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This was a nice win, Auburn is always a tricky place to play. When Golden is on, these guys are almost impossible to beat.

Hold your horses there cowboy, this team is very beatable whether or not Golden is on. Did you follow the porous defense tonight? If this team puts together another complete game, yeah it'll be any opposing team's nightmare. However, only Kentucky got to experience that. So while I think we can be tough to be when Golden's rolling, we are certainly not even close to unbeatable.

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My name says it all. Have faith.

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Just commented on another thread about Joshua Dobbs. That kid can be a rock star for us. Personally, I hope he can outshine Worley, Peterman, and Ferguson and starts at some point this season. Behind our O-line, our decent RB's, and the high ceiling of our receiving corp, our offense could realistically be among the best in the SEC again this fall. I feel like our defense is a cr@p shoot, but hey all we needed last season was a middle-of-the-road D and we would have won at least 9 games. Who knows what will happen? All I know is with the talent we have, the new talent soon to arrive, and a proven winning coach (yes, I went there!), I'm feeling very hopeful for not only this year, but the next few to come.

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I wonder how many people have seen Dobbs play. This kid can make some serious plays. I am no evaluator, but I watch enough football to know what excites me and Dobbs certainly does. He's super calm in the pocket and will stare down the barrel if he's confident he's got his man. I'm not sure if he has the arm strength of Bray, but he's not far behind and has more mobility and I think more poise on the field (and definitely more maturity) than Bray showed. That being said, Dobbs has never played SEC football, but, like I said, this kid is someone we should all be excited to see suit up.

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The Lady Vols are getting better and becoming more confident which is bad news for the SEC.

Sounds like bad news for the rest of the country as well.

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Hmm, I vaguely recall Coach Martin REPEATEDLY telling his players if they play solid D, then the buckets would follow.

"'This,' said Martin, 'has to become who we are on a daily basis — being aggressive, scoring the basketball, attacking the rim.'"

I'm glad he finally recognizes his initial philosophy is a little ridiculous. We proved solid D only produces opportunities, and if you don't emphasize an offense to accompany an amazing defense you will not score that much.

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Great post, GreatDay. You have a lot of fans(?) on here that will never be happy until Fulmer comes back, ain't happening! Gruden comming to UT was a big joke. Ain't happening.
Will Butch Jones be the next Saban? Could be.
I like this guy & will support him until he gives us a reason not to. Will I agree with everytjing he does, I doubt it & nobody cares what I think anyway, but I will not bash the guy.
I did not care for Dooley from day one & let it be known. he's a loser of a coach & I never bought into the "nice guy" B.S.
Butch is a winner, will he take UT to the top of the heap? Who knows, but it WILL be fun to watch.
Just give the guy time, three or four weeks should be enough. ;-)
Give em heII, Butch

Thanks. I'm on the same page completely, except I will admit I did like Dooley in the beginning.

On the topic of Saban, I think it is fair to say that he only won 1 conference championship (at Toledo) as head coach before heading to the SEC. Les Miles had absolutely zero championships as head coach (the highest he ever ranked in-conference prior to SEC was 3rd) before moving to the SEC, and the same goes for Mark Richt.

These folks who don't seem impressed with Butch Jones' body of work should really by unimpressed by today's SEC leaders. By the pre-SEC coaching metric, Jones is ahead of the curve by a mile with 4 conference championships.

I'll second your final words: GIVE 'EM HELL, COACH JONES!!

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Please. Have you read anything about this man? Have you seen him speak? No, he doesn't have a southern drawl, or use near perfect grammar, or have poster-boy "republican" hair; but he came from nowhere (not now-here), speaks like my former high school math teacher/high school state-champion football head coach, and has a haircut as football coach-like as his moniker. The man exudes football coach. Everything I've seen and read about him tells me he's got the stuff, the guts, the character, the passion, and the wits of the quintessential football coach. Butch Jones was born for this. And heaven forbid a disgruntled fan like yourself would be willing to give this man who is literally building his empire your approval. Goodness knows he doesn't need yours, he got all the approval he needed from the man who gave him the pen to sign on that dotted line. Jones has earned this chance to live his dream (and part of that dream includes getting paid absurd money to do what he loves, jealous? Don't care...) and I for one am all-in. What are the alternatives? Whine until we get Gruden, who would be more likely than Kiffin was to jump ship for his dream (because I can tell you, coaching at ANY college is not his dream...)? Give up on Tennessee and cheer for Alabama? Georgia? Florida? Vanderbilt?! No thanks. I'm glad we have Butch, and I am excited to back a passionate man who wants to be here and wants to prove he's got the chops to shut people like you up; but far more importantly wants to prove to himself that he can cement his legacy as one of Tennessee's greats.

