell about stepping on Tennessee's toes. I have seen enough. Mr. Hart was not prepared to put the interest of the University of Tennessee on the top of his list. As such maybe he should think about leaving as well!!!

I agree, its too late to get the best college football coach available now, having to compete with AUBURN and ARKANSAS is going to be very hard. Lets just see what happens and hope for the best. It looks like the GRUDEN deal is long gone according to ESPN insider this weekend. He is just using all this talk to hit ESPN for more money and he will get it. I would like to see TERRY BOWDEN get atleast an interview. He knows what the SEC is about. But we all know deep down inside we will end up with another second tier coach and 5 more years to pay him off. GO VOLS>>>VFL

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Hopefully Bray and Patterson will stick round for another year. If UT hires someone like Gruden, the offense may improve and the defense will either learn how to play or be booted and replaced. Gruden has a reputation for telling NFL players who were mediocre to hit the road. Gruden is still a long shot. Please just don't hire someone else from the MAC.

He has already dismissed any coaching jobs for the near future college or pros, it was on ESPN insider this weekend.

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I will be there in SEC C as always and BLEEDING ORANGE, I always have through all kinds of seasons since the late 60's. GO VOLS>>>VFL

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Lost the MILES kid to TEXAS A&M, so goes the kid out of GEORGIA, 2 great deffensive backs that were coming to UT. This is going to happen for a long time till we get a coach and stick with him. Gonna take more than 3 years for any coach to fix this mess.

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If GRUDEN does take the job, how long is he going to get to win a national championship 1 or 2 years. Just saying, that is what most VOLS fans expect is going to happen and it just insn't going to. No matter who takes the job the very best is 4-5 years to get a SEC championship and that is only if the next coach can recruit. GRUDEN is a big name but can he go into a kids house and convince mom and dad he will be there to take care of their kids. If GRUDEN was to turn around a win or play for a national championship, he would bolt for a huge pro contract the following year. Just doesn't make a lot of sense to me for him to be interested in UT. GO VOLS>>>VFL

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My source is JOHN GRUDEN and he hasn't said much of anything lately. GO VOLS>>>VFL

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Rehire Derek Dooley.... Duuuuuh its that simple. haha! Who ever the coach is, I hope he can understand the basics and the strategy and so on.... Dooley is and was a joke. I gave him 3 chances and 3 years, then I started disliking him after some of the wasted time outs, bad decisions, and just plain common sense mistakes. WHY TAKE OUT BRAY???? what a joke..... I wish him the best of luck. Besides, he will be sitting comfortable with that check every week. ha! The mistake Dooley made was letting Sal bring in the 3-4 D in the first year!!! Why? Wait and do that next year because this year we had guys who already knew the 4-3 and was full of talent.

*Im always watching*

Your right, why take BRAY out of the game. I think he should have sat him for the season, IDIOT.

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Good attitude by the players. "Got to move forward." Sounds good to me.

Go figure. The attitude of the players is pretty well cut and dried on the field. No heart, no guts. I supported COACH DOOLEY and I will support the next coach (EXCEPT PATRINO) but there is just so much you can coach 20 year old college football palyers. Sometimes you just have to judge the team and there is no team in ORANGE this year. BRAY and HUNTER needs to go on and make their millions (good luck) in the NFL. Patterson will make his and I am thankful to coach DOOLEY for signing him and letting us enjoy his talent. His antics while scoring will be tolerated in the NFL. There is one huge thing to learn after this season and that is if you don't have leaders on a football team that is on the field then you are in big trouble. BRAY needed sat down at the first of the year. He is such a head case. It was almost as if the game was fixed. Oh well, there is always the next year, that is around 2019. GO VOLS>>>>VFL

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Lets just face the facts, UT will get more turn downs this go around then they ever did before COACH DOOLEY. The next hire will not be what we want only what we settle for. GO VOLS>>>VFL

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I was one of the biggest get rid of coach FULMER supporters on here years ago and I am not saying to bring him or any of his other coaches back, but I do think that getting rid of BIG ORANGE loyalty is the one thing that is making this train wreck reek havic. JOHN GRUDEN has no loyalty what so ever to the university and just a sure as he would turn the program into a winner the pros would offer a lot more money and he would leave. I don't think CUTCLIFF is the whole answer but maybe he could stop the bleeding and bring in a good defensive co-ordinator. Can we put up with the PREVENT defense that we all cussed about over the years is the question. After all coach CHAVIS showed it again in the ALABAMA loss. Oh well....GO VOLS>>>VFL

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I think that the next hire will send our beloved VOLS back another 5-10 years. This is not a job any high profile coach wants and it is obvious. The fan base is way too critical and the BIG MONEY boosters has way too much input in wanting to fire someone. I just hope that the next coach will bring in a COLLEGE game plan and get away from the pro style that works in the pros but this is college football and UT needs a running quarterback that can think of when to call timeouts without looking over at the sideline. GO VOLS<<<VFL

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UT hangs another 50 this weekend and I sure hope that it will be enough...I will be there in ORANGE and I wont be alone....GO VOLS>>>VFL

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Thank God I'll be at a wedding and not be able to watch this abortion.

Just all true VOL FANS need to watch this smack down when the offense lays 50 plus on the DORES. We will win out and we will win a bowl game and things will be allright...GO VOLS>>>>VFL

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Anyone that would pull for a TENNESSEE loss is a discrace to the BIG ORANGE. I will always be a VOL FOR LIFE. GO VOLS>>>VFL

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The only question is will they at least beat ky? mizz and vandy are loses for sure, ky is up in the air. I love the vols but, even if they get ahead the defense or coaches will blow it mark my words.

Tennessee will out score them all. Turn the offense loose and all three teams couldn't combine their defenses to stop them. Quit your whinning or go buy you a VANDY hat...GO VOLS VFL

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Note to the editor. The picture in this article is not in ATHENS GA... Hint the brick walls and all the orange in the stands...And we are supposed to take these articles seriously...GO VOLS>>>VFL

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How come when a "KOCK" quarterback gets sacked its a "horse-coller" but when a VOL quarterback gets sacked its not. Just look at the replay, exact same kind of tackle. I am not saying that is the only reason that the VOLS lost, it is how ever a big reason. GO VOLS>>>VFL

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Bottom line is Clawson didnt get to call anything remotely close to his plays. Fulmer made him call the "NOT TO LOOSE" style of game that cost UT so many undefeated seasons. As far as the defense, I cant understand how they can look so good one play and or series and look so bad the other. I really think that if there was just a little bit more speed on that side that there would be a big difference. The on thing that is puzzzling is the lack of SAFETY help in the secondary. The big passing plays from all the losses showed no deep help everytime and all the teams so far this year have picked that out and planned their game around that. As far as firing coach DOOLEY, again, who are you going to bring in. The GRUDEN wish is crazy because he could turn it all around stay 3 or 4 years and bolt for the NFL or back to ESPN. He has absolutely no loyalty for the university. In my dream, I have big visions of Peyton coming to the rescue one day. How is that for a dream hire....GO VOLS>>>>VFL

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Good Article- offers what we all hope will happen.

Not all UT fans, he started this mess by not wanting to change with the game and by playing not to lose. I am very grateful for what Coach Fulmer did in the past but he needs to move on, because most VOL fans did. GO VOLS>>>VFL

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After watching the Tyler Bray interview just now for the first time , I say bench this PUNK now. He is so not right for this once proud UT program. GO VOLS>>>VFL

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This is every reason for HART to just come out and say the our coach DOOLEY is here to stay so the rest of you will just hush and the recruiting will not suffer. GO VOLS>>>VFL