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Uh, Gene Chizik is gone, Brendan.

"On a scale of LAST YEAR'S UNIVERSITY SALARIES in the SEC compiled by USA Today, Jones' $3 million would rank fifth in the league behind Alabama's Nick Saban ($5.3 million), LSU's Les Miles ($3.8 million), South Carolina's Steve Spurrier (3.6 million) and Auburn's Gene Chizik ($3.5 million)."

Read just a little closer...

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1998 sure seems like a loooooooong time ago!!!!

Because it was. Look, if we want the glory days back we need to accept, collectively, that they are over and this is not the same program. As it stands, we have a weak program borne of yearly coaching instability combined with poor leadership. Fold into the mix somewhat delusional fans who hold the same expectations of the height of the Fulmer Era for a program that fundamentally just can't reproduce those results given its current state, and the inevitable resulting pressure that comes with it, and you get an environment into which any prospective hire or recruit would want to avoid.

Anyone familiar with mechanical physics can tell you overcoming static friction is much more difficult than maintaining a constant push. Our program has come to a very slow crawl and it is going to take a lot to get the Volunteer train going at full steam again. It will take powerful leadership and positive mindsets within the program and throughout Vol Nation to get it done.

This is our new reality, and I am hopeful.

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I don't see it happening, but goodness gracious I want Louisville to win. If we hire Strong then he goes and beats Florida, I don't think I could be any happier.

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I truly hope this is the end of the Gruden rumors. It's hard to believe how caught up UT fans have been about a guy who's only been a grad. assistant in college football. I would love to see Charlie Strong hired. I know he's new to the head coaching ranks, but 3 years in and he's going to his 2nd BCS bowl; this isn't USC, Notre Dame, Florida State, but Louisville. He is the man for the job and will do better with better resources at Tennessee.

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If UT's defense played to the level of the offense, we would have been 10-2 or 11-1. If the defense played to the level of last year, we are 9-3 or 10-2. The problem this year was Sunseri period, not Bray, not Dooley, not Chaney, not DB coaches. Pure and simple, it was Sunseri. Give credit where credit goes.

Regardless of next year's coach, I'm predicting our defense is no worse than 55th in the country - a 50% improvement over this year - with basically the same personnel.

I totally disagree. Dooley is the one to blame for the worst Vol defense I've ever seen. It was his decision to move to the 3-4. I don't care how good you are as a DC, that transition is going to cost you some games. Look at UGA. The only difference between us and them is their head coach could afford to lose a few, ours obviously couldn't and now Dooley is gone. I always liked Dooley, but he made bad decision after another.

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Yes, way to go Will Muschamp for completing two seasons exactly as can be expected given your funding, awesome facilities, and exemplary talent built purely from the Gator prestige. Meanwhile, Hugh Freeze is taking the traditional SEC doormat Rebels to a bowl game in his first season, James Franklin is taking HIS traditional SEC doormat to a bowl game for a SECOND time in his two years at Vanderbilt, and Kevin Sumlin beat Nick Saban - you know, the head coach who very well may be be vying for his 2nd national championship in as many years? - en route to finishing 6-2 in his first season in the SEC. Are you kidding me? Muschamp stilled the waters in Gainesville, saved his butt, and is meeting his expectations. Freeze, Franklin, and Sumlin are making huge waves in the SEC, overachieving, and are setting the bar higher for their programs. I don't know who should be coach of the year, but I definitely know one coach who shouldn't: Will Muschamp.
I cannot deny that Florida has had an awesome year while my Vols are lower than many of the most negative people thought they'd be, much to my dismay. And I also can't deny how little I, or anyone here for that matter, care for your patronizing anecdotes. You are a loser.

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I love all of the enthusiasm, and Lord knows I want my Vols to win, but I have no idea what this team will look like. That being said I will not make any predictions but hope we 1) handle the Pack and 2) pound Florida into the dirt. Things will fall well into place should these two things happen. As always, GO VOLS!!!

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Get off you freaking high horse, man. Any major football school is going to protect its star players pulling sophomoric stunts like this (see LSU, USC, UGA, UF, OSU, AU, just to name a few). Sure it's pathetic but it will never change and there aren't enough self-righteous fans like yourself to do anything about it.

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Yeah, he's little over stimulated, Moe (3stooges Moe) hair cut wearing, spoiled brat..I can't wait to see UT smoke their arse on the hill..GBO!!

Yeah looks like it's shaping up to be a good day in Neyland.

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Mushchomp's plan is to have his DB's grab jerseys and dig their heels in the ground, then he will p*ss and moan at the refs if they call penalties. Play the pass, make UT run the ball, and hope for mistakes.

Ugh, just reminds me of the gatornation spewing on and on how lucky we were Bray didn't throw a million INTs, despite the fact few even counted bc their DBs were literally hanging off our receivers. Even when Hunter went down, they still didn't want to take any chances. I wonder what they'll do this year with our stable bigger and badder...

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Oh, the "vaunted" Florida defense is all they have going for them. I'm relatively new to the UT fanclub (since 2004), but my blood boils just thinking about this game. We better destroy the Gators, hopefully in such a fashion that THEY won't beat a Wildcat team. I want the Vols to take their morale and shred it with each TD pass and run from our talented stable, then smother them with our bourgeoning studded defense. Let's make a case for SEC contention by sending the Gators home in tears! Go Vols!!!

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Let's see if Bray has a shot.....
6'6" with a big arm.
Veteran O-Line that averages about 325.
Oh...and then there's.....
Hunter, Da'Rick, Patterson, Bowles, Rivera, Lane, Neal and Young.

Hell...he might even throw to Zach occasionally.

VOLS hang 40 on the Gators.

We all know he has a shot, that goes without saying. And hanging 40 on da gatas, more likely now than recent memory can produce, should be only a milestone for Bray and company. As much as I want to whoop UF, I'm hoping for bigger things this year than the "beat ONE of the big three" bs...go Bray! Go VOLS!!!

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I keep seeing comments saying Dooley is the only one who doesn't see the program is going backward. To that I offer some food for thought, would you rather field 2010's preseason team or 2012's?

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Man I hate to be pessimistic, but I agree with jcherry. I don't trust Gatlin's "comeback," and my worries increase when he says things like "I'm just sticking to what I know... ." I want to believe he is making a glorious comback, but how is it that he's running the fastest times of his life at the age of 30? BTW Bolt is crazy fast but he is juicing too, not a doubt in my mind.

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If you are going to accuse someone of doping, you should just come out and say it - Or, say nothing if you have no first hand knowledge or proof.

If you say that there is a drug that cannot be detected by current drug testing measures, then you can accuse anyone of taking it - any of the Americans or any of the Jamaicans. If you follow that line of thinking to conclusion - their undetectable drug is better than ours.

Of course I think he's doping. Same as his teammates Michael Frater, Nesta Carter and a couple others. Of course the US team dopes too, I just get the feeling that Jamaica is more willing to win at all costs than us (check out our top 5 collegiate athletes in each sprint and tell me how ANY country could touch us if we invested in better drugs). Bottom line is I think Jamaica has better drugs simply because the US is more regulated. Funny thing is I bet Powell doesn't dope bc he's been running sub-10 for a longer than anyone without any real inexplicable drops in time (see Usain Bolt, Tyson Gay, and Michael Frater).

BTW there will ALWAYS be a new way to cheat. Rule breaking and enforcing have always been and always will be in a tug-of-war. There is always a dry spell where not many athletes are caught, then all the sudden a rash of doping violators are prosecuted, banned from their sport and apologizing to their country. I firmly believe that these lulls are not bc of a brief uprising of morality, but, as I said before, due to a new undetectable drug.

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Glad to see Gatlin back and running well. I believe if Bolt is healthy, the race is for second.

I believe anyone placing behind bolt will be bumped up a spot when more sophisticated drug screening tests are developed. That being said, powell isn't winning anything at the olympics except for the 4x1 if he is fast enough to make the team, and I cannot think of a single reliable american who can challenge jamaica's best. Which really sucks.

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I love our Lady Vols but dammit they are wiping the floor with our men's programs. The men have completely taken a backseat to the ladies and I can't stand it anymore!

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You do not like him personally or what you have read about him? Just wondering.

I don't know him personally, but I've seen videos of him and read articles about him and he always rubs me the wrong way. He fired a couple of proven assistant coaches, seems to focus mainly on the women's team (with more of an emphasis on longer distance races and field events), and has pushed away some top talent. I know track and field isn't a high-profile sport in college like football or basketball, but it's one of the classics that Tennessee is used to putting its stamp on and lately, the only thing UT has done with Clark at the reigns is look up to Arkansas, LSU, and Florida. Clark just seems too arrogant (which is less intolerable when you are successful, but he clearly is no Saban) and doesn't show much appreciation toward men's sprints. It bugs me.

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For some reason I just do not like JJ Clark...

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I must know I've overlooked it, but what year is he?


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What is so wrong with being a remarkably talented KID wanting to win? All of these comments about how Stokes isn't UT's "savior" are crazy! People are shooting their mouths off about how the label plastered onto this kid won't stick because (I can only assume) they are experts on judging freshmen talent after 6 the kid who never proclaimed to save anyone's program from inevitable implosion in the first place! Goodness, if I were an inquisitive high school recruit, I'm not too sure I would want to come here after seeing how I would certainly be blasted for not looking like Michael Jordan after my first handful of starts. Lay off of the kid and let him develop. If you want to complain about anyone, why not let the older guys take the heat b/c there is a reason Stokes is starting over them.

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stupid? your comment was stupid. you don't get better unless you're recruiting... Nothing else he can do anyway right now.

I think there was a hint of sarcasm in his post...just saying.

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Can you please elaborate? Your name says one thing and your comment says another.

It seems to me RickyVols made a joke. IOW, Franklin should be mad that his team sucks, not because they lost another game to UT no matter how close. I laughed...

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Please, for the love of all things ORANGE, get the run game going!

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And when you lose your beloved #1? I don't care how good your front seven are, UF doesn't score without him. If Rainey is out, which is increasingly likely the more he touches the ball, the Gators are going to be in trouble. Congratulations on beating a team that choked when they lost their best player, will the Gators follow suit when their (Rainey's) time comes?

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Let me provide you an opportunity to dismount from your high horse there, Don. Yeah UF has Burton, Reed, Thompson, blah blah blah, well we don't just have Bray and Hunter and Rogers. We call these players "star players" because they pose the most glaring threat. Well, D (can I call you D? thanks), behind Demps and Rainey (aka UF's "star players") are the aforementioned players which UT respects and will accordingly make adjustments to. We have Prentiss Waggner, Austin Johnson, Curt Maggit, Tauren Poole, Jaques Smith (look for the largest, most cut lineman you've ever seen), and Mychael Rivera just to name a few that I guarantee UF will be making adjustments for. It's not that we think you don't have good players outside of your stars, we just have more.

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Bray- 51-65 78.5% comp. 698yards 7td's-0int's.

Brantley- 33-49 67.3% comp. 424yards 1td-2int's.

Poole- 45 carries 199 yards 1 td

Rainey- 27 carries 198 yards 2 td's
Demps- 14 carries 114 yards 2 td's

Hunter- 16 catches 302 yards 2 td's
Rogers- 15 catches 200 yards 3 td's

Rainey- 9 catches 110 yards 1 td
Dunbar- 4 catches 82 yards 0 td

Tennessee clearly has the offensive advantage. Florida clearly has the defensive advantage.
You can't win if you can't score.

Every Florida troll on this site will tell me how the vols can't contain Demps/Rainey. I say they can. Florida does not have any other playmakers. Those 2 guys are Florida's Offense.

I bet the Vols coaching staff would be willing to put 8 in the box and beg Brantley to beat them. He's too weak and doesn't have anyone to throw to outside of the backs. Like it or not you need something besides those 2 guys.

Please don't rant on and on about the last 2 games. Montana/Cincinnati is no worse than FAU/UAB. If Bray only put those numbers up because he played weak teams why doesn't Brantley have similar numbers?

Why hasn't Poole been more productive? The Vols know they can run the ball, why waste to gimmie games running when you can pass and get better in that area? After all Poole was the SEC's leading rusher last year.

My prediction Vols 38 Gators 28.

Ok while I mostly agree with you here, please let me correct that line about TP being the league's leading this point in time last season he was the leading rusher in the SEC. Don't want any idiots dismissing a good comment b/c of an oversight.

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Does else not get why people are saying last game does not bode well for our run-game? From what I understand, Montana's plan was to stuff our run and try to fend off our pass attack. I don't get why people are so nervous about this. To me, it's promising that despite being "shut down" on our run (I wouldn't necessarily call 98 yds from our #1 back shutting us down), our pass made plays. To me, that means we (finally!) have balance. To me, this is a wonderful sign of things to come.

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Sweet! Keep it up ladies!

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PS - I can't help but think of how good we're getting! I've been containing my excitement for this season for about 8 months now, 14 days cannot come quick enough! GBO!!!!

Written on Prentiss Waggner showing his versatility :

"I think it's better when you can throw it to anybody. It's profound, I know"

Truly a moving statement coming from CDD. The fact that this is not the solitary statement of confidence in the last 3 weeks from him is immensely encouraging.

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If I were Dooley I kick the a$% with the stupid A hat on out of the interview.

It's an Atlanta Braves hat...the A isn't even crimson.

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I actually liked this article.

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

Why are you on here so much?

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(This comment was removed by the site staff.)


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they averaged about 13 points per game last year in the SEC. Oil might get them to 15.

Those boot lickers of Brey forget that on a game average of last year he would have ranked 11th out of the 12 SEC QBs.

You do realize that *Bray only started against Ole Miss (50pts), Vanderbilt (24pts), and Kentucky (24pts) - an average of 32pts - correct? When he saw significant PT against S. Carolina, I believe UT had another 24pts. Those ''boot lickers'' are excited fans, and why are they excited? Because the kid can play better than most in the SEC (Aaron Murray is the only one who can threaten our defense, and possibly the only one who has better skill than Bray).

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Truthfully, I was surprised to see my football team up on two very good teams the way they were. I had hope last year every game like a real fan would for their team, but I did not think they would win the games they lost. I was also surprised that despite having a terrible offense in many cases, we put up some crazy numbers even on less than mediocre teams (see Mississippi and Memphis). I care because I love to see my team win, though I'm a realist and understand it simply won't happen under certain circumstances. This year I believe will be better than last. 8-5.

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in response to The_Real_Orange:

I heard from several posters that UT was gonna surprise some teams last year. They didn't beat anybody they weren't supposed to last year, nothing is guaranteed that they will this year. Can't wait to see how Bray holds up playing against the better teams on the schedule this year. Its almost football time again!

I bet Oregon expected to finish their first half with us nearly neck-and-neck...and I bet Les Miles woke up the day before we walked into his house and said "My team is looking real good right now, but I have a feeling I might have to get a win over a dismal Vols team on a last extra-second touchdown..."

We did surprise a couple of teams last year, we just didn't win. The difference between last year and this year is I think we will win some games we aren't "supposed" to win.

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Vol fan here, just not consuming the cool-aide. I'd rather have other players and coaches think we're good than to have to start from a clean slate and prove it. Too many things have to fall in place perfectly for that to happen. But, we're young so that's a decent excuse for now. All I can say is Dooley better be a fantastic coach (as in coaching up mediocre HS players that top SEC schools didn't recruit) or we better start getting unquestionable talent in here.

You're saying you would rather have teams think we will beat them than actually going out there and beating them? Who will think we can win if we aren't winning? As far as coaching goes, unquestionable talent on the field will not call the shots to win the game...if Dooley were a bad coach (which I certainly do not believe), it wouldn't matter if he had every top hs prospect in the country from the past decade playing for him (from what I understand, Zook was a hell of a recruiter